Andrew Cuomo vs Marc Molinaro New York Governor Race Candidates
courtesy and AP
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“Cuomo is now doing what an increasing number of candidates around the country are doing — that is, aggressively touting his support for (the SAFE Act) and gun safety measures more generally, and wearing NRA opposition to him as a badge of honor.

“The fact that (GOP candidate Marc) Molinaro is not embracing the NRA position reflects the fact that he comes from a more liberal downstate area where even Republicans have no big problem with the (SAFE Act), and the fact that he’s got to reach out to Democrats and independents if he is to have any hope of closing the ground between himself and Cuomo.” – SUNY Cortland professor Robert Spitzer in Gun issue in NY governor’s race evolves in wake of shootings

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      • Democrats stand you up for coffee and then expect you to pick up the tab for all their not looking for work voters. Republicans don’t expect you to treat them, but it’s your money!

    • It’s New York. Where I was from all of the Democrats used to be Republicans that switched parties so they could get elected. I was told straight up when I was running for a County Legislature seat “I agree with everything you say but I can’t vote for you because you’re a Republican.” That’s when I left.

  1. ‘an increasing number of candidates around the country’

    No, just the usual suspects. And a NY governor not embracing the NRA? like that hasn’t happened… every time in the last 100 years. Gotta keep them New Yorkers that think that having to get police approval to buy a handgun is constitutional and stuff happy…

    • You have to keep the representatives of “The Five Families” happy at Tammany Hall.

      They don’t like little people refusing the family member’s requests for involuntary donations.

      • I don’t even understand why Republicans would run a candidate in NY. They stand zero chance of winning baring a nuclear strike hitting NYC. Right now the polling stands at 60% Democrat, 30% Republican. It’s just a waste of money for the RNC to put anyone in that race.

        • You have to push back, else these Marxist creatures think they are approved by everyone.

          With regard to the apparent lack of conservatives in NY, ask yourself how so many New Yorkers became permanently attached to the tit of government. If you were a conservative, would you stay there? Once most of the pro-government New Yorker’s reach retirement, they haul ass to Florida, where they proceed to screw up Florida politics. The split in the Country is easy to predict. I am sure it will happen within 20 years.

          New Yorkers in general are a government dependent, gun hating, abortion celebrating repugnant sort of people.

      • Getting a new “used” never fired S&W Sport 2 for 400otd from my favorite pawnshop before jabba the prickster is annointed grand inquisitor..Rauner is toast. I’ll vote for him and Miss America but more as a protest😦

  2. I don’t know anything about Molinaro, but I’m guessing this is probably how that quote should read.

    “The fact that (GOP candidate Marc) Molinaro is not embracing the NRA position reflects the fact that… he’s got to reach out to Democrats and independents if he is to have any hope of closing the ground between himself and Cuomo.”

    He is trying to get elected in NY.

    Maybe like the exact opposite of what ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is doing?

    • I have been getting numerous text messages from Beto O’Rourke campaign asking me if I was voting for him. Finally got tired of it and answered, ” None of your damned business who I vote for. Have a nice day.” You know, the other side is always redefining what words mean or inventing new ones so I was thinking that instead of the Democrat party we should refer to the as the Democratic National Socialist party, what do you think.

        • It doesn’t ring a bell to them because are ignorant of history, thanks to a lousy public and college education system. I see the parallels of antifa in the streets and the films of the hitler brownshirts as well as the trouble makers during the bolshevick revolution in Russia. I studied history in school and after I graduated school. All these parallels and most do not see it. According to history guess what comes next.

  3. “The fact that (GOP candidate Marc) Molinaro is not embracing the NRA position reflects the fact that he comes from a more liberal downstate area where even Republicans have no big problem with the (SAFE Act).”

    So both of these guys love them some tyranny and denying people their full right to self defense?

    • Yes, because the majority of New Yorkers feel this way. Keep in mind, those are mostly downstate urban trash, but that’s unfortunately the majority.

