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Tonight’s TTAG Daily Digest finds Luke Skywalker disarming while NPR shudders at armed teachers in Kansas. We check-in with the gun control paradise known as Chicago and discover that TMZ is now pro-gun! Ballistic bubbly? That and more after the jump . . .

Luke Skywalker Calls For Blaster Control – I find his lack of knowledge disturbing.

Is Democrat Sen. Heidi Heitkamp Prepared to Support Obama’s Anti-Gun SCOTUS Nominee? – Why wouldn’t she?

Kansas Campuses Prepare For Guns In Classrooms – “I don’t think this is smart for Kansas. I don’t think this is the best thing for the health of our population.” You mean other than those who are interested in armed self defense.

1 dead, 14 wounded in Chicago shootings – Otherwise knows as ‘Monday’ in the City of Big Shoulders.

3 Firearm Truths Everyone Should Know – The truth about assault weapons, the “gun show loophole” and the lie that more guns don’t equal more crime.

Tyga — I Need a Gun ‘Cause I’m a Baller – The normally anti-gun TMZ approves of rapper’s armed security guard flashing his gat. Sorry, “returning it to its holster.”

Rhode Island lawmakers consider multiple gun law bills – Ocean State’s WPRI (Fox affiliate) is in the tank for gun control.

Austin police fire officer who fatally shot naked teen David Joseph – Officer Freeman said he feared being overpowered by the teen.

He Killed a Pregnant Mom—but He Still Gets a Gun – “In a letter explaining the state’s decision not to prosecute, assistant state attorney Brad Magrino wrote, ‘There is no evidence to suggest DeHayes had a careless or reckless indifference to the safety of the victims when the firearm discharged.'”

How the ‘digital exhaust’ of social media data can predict gun violence – Because correlation equals causation.

‘Just Shoot Them All,’ Say Moms Demand Action Activists About Texas Gun Rights Group – How ironic is that? 

The Champagne Gun Is Here to Fulfill Your Dreams – I’ve always thought of cheap champagne as something of a nightmare. Now I’m not so sure.

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  1. Hamill is old news, but your link missed the absolute best rebuttal to him to date:

    @HamillHimself In other news, Emperor Sidious declares all citizens not in the Imperial Navy shall have their blasters confiscated. #2A

    • What scandal? Hiring foreigners illegally and making their indigenous forebears to train their (low wage, low skill) replacements is not wrong. It’s the new normal. Happens in tech all day long.

      • I have a good friend who’s in medical software programming. He is from the Ukraine. I got to meet him because somehow, due to our governments taxes and regulations, it’s cheaper for this company to fly him in, provide him a rental car, apartment, cell phone, Internet, AND a job that pays well for 9 months then it is to hire a full time American to do that same job… Figure that one out

        • that must be a similar equation to how it’s more lucrative to ship gym weights from china.
          do they get a ballast reduction fee or what?

        • “that must be a similar equation to how it’s more lucrative to ship gym weights from china.
          do they get a ballast reduction fee or what?”

          Sort of. The Chinese government subsidizes postage for their companies, because they are majority owner of all companies that do business in China. Get ready for cheap sh*t from Cuba thanks to you know whO

        • “do they get a ballast reduction fee or what?”

          Sort of. The Chinese government subsidizes postage for their companies,…”

          So that’s how they do it!

          Over the past few years, I’ve bought from a number of China-Taiwan-Hong Kong companies (primarily on eBay) some various tech items.

          The prices were excellent, but the kicker was that shipping was free (to me).

          I couldn’t understand how, for example, for a total price of a few dollars, I was getting that stuff delivered and why that wasn’t bankrupting them.

          China subsidizing the postage explains it.

          Hell, I’m more inclined now to order more stuff…

  2. And nothing about the “civilized” massacre in Brussels by the poor and misunderstood jihadis with explosives wrapped in nails. Otherwise they would have degenerated to the level of Americans (sarcasm = off).

    Or the shooting of a father sitting in a car after a criminal expressed his disapproval of a comment by two associates by shooting AT the associates, missing completely, and hitting the other person (Sydney). Clear breach of several of the 4 rules. Shitstorm against licensed gun owners pending. The Greens and their journalist lackeys are still high from the previous weekend.

