Back of the Bus Gun Owner Carrier Segregation
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“If you feel that it is somehow at all appropriate to bring a gun to class (hint: it is not — this is absurd, antisocial, and frightening behavior), you are restricted to spending your time in class in my ‘second amendment zone’ a 3×3 taped square on the floor in the very back of the classroom, that will be shared with all other gun carriers. This zone also does not include a desk, because desks are reserved for students who respect the personal and psychological safety of their classmates and instructor.” – Unidentified University of Utah TA in Instructor tries to quarantine gun owners in back of class [via]

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    • WTF? It’s Utah!

      I cannot believe the TA is not herself packing. Heck, just down the road in Virgin, Utah, every citizen is required by law to own a gun.

      Are we sure this took place in Utah Utah, and not Utah, Illinois?

      (Yes Virginia, there is a Utah, Illinois)

      • The U of U is in the middle of Salt Lake City, a liberal island in a very conservative State. The normal citizens of Utah are embarrassed on a regular basis by the liberals in Salt Lake.

      • The “liberal” progressive population in Utah is highly concentrated in Salt Lake City. Virgin, Utah, is waaaay down the road from SLC.

      • Uhh bro you didn’t get the memo? The schools are all run by communists. People have been screaming and warning about this shit for years. Where you been? An NFL game?

      • After the LA Riots in 1992? Many southern California people moved to Utah and Idaho. They F….. up California . Now they are working on F….. up Utah.

      • I am a Utahan that lives south of Salt Lake. Salt Lake city somewhat recently elected the first gay, female Mayor. SLC is overwhelmingly left leaning in an otherwise heavily right state. Actually, its quite crazy how liberal SLC has become. The rest of the state however is very kind to firearms ownership with most officers being quite sympathetic to firearms ownership (met a cop in a parking lot to buy a few firearms from him and proceeded to talk for an hour about random ‘stuff’. Awesome dude. )

        The U of U is so overwhelmingly liberal that I couldnt wait to get out of there. Teachers often push ‘liberal rights’ and push quite a bit of libtard politics. Not surprising that this happened, some of those people quite literally think they are above the law with what they say/do.

      • I attended the University of Utah and even went through my ROTC there. It is an unbelievably Liberal sh*thole. We used to get a lot of stress every Thursday when we were required to wear our uniform as officer candidates. And yes, I also carried there but never let anyone know it, That is after all what “concealed” means.

    • LOL! concealed is concealed. If any college students are in her class reading this, strap three guns on and sit on the front row every day. 😉

    • I urge you to not paint all Democrats with the same broad brush. First, not all Dems are anti-gun. Second, there is a difference between expressing concern about guns and public safety and making stupid and discriminatory policies like restricting gun bearers to a small patch of floor marked by tape and depriving students of a desk. Third, this guy is a jackass because of his willingness to mark and discriminate against people based upon one characteristic of their life, not because he is a Democrat.

  1. Did you really invoke racial segregation here? What the h*ck, man? This was a stupid idea¹, but it’s nothing like institutionalized racism in the US, and frankly it’s pretty gross to suggest so. 🙁

    ¹: I almost thought the TA was making a political statement, since they invoked the (also disgusting) “free speech zones” that a lot of campuses have in “support”, but they were apparently too hoplophobic to stop and realize “oh, they’re *both* bad ideas”.

    • The use of the word “segregate” or “segregation” is certainly appropriate. The bus picture is debatable.

      • So if I poisoned a gun owner you would call it a holocaust?

        At least play the victim within the bounds of decency. Gotta go with fail on this one.

        • For most of my life, LE had the ability to put me in *PRISON* for simply carrying a gun, which is far, far worse than racial segregation has ever been, anywhere, since the end of the holocaust. Your outrage is misplaced, to the point of being silly..

        • If you poisoned or gassed or otherwise murdered six million gun owners, yes, that would be a holocaust.

