This Liberal Reconsidered Gun Control. He Found It’s A Lot More Complicated Than ‘More Guns, More Crime’
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This kind of thing seems to be happening more often . . . This Liberal Reconsidered Gun Control. He Found It’s A Lot More Complicated Than ‘More Guns, More Crime’

I have always looked at the gun problem and assumed that there is a “commonsense” solution if the gun lobby would just get out of the way and people would just screw their heads on right. Like most Americans, I still support efforts to improve the efficacy of the background-check system, but I now understand them to be common sense but not solutions—and potentially distractions from the core social questions of economic despair and shuttered opportunity, which plague both poor minority neighborhoods and the white working class alike.

Over the past year, I have from time to time posted the most mild-mannered of comments on Facebook, suggesting that the gun issue is more complex than one might think. I am not exactly fearless on social media, anxious about the cultural disapprobation that comes with conservative views in my circles. My posts have been exceptionally mealy-mouthed, timid suggestions that the gun issue is tricky or perhaps a particular National Review article is “worth a look.”

Australia further restricts scary lever action shotguns.

Australia’s descent into firearms hell continues apace . . . Lever action shotguns reclassified into tightest legal ranking, changes labelled ‘unfair’

LEVER action shotguns – “tools of the trade” to the North West farming community – have officially been reclassified into the tightest legal ranking.

The Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment Act 2017 came into effect on November 1, re-categorising lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity of no more than five rounds from a category A to a category B, and those with a magazine capacity of more than five rounds from a category A to a category D.

NSW Nationals Senator John “Wacka” Williams has publicly attacked the reclassification, labelling it “unfair” and “inconsistent”.

“My opinion is that it should have been a category B, where farmers could have bought the rifle shotgun,” Mr Williams said on Thursday.

Good luck with that . . . New Jersey – Defeat Democrat Gun Banner Phil Murphy ~ VIDEO

If there’s one thing that defines New Jersey gun owners, it’s the courage and tenacity to repeatedly face the “David and Goliath” battles and win against impossible odds, when most everyone else would have given up.

The upcoming Governor’s race on November 7 2017 will be the ultimate test of our mettle. Anti-gun Wall Street mega-millionaire Phil Murphy, an unknown who came out of left field, bullied and bought his way to the Democratic nomination. He cleared the field of serious, well-established candidates by creating the illusion that his anointing was inevitable. Democratic party leaders and candidates folded like a house of cards under that hallucination, abandoning years of planning and posturing, and handing Murphy the nomination without a real fight. The illusion became a self-fulfilling prophecy in the primary.

Black Aces Tactical announces the Magazine Fed Shockwave 12 gauge

Black Aces Tactical (BAT), an American manufacturer best known for its patented custom shotguns, is excited to announce the release of the company’s new Magazine Fed Shockwave 12 gauge.

Said Lemoine, “Given the incredible success of the Mossberg Shockwave platform, it is only natural that we offer a magazine fed version of the weapon that has proven nothing short of a phenomenon.  This as of late has been the question we have been receiving most.  “When will Black Aces Tactical release a magazine fed version of the Shockwave?”  Now that weapon is a reality.”

Starting at just $499 retail, the Black Aces Tactical Magazine Fed Shockwave offers a significant upgrade to al already incredible platform.  As an option Black Aces Tactical is offering an option Tri-Rail and Magpul AFG handguard.

Hornady Ballistics free ballistic calculator

Hornady® Launches Free Mobile Ballistic App with 4DOF™

Hornady®, a world leader in bullet, ammunition, and reloading products is pleased to announce the launch of the new Hornady Ballistic Calculator App that includes the advanced state-of-the-art 4DOF™ calculator as well as a standard BC (ballistic coefficient) calculator. The new Hornady Ballistic Calculator App is available for free on both the Apple and Android app stores and allows users to calculate trajectories in areas without wireless connectivity.

