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Conn. Governor Defends Likening The NRA To ‘A Terrorist Organization’ – There’s still plenty of time for a civil, national conversation about common sense gun safety measures. Right?

I said that the NRA acts like a terrorist organization. Webster’s defines a terrorist organization as one that uses fear to effect its goals. What organization in America has used fear better than the NRA?

This really is an organization that is devoid of courage when it comes to making our nation safer. Ninety-seven percent of Americans believe in universal background checks.

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  1. By that definition there isn’t much out there that isn’t a terrorist organisation. Limited time offer! Act now!
    A vote for Trump is a vote for racism!
    Without obamacare your children will die in the streets!
    Guns! Guns everywhere stalking your children!
    If you’re late on your taxes it’s prison for you!
    Malloys own fear mongering makes the CT govs office a terrorist organisation.

    • Dan Malloy really should not talk, as Mark Twain said “it is better to let people think you are stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt”. In addition to his ignorant slandering of the NRA, he is destroying Connecticut, democrat style, driving businesses out, overspending, overtaxing, and lying like a rug. Want to get out of this corrupt state but make just enough to live here but not enough to leave.

      • Yeah and the liberals are moving to red states where there are jobs and less taxes and regulations. The problem is that they never learn so they bring the very same liberal ideals with them that ruined the state that they left !

      • God, I love that quote by Twain. Applies to all the village idiots, the Corruptiput governor, Enima, and BLM.
        Reminds me of the sayings by my old man when I was growing up.
        “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.”
        Or, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
        BTW- The BM’ers, oops, BLM’ers, have proven themselves to be actual terrorists.
        Oo, “Actions speak louder than words.”

        As for gun grabbers et al, “Play with matches, ya get burnt.”

        Hmmm, maybe my old man did know something.

    • No kidding!

      Since Governor Malloy has declared that any organization which uses fear to affect its goals is a terrorist organization, that means Moms Demand Action is a terrorist organization.

      Do these people not hear themselves?

  2. Governor Malloy asks “What organization has used fear better than the NRA? “ Well if I were going to make a list, the Democratic Party would go right at the top! And right under them would be the Malloy administration headed up by tha incompetent boob who has no equal when it comes to driving jobs and business’s from what was once one of the most prosperous states in the Union now on the verge of bankruptcy. Way to go You stupid geek.

  3. Big Pharma kills us everyday. Their agents the doctors influence us with fear. Fear that we will be too fat too thin be in pain and worse yet that we might die.

    Are we members of this terrorist organization or do we pay steeply for the right to be abused? It’s our fault that we believe these people and don’t ask or read about the side effects. It’s our fault if we choose not to learn what’s good and what’s better to eat. It’s our choice to exercise. Yet Apple Cider vinegar costs a 1/10th of Head and Shoulders. Vinegar heals dandruff with no side effects by balancing the scalp’s PH. Yet we buy what they tell us.

    Big Agra. The sugar cane sugar beets lobby. Trying to fatten us and addict us. Lobbying Congress. But that’s okay after we are jacked up we go to the doctor.

    Meanwhile Shannon Watts head of Mothers against Everything used to be head of PR for Monsanto. Did you hear me Mother Jones? Kill people much? Oh it’s slower so it’s not the same…… Roundup stays in the roots. It doesn’t go up into the plant. Who believes that?

    • A few years back I worked for a farmer, I reached down and plucked a few soybeans and started munching, ” I wouldn’t do that” he say, “Why not?” me say, “Roundup ready” he say, “we used to roast them” , I say ” Don’t eat them,that was before Roundup” he say. He also had some gray powder seed stabalizer, if you got it on your hands and it got on a cigarette or breathed it it’d make you fucked up and your heart beat real fast, I believe it was a Monsanto product too

      • So you’re telling us your former employer knew little about the crops he was growing. That’s nice…

        • Can you read? My former employer knew plenty about the crops he was, is growing, that’s why he told me not to eat the soybeans. He also advised me to be careful with the seed stabilizer.I was the one in the dark about Roundup ready, I hadn’t farmed for 40 years

    • No firm evidence, but Monsanto might have something to do with OFWGs being fat.

      High fructose corn syrup (which seems to be in everything you can buy in the food department at Walmart) might also have something to do with it.

  4. We are in a heap o’ trouble. The Hysterical Mother now has 3 cat ladies, 6 minions and 2 emasculated males signed up in Colorado. Each one of these mental giants is responsible for acting as director and sole member of two chapters. Shannon’s Sugar Daddy must be soooooooo pleased.

  5. The NRA was right to not come out for Philando Castile. Castile was illegally carrying under state law. State law says you cannot carry while under the influence of marijuana. Castile was high and blood tests proved this. Thus, he was not carrying legally. NRA doesn’t defend illegal or irresponsible carry. Get that through your heads.

