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Why your doctor wants to talk about guns

It’s none of their damned business. Get another doctor . . .

Your doctor already talks to you about sex, drugs and alcohol, but should they talk to you about guns, too? A newly-formed coalition of healthcare providers thinks so — and patient intervention is just one part of their plan to reduce what they call an “epidemic” of gun violence.

The organization, Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic, known as SAFE, is demanding an increase in federal funding for gun violence research, and is calling on lawmakers to implement “evidence-based policy” on guns.

At more than 30 medical schools across the country last week, students and physicians wore scrubs with SAFE’s bright red logo as they held demonstrations at their hospitals. According to Sarabeth Spitzer, a fourth-year medical student at Stanford who spearheaded the campaign, the group distributed about 2,700 of the special scrubs “to show the overwhelming consensus of health care providers that firearm violence is a public health crisis.”

North Carolina Snow Monkey Attack Shot Killed

Escaped monkey attacks NC man’s neighbor. Fortunately, the HVAC repairman was armed

The only thing that stops a bad primate with opposable thumbs is a good guy with a gun . . .

A snow monkey escaped its backyard cage Friday and attacked a neighbor before an HVAC repairman shot and killed it, police in the coastal NC community of Shallotte told The Charlotte Observer Friday evening.

The monkey, also known as a Japanese macaque, “just went bananas,” immediately attacking the next-door neighbor as she talked outside with an HVAC repairman Friday afternoon, Shallotte Detective Sgt. John Holman told the Observer in a phone interview.

The monkey bit the woman and scratched her arms and legs, drawing blood, police said.

Jerry Brown Governor Moonbeam Gun Control bills 21 and over
courtesy and AP

California governor signs gun control bills into law

It must be another day ending in ‘y’ . . .

California Governor Jerry Brown signed several gun control bills into law on Friday, including one measure that raises the minimum age for buying rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21.

The new laws come seven months after a gunman opened fire with a semiautomatic assault-style rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 14 students and three adults, the second-deadliest mass shooting at a public school in U.S. history.

The rampage, which authorities say was carried out by a former student who was 19, has spurred unprecedented activism by victims and their families to prevent future gun violence and demanding stricter gun control across the United States.

Baggage handler at PDX accused of stealing 6 guns from passenger’s checked luggage

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to put stickers and zip ties on bags with checked firearms in them . . .

A baggage handler at Portland International Airport is accused of stealing guns out of checked luggage.

Police arrested the suspect, Deshawn Kelly, on Tuesday. They said he is a convicted felon and is not even allowed to have a gun.

Investigators allege Kelly stole six guns over a two-month period from travelers departing from PDX.

According to Port of Police, the 26-year-old suspect did not work for the airport or TSA rather the contract company Professional Business Providers Services.

Court documents show the first report of a stolen gun dates back to Aug. 19 of this year when a Glock was stolen from the checked bag of a passenger flying to Phoenix. Several more reports followed.


Video shows attempted assassination of Hells Angels member at Vancouver airport

An instance where the lack of GLOCK perfection saved a life . . .

In the video, Knowah Ferguson, the 18-year-old would-be hitman, is seen approaching a table where his target, Damion Ryan, a Hells Angels member dressed in white, is sitting.

Ferguson lifts one of the two handguns he was carrying in his purse to the back of Ryan’s head and pulls the trigger, but nothing fires, and Ryan can be seen trying to swat the gun away before fleeing on foot.

Few of the bystanders appear to have noticed the attack, which unfolded in seconds.

Ferguson, who was carrying a Glock and a .45-caliber handgun, told his accomplice, who has not been identified in court records, that he tried to get the second gun out of his purse after the first gun jammed.

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  1. ‘Ferguson lifts one of the two handguns he was carrying in his purse to the back of Ryan’s head and pulls the trigger, but nothing fires…’

    His prison nick-name should be Squeaky Fromme.

