Criticizing The Gun Control Youth League is Off Limits: Quote of the Day

“I’ve been writing about the inanity and jackassery of generational stereotyping and youth politics for literally 25 years, going all the way back to when I was a young twentysomething. But, apparently, that argument cannot be made independent of the Parkland kids because, in this moment, they are speaking for all youth and therefore, thanks to the transitive property of generational numinosity, any criticism of young people qua young people is ‘attacking’ the Gun Control Youth League. Never mind that young people are as divided on the issue of gun control as everyone else.” – Jonah Goldberg in The Wisdom of Youth [via]


  1. avatar Jolly Roger That says:

    Calling brain dead teenagers “jackasses” is what keeps Jonah Goldberg in his job? Damn, NR, slide me two grand a week and I’ll fill that column space until the end of time.

    That probably came off as unnecessarily mean, but seriously, who needed a full column to tell us that high schoolers are thick?

  2. avatar Kroglikepie says:

    Yeah, no, I have no qualms calling these morons exactly what they are: fascists.

      1. avatar anonymoose says:


      2. avatar Ing says:

        There’s something really creepy about that kid. Especially in that outfit.

        How sad is it that the fascists can even show up in Hitler Youth uniform and they’re STILL not recognized by all the people who are telling us we’re the fascists?

        1. avatar John in Ohio says:

          Some of our own POTG can’t tell the difference between the exercise of a right and the exercise of a privilege so it isn’t a surprise to me.

  3. avatar Srirachapocalypse says:

    Can I criticize their awful mom-jeans?

    1. avatar Shire-man says:

      That’s the style now. High waisted 80’s mom jeans. Acid wash and shoulder pads are creeping in too. 16 year old girls are dressing like middle aged women 40 years ago.

      1. avatar tjlarson2k says:

        A good thing as it will ensure no one will breed with them anytime soon and make more progressives.

      2. avatar Srirachapocalypse says:

        They look like extras from “Roseanne” LOL.

      3. avatar Roy Johnson says:

        That’s because teenagers are more obese these days. Plain fact

  4. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

    Almost all girls in that picture.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      Put the black girl front and center.

      Most minorities are not running out to protest against citizens owning guns. It’s usually white people and women. Women and kids are usually the people that are manipulated into coming out to protest against human rights.

      1. avatar Chris T from KY says:

        As a black gun owner I have no problem criticizing anti-civil rights black people of any age.

        Nor do I have a problem criticizing white homosexuals, jews, women, or anyone else that works to take away my gun civil rights. And I totally support those who criticizing these communist/fascist people.

        1. avatar Garrison Hall says:


    2. avatar Sal Chichon says:

      Cries (literally, those pussies) of disarmement from the demographic who are most (stupidly) coddled, and least likely to take personal responosbility for their own welfare. Yeah, those are the people most, “in the know,” about gun ownership. Those girls can get bent.

    3. avatar Roy Johnson says:

      In the loosest sense of the word….

  5. avatar Patrick says:

    I get that TTAG is a theologically diverse crowd, but to those here who do believe in prayer: Is it just me or is it stupidly offensive to proclaim, as in the image, “Thoughts & Prayers Don’t Save Lives”? What about both prayers and action, such as praying for peace but still carrying weapons, etc. Again, I’m not trying to start a religious debate, but just wanted to acknowledge how unbalanced they are being.
    I wouldn’t say “Children don’t matter. We need to save adults’ lives.” even though many more adults are the victims of homicide than children.

    Edit: Actually, including abortion, my last statement was not true. Again though, controversial issue.

    1. avatar Dave says:

      Prayers don’t save lives & neither do protests. Action is the only thing that counts.

      Also, abortion doesn’t count. It’s not homicide; your bible thumping is showing…

      1. avatar ironicatbest says:

        Your right abortion is not homicide, it’s Murder. — I had a wonderful time with my grandson yesterday

      2. avatar Patrick says:

        I acknowledged the fact that TTAG readers have different non-firearm political/religious views to specifically address what you just wrote.

      3. avatar Toni says:

        lol i am pagan, lesbian, very pro gun and very much as anti-federalist as Madison and co. and i consider abortion to be murder so it is not just a “bible thumper” idea.