        • No you would be a murderer. But if you gassed millions of gun owners then yes, it would be a holocaust. The left dreams of this final solution to the gun question, nightly.

        • If progs aborted 15million black babies would that be genocide? Apparenlty not for the dems or their plantation slaves. The dems must prefer the way their illegals vote over their blacks. I’m not sure of their “logic”.

        • No…. If you started gassing gun owners it wouldn’t be a holocaust. It would be a war. Big difference. Different outcomes. They would if they thought they could get away with it.

      • “The bus picture is debatable.”

        There’s *Zero* debate on that, Strych.

        That TA was enforcing a “back of the bus, for you” mindset for a 2A supporter who *dared* to exercise a civil right…

        • And very obviously that likeness was deliberate!! He is supposedly so terrified of a firearm in the classroom that extreme measures were called for? If he was at ALL frightened, he would leave carriers the hell alone! He is not frightened, he is outraged that he cannot make students do whatever he wants.

        • LarryinTX nailed it….. fear? No…. outrage? Absolutely!…. Like Commander Spock said in the second season of Star Trek episode 15: “Logic dictates that if gun rights activists are as bad as gun control activists claim, then there would be no gun control activists.”

          *** “Dont believe everything you read on the internet.” -Abraham Lincoln 1869 ***

      • avatar el Possum Guapo Herr Standartenfuher"they think we're making pizza'," Oberst von Burn..aka ironicatbest

        Yo Strych9, thot you was dead. Hi speed collision with a low speed armadildo on your bike. Keep in touch brother.

        • Nah, went to visit my parents then my in-laws and did some fly fishing.

          Just unplugged from the electronic world for a while.

          How’s your dog doing?

    • Uh… weren’t some students ‘segregated’ to the back of the classroom while in a public ‘institution’?

      Or did I miss something?

      • You missed a/ the meaning of the word “institutional” and b/ that the TA was immediately punished for their unsanctioned, unauthorized folly.

    • Uh, it’s pretty much exactly like institutionalized discrimination, bub. You have an authority figure declaring they will deny services to a group of people because they see them as ‘lesser.’ The only difference from Jim Crow (you forget about all the black people denied firearms back them because of “insufficient moral character as judged by a white racist?”) is that the university higher-ups threw the book at this fool instead of supporting him. Had this been anywhere but Utah that’s not at all a certainty.

      What the hell would you call it?

      • “What the hell would you call it?”

        Let’s try Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ rule # 4.

        “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”


        I would call it “Creating a hostile, intolerant, and non-inclusive learning environment”.

        Damn. I *like* the way that came out…

        (Does anyone else smell “Lawsuit”?

        *snicker* 😉

        • Well it’s not exactly like Jim Crow but damn close. Mainly those black folks were probably disarmed. SOMEONE could make like he!! for a certain per-fesser…

        • The first time I heard ” mess with the bull, get the horns” was in an army duece n a half when a mezkin corporal thru my hat out the back after fucking with him and getting punched in the face…. there it went, ran over in the mud by the next truck and there wasn’t no stopping to get my “cover” back. It was raining and I touched the canvas above his head.

      • > The only difference from Jim Crow (you forget about all the black people denied firearms back them because of “insufficient moral character as judged by a white racist?”)

        That’s a pretty h*cking significant “only” difference, though. :p

        (And, no, I didn’t forget that. The sins of Jim Crow – in part those denials, and in part the decades long systematic nature of it – are orders of magnitude more disgusting than this one TA’s stupidity. Is exactly my point. This comparison of Zimmerman’s is gross.)

        • Okay, going by your ‘argument,’ that this is totes different; Exactly how far up the chain ‘o command does approval of the segregation have to go before they are indistinguishable?

          Jim Crow wasn’t primarly about getting beaten & lynched; it was about being isolated from decent society by the people in charge, so you could never better your station in life & overcome the system stacked against you. This behavior from academia is no different.