    • To be fair, IIRC, a Secret Service agent blocked the hammer of the 1911 with his thumb.


      • Not the Wikipedia is the most trusted authority, but it seems she forgot to rack the slide.

        ‘The pistol contained ammunition stored in a detachable magazine in the pistol’s grip, but the gun did not include a round in the gun’s chamber.[2] At the time, Fromme was not aware that she needed to pull back the gun slide to insert a cartridge into the pistol’s chamber…

        While Fromme pointed the gun at Ford, several people heard a “metallic click” sound.[6] As the red-robed Fromme shouted, “It wouldn’t go off”,[8] Secret Service agent Larry Buendorf grabbed the gun, forced it from Fromme’s hand, and brought her to the ground.[2] On the ground, Fromme said, “It didn’t go off. Can you believe it? It didn’t go off”.’ –

      • This is also interesting.

        ‘The M1911 pistol, produced 64 years earlier in 1911 by Colt Firearms,[18] was manufactured the same year that Colt’s M1911 pistol became the standard-issue side arm for the United States armed forces.[19][not in citation given] After its manufacture in 1911, Fromme’s pistol was sent to Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois[20] and has a serial number of 94854.[21] The pistol was used in the U.S. Army and later sold as Government surplus in 1913.’ –

      • I didn’t know anything about this — didn’t even know there was a Ford assassination attempt, although I’d heard of Squeaky Fromme before. It’s ALWAYS the leftists.

        There’s also this in the Wikipedia article: “California governor Jerry Brown responded to both assassination attempts on Ford’s life in California by signing into law bills imposing mandatory sentences for persons convicted of using guns in committing serious crimes and requiring purchasers of guns to wait 15 days for delivery.”

        Lunatic leftist commits a crime, and bureaucratic leftists then punish all the people who *didn’t* do it.

  2. If my Nurse Practitioner wants to talk “about sex, drugs and alcohol” then there’s going to be a talk about where her and I are going for the weekend.

  3. Guns don’t “jam” on the first trigger pull with the slide forward.

    It was either completely unloaded (unlikely) or had an empty chamber with a magazine inserted.

    Beyond Occam’s Razor lies some really unusual circumstances, like dummy rounds or a dud primer.

    • Maybe he had it loaded with the Tula brass crap. It’s the worst stuff I have ever bought out of the bargain bin. At least 3 total duds in the 100 round tube, a couple hard primers I had to re-cock/go DA on, and one almost-squib where the bullet just popped out the end of my Star Model B and fell to the ground in front of the bench and left the inside of the slide covered in green powder-crap.

  4. My firearms are none of doctors damned business,unless want to talk about shooting or hunting they can keep their damn skinners off my Glocks.

    • I went with my wife to her doctor once. The Doctor asked her did she feel safe in her home. She chuckled and asked “why wouldn’t I?” “I have 4 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 800 feet of six foot fence, a lot of guns and a husband who will not hesitate to use them. Yeah, I feel safe.” She’s told me the doctor never brought it up again.

    • Any other answer to a doctor but “no” will be construed as a “yes”. Outside of the doctor being a close personal friend, you (or me for that matter), have no obligation to be truthful in this regard. This isn’t an inquiry under oath. With that in mind, the answer should be “no”. Only afterwards should s decision be made about finding a new doctor so as to not draw attention to your name. Hell, we don’t know if these doctors are making written notes that become part of a permanent record or even notify the insuycompany in some obscure way.

      • Engage the doctor! He has no authority over your guns, anyhow. Challenge his knowledge, his experience, his intelligence, his sources of info, and just keep on for a few hours (refuse to stop), and do not pay the bill. After 8 or 10 people do that, he may decide he doesn’t need to save the world any more, and he may tell his friends.

        • Meanwhile your “engagement” with the gun grabbing wanna be commie/nazi/fascist has now been entered into a govt database. (yes, I know, we’re all in them already, but who needs more of this BS).