      My parents live upstate and it’s like being behind enemy lines. Six of their nine children have escaped to red states. Two of us to PA, two to NC, and two to TX.

      • Americans like to think it’s only a few places that are anti liberty. Even if it’s only a few places, those places have millions more than anywhere else, these areas are now becoming the majority of the country and continuing to out grow everywhere else. Most people do not want to live in the country side, they (especially the youth) want to assimilate with the urban areas.

        • This is precisely why people like Hellary want to get rid of the Electoral College–because a popular vote would guarantee Democratic Party wins, and rule by the high population states instead of a more balanced system allowing the less populous states a chance to have their voices heard.

    • King is now a full-blown SJW. I often wonder how that transformation happens, especially in older people. Is it just a front to stay in the good graces of their leftist community? Or is it TDS and they actually believe what they’re spouting?

  4. There are feelings in the repbulican electorate to stay home in November if the Republicans fail to get Judge Kavanaugh placed on the court….this would be extremely foolish…..

    Especially with gun Rights as one of the primary targets of the democrats if they win the Senate and HOuse….

    Why should we give the democrats more power, by ceding the house and senate to them…where they will use the same vile, disgusting tactics, but with the power of congress to make them even more effective?

    There are likely only 3 republicans who will deserve to be punished….for now….collins, flake and murkowsky……the rest of the Republicans, though cowards and incompetent…will likely vote for him….we can hope.

    The democrats…..are all voting against him….so not voting in November, because collins, murkowsky and flake voted no…would be a foolish thing to do….

    Giving the democrats control of the house and the senate hurts us…..not them…why should we suffer under even more vile and disgusting tactics which they will increase 100% having succeeded in stopping Kavanaugh and winning the house and the senate…

    Where would the sense in that be?

    No, the thing to do….vote out every single democrat….give the Republican asshats more seats in the Senate…..that way we can send all of our resources to main and alaska to vote out collins and murkowsky during their primaries…punishing them………not us.

    Ginsburg may leave the court during Trump’s time in office……. we need the Senate, with bigger numbers…to confirm the next candidate to that court…..and to survive the next attack by the democrats, we need more, now fewer, repbulicans in the Senate…..

    Thank you,

    • Those three aren’t even running this year. Flake is just a placeholder until January. We don’t have much recourse over the other two, either.

    • If the dems take both houses of Congress, we will likely have Australian Style gun control by next summer.
      Trump will trade no impeachment for a non-veto of gun control.
      The only democrat conservatives should vote for is DeLeon for Senate in California. Dump Feinstein.

      • As crazy as this sounds, I believe De Leon could actually be worse. Getting rid of Feinstein is tempting for spite alone, but maybe we give her a chance to die in the Senate and by the time she croaks there could be a better candidate. I know, that’s even crazier.

        • Feinstein will be laughing her ass off as she collects all of our guns.
          DeLeon is an idiot who wouldn’t last one term in the swamps of DC. He would get caught taking bribes. IF Feinstein dies in the Senate, DeLeon will be appointed to replace her. He will be senator some day.

      • Republicans is nothing but a Democrats in disguise.

        “Anytime you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two thirds of the government and that party can’t keep the promise it made to you during election time — and you’re dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that party — you’re not only a chump but a traitor…”

        These Republicans are in cahoots with the Democrats. They’re playing a giant con game: a political con game. You know how it goes. One of them comes to you and makes believe he’s for you, and he is in cahoots with the other one that’s not for you. Why? Because neither one of them is for you! But they got to make you go with one of them or the other. So there’s a big con game! This is what they been doing with you and I all these years.