          The reality is, that approval doesn’t really matter to the students living under the discrimination, does it? And while this particularly egregious example was dealt with, we all know damn well it only occurred because this TA had reason to think they could get away with it, or that it was accepted. Which means lesser (but by how much?) discrimination is obviously tolerated already. Which should surprise exactly no one.

    • “It’s nothing like the institutionalized racism in the U.S”…..yet. Actually it sort of is.

      Give the left time, this is a cultural war for them. They are doing their best to dehumanize gun owners and vilify gun ownership. Look at all the awful things liberal politicians and their followers say and are starting to do to gun owners (and conservatives in general). We are terrorists. Traitors. Fascists. Nazis. Racists. Deplorables. It’s escalating, as well.

      So the segregation picture really isn’t that far off, especially considering it actually happened in this case to gun owners. It’s a blight on American history and it’s shameful, but the Democrats can’t seem to help themselves, and this time there’s a different target.

    • The fact that you use emotional terms like “disgusting” and “gross” destroyed any chance of your argument bring taken seriously.

    • ….And que the SJWs and Snowflakes. Lots of people here who are very flaky. FUCK YOU ALL. You wanna handle and portray these fucks as anything but the NAZIS they are, you might as well go line up with them…because YOU are the enemy TOO! Buncha whiny cunts. Someone should have given this TA a Humphrey Bogart slap in the face, then kissed her hard and tossed her on the couch so the men can talk. Those that can, do. Those that can’t teach (and are most likely women). Have fun with that……becuse,feelings.

    • Depriving people of their civil rights in a public institution? Forcing them to assume second class citizen status? Physically segregating them from the mainstream? What don’t you un<derstand? Back of the class is tantamount to back of the bus.

    • What’s funny to me is that my wife’s virology professor makes a video of his lectures and puts it online so students can review it.

      In one of his recent videos he’s talking about some advanced enzyme chain that I don’t understand at all, inserts “Your gun is showing could you please cover that up” and goes right back to the enzyme discussion like the gun thing never happened. I must have watched that 10 times. Soooooo smooth.

      Colorado has a few benefits, campus carry with legal protections for the carrier being one of them. Its flat out illegal to harass us in anyway, even if we become unconcealed in the middle of campus.

      • Any chance you could put a 5 second clip of that up somewhere?

        The only way that could have been better is if he simply would have said “Mr. Jones, could you please re-adjust your shirt (or pants, or whatever)?”.

        The message would have been quite clear to Mr. Jones…

        • It’s on YouTube under some crazy string of letters and numbers but my wife has it written down in one of her notebooks. I’ll get it from her tonight.

    • I get real curious whether anybody suggested he kiss their butt, or simply ignored the jerk altogether. I mean, why would anyone comply?

  2. What was the course about? Not that it changes the legal or ethical analysis, but it might serve to explain how an ostensibly educated person thought this was going to fly, in Utah of all places.

    • Nobody seems interested in identifying the TA, or even the department she works for.
      A state Representative supposedly put the syllabus on her Facebook page, but it’s not the syllabus, just the offending passage quoted from the syllabus. The rep specifically stated she was protecting the identity of the offender.

      And while she’s been reassigned to grading papers for the fall, I bet 50-100 students will be suffering under her next semester.

      I foresee, about 3-4 years from now, her being a tenure track assistant professor of English or Humanities at some other public institution, and she’ll still be a freedom hating harpy on the scale of Melissa Click.

      • Hmm, that doesn’t quite sound like the authorities denouncing this behavior & ensuring it doesn’t repeat at all. Sounds more like they are worried about bad press when a particularly egregious example of discrimination made the papers, and they’re trying to protect the offender from consequences. But I was assured this was nothing at all like institutionalized discrimination, so I’m a little confused.

  3. Wow.

    This right here people, are the new tactics of the Leftists. And it is straight out of Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ :

    “#13 – Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    “To the back of the room for you, evil gun people, so we can keep an eye on you, and everyone in here knows just who you are…”

    This is what evil looks like…

    • Such as “Molly Tibbetts is dead because of the entire demtard party and RINOs like Mitch McConnell”?