    2. avatar Silentbrick says:

      I saw a facebook post mocking the thoughts and prayers comments. My reply went something like this:

      “Hmmmm, I thought Love trumps hate and we were supposed to think nice thoughts and good wishes toward people. Instead I see it’s better to send hateful thoughts and wish death upon people. Thanks for setting me straight.”

      Cue the crickets.

  6. avatar rudukai13 says:

    Getting shot makes you just as qualified to legislate firearms policy as getting run over makes you qualified to drive a semi truck

  7. avatar Hippi says:

    they were eating tide pods last week now there are telling us what?

    1. avatar California Richard says:

      They are telling us that YOU need to listen to them because they are the future! And they too stupid and irresponsible to be trusted with a gun until they are 21!…. kind of like the rich people who say they don’t get taxed enough! Or the upper middle class white kid who skipped out on his parrent subsidized $15,000/year education to protest against the “1%”! Or the lady surounded by armed security who screams about the needlessness of guns! ….. Screaming hypocrisy is the mark of stupidity.

  8. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    Yeah, okay…A large, rabble of kids from a school tragedy…That was orchestrated by the Teachers Union, The DNC, Bloomberg Civilian Disarmament movement, and other Left-Wingers…..I call it a political put up job…If these kids really organized…Then it would be Student/kids Union to Disrupt Schooling vs The Teachers Union….Which of course wouldn’t fly…Because a lot of kids there age are still eating and vaping TIDE PODS….

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Don’t forget Soros.

      1. avatar Mike B in WI says:

        I have started calling these gun control efforts post Parkland what they are, an ambush of our freedoms. All of those groups you mention had laid a trap ready to be sprung at the next opportunity. And Parkland was that opportunity. Nothing they want would have stopped the scumbag that shot up the school. This event was the culmination of multiple failures by the school district, the sheriff’s department, the FBI, and the Obama administration for their program designed to keep these kids who are committing felonies from being arrested.

        All these failures, and what do the ambushers want? They want to add to the 23,000+ gun laws we already have that didn’t do anything to stop this. This is the first mass murder committed by someone under 21 in which they purchased their own long guns. So, we have one (1, uno, ein) mass murder by someone under 21 who purchased their own long gun and we need to punish the hundreds of thousands of responsible people under 21 by not allowing them to purchase any firearm for hunting, plinking, or defense of self and family.

        1. avatar Roy Johnson says:

          You forgot to add all funded by Soros and Bloomberg.

  9. avatar J says:

    Please help save our 2nd Amendment rights. The petition web site has a lot of pro-2nd Amendment petitions that need people to view and sign if possible. Look at these and decide which to sign. There are too many to link here.

    1. avatar TexasGunGal says:

      Just signed the no new gun control law.
      Appreciate posting the link!!!

  10. avatar HEGEMON says:

    New PAWNS in a very old game…

    1. avatar Mack Bolan says:

      Child Soldiers is the appropriate term. They just haven’t been issued their Kalashnikov yet.

      1. avatar HEGEMON says:

        Or Khmer Rouge Cadre BLUE plastic bags to asphyxiate unarmed enemies of the people.

      2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        SS Hitlerjugend Division.

  11. avatar Joe R. says:

    Those paid douches are going to realize, one day, that someone (working for satan) just turned them into the next Jane Fonda.

    F the little sh_t-stain tools.

  12. avatar DerryM says:

    A paradigm illustration of Saul Alinsky’s “useful idiots”, and in a few years they will rule the United States…or maybe not, since they are likely to hand it over to an openly totalitarian central Government before too long.
    These youngsters are doomed to be useful idiots all their lives…I am not too old to have forgotten the egoism of teenage years, but at least I had an underpinning of what it means to be an American, which saved me in my early twenties.
    The America I grew up in is dead.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      or maybe not, since they are likely to hand it over to an openly totalitarian central Government before too long.
      I am betting that a lot of the kids will be at either the Soviet Tractor Factory or at the Gulag.

  13. avatar frankw says:

    Despite the media propaganda, these leftist dupes do not speak for all young people. My children and grandchildren have all been trained in safe gun handling and our rights under the 2nd Amendment, and we are certainly not alone.

  14. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Only the youths on one side get invited to the CNN town hall though.