    • If Gary Johnson hadn’t become an antigun sellout idiot, he could have siphoned off enough Trump voters to cost him the election by supporting both gun rights and legalizing weed. Fortunately that was not the case, but we’re still in a pickle with Trump giving us more gun control than Obama did over 8 years.

    • I think I paid them extra for their NRA-ILA, and I’m pretty sure that their brochure said something about guns and lawyers. I get my SKS took away and the law was going to rack my ass, it had pistol grip,folding stock, bayonet and thrity round mag. All illegal under Clit ons 94 assualt weapons ban. I called NRA because the firearm was purchased in that configuration in 1991, grandfathered in. The NRA ILA bounced me around and never did nothing.I tried several local lawyers but none would touch it.Before going to court for a felony I read up on gun laws represented myself and won. While the cops had it they bent the forward mag catch so the thritys didn’t work, I don’t think they did it on purpose they didn’t know the bolt had to be open before you could remove the magazine, they just pushed mag release and pryed it out. I do go on lol

    • The NRA did speak about the shooting. Why are you defending them. The officer as has been shown numerous times had an expectation of how this stop was going to go. He had fears. The other officer testified that Castile acted appropriately during the stop.

      There is a chance that an officer can act badly. He changed his story from possible robbery suspect to pulled over for tail light out. How could he from his patrol car see Castile’s “wide set nose” but couldn’t see three feet into the car window to say it looked like a gun.
      If was a felony stop he should have had backup and had him step out of the car and be handcuffed. Taillight out you chec license and registration.

      The whole spiel “if he smoked pot around his kid and didn’t care for her lungs he wouldn’t care about me,” sounds like someone who needs a new job. If he cared about life he wouldn’t have fired into a car with a child in the backseat.

      I think the NRA said the most they should say.

      If we want fair clear understanding of our rights and preferences we need to be able to call foul no matter what. Repeat after me. “A white person can make a mistake. A police officer can make a mistake. A black person can be an upstanding citizen. That was hard to say.” 🙂

      The left lies enough for all of us.

  6. “Webster’s defines a terrorist organization as one that uses fear to effect its goals.”
    I don’t agree with that definition but government certainly fits.

    Also… From the The Guardian, “A spokesman for Savvidis told the Russian news agency Tass: ‘He didn’t threaten anyone with a gun. It isn’t forbidden to carry a weapon in Greece.'” If he didn’t actually threaten anyone then this is just hoplophobia.

  7. “Webster’s defines a terrorist organization as one that uses fear to effect its goals.”

    I would suggest you actually read the definition in said dictionary before telling people what it is.

    First, Webster’s has no definition for “terrorist organization”.

    Webster’s defines a “terrorist” as “an advocate or practitioner of terrorism as a means of coercion” and then defines “terrorism” as “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion” and then further defines “terror” as “a state of intense fear” or “violent or destructive acts (such as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands”.

    So, Webster’s doesn’t have a definition for the term he claims they do and the ones they do have don’t have anything to do with what he says they do unless you think that the NRA is somehow controlling mass shooters or that they instill a “state of intense fear” in people that they then use to coerce people into doing something political. You can think that all you want but it’s plainly not true.

    Fuck snopes, strych9 calls this one a “whopper” aka 100% on the bullshit meter. Same with MDA (the gun group not the muscular dystrophy group that actually does good things).

  8. Philando Castile, a black gun owner, who was shot on July 6, 2016, in St. Anthony Minnesota after Officer Jeronimo Yanez shot him

    So Yanez shot him, then he got shot again? Man! The cops really do hate black people.

    • I feel really bad for the guy. Weed should be just as legal as tobacco. The only business the government should have in regulating it is taxing it at around the same rate as loose tobacco and making sure people aren’t lacing it with harder drugs. I just wish we could get pot federally legalized and stop fighting this stupid endless “war” against ourselves.

        • Perhaps he wasn’t smoking it, got it and was heading for the trap house? I do not use marijuana now, I have and I know this, I’ve never wrecked or fucked up high on weed, but I’ve sure as hell put a lot of metal in the ditch drunk.

  9. I miss the days when Eminem rapped about killing people and committing horrible crimes and stuff. Now he’s become the commercial lefty sellout like those popstars he railed against years ago.

    Just like Linkin Park and Green Day used to be cool and edgy, then they went through that hate-on-Bush phase and now they’re both mediocre hasbeens (Thousand Suns was good though; RIP Chester).

    • I guess Eminem’s experience of threatening people with a gun and concealed carrying illegally and being prosecuted for both makes him uniquely qualified to comment on guns.

  10. That NAA revolver is stupid. You’re obviously not going to hit crap with that setup. It totally needs a bipod.

  11. you have to laugh @ these clowns using (allegedly) dead kids as props for gun control;
    liberals/lefties care NOTHING about kids….they support pro-choice abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality being taught in schools, no-fault divorce, “domestic violence laws” that usually result in the destruction of families, feminism etc…..and they voiciferously oppose home-schooling…..
    they are, quite clearly, ANTI-family and ANTI-kids …..
    nothing these hypocrites say should be taken seriously…..

