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School shooter revealed gory fantasies to his therapists years before massacre – Gun control or killer control? . . .

Nearly four years before Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students and educators at a high school in the US state of Florida, he confided in a therapist that he saw himself in a dream drenched in human blood.

A May 3, 2014, notation in a Broward County schools psychiatric file said Cruz “reported (a dream) last week of him killing people and covered in blood. He smiled and told the therapist that sometimes he says things for shock value.”

After Cruz’s disclosure to his therapist at the alternative Cross Creek School, administrators developed a “safety plan” to ensure the welfare of Cruz and others while he was on summer holidays. The plan included provisions for removing “all sharp objects from the home” and encouraging the boy to “verbalise what the problem is”.

Ms. Oprah Winfrey (courtesy

Oprah Winfrey says the Parkland activists remind her of civil rights icons – Marching for the removal of their civil rights. Go figure . . .

Winfrey told Jones that it was the Parkland activists’ strength and confidence in taking their cause public that reminded her of those who fought against racial injustice in the 1950s and ’60s. The teenagers’ bravery, she said, resonated with her, given some of the sacrifices her family made during the civil rights era.

“My grandfather took in people from the Freedom Riders in Mississippi and risked his whole family and home. Because if people found out that he was keeping the Freedom Riders in his house? You know, he would have been gone,” she told Jones.

Truancy officer (courtesy

SCHOOLS BRACE FOR MASSIVE STUDENT WALKOUTS OVER GUN VIOLENCE – Left-leaning teachers rejoice! Your time is at hand . . .

The ACLU has been advising students that because they are required to go to school by law, administrators can discipline them for unexcused absences. But the ACLU also told students in an online training video that administrators can’t punish them more harshly because of the political nature of their demonstrations.

The superintendents association — which is supporting the April 20 walkout— has drafted a list of suggestions for school administrators, including holding a teach-in, a school-led walkout to a spot on campus, or a session on bullying.

“There are ways to engage and harness the students in civic engagement without compromising policies in place on attendance, participation and student safety,” said Noelle Ellerson Ng, associate director for policy and advocacy.


Here’s all the states where teachers already carry guns in the classroom – Thankfully not all teachers think their students should be disarmed . . .

In some Texas and Utah school districts, teachers have carried guns for more than a decade. But the majority of school districts that arm teachers have done so in the years since the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 26 people dead, including 20 young children.

Texas was one of at least eight states where lawmakers passed legislation after Sandy Hook to clarify or relax existing law to make it easier for school districts to arm teachers. The others include Indiana, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

And now Florida. The idea of arming teachers in order to prevent or halt school shootings gained renewed scrutiny in the state after a gunman killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida, high school last month. President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association both advocated the idea, sparking virulent opposition from teachers unions.

shawnmoore81's son with AR15 (courtesy

California bill would raise age for buying rifles, shotguns to 21 – The antis are lionizing (a.k.a., exploiting) teenagers at the same time as they’re taking away their civil rights . . .

Supporters of California’s AB 3 said young adults ages 18 to 20 are statistically more likely to commit homicides, arguing they represent 4 percent of the population but commit 17 percent of gun homicides, according to the 2015 FBI Supplementary Homicides Reports.

“Californians under age 21 can’t purchase alcohol, tobacco and other health hazardous items,” [Berkeley Senator Nancy] Skinner argued. “So why should they be able to buy guns?”

Parkland Student Sarah Chadwick Creates a Fearless Parody Mocking the Threatening NRA Ad; She absolutely eviscerates Dana Loesch. – I don’t think that word means what wants it to mean . . .

This past week, NRA’s spokesmodel Dana Loesch put out a threatening video ad against pretty much anyone who wasn’t supportive of the National Rifle Association—and Trumpism. In response, Parkland student Sara Chadwick created a word-for-word parody of Loesh’s ad. Chadwick is one of the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left 17 students and staff dead—gunned down and murdered by a student with an AR-15 automatic weapon of war.

All is not lost.

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  1. They are ignoring these warning signs because they need more and more of these mass shootings to get people to say ” Take my rights and make me safe “. It has worked in Florida.

    • That’s why it’s a very bad idea for the NRA to ignore government/police failures. Not being critical of police leads to such infringements. Then again, I think the NRA has such a relationship with police for a reason members will refuse to accept.

  2. So Parkland identified another James Holmes, but again no alerting law enforcement because having a “plan to remove all the sharp objects from the home” will keep everyone safe.

    • @Ranger

      The thing is: HIPPA.

      Patient confidentiality.