Introduced in an online, website version in August 2016, the new 4DOF™ (4 Degrees of Freedom) Ballistic Calculator has become a popular resource for those seeking more accurate trajectories, especially at extreme ranges. The Hornady 4DOF calculator provides trajectory solutions based on projectile Drag Coefficient (not ballistic coefficient) along with the exact physical modeling of the projectile and its mass and aerodynamic properties. Additionally, it is the first publicly available program that will correctly calculate the vertical shift a bullet experiences as it encounters a crosswind; referred to as aerodynamic jump. The use of drag coefficients, correct projectile dynamics, aerodynamic jump and spin drift enable the Hornady 4DOF ballistic calculator to be the most accurate commercial trajectory program available–even at extreme ranges.

Check out these amazingly low prices on some pretty decent Remington guns.

Shockingly low prices on some pretty good guns. Read our reviews of the RM380 and RP9 and judge for yourself.

Un-funny topical comedienne discovers “the boyfriend loophole” . . . Sam Bee Highlights A Key Predictor Of Mass Shootings: Domestic Violence

Turns out there are ways to help prevent mass shootings.

According to the group Everytown For Gun Safety, 54 percent of mass shootings from 2009 to 2016 were “related to domestic or family violence.”

While many domestic abusers ― that is, people subject to permanent domestic violence restraining orders ― are prohibited from buying guns, there still remains a glaring hole in the law known as “the boyfriend loophole.”

And now that Halloween is in the rear view mirror, it’s apparently officially the Christmas season:

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  1. In response to the first story’s dude, while I applaud him for more in depth research than blaming NRA privilege, Economics is actually a poor indicator of crime. While it may seem very simple and logical that a poor economy leads to more crime, it actually isn’t the case. Crime in America dropped drastically from 1994-2014, during that time, the late 80s and 90s saw a booming economy and high crime rate. As the crime rate decreased the economy leveled out, and as we all know eventually crashed in 08-14′. Over this time the crime rate continued to drop rather dramatically. Now the economy has been gaining momentum again, and, though slightly, crime has been increasing the past 2 years.

    • Your “analysis” is facile, crime of course is a heterogeneous overdetermined phenomenon (DURRRRR what do dat meeeen!?, you drool : D)

      Well it means its meaningless to talk about “crime”, at the very least you need to differentiate between violent crime and property crime.

      And it means the rate of different crimes is of course determined by multiple factors interacting in complex and nuanced ways.

      Naturally all of this is too subtle for you (to be fair it IS an extraordinary difficult issue, ultimately an imponderable), your “mind” being better suited to regurgitating “guns dont kill people, people do” etc

      • Wow. Professor Monqueequee, it is evident you have much training in the upper echelons of our universities and a healthy tenure in navigating government grants.

        You have used many words to say absolutely nothing.

        Keep it up. It is very entertaining.

        • He/she may just need a little help being more self-aware. There are possibly some issues that need to be addressed by a professional.

        • Actually, after reading his/her other posts, its obvious she does need help. There are some serious problems there.

      • What in the hell are you talking about? Nobody is arguing that property crime and violent crime are the same thing, you are creating a debate with a voice in your head.

      • And here we have Example A, of why entitled liberal policies, brought about by a rich, entitled, white, racist liberal elite, continually fail our inner cities, which has much more to do with crime stats then the economy does.

      • How does that quote go again? “If you can dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. “

      • Professional Macaque,

        Do you even hear yourself?

        On the one hand you say,

        … the rate of different crimes is of course determined by multiple factors interacting in complex and nuanced ways.

        And then you go and advocate that simply disarming the populace will reduce violent crime.

        In the simplest of terms, you contradict yourself. Well which is it? Is violent crime multifaceted and nuanced or is it simple? I cannot imagine how much other things are scrambled in your brain.

        • This pompous little clown isn’t a Professor. He’s a basement dwelling loser who pleasures himself while watching internet porn when he’s not playing video games, trolling on internet blogs or working at the Dairy Queen.

        • I think you give him too much credit…he pleasures himself to the replies he elicits from his online antics.