  4. The important thing is the “TA” was spanked down for violating Utah law and the personal rights of its students. Cudo’s to the student who brought it to the attention of the state representative.
    “The graduate student instructor has apologized and has received additional training about the university’s policies,” the statement added, noting that the student instructor “will not teach this semester and will instead have other assignments.”

    • “…noting that the student instructor “will not teach this semester and will instead have other assignments.”

      That’s no punishment, that’s a ‘wink and a nod’. Make it cost that Leftist Nazi some real money, fire his-her’s ass…

    • Perhaps this is the first time that the Teacher’s Assistant has ever received discipline in his/her entire life?

      It would certainly explain his/her entitlement mentality — as well as his/her mindset that it was totally okay to throw a tantrum in public (in a public classroom).

    • The identity of this TA MUST BE MADE PUBLIC. There is no punishment without current and future prospective students having the ability to know who they will be studying under. These TA’s hold an enormous amount of power over the future of these students. A hostile relationship borne out of ideological differences can/will have a detrimental effect on a students grades for those who disagree with leftist terrorists like this TA, who has demonstrably proven are unable to remain unbiased in their position.

      • Absolutely! Post the TA’s name and address online so we, the responsible gun owners in Utah can go shoot up his/her house/apartment/car and plaster NRA stickers all over the office door and make threats against their life on social media and do plenty of other American things to prove fear has a place.

        On second thought, pull your panties out of your butt and move on.

        • Bearpaw,

          Hyperbole much?

          All TrueBornSonOfLiberty requested is to make the teaching identity of the Teacher’s Assistant public so that future students could avoid a biased/unhinged teacher.

          TrueBornSonOfLiberty did NOT request that someone publish the home address of the Teacher’s Assistant. Nor did he/she encourage anyone to exact retribution on the Teacher’s Assistant’s home. THAT is a Progressive tactic.

          Another Progressive tactic is psychological projection. Speaking of psychological projection, you appear to be projecting the idea of exacting retribution on a political opponent’s home. Are you a Progressive?

        • Maybe the next time this bigot opens their mouth, they might engage brain first. I’d have just told the TA to shove it. In my college, TAs had exactly zero actual authority, they are glorified secretaries.

        • Yo, Bearpaw, how about noting for us where and when that has EVER happened. Making up bullshit sounding like what liberal gunhaters such as yourself might do, and ascribing it to gunowners makes you look like a fool. I have noted dumbasses going to private homes to yell and scream obscenities at families of people who disagree with them, but I would suspect this TA would be 100 times as likely to be a participant in such stupidity as to be a target.

        • Another Progtard tactic is vandalizing your own apartment, then saying “Nazis/KKK/NRA did it!” We might not even have to wait to find out this b*tch’s name- she’ll be in the news after she draws a poop-swastika on her own wall.

        • Nice projection fantasy, there.

          No, this person’s name needs made public so their students can keep an eye on them as far as discriminating against students. Otherwise they’ll just open up shop ‘fresh’ and start abusing people around them again. That’s assuming we want them teaching anyone ever again, and infecting them with their moral rot.

      • “These TA’s hold an enormous amount of power over the future of these students.”

        Uh, no. I can’t even remember a single TA from my college days. Just dweebs we had to deal with for a limited amount of time before we moved on to the next dweeb.

        • I remember a mathematics TA giving a 50/100 score when a guy turned in his Thermodynamics homework by accident. Many others attempting the actual assignment received lower scores. My theory was that he didn’t actually speak English, and the thermo assignment required more writing, thus the wordier paper ‘obviously’ merited a higher score.

  5. The unequivocal danger in that classroom isn’t the presence of firearms, but rather the activist, Liberal Terrorist™️ attempting to indoctrinate and force their filthy ideology on university students.

    • While your statement is entirely true and accurate, we would be wise to remember that those very same Progressives view us as terrorists.