  15. avatar Armed Partisan says:

    I have been arguing with ignorant preppys and tie-dyed morons about why gun control was evil since I was in middle school in the 90’s. I heard the same arguments then as these useful idiots and paid mouthpieces are making now, and it only shook my faith in democracy, and compelled me to buy as many guns as I could afford as quickly as I could acquire them!

    Later, I served with a guy who was at Columbine and was acquainted with one of the shooters, and he is the most progun guy who you could meet, and always was. Not every teen is some brainwashed, Lefty drone; some of them have IQs above 110, and the schools can’t scrub that out of them without mandatory SSRI medications.

  16. avatar former water walker says:

    I will denounce these leftard youts with my last breath. You’re on the wrong side. And the whore’s you road in on…

  17. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Since an entire generation (and possibly even two generations) of people appear to be almost totally ignorant of History and human nature (but I repeat myself), it is time for us to truly educated them.

    We have to illustrate three simple facts:
    (1) Politicians are NOT altruistic idealogues looking out for the interests of We the People. Rather, politicians seek whatever maximizes their personal gain without concern for the rights and dignity of anyone else.
    (2) Governments cannot possibly provide everything for everyone. That includes personal security.
    (3) Governments invariably end-up enslaving their people in order to exploit, use, and abuse those people for the pleasure of the ruling class.

    If we can drive those three points home, I am optimistic that we can actually REASON with this ignorant generation about the merits of keeping and bearing arms for defense of self and state. Without driving those three points home, there is no basis for considering the merits of keeping and bearing arms.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      I don’t disagree with your comment. However, deep down I believe it is going to take an actual demonstration; either as a result of massive civil disobedience and a draconian push-back by government or an all out conflict between those who cherish liberty and tyrants. My gut tells me that only then will the genuinely misinformed youth separate themselves from the useful idiots.

  18. avatar Tile Floor says:

    And then there is national school walkout day. I work as an SRO and its all the kids are talking about. But they don’t give a rats behind about the cause, its just an excuse to get out of class.

    To be honest, for the ones who do actually have some political motivation, if you want to throw some civil disobedience in for your cause and walk out of class, whatever, do your thing. Just because I don’t agree with their cause doesn’t mean that I am going to condemn them for taking action. What I am going to condemn is how they are doing it. Lets ALLLLL walk out of schools at a predetermined time and mass in front of them and tell the entire country via media. That is just asking for some bad stuff to happen. Then their point is “proven.” Its a tactical blunder,

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Endless possibilities here.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      How many blocks will the march proceed before the riot starts and the looting begins?

      1. avatar Ing says:

        I’d put the over/under at about 3.

  19. avatar Sal Chichon says:

    I’m not having my Constitutional Rights stripped on account of a bunch of idiot girls. We are talking about a demographic who, by and large, are so divorced from the concept of accountability, they might as well make alimony payments on it. They can stick those signs right up their asses.

    1. avatar John archibald says:

      They are all useful idiots.

  20. avatar DogoCanario says:

    No one (group or individual) is beyond criticism. In fact, any group claiming to be off-limits has given ample reason to be hounded without mercy.

  21. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    The photo looks like a pre-meeting of the (German: Bund Deutscher Mädel, abbreviated as BDM).

  22. avatar DDay says:

    Jonah Goldberg is an excellent writer and a great conservative. Love his stuff.

  23. avatar Chris Morton says:

    The Hogg kid is the gun control equivalent of Duffy Strode from the ’80s.

    He’s nothing more than a hand puppet for malicious anti-gun cultists, just as Strode was a hand puppet for racists.

    1. avatar John archibald says:

      And his parents are playing along. Wonder how big their bank accounts are now?

  24. avatar ironicatbest says:

    kids , trample one amendment while exercising another . No more right of assembly,ban that look at the riots it causes, property destruction and death. No more freedom of speech, do a statistics on how many suicides have been caused by Facebook. If we can’t get rid of the first amendment can’t they at least pass some laws restricting what can be said, it’s for the children

  25. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    Look at me! I have too much freedom! Please Mr Big Government come and take away some of this dangerous freedom! It’s for my own good!

  26. avatar blahpony says:

    Is that Ronnie James Dio on the left? How old is this picture?

    1. avatar ironicatbest says:

      Ain’t he the one thatfucked up Black Sabbath,

      1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        The Sign of the Southern Cross is rising as the Mob Rules the city.

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