      • Seriously, Prof? You roll in here with a moniker like “manqu锑–neglecting the acute accent diacritical mark, I might add–and proceed to ridicule someone’s post? You’re a fan of psychoanalytical jargon, I see, e.g., “overdetermined.” So how about becoming acquainted with another? Projection.

        Your own post, riddled with comma splices and absent adverbs, is hardly compelling in its own right. Hell, you even flubbed the meaning of “overdetermined”, the centerpiece of your comment! As for people’s minds and their fitness for purpose, you should know that some regulars in here have probably written more books than you’ve read.

        I guess, Prof, people who live in ivory towers shouldn’t throw stones.*

        *This mixed metaphor is in your honor.

        • Ha! So you caught that too. This troll’s name makes me wonder if he’s smart enough to know what it means and is satirically exploring Poe’s Law (which is actually more of an aphorism or maxim). But it’s far more likely that we’re dealing with a run-of-the-mill pretentious progressive.

        • One side effect of having smart phones is, any jagoff can use numerous apps to make themselves seem more intelligent than they are.

    • “Economics is actually a poor indicator of crime.” Yes, but statists love using conflict-theory related “explanations” of crime which see otherwise innocent and exploited poor-people being forced by their circumstances to commit crimes just to get a little bit ahead. There are better ways of explaining crime which don’t absolve criminals for their actions. Sociologist Edwin Sutherland’s “differential socialization theory” explains that criminal subcultures develop where criminality and criminal acts become a normal and accepted part of daily life. When this happens, people commit crimes because they want to commit crimes.

  2. What’s the boyfriend loophole, Sam?
    Does that mean you can ask your current boyfriend to straw purchase a firearm for you when you’re a prohibited person for perpetrating domestic violence on all your ex-boyfriends?

    • I’ve seen that term in another article. Double check to confirm, but as I recall the supposed protections offered by domestic violence restraining orders only apply to domestic partners or family members. That is, if you aren’t married or don’t live together, then you can’t obtain such an order.

      A boyfriend who lives somewhere else would not fall under the purview of such an order. An abusive boyfriend, therefore, could still acquire a firearm even after a background check, because a domestic violence restraining order could not be taken out against him and would not be in place to block the sale.

      It’s a scam concept because you can indeed get such orders against a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. What they’re going for is to use this phony boyfriend loophole as an excuse to be able to slam anyone with such a restraining order. The actual proposals are infinitely elastic as to whom you can slap with one of these and under what circumstances.

      They’re trying to make it sound like they’re just innocently expanding eligibility to non-domestic intimate partners, when in reality they want to expand these orders boundlessly. Make a stray comment, like molon labe, at Thanksgiving, and next thing you know your anti-gun third cousin twice removed, whom you haven’t even seen in twenty years before today, is down at the police station hitting you with a domestic violence restraining order because you “threatened” him.

      It’s a phony problem scam similar to the :gun show loophole”, which does not exist, but which they use as an excuse to justify universal background checks and banning all private sales of firearms. Pure Trojan horse wordplay.

    • Yeah. I opined that we’d see $279 on CDNN within 9 months on the RP9.
      No idea we’d also see a rebate for another hundred off.
      Hell, i may buy one now.

  3. I like most men that I know and respect, abhor men who are abusive to their spouses and children. I was in an abusive relationship with my first wife. She even slammed a Pilsner glass into my face cutting me in three places. Anybody else would have been dead. I got out of that. It cost me every thing I owned at the time. She’s been through a couple of more partners. Not me.

    It’s about time women started making better choices in their men and took some responsibility and get out when things go south. Instead of blaming the entire male half of the human race.

    • So firstly buttwipeBSer no one of course is blaming all men for domestic abuse, obviously a minority of men are domestic abusers and they are the ones to blame for domestic abuse. So women blaming all men for domestic abuse only happens in your small mind, and no one wants to hear you stupidly berating women for this imaginary situation.