      The only thing you can report to LE for is a direct, credible, imminent threat. You can’t violate confidentiality for “maybes.” Or dreams. Or violent poetry. Basically, if that person does not say to you, “I am going to walk out of your office today and tonight I am going to go hurt Suzie” and you know that Suzie is a real person that that client can hurt:

      You cannot do shit. And LE cannot do shit. Even with a direct imminent threat, LE can only do a 72 hour hold on someone for mental health reasons, at least in my state. 72 hours and they get their guns back or they can go right to a gun store and get some.

      The other thing is the lack of research on interventions. I don’t know a single therapist who has any real training in the assessment of whether someone is truly violent. This is not part of our training in school because there is not enough clinical research about anything related to the causes and treatment of gun violence for us to be able to make a recommendation. Most of that stuff happens in LE, not mental health.

      I know the things I said about research caused a firestorm here on TTAG the other day, but the thing is, the way that all clinicians know what to do is through previous evidential research that then is used to make recommendations. We have no such recommendations in our field, nor are we trained in such matters. When I have talked to LEO about this, I’ve been told that they have such people on staff at the police departments. But then everyone gets upset because it ultimately ends up being up to the police to decide if someone is violent or dangerous or not. But in the lack of any other means of intervening or having any clear course of treatment or procedure to follow, that’s all that can be done at this point in time.

    • Has the current administration responded to any petitions so far? I think this is a holdover, maybe from the Obama administration. Useless, but a tool to make people feel engaged. Not faulting you for posting these links, but I’m not sure the Trump administration is on board with this.

      • Currently at 72 signatures. 100,000 needed by 7April 2018. The paranoid guy inside me says it’s just a way for the gov’t to collect names for “future use” but we all know they’d never do that.

  3. Lookie what just popped up on the ZH.

    This is gonna get *interesting.*

    “Ryan Bundy Is Running For Nevada Governor”

    “The 45-year-old said he decided to run for governor because he doesn’t believe anyone else vying to succeed term-limited Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval will do enough to protect states’ rights.”

    “We will do whatever it takes, and that means whatever it takes,” Bundy told FOX 5 in Las Vegas.

    “If running for governor is what it takes to preserve our freedom, well then that’s part of it.”

  4. Oh Lord…that Cruz boy could have been stopped oh a kajillian times. But its the NRA and us that did it. Gotta’ love Indiana. I see it’s on the armed teacher list. My daughter-in-law wanted her FB friends to sign a Change.Org petition opposition to a proposed anti-home schooling law in Maryland. I’m happy they home school but I know there’s no guns in the home. And isn’t a leftard group?!? Blowack from those monsters who imprisoned their 13 kids I guess. Oh well I stay out of it. Better than a public school…maybe.

    • Utterly shocked to see New York on the list of states that at least allow teachers to be armed. Chancellor Cuomo, along with his despotic NYC brethren wish they could turn NY into the east coast Commiefornia, but we deplorable upstate bumpkins keep shouting loud enough to make it difficult.

      • HP (shocked at NY ‘may allow’ teacher CCW): I find it hard to believe too, except “may” in NY means ‘snowball’s chance in he11.’ ALSO, downstate has POTG suffering worse than us [Staten Island was the only borough that hitlery didn’t win]. “cuomo’s GOTTA GO!”

  5. hey!
    i believe all of this…no!…really! … i do… i believe every, single word of it….
    the ‘media’ would never lie…..
    never, i say!
    and…i also believe that this “school shooting” really, actually occurred…
    yes i do!
    after all: we got all this ballistic and forensic evidence and all that expert testimony from cops, teachers, para-medics, doctors, hospital staff &c …..all that sorta stuff that’s been rigorously tested in a court-of-law by competent and experienced attorneys…we got all that evidence given ON OATH….

    ohhh…. wait !

      • i advise you to do that ASAP;
        a belief in “coincidence theories” can lead to dire consequences …………

    • Mandrake (Oath-driven): Yessir, an Oath to obey and protect our Constitution, that until ‘situational ethics’ became normalized (AKA NOTHING is right or wrong, black or white, all is only ‘shades of grey’), an Oath was Right, and to sully that oath was wrong. You aren’t alone in pointing our and disapproving the end-result of “pure evil” infiltrating our country.

  6. That map is not accurate for MN. There are some teachers in small town districts carrying at school. It’s allowed in MN if an administrator gives permission.

  7. I really hope that Oprah runs and wins the Demonkkkrat party’s nomination in 2020 so I c an get a chance to see all the pictures of her getting all snuggly with Harvey Weinstein.

  8. You really shouldn’t trust a fart after eating three day old chili and drinking a thrity pack of Old Milwaukee’s Best

  9. “Oprah Winfrey says the Parkland activists remind her of civil rights icons”

    It’s funny (in an ironic sort of way) that I feel exactly the same way. And that’s not a compliment to either.

