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GLOCK 19 EDC Everyday Carry Pocket Dump

Tyler, a bike mechanic, says he rotates his carry knives out on a daily basis. I find myself wondering just how many knives Tyler has (I know how many I have…well, not an exact number, just a guesstimate). It appears his GLOCK is unmodified which is a practice suggested by quite a few legal experts in the gun industry.

Who here collects carry knives?

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  1. I started carrying a fold out pocket knife years ago and have found it to EASILY be one of the most useful things I have ever carried with me. Though I don’t necessarily think of it in terms of self defense (though it could be used in absence of my firearm) it is an immensely useful tool for literally thousands of little thing that pop up during the course of my day. It is exceedingly rare that I go a full day and not use my knife for something.

  2. The EDC loadout that tells the world ‘Just because I’m a flamboyant homosexual doesn’t mean I don’t pack some heat’.

  3. Damn Bike Mechanics must make good money now days and work in shady areas. A $5,000 watch to tune derailers and true wheels? Does he wear the gun while assembling and testing bikes? This article is BS.

    • I work in retail, I carry $500 worth of blades daily. Save your money, work hard, you can get what you want. Entirely possible that Rolex was a trade for some work. Plenty of tradesmen trade work for goods.

      • Serious riders can pay thousands of dollars for a custom bike. If the mechanic is any good i can imagine a situation where he built a bike and took the watch in trade.

    • Gotta love the internet…

      How the fuck do you know where, or how, he got that watch. Maybe a gift from a loved one? Maybe he owns his own bike mechanic shop?

      geez…. Give it a rest.

  4. I have around 15 folding carry knives, from Spyderco, Kershaw, Case, kbar, etc. I have a Kershaw that’s my favorite carry knife. It’s fun to collect them and on mass drop u can get amazing deals on quality knifes. I go nowhere without one of them, along with my all in one tool and a striker.

  5. I have several Kershaw, Ontario, ESEE, Buck, CRKT, KaBar, folding knives. Some Mora and Schrade fixed blade knives. Nothing very expensive.
    Ganzo and Sanrenmu knives are better than what you might think.
    I have been very happy with the Mora knives.
    Ontario RAT series is very good. ESEE folders are good.
    Kershaw Skyline and Link are very good.
    CRKT Drifter is good.


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