  3. Kansas born and Kansas bred I Ive been to most every state east of the mississippi an most of them west of the rockies. Hahawai with the 25th Inf. Cambodia, n Thailand. What ever you do, do not move to Kansas. It sux, bunch of redneck plowboy cowboy dirt farmers, we kaint spel n dont give a sht if we cuold. We tote guns n care about our chillin. Its a bad place, gravel roads tear up yur cars, ittty bittty towns with nuthn to do. Its not good. The sign says “Welcome to Kansas” but its truely a fly over state. Now Im going to drink some moonshine I bought from the neighbor, watch the moon rise, listen to the wind blow through the cottonwoods, coyotes yip. An wish I could live in L.A.

  4. And I got arrested for carrying a gun in chicago, registered in my name, but without a ccw. My parole officer said “why do you think you need a gun” a told him “don’t you watch the news?” He got so mad…an argument ensued, in ended up having to get t a new PO. Now I have this jolly fat guy who wears a Trijicon sweatshirt, and we talk about guns every time he visits 🙂

    • Cool, parole officer? So you did time? Hey ryan, po told me I gotta get a job, n that aint easy, r go back to pen… changed address, new phone number, gave po the phone number as work phone. He calls up, I threw a shoe n the dryer, n banged on the wall, told him I was on construction sight. Lol. It worked. Glad you are doing well, ive had some sht po”s and some good ones, the good ones help a bunch. Peace out. Man

      • Yeah 7 months in Cook County jail. Hell’s backyard. But I did gain 40 lbs of mostly muscle in there, and learned alot reading, and learned more than anything to appreciate freedom.

        • Heard bad bad about cook county. Im m neosho ks, out now but facin db charges. Yeh bud. Man I got out neck was loke a swivel. Lookin all around, cars, galls, yup yup, freedom until you loose it then you knowvfreedom. Thing thatvkilled me was wind blowing through screen window.of all the shit that was it ha. Up above youll see my addie n ph number. Gimme a call if you wanna chat. But im outta here. Seems like everybodys gotta be better then the next guy n I aint that

      • Because I haven’t violated my palrole. That basically states no weapons for 6 mos and don’t get arrested. No guns for 7 years 🙁

        Buy you know, there is always a way around things, certain jobs, that sort of thing.

        • That doesn’t really make sense, you say you are on parole and not allowed to have guns for 7 years, yet you were arrested in Chicago with a gun – and without a valid permit for Chicago…

          That would be a parole violation and violation of Chicago gun laws.

          Are you posting from jail?

        • (I was not aressted for carrying a gun while on parole. I am on parole BECAUSE I got arrested for carrying a gun)…ugh

  5. Most all of this sucks the big dog, Ive met some nice peeps on here and some uppitty spell checker freaks. I said it once before, but Im backin out. I like mama liberty a bunch, n most u others, its all good.I was advised to get off this forum and am taking that advice. If anyone wishes to corespond Joe Tastove 21645 70th Rd. St.Paul Ks. 66771. Ph 620-238-3635 . No I am not giving out any information that is not allready known by the ones whom can hurt me. AkA uncle sam. God bless each and everyone of you…. in case anyone wants to know, moma liberty is my favorite, hugs n kisses your way moma liberty.PEACE….

  6. Those nutty broads at MDA are still around?

    I thought they faded off into obscurity… Well, into greater obscurity, as it were.

      • They’re not going to do anything. They wish gov’t agents would do it – key word, WISH.

        And you know what they say about wishing and hands, don’t cha…

        Bloomberg’s lady bargade for pre-owned ho… I mean, moms, doesn’t frighten me.

        Until they start strapping bombs to their chest and hollering,” Allahu-gunsense Akbar”, I ain’t worried about those paid for harpies.

    • “I thought they faded off into obscurity…”

      Hell, no.

      When the political time is right they will be back to their old tricks.

  7. “It’s timely here in Austin where a gun rights activist was recently shot by her toddler.”

    Since when did Austin, TX become a suburb of Palatka, Florida?

    Digital Exhaust indeed.

  8. “3 Firearm Truths Everyone Should Know – The truth about assault weapons, the ‘gun show loophole’ and the lie that more guns don’t equal more crime.”

    Oops. That last statement is a double negative and implies that more guns do equal more crime.


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