  5. As far as NYS is concerned, Dutchess County (where Molinaro hales from) is a fairly gun-friendly county. It’s pretty standard for the Sheriff of the county to attend (and emcee) Freinds of NRA dinner, and while they are beholden to state law, they look fairly kindly on full (unrestricted) conceled carry licenses….that being said, in order for Molinaro to even stand a chance, he has to thread the needle with the downstate voters who make up more than half the state’s population. Last gubernatorial election, Benito [Moussalini] Cuomo won only 16 counties (out of 62) in the entire state which secured him ~54% of the vote. Those 16 counties include 5 in the people’s republic of NYC, 2 on Long Island and another 9 strewn across the state (like the ultra liberal Thompkins County, where socialist Ithaca hales from). The entire rest of NYS went red last election for the little-known Astorino (which made Benito Cuomo absolutely furious 😊)

    Even if Molinaro won 100% of registered voters in the entire rest of the state outside of those 16 counties, he’d still loose unless he can make some inroads downstate, or unless Nixon or some other third party liberal candidate siphoned votes from Benito Cuomo. So…he HAS to thread the needle on what his says with regards to the NRA and gun rights, if he wants any chance. From where I sit, I’ll take my chance with him. We already know the devil we have, and he’s going to swing far left after November. I’ll take my chances with someone new.

  6. Any state with a large city and suburbs will end up like N.Y. eventually if the USC is ignored. The left amassed power and money, buys votes and walls all over the rest of the rural state. Not much you can do about it. They are busy importing voters who dilute your voice and take your money to keep it this way.
    Sad state of affairs.

  7. As a resident of Dutchess County, NY, where Molinaro is the current County Executive, I can say with 100% confidence that we are a gun friendly county. Once you get closer to the city from here, that’s where the gun free zones and other bullsh’it start.

  8. Since both Republican and Democrat governor candidates in New York are strongly anti-gun I would suggest voting for the Libertarian Party candidate Larry Sharpe. New York is a deep blue state and Cuomo is a shoe-in to be reelected so you might as well do a protest vote and help the LP to become the third major party.

  9. “Since both Republican and Democrat governor candidates in New York are strongly anti-gun ”

    STOP LYING. Molinaro isn’t standing with us / the NRA, but he is NOT “strongly anti-gun “.

    And Libertarians are for open borders which means sodomizing America just as surely as voting D.

    Vote Republican, and DEFINITELY help other Republican candidates across the country this November because if we lose Congress, we are PHUCKED.

    • Those prototypes, for that wall that’s never happening, are surely fantastic. Glad we had the Republicans there to make it happen. At least we can see what could have been. Hell, I think some Koreans were able to make a few TV show episodes because of them. At least someone got something out of all that money.

      Libertarians are not for getting rid of borders. They want to get rid of the government incentives to illegally cross the border and they don’t mind enforcing border security as that is part of the federal government’s jurisdiction. National sovereignty is important to libertarians, which is why they don’t like nation building and tangling alliances.

      Republicans love open borders and government programs. It helps their corporate buddies and stirs up racism from the majority. It’s one more issue, a big issue, for them to campaign on. Trump’s campaign saw that via the dossiers Facebook built and Cambridge Analytica collected. Actually doing something about the problem will reduce the things Republicans can campaign on.

  10. I think Molinaro is avoiding any talk on the NRA and guns for now because he is trying to get people to look past that and at him, and other issues that people should be focusing on and hopefully get their votes.all Coumo has is he is against the NRA and he mentions his stupid SAFE act, he has nothing else. when I saw Molinaro interviewed he was asked about how the NRA and gun control in a series of questions and he answered all of them except the one about guns, and the interviewer surprisingly did not press him on that.if Molinaro goes on talking about pro gun stuff then people who are on the fence may not vote for him because of that. remember when Bush ran, and he was asked if he would renew the “assault” weapons ban and he would not answer that question. and when he got in, well he did not renew it and it expired. so maybe we should not give up on Molinaro .

  11. Perhaps just for laughs, how about the Republican Party in New York State running and really supporting a conservative, pro gun rights candidate, for a change. Who knows but what they might be surprised at the results obtained.

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