      Here is the REAL difference between Progressives and Conservatives:

      — Progressives call Conservatives terrorists because Conservatives do not embrace the Progressive platform.

      — Conservatives call Progressives terrorists because Progressives want to eliminate Conservatives (via expatriation, imprisonment, and/or murder) for failing to embrace the Progressive platform.

      Which people are the real terrorists?

  6. What the hell, man. We can’t just be respectful to people anymore? That TA shouldn’t even be standing behind a register asking if I would like fries with that. Everything’s gotta be a grandstanding partisan show with these assclowns. WWIII can’t come soon enough. At the very least burn down Zuckbook and Twatter so we can relearn civility.

    • Amen. As ironic and counterintuitive as it might seem, the only way forward to achieve national civility is protracted, kinetic violence. “Winner take all, once and for all”.

    • “What the hell, man. We can’t just be respectful to people anymore?”

      Shire, from the TA’s perspective, the carriers weren’t respecting the TA’s “feelings”…

      • And Geoff PR wins the Intertubez for the day!

        Yes, that Teacher’s Assistant views us as beyond disrespectful. How dare we have a “death tool” to protect ourselves!

        Remember, Progressives elevate virtue and feelings above all. Their “virtue” says that there should be no violent crime in the world and firearms help criminals commit violent crimes, therefore no one should carry firearms because carrying firearms is an implicit endorsement of violent crime. And even though Progressives recognize that they give up personal security when they give up firearms, it feels SO icky to implicitly endorse violent crime and it feels SO good to “oppose” violent crime. Thus they give up their firearms anyway. And Progressives demand, DEMAND I TELL YOU!, that we do the same.

        • Except that they don’t give up their firearms or other weapons, carried by hired jackboots or otherwise. They just want the “commoners” to do it because the commoners are stupid and need the elite, perfect, infallible Progressives to guide them.

  7. After reading the article about the female TA (probably a grad student) who tried to look down her long elitist nose and discriminate against what she considers the deplorables in her class, I noted that university officials overruled “…the instructor and reassign them [her] to non-teaching duties for the rest of the semester.” I hope her new non-teaching duties include cleaning commodes and urinals, swabbing decks, emptying trash cans, cleaning butt-kits, and policing the grounds for anything that’s not alive. Contemplating her errors while performing hard labor should be good for this TA, with whom the SJW stupidity is apparently strong.

    • Well, if she lost her TA that means that she also lost the income (TA’s are a form of financial aid for grad students), that also means that her ability to stay in the unnamed grad program is questionable. Doing something stupid like this is also definite black mark in even the most liberal/progressive departments so she has also most likely compromised her relationship with the department and grad school. The resulting fallout from this probably means she will have to leave the grad program. She’s had her Melissa Qlick moment. I seriously doubt she’ll ever be a tenured professor.

      • Nah. She’s probably grading papers for someone else behind the scenes (possibly for whoever is now teaching the class she was removed from).

        There’s a variety of teaching-related stuff that can be done under a TA stipend, and being removed from the front of the classroom doesn’t in any way mean she’ll have lost it. Back when I was a graduate TA. I did everything from teaching 2-3 classes per semester (which sucked…do I teach well or keep my own grades up?) to grading papers for large courses to helping organize a professional conference.

        Heck, depending on the field she’s in, this bit of bigotry could actually burnish her social justice credentials down the line even if it’s a black mark right now.

  8. I personally would have ignored this dolt and tried to learn what I came to learn. Then I would have filed my complaint with the dean. By saying what she said she recognized the fact that law abiding citizens are very civil and trustworthy. She wouldn’t have said that to a gang banger or cartel member!

  9. There is an update from the State Representative –

    “Update: Great news! I have been assured that this teacher has been reprimanded for publishing a syllabus against University policy. She was asked and has issued an apology to her students. Her syllabus has been retracted by the University and they are committed to making sure that she receives proper training. Thank you to the University and to the brave students who raised this issue. The price of liberty is constant vigilance. Please share!