          “Just say no” and find another doctor.

  5. I routinely ask my patients which side do they shoot from with rifle or shotgun.

    No one wants to have their shooting sports limited by pacemaker or ICD implanted on the same side as they shoulder a stock.

    Beyond that issue, I want to know tips, techniques, and new sites to shoot.

    Perhaps that’s what these confused folks are trying to work the conversation towards.

    • Ahhh, Not so in the People’s Republic of M-Assachusetts, a Paramilitarized, Socialist, Authoritarian, Police-State…”ERPOs law” are going to be Big Business for the medical 🚑 community. Example, a local hospital within my brothers area has a little more than just a secure private hospital entrance. There E.R. has metal detectors at the front doors, and all customers are “subject to a screening for contraband” before they can even enter the ER waiting room area by private security. Very much like a “secured courthouse “. All parties are even subject to *(unconstitutional)* pat-down/invasive frisk and search procedures, if metal detector station and security officers arbitrarily picks up anything….Upon entry into this Gestapo operated medical facility. Medical 🚑 staff conduct a “stress test questionnaire “with the patient. Your asked if “YOUR a hunter. If you own firearms. Own weapons in YOUR home. Or have access to weapons….” If THEY “determine” that you have some form of “stress related issue–like hypertension, or the much used PTSD…” The patient is then referred to psychiatric counseling… Even though the patient has a committed a crime, or is violent what has any previous past issues of a severe mental health nature…The use of psychiatric medicines and including medical marijuana/ dispensary cards are included in this mix…All of which makes the patient a prohibited person in most states… Causing the patient to unknowingly through the constitutional rights without due process…I hear about these stories all the time…The Police-State is alive and well…And receiving assistance from the medical community…The same type of community that assisted Nazi Germany during WW2 with things like, eugenics , concentration camps , medical experimentation—now today’s emergency trauma medical treatments., etc…And it bought us well known Nazi medical doctors, most notably, Doctor. Mengele…Hey, at least they tried to eliminate smoking 🚬….Right…..

    • I see people less likely to go to a doctors nowadays… Not just because of the outrageous expense fostered by the medical community… Since they now appear to be working for the state in some capacity….

    • I’m a Cardiologist. Exactly why I asked. The one time I didn’t, a patient became limited from using a custom Holland and Holland. He has become frail but boy does he love to tease me about it.

      If it isn’t for something similar, it’s a “boundary violation”.

    • Its finally happened, someone decided to use a curtain to hide under.

      No really, if you walk into a bank with a motorcycle helmet on, you get asked to leave. Walk in wearing a curtain, everyone is afraid to even look at you wrong.

      • I used to watch that show Shameless, and there was one episode where the gay Muslim convenience store guy had a another dude come in wearing a burqa so they could do gay stuff. iirc he eloped with the guy in the burqa because his white Muslim-convert wife was such a colossal bitch. The idea of guys wearing burqas as disguises for illicit activities has probably been done in real life before this.

  6. So they hired a convicted felon to handle checked baggage?!? What a “special” airport😄😎😏

    • What gets me is that the TSA does not manage any/all security BGC for any person who works in the secure/sterile areas of an airport. I have to take a test, submit fingerprints and undergo a background check to get my pass. This ‘private contractor’ should be fined at least $25,000 for this, and the guy should go back into prison. The Dems’ take care of his family.

      • You don’t want TSA in charge of back ground checks. They can’t even vet their own.
        Security clearance for airport workers is handled by the airport authority and US Customs.

  7. Perhaps doctors should start discussing with patients another public health crisis that kills exponentially more people per year than guns: doctors.