      Secondly jackball the overwhelming number of domestic abusers are men, and the most serious injuries inflicted by domestic abusers are inflicted by men, so no one wants to hear your aberrant example of women abusing men as if this is the other half of the problem, its as nonsensical/meaningless as relating your distortive instances of black folks interpersonal racism against white folks as if this is the other half of the problem.

      Lastly CluelessClown women often do not have the financial means and living in a shelter is scary. Abusive men do all kinds of bullying things to make it difficult and frightening for women to leave ie controlling spending money, accounts, vehicles etc. The women have been beaten down psychologically as well and are afraid to take such a huge step, they know police often dont take domestic injuries seriously so he may be out of jail immediately, abusers often threaten that they would kill her and the kids if she ever arrested him or left, abusers threaten they would hunt her and the kids forever etc.

      Sincerely you are a worldclass hurtful jerk, YOU deserve a good smack for such heartless sentiment, this stupid suggestion that because a confident capable man like you escaped abuse we should disparage women who fail to accomplish this is beyond unthinking

      • My, you are an erudite lady.

        The poster stated his personal experience and you attacked him with a general argument as to why he is a bad person.

        I hope you live alone so one has to suffer your smug, hateful abuse.

      • Wow, “professor”, got nothing better to do on a Wednesday than troll I see. I personally have known several men who were abused by their former wives, one was nearly murdered, and the psychological oppression and fear of leaving kids and home is a part of it. The problem cuts both ways and in many situations the man is worse off because his problem is not taken as seriously and is even seen as a source of humor / ridicule.

        • He is abusing his mother all day long. Making her run up and down the steps while he trolls away in the basement. He has the thesaurus loaded and ready to turn his little thoughts into bigger words.

          He believes hes a candidate for Mensa, and the those on here are tools of the NRA and somehow brainwashed. Maybe the gun and ammo makers are in cahoots. There are chemicals in the oils and solvents and powders to make us into gun-zombies. All the while he freaks out at the chem-trails from jets, another reason he won’t remove his pasty white ass from the basement.

      • If you watched the video blaming all men is pretty much what Samantha Bee was all about. And I didn’t think any of it was funny. And just to remind you that the story was about the boyfriend loophole. Not the husband loophole. In our culture women are able to make their own choices in men. They need to start choosing better.

        And your statement that the overwhelming number of domestic abusers are men is just another feminazi lie perpetuated by the neurotic, hysterical misandrist, leftwing, feminazis. I can only cite my one experience because I did not repeat my first mistake over and over and over again. And keep blaming someone else.

        And no place did I mention any distortive instances of black folks interpersonal racism against white folks. You did. I never brought it up. It was only in your profane hate filled, misandrist screed and in your small hysterical, hormone, deranged mind.

        It is ironic that you suggested I deserve a good smack for my heartless sentiment. I bet you aren’t a domestic abuser are you?

        And lastly I don’t even believe you are a woman, but just another cowardly left wing male troll. And a low life race baiting one at that.

      • Oh yeah… “Manque” — used to describe what a person could or should have been but never was. You aren’t as smart as you think you are.

        • Whoever is paying for the phony Prof’s posts is not getting his money’s worth.
          He/She/It is self-discrediting to an extreme level today.

      • Is anyone going to reply to the good Professor (bless his heart) with the quote made by Slim Pickens is the movie Blazing Saddles?

      • I was in an abusive relationship as well. I know just as many men who have been in abusive relationships as women. Woman on man DV is also much more likely to include a weapon as well. Are you also discrediting emotional and psychological abuse by women? Factor that into the mix (which would be statistically impossible because guys usually just take it and say nothing to no one) and I would posit that woman on man abuse is even more common.

      • “they know police often dont take domestic injuries seriously so he may be out of jail immediately, abusers often threaten that they would kill her and the kids if she ever arrested him or left” – Reason #1 why any sort of waiting period to buy a firearm is a bad idea.