    I am livid. A University of Utah Professor doesn’t understand the Bill of Rights and University policy on free speech – which is disturbing enough. But even more egregious, she is seeking to break state law and deprive students of their rights. Please share.”

    • I called it; university wasn’t going to do dick, because they tacitly approve of the discrimination. Luckily Utah has some good elected officials that can kick some asses at these public schools.

      Maybe now they’ll police their own so we don’t have to.

    • “Sounds like Mr. Hand is now a professor in Utah.”

      Mr. Hand understood *why* America was created in the first place.

      Jeff Spicoli learned the lesson from him well when he said –

      “If we don’t get some cool rules too, we’ll be bogus too!”

  10. While I do object to this in general, I have to ask the following question. What part of Concealed Carry, specifically Concealed, don’t these people get? If I were carrying in that class, he would have no idea and I would not have identified myself as a gun carrier.

    • I’m thinking that was clearly the whole idea! No seating, no desk, just as uncomfortable as possible. If open carry is legal in class, I would have carried openly and sat at a desk.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Bright colored holster so there was no missing it and sit right in the front center of the room. Rosa Parks that shit.

  11. “psychological safety”

    Psychological safety… psychological safety is the person in the room that has a gun and is not shooting people in said room. If a person with bad intentions shows up the person with a gun is there who likely would stop the person with bad intentions within seconds not the minutes it would take the police.

    • “Psychological Safety” to me brings up images of padded cells.

      These nut cases want to make life as a freeman something between prison & a mental asylum.

  12. She’s lucky her students aren’t as old and cranky as I am.
    I would have immediately filed suit against her, given a courtesy copy to the department head, and let the DH know I could always amend the complaint to include the department and the DH if she was still employed by the department ten days from now.

    A Utah state rep is ‘livid’ that this happened.

    I’ve never even been in Utah and I’m ‘livid’ that the university is still paying this person’s tuition.

    BTW, I read somewhere that all syllabus need to be approved by the department. So, who approved this one?

  13. Well, this person of higher left-wing education doesn’t appear to realize that if this were the Wild West the 3×3 tape square would be around THEM…Because no one in the wild west would have taken this kind of crap… So, lucky for THEM I guess, we must be living in more civilized times…Or NOT….

  14. avatar el Possum Guapo Herr Standartenfuher" they think we're making pizza'," Oberst von Burn...aka ironicatbest aka Mudshark

    Fuck dat, everybody wants to sit in the back of the class, that’s were the action is. I’ve been out of hi skool since 1972 presumably it’s not changed. I’ve still got a hard on for “Squaw”, gees she was hot.

  15. Pfht. I don’t know where this privileged a-hole went to school, but at least in high school all the cools kid sat in the back of the class anyway. But reading the the source article the real issue is that this TA didn’t allow those students to even use a desk for a writing surface. And for that they shouldn’t be stripped of their position for a semester… they should have been flat out terminated from that position permanently

    And further I’d probably escalate that situation by bringing long guns to class. Assuming it’s legal to do so. Maybe something like a Kel-Tec pistol caliber folding carbine. I always was a bit of a troll like that. |3

  16. If I had been a student in the class, I would have told her that the 3×3 space is big enough to accommodate the students who are not carrying. The rest of the class is needed for CC students. That would have solved the problem as she ran out of the room.

  17. Oh I don’t know. I think willfully going against the constitution is inappropriate. But that’s none of my business.

  18. it depends on where the door is

    if the doors in front of the class ill sit in back

    if its in back ill sit in front

    simply put when the shooter comes i want to be at the opposite end of the room

  19. Wouldn’t the lawfully carrying students have to admit they were carrying? Did the TA pat down every student upon entering? Sounds like a: “,smile and wave, boys” scenario.