    • You mean “Corporate, For-Profit money grubbing medical facilities”. The the ones ,or the types that charge your Heathcare Insurance Company nearly $3,000 if you sprain your ankle. The ones that make all-sorts erroneous charges to your insurance. And when your insurance company doesn’t pick up the tab, it gets foisted upon YOU…Suddenly, you’re now paying over $1,000 out of your own pocket. What you thought your insurance would cover. Which is now next to useless. Yeah, the medical industry needs to be seriously regulated. Erroneous billing practices especially .Independently, third-party consumer and taxpayer organizations, at least have best interest the taxpayer at heart….Where OUR government doesn’t!

      • How kind of you to let her have the safer car.

        The Corvair was never as bad as Nader claimed. Its flaws were similar to everything else made at the same time with the possible exception of Volvo or, maybe, Mercedes. The first generation cars (through 1964) had swing axles which could make handling tricky. So did contemporary Volkswagens, Porsches and Mercedes. The second generation (1965 on) had outboard universal joints like modern independent rear suspensions. Their handling was infinitely better than the contemporary Chevy II, Ford Falcon or Plymouth Valiant.

        In the early 1970s, there was an invitational racing series called the International Race of Champions (IROC). Famous drivers from various series such as Formula 1, USAC, SCCA, Can-Am and NASCAR were invited to compete on tracks of different types in identical Porsche 911s. (Big mistake. The 911s cost a fortune to keep running.) One of the NASCAR drivers was so enthusiastic that he bought a 911 to learn how to drive it. Afterward, he commented that it was nothing more than an expensive Corvair.

        • the pulley system that spun the cooling fan always reminded me of the yazoo lawn mower blade power train.
          dad had a couple of those swing axle models. i remember steering while sitting on his lap.
          besmirched, they went away. to be fair, gm has done some of this on their own.

    • maybe the doctors should be concerned with how many doctors you see in a year, given the medical industry kills more people than guns by a factor of 10..

  8. Here in central Illinois my Doc is a member of Guns Save Life and he took an interest when I brought in a copy of Massad Ayoob’s “Deadly Force Understanding your right to self defense” to read while waiting for him to give me my annual physical…..he never did ask me about drugs, sex or alcohol ….was happy I don’t smoke, but never mentioned guns……I see him and his wife at GSL meetings from time to time……probably not too many folks have a doctor who is pro gun.

  9. My doctor never asks about guns but is always asking me about my sexual habits and is always harping on me about getting a colonoscopy. The guys a broken record.

  10. None of my doctors have ever asked me about firearms. If they ever do, I will be as polite and respectful and vague as possible. Only answer questions, never volunteer any information. No point in being red flagged as a loony into a permanent medical database. There’s probably a specific coding number already for “firearms lunatics”.

    • If you are in a state that allows immediate confiscation whenever someone “thinks” you might be a danger to yourself or others, being argumentative with a pro gun-control doctor can be seen as being dangerously belligerent and result in a phone call to police. It’s happened. Since you are under no obligation to be truthful with your physician, it’s better to lie. Besides, whether or not you own and use guns is none of their damn business. That said, we are only a few steps away from having your doctor be informed when you are licensed to concealed carry. That’s enough to keep many of us awake at night . . .

  11. If anti-gun groups truly wanted evidence based policy, they’d soon become pro-gun. What they really want is ginned-up fake evidence based policy.

    • Or, you know, we ALREADY have a completely accurate research database for gun violence…The friggin CDC…but no…these scrubs don’t want inconvenient, actual facts, they want an anti-gun organization that spews fake facts and nanny state feelz.

      • Like the CDC does, you mean? The FBI has a database which has searchable facts. Without slant. Gun control propaganda “research” from CDC is theft of the taxpayer dollars and should be stopped.

  12. Sarabeth Spitzer:

    …to show the overwhelming consensus of health care providers that firearm violence is a public health crisis.

    Hmph. Mistaken and semi-literate. The OED defines consensus as “the collective unanimous opinion of a number of persons.”

    Sarabeth, sweetie, a consensus either is or is not. And you’ll be sad to hear that in this case, it is not.