      • Apply some of that superior intelligence to getting a job so you can afford a scanner, and listen to the police bands. You will discover that DV is, actually, pretty much 50/50, male/female.
        Forget what the media tells you; they have been anti-male for quite some time. They tell you that men are the root cause of the ills of society. They lie. I know this, because I have been observing society for a lot of years. I see what’s actually going on, not what some politicians tell me.
        You might benefit from the same observations.
        If, that is, you can break out of the mentality that you are vastly superior to everyone who doesn’t think the way you do, which, unfortunately, is very hard for some to do. Can you do it?

      • Listen professor horseshit, we all know that as often as domestic violence against women by men isn’t taken seriously, the opposite is doubly true. I imagine there’s a considerable underreporting in the same vein as male rape victims. Further, your “points” proceed to essentially state that women are helpless and unable to escape these situations because they are essentially more emotionally/mentally fragile than the male sex. Certainly, some victims of abuse are coerced into staying in a bad situation, but to claim that an entire gender is unequivocally stuck in victim mentality is bull. Go be a failed professor somewhere else “failed professor”

    • I got out of abusive relationship about 4 years ago. Mostly psychological abuse. She finally admitted she was trying to goad me into physical violence so she would have an excuse to leave but my self control and self discipline made it too difficult.

      I replied that a domestic violence charge would have ended my firearms license and cost me more than my guns and my friends.

      She left and my son and I have a great time videos and computer games mum may not totally approve of (such as Forged In Fire and Unreal Tournament).

  4. ? I’m pretty sure once convicted of domestic violence your gun rights are gone forever. The State you live in may not take your gun rights away but the federal level does. It’s a fucked up law, it’s a misdeamnor that carries a felony sentence. Recently my X wife called the law on me for an argument we were having, her friends had told her how to get even, ” Slap or scratch yourself, tear your shirt, call cops, he’ll go to jail.” And I did, luckily she did not show up for court and case dismissed.. this DV law was passed during the Clinton régime and a great way to snatch guns. It needs revised,.

    • From what I gather, the “boyfriend loophole” is that it isn’t considered domestic violence if the perpetrator doesn’t live with you. Because “domestic violence” means violence between members of the same household. So, in effect, they’re complaining that violence that isn’t domestic isn’t counted as domestic violence.

      • Domestic violence is defined and occurs between anyone in an “ongoing relationship”. Romantic or not.

      • AIUI, that depends on your local laws.
        Once convicted, though, regardless of how your locality defines DV, your gun rights are gone.

  5. Man that’s one low price for a fullsize gat! Is Remington THAT desparate? Hipoint $…anyone besides TTAG guys shot that honker?!?

    • I’ve watched several RP-9 reviews on YouTube. Based on those I would say that it isn’t a bad pistol. It’s real flaw is being a polymer framed striker fired pistol with no truly above average features in a market that is saturated in polymer frame striker fired pistols that, for the most part, have one or more above average features. In a market segment that is filled with excellent choices Mr. Exceedingly Average Pistol is going to get left behind. Plus, it was introduced after the election, so Remington wasn’t even able to cash in on the pre-election panic buying.

  6. and potentially distractions from the core social questions of economic despair and shuttered opportunity, which plague both poor minority neighborhoods and the white working class alike.

    Getting out of poverty in America is quite easy…..Graduate high school, get married before having kids, and don’t get a “job” that you can get arrested for.

  7. So, what Samantha is saying is that background checks are not grounded in reality due to others in the lives of shooters buying guns for them despite it being against the law. Got it.

    • Yep. We need another law against an act that is already outlawed.

      How about finding and prosecuting those that provide firearms knowingly to prohibited persons to the fullest extent of the law.

      Just imagine what would happen if existing firearms laws were actually fully-enforced in Chicago without parole or plea bargains (we’ll need more prison space).

  8. “Australia’s descent into firearms hell continues apace . . . Lever action shotguns reclassified into tightest legal ranking, changes labelled ‘unfair’”

    I do love it when people who say we should be more like Australia say “Nobody wants to take your guns.”

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