  12. I heard a rumor that the NRA added 500000 new “terrorist” member’s. Haven’t these goofballs learned not everyone(with a brain) believes that diatribe?!? Oh and my church is armed to the teeth. We don’t live in fear. We are prepared for evil…

  13. “I said that the NRA acts like a terrorist organization. Webster’s defines a terrorist organization…”

    Does this idiot not realize that Websters’ definitions are available online so anyone could debunk his lies?

    FIRST of all, Websters doesn’t define “terrorist organization” because it’s a dictionary and that’s not a word but a legal concept.

    SECOND, they do define “terrorism,” terrorist,” etc and guess what the definitions involve? The use of violence.

    What an asshat.

  14. Standing back and looking at things, you’ll notice our friends the Republicans show no enthusiasm to match the lefties blow for blow. It’s clear they’ve chosen a strategy of don’t rock the boat and keep pocketing the cash. I think this was well demonstrated by their reaction to the Trump candidacy.

    None of them seem willing to call out the progressives as the traitorous cancer they are. The first candidate to offer the lefties helicopter rides and expedited immigration to Canada will have my vote.

  15. So BLM is calling the NRA a terrorist organization? Really now… Well, the last time I checked, the NRA doesn’t advocate killing cops, killing or driving out an entire race, or property destruction when they don’t get their way. BLM? They are far more of a terrorist organization.

  16. “…One organization in particular has seen its number of statewide chapters nearly double ”

    Well Five is nearly double of three.

  17. funmilola fagbamila is giving rontrell turnipseed a run for his money.
    young master (?) chibane is entitled to his (?) opinion [i’m not subscribing to verify childs gender, but out there and at that age he (?) may not have had to choose yet…] but why oh why single out cz52’s?
    enimom should pull his pants up. snoop poopy scoop don’t sag.

  18. Is he still the governor of Connecticut?! I thought the fine voters of CT were recalling this arrogant Arsehole! And any other politicians of his ilk !

  19. Webster’s defines a terrorist organization as one that uses fear to effect its goals.
    See, this is why the left just doesn’t understand us. We don’t fear, we deal with reality as it comes.

    Wasn’t it some Democrat back in the day that said:
    All we have to fear is fear itself.


  20. I wish there were no guns so people couldn’t suffer,

    Here’s a little tidbit I found on the interweb one day…


    I wish we could go back in time and uninvent the gun. Because then, bigger stronger men who could swing swords and axes harder than their enemies would go back to ruling the world. No more of this bullshit female “empowerment” and all minorities would be enslaved just the way they were meant to be. Without having disgusting guns to fight back, the weak and disenfranchised would have never forgotten their place in life, a life they should be thankful they were even allowed to have to begin with.

  21. “What other group uses fear to effect their goals” he said just before he used the fear of mass shooting to effect his goals.

  22. Also instead of Brownells tweeting shit maybe they should hurry and get my order shipped to me which has been pending since last week.

  23. Amazing that it’s taken so long for some folks to cotton to the fact that churches are soft targets. Back in 2001, I was an usher at the church I went to. When 9/11 happened, and we realized the religious component to it, some of us who knew the history of ushering realized it could end up repeating itself. During services, we were stationed in the back by the main entry doors, so we not only had the best view out to the parking lot, we knew we’d be the “first layer” for anyone to encounter (good intent or otherwise). We didn’t make any announcements about it, but some of us with CCPs sure enough did start discreetly keeping our irons on us during services, and keeping watch out the windows, just in case. The minister was a retired military man, and he had zero problem with it. He was wise enough to know who the good guys were.

    • When I was a kid, my dad (NYPD) was the head usher in our parish. Funny thing, all the ushers were NYPD. We had the most heavily armed church in NYC. Needless to say, Sundays were quite peaceable in our little corner of the Bronx.

  24. AAAAAHHHHHGGGGG …….. ” Terrorists ” ….. pure theater to justify upcoming ANTI-GUN bills …….. HR – 4909 gets House Vote Wed. 3-14 …may be Combined with FIX_NICS bill.

    MANY bad gun bills in the pipeline at BOTH state & National level ! — CALL your Reps.!

  25. Connecticut Governor Malloy calls the NRA “a terrorist organization?” That’s almost laughable coming from a thug and gangster like Malloy, who is even more hated in his own state than Chris Christie was in his.

  26. “I wish there were no guns so people couldn’t suffer,” said 8-year-old Gabriel Chibane.

    When 8 years old says something naive and dumb, I chuckle and understand – he is just a little kid with zero life experience and not fully developed brain. But when supposedly grown up adults think this is some kind of great insight, it blows my mind.


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