  10. oh course I would like to know who this young lady is in this pro gun video, and I hope that some other kids watched it and will not walk out of school on that day. ( and of course I also spelled angel wrong in my last post, proves you shouldn’t post anything on 3 hours of sleep.)

  11. Isn’t that special. Oprah is equating petulant teenagers demanding the government strip them (and everyone else) of of their natural and constitutionally protected rights with rational adults who were demanding the government recognize those those very same rights. It’s a wonder her head doesn’t explode from cognitive dissonance. Let her run…….and expose her ignorance.

  12. So RF recently posts that the only fix to NICS is to nix NICS.

    Within 24 hours, he wonders “Why didn’t anybody stop this guy?”

    Define “stop”. Tell him to calm down? Give him a stern tongue lashing?

    Or actually prevent him from purchasing a weapon, through gee, I don’t know, some kind of nationwide background check program?

    If you nix NICS, you have to stop the crazies somehow. Just how do you propose to do that?


      If you think an unconstitutional nationwide “background check” system whose sole purpose is to not work and deny law abiding citizens their rights then you’re part of the problem.

      This guy could’ve been stopped by an multiple armed sheriff’s deputies but they were too cowardly to go in.

      Stop giving legitimacy to the gun grabbers by having this Stockholm syndrome love affair with NICS and other forms of gun control (i.e. Machine gun bans). Stand up for liberty for a change and stop trying to throw people under the bus because you think the Feds won’t come after your guns if you just sell out every one but yourself.

      Most commenters here need to reevaluate whether or not they actually know what liberty is…

      • Man I was sure feeling dat gubermint NICS oppression this weekend when I walked into a guns shop and walked out 15 minutes later with an AR lower. It was like the gulags I tell ya.

    • “If you nix NICS, you have to stop the crazies somehow. Just how do you propose to do that?”

      Just one more law will stop it all……?

      How about a direct confrontation? How about multiple people in the school, any school, all schools, with firearms to confront anyone with malevolent intent regardless of cause. That takes care of the crazies and the lefties. I repeat myself.

  13. The Virginia Tech shooter’s family and others knew he was crazy and on “medicine” to stop him from doing bad things. They knew he was writing some messed up fantasies and worshiped school shooters. They knew he had various personalities and mutism. They knew he couldn’t socialize well and couldn’t get a girlfriend. Instead of telling/warning the school that he has major issues, they decided to keep it a secret. He was still able to buy guns regardless of all his mental issues, suicidal and murderous thoughts. When someone finally reported his suicidal statements, the mental institution found him a danger and court ordered him to get treatment, but he refused to follow the order (which wasn’t the first time in his life that he refused further mental treatment) and no government followed up on his failure to get treatment.

    The warning signs are there for many, if not all, school shooters. The family knows everything that is required to make a determination their child has mental issues that should restrict him from acquiring weapons. The “professionals” don’t get that data to make such conclusions because the child will lie to keep from being “locked up.” The family, especially the mother, refuse to accept their child as being “crazy” and a potential murderer. They will put their child on drugs and attempt to personally shelter them from the world in order to keep their child and everyone else “safe.” Eventually those kids start to plan and wait for the day to carry it out.

  14. “Supporters of California’s AB 3 said young adults ages 18 to 20 are statistically more likely to commit homicides, arguing they represent 4 percent of the population but commit 17 percent of gun homicides”

    1) A certain other group of people has **% of the population but commits **% of all homicides. Would these supporters say that people of that ethnic group shouldn’t be allowed to buy (semi-auto) rifles? (Hey, I’m not the one saying that.)

    2) What about adults aged 16, 17? They are also disproportionately high. So are aged 21-24 compared with other ages, primarily not the 12-20 year range.

    • “…18 to 20 are statistically more likely to commit homicides, arguing they represent 4 percent of the population but commit 17 percent of gun homicides”

      Percentage of that group who commit homicides with rifles they legally purchased: 0%
      Percentage of homicides that will be prevented by this law: 0

  15. It’s simple to have armed teachers in every state- Home school your kids or send them to a private school. Not only will they be more safe, they’ll learn a hell of a lot more as well. (From a retired, 40 year public ed instructor…)

  16. At least some of the anti gun propaganda is aware that the AR15’S are z not automatic weapons of war, but to the ignorant masses and of course the anti gun zealots that is a very effective trigger word.

  17. wait, teachers in New York State (home of the SAFE Act) can arm themselves if the school board allows it?

  18. So all the “professional” pshrink/libtard “talking about things” didn’t cure the young POS? Shocking.


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