  20. What’s more important here is that as soon as the University got wind of this situation they corrected it and removed the TA from teaching. Having worked in a similar environment, I strongly suspect that the TA will not be teaching again…their supervising professor surely got dressed down for the incident as well. Not a good way to endear yourself to the person who supervises you…


    • According to the professor, “If you do not carry a weapon, you cannot be tempted to use it in a moment of frustration.” Does he think a student’s leaving his gun at home would deter him from kicking said professor in the balls?

    • The professor goes on the say that “when you talk about carrying a gun, you are informing others that you have claimed the power of life and death over them, and their survival depends upon your good will.” But it’s ok to depend on the good will of a 6’6″, 300 pound football player who, in a fit of anger, could rip the head off anyone else in the class.

  21. The important portion of the headline here is “TA Removed”. We take the 2nd Amendment very seriously here in the Beehive State.

  22. Civil rights violation. Take her and university to court for discrimination. See if university chucks her under the bus. Along with civil and monetary penalties, have them all be assigned to take an inclusion and tolerance class for 2A.

  23. I’m so glad the Deacons for Defense and Justice had guns in the racially segregated south in the 1960s. Since black people couldn’t rely on the police. And I’m glad the NRA helped them by supplying ammunition.

  24. They take yr speech because they dont like yr ideas.

    They take yr trade to make you too poor to speak.

    They un-person you to make any abuse O K.

    And they take yr arms so you can’t stop them.

    They want what they want n will do whatever it takes to you, to keep their fantasy alive. The rest is details.

  25. It’s amazing that during every one of these comment sessions at a TTAG news release everyone involved who is a 2A suppprter gets drug sideways into some stupid analysis of the exact wording or illustration used instead of concentrating on the issue at hand. The Antis probably double over laughing while pointing out how easy it is to get us all riled up over ‘nuthin… Oh no! Did i just use a term that some would consider a smackdown on people who speak other than the Queen’s English? Geeze…

  26. This “policy” is just another attempt, by a stupid liberal, to further the anti-gun sentiment via the educational institutions. Utah has concealed carry and that’s just what it means, CONCEALED. Strap on your weapon, keep it concealed, go to class, and sit anywhere you want. Illinois has concealed carry (yes, I’m sad to say I live in Illinois) but there are so many restrictions on where you can carry. The criminal is not going to obey these rules so neither am I. If a shooter enters a “gun free zone” and starts killing what am I to do, point out the little decal on the entrance door and tell him he can’t have a gun in here? Hell no! I’m going to draw mine and do my best to cancel his ticket Johnny on the spot. I WILL NOT be caught in a situation like the woman from Texas who took her elderly parents out for lunch but left her pistol in her car “because she didn’t think she needed it” only to watch this crazy murder both her parents. This was long before Illinois passed concealed carry but that day gun became like American Express, I don’t leave home without it! They can pass all the laws they want, have their “gun free zones” but unless I have to pass thru metal detectors manned by law enforcement I’ll have my weapon ready. Better to have it and not need it than need it and wish you had it. This Utah professor is just trying for his 15 minutes of fame and fools like that can go straight to Hell as far as I’m concerned.

  27. Back of the room is tactically correct. Let the shooter come in and engage in some “common sense gun control” debate with the students in the front and their professor. If the shooter was not convinced (and still has ammo) and is coming to the back, it is time for you to show him/her what do you understand by “gun control”. Just saying.

  28. noticed there didn’t seem to be a single comment from ANY local or regional authority, or school admin on this? Sort of like the way no-one of authority commented when the guy ran a stop sign with his SUV and totaled me and my bike a few months ago……since a lot of locals don’ like bikes (just the same as those who detest guns) the wouldn’t make any comment at all so as to limit the public viewing of the “events” in hopes everything would just fade away and they could all go back to their “status-quo”. Even when I tried to complain that there needs to be accountability by the state when they allow vehicles on the road without any insurance, NONE of them made any public comment, and I firmly believe it is because I was on a motorcycle and the uninsured was in a “car”…….so much the same……unless the “authorities” can get some sort of personal accolades or recognition, they will never speak up for the “victim” Think I am talking smack? take a look at the facts….

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