  13. Let’s see, where do we start. OK, Violation of HIPPA; conviction = lots of publicity, loss of license, loss of income, cancellation of malpractice insurance, civil suits, loss of all money, loss of all financial instruments including retirement accounts and personal property including houses and vehicles. Yeah…let’s let my attorney answer all questions about my personal business, the cell number is at the top of my speed dial, my attorney’s never failed, not once, at breaking in civil court, trained professionals caught and convicted of breaking the law. Do you know the difference between God and a doctor…God doesn’t wake up every morning thinking He’s a doctor. First, do no harm, “oh no, ain’t got no time for that”…And, finally, what’s the difference between “consultation” with other doctors and your paid Medical Ethicists, {what other profession needs a PAID service to advise them about ethics, (ALL doctors are required to have and maintain these services in order to be protected from their patients and surviving family members by malpractice insurance).} And RICO activities? I don’t know, let’s let the DEA and the IRS figure that one out.-30-

  14. “evidence-based policy” on guns.”- the evidence shows we should ban young black and brown men from having handguns…but that would be racist
    perhaps if we had stricter laws for all gun crimes…and prosecuted every gun crime…with no early releases and no deals
    define gangs as domestic terrorists…strip their rights…go after the REAL gun violence perpetrators
    and maybe some mandatory mental illness checks…for every person living in the USA

    • Evidence based literally means nothing. It means what the powers that be want it mean, the evidence is their statements.

  15. Police arrested the suspect, Deshawn Kelly, on Tuesday. They said he is a convicted felon and is not even allowed to have a gun.
    Felon should not be working at the airport anywhere near baggage or planes…period.
    Perhaps as a janitor, fast food worker or at the shoe shine stand…but NOT in any secure area…ever.
    But dems/libs want to get rid of “that box” on the employment application that asks about prior prior arrests and/or convictions.

  16. the hitman video…from 2015…and in Canada…where handguns are pretty hard to buy…legally, at least

  17. My eye doctor (opthomologist) is a former Green Beret medical officer. Always one of my favorite office visits.

  18. One of my doctors is pro-gun, one is an anti-gun fanatic and my optometrist has a blue gun in his office that he can use to fine-tune your progressive lenses.

    When the anti-gun guy tried to spout off, I reminded him that I’ve been shooting for almost 60 years, that I’m a national and state certified instructor, that I know more than he does about guns and that if he wanted to have a discussion, I’d be happy to oblige him but first I would need to spend an hour or so telling him how to perform surgery.

  19. There’s an epidemic affectiving 1 in 36 children and threatens the future of this country as the costs of caring for these kids is exploding. Funny how’s the docs that are causing this epidemic want the public to think about other non existent epidemics.

  20. Idiot Doctors that still think fat is bad for you, when it was the fucking carbs and sugar all along, is going to talk to me about guns, eh? Can’t wait for that idiocy.

  21. Do you want to know why the AMA, SAFE, and other medical organizations are so much against guns?
    They don’t like the competition! Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in America, killing about 400,000 people each year (I don’t have the exact figure handy, maybe someone else does). Medical malpractice and pharmaceutical errors kill more than 10 times as many people each year as (people with) guns do, but still, doctors and pharmacists don’t like the competition in killing people! They also want to distract Americans from the horrible death toll (400,000 people a year) killed by doctors and pharmacists, so they point to a much smaller cause of death. And considering that 2/3 of firearm deaths are from suicide, maybe we should blame lousy psychiatrists, rather than guns, for the 20,000 suicides-by-gun each year.

    • Or maybe she is just rolling her eyes hearing the BS about ‘gun violence epidemic’.
      We have a criminal problems that result in certain number of people killed with guns each year. Let’s wait until the problem shrinks to a fraction of that number and reaches the lowest point in 30 years. Then let’s call the problem an epidemic and start running around in circles, waving our hands around. “We have to disarm the populace to save it from itself!”

      I would roll my eyes too.

      Or maybe she is just bored.

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