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Should gun stores in King County be required to post warnings about suicide, homicide?

No. Next question . . .

King County could require stores that sell guns to post signs at the door and cash register warning that owning a firearm increases the risk of suicide, homicide and other deaths.

Metropolitan King County Council Chairman Joe McDermott is proposing the new regulation, which would be enacted and enforced by the King County Board of Health.

The measure is the latest in a series advanced by local politicians and activists who say gun violence is a public-health crisis and should be dealt with as such.

Washington State Initiative 1639, which is likely to appear on the November ballot, would require gun-purchase applications to include a similar warning about the risk of death — a little like the Surgeon General’s warning on packs of cigarettes.

Trader Joe's Shooting Hostage Killed LAPD

Trader Joe’s employee, who died in hostage situation, killed by LAPD gunfire, chief says

Caught in the crossfire . . .

A bullet fired by the LAPD killed the Trader Joe’s employee who died during a hostage situation during the weekend, Chief Michael Moore said Tuesday at a news conference.

Ballistics tests show that a Los Angeles police officer fired the shot that struck and killed Melyda Corado, 27, during a shootout with an alleged hostage taker at the Silver Lake supermarket Saturday, Moore said.

Gene Evin Atkins, 28, was arrested on suspicion of murder after Corado died during the more than two-hour hostage situation before Moore revealed it was officer gunfire that killed Corado.

Sharks With Frickin Laser Beams On Their Heads

The Dawn of Anti-Personnel Directed-Energy Weapons

The good doctor’s vision gets ever closer to reality . . .

Though the nature of war remains the same, the character of war—the way in which we fight—is subject to change, especially with the development of directed-energy weapons.[6] Lasers, of course, already exist, and the current state of technology allows us to apply enough power to burn through metal.[7] The innovative leap, then—is to take this weapon form, make it even more powerful, and mount it as an airborne weapon system; creating new linkages to complete the process. Architectural innovation, like this, is broken down into either disruptive or sustaining innovation.[8]

A sustaining innovation is “improved performance along a traditional warfighting trajectory,” whereas a disruptive innovation is “improved performance along a nontraditional warfighting trajectory.”[9] Targeting directed-energy weapons against other weapon systems is an example of a sustaining innovation because the dynamic character of air warfare would evolve slowly from the status quo. If the Law of Armed Conflict would permit the use of anti-personnel aerial lasers, and technology improves so lasers are discriminate and minimize suffering to the most extent possible, these lasers could become a disruptive innovation, greatly changing the character of war.

Open Carry Texas CJ Grisham

Trump Judges Make Moves to Rescue Second Amendment in Appeals Court

I love it when a plan comes together . . .

President Trump’s impact on the federal courts was on display Friday when the Fifth Circuit appeals court fell shy of rehearing a case to strike down a federal gun control law, with a unanimous bloc of Trump judges calling the Second Amendment a “fundamental civil right” and suggesting that supporters of this gun-control law were plagued by “hoplophobia” – the medical term for the irrational fear of guns. The president is on the verge of making America’s first pro-MAGA court – but only if he fills its final open seat with another reliable conservative.

Federal law found at 18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(3) makes it illegal to buy handguns across state lines. Several plaintiffs sued, arguing that this restriction violates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I Used To Hate Guns and the NRA. Then I Was Mugged.

Go figure . . .

One guy held a gun in my face, and the other held a gun to the back of my head. They took my MacBook Air, two iPads, an iPhone, an iPod Touch, and my wallet.

After that horrific experience, I slowly came to see things from a different perspective. Literally, I would become the personification of the old adage that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.

Later, I became a homeowner and realized the best way to defend against a home invasion is with a firearm. So I became a gun owner.

Not long after, I discovered I really enjoyed target shooting at the range, so I joined the NRA, and eventually became a conservative and an outspoken Second Amendment advocate.


You can’t stop the signal. Or the pig-ignorance of the Moms and Everytown . . .

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    • I got out. Moved across the border to Idaho which is like Washington state was years ago before every moron in the world moved there and wanted to make it like the place they were running away from. They don’t like regulations in Idaho. No permit required to carry concealed or open. You can talk on your cell phone while driving. A helmut while riding a motorcycle is optional. You can drive an off road vehicle on the street. You can keep cattle in the city limits or just about anything else. You can shoot wolves. Carrying a gun except for hunting is not really necessary since the murder rate in my town (Lewiston) is 0 per 100,000. That’s right they rarely have a murder here. I never lock my doors. Try that in Seattle.

      On top of that Lewiston was the home town of Jack O’Connor who I am sure hardly any of the readers of TTAG has clue about.

  1. The court cases we’re winning lately is proof Trump was and always will be the correct choice. If we can keep him and a GOP senate for the full 8 years, we’ll have a big league advantage in the courts.

    • I was part of the “Never Trump” bandwagon. At this point I’m willing to admit that I was wrong. While I don’t agree with a lot of the things Trump has done I do have to admit that he does seem to have the country in a generally correct direction.

      • I was not a never Trumper. I hoped for a better candidate because I didn’t like Trump and still don’t. But once he was the man I voted for him and will vote for him again.

        He is doing a good job. I still don’t like him. But I’m not required to.

        • I didn’t vote for President because it was a foregone conclusion in Washington state and I didn’t like anyone enough to make a positive endorsement that way.

          Generally, Trump has done well on some things, not great on others. The tax cuts and judges are awesome. The tariffs are extremely dumb. He’s lucky to have the Democrats as opponents, because they might just screw up badly enough to gift him a second term. If that happens, he could very well get the opportunity to stack the Supreme Court extremely deep.

        • That’s where I was and remain vis-a-vis Trump.

          What he has going for is that he’s basically a realist and he genuinely loves America. That isn’t precisely synonymous with being conservative, but it’s maybe 80% overlap.

          Now, if we could just get him off this insane deficit spending and counterproductive trade warpath so he doesn’t ruin the strong economy his tax reforms launched.

        • Exactly. I think Trump is a personal Jack-ass, so I guess I will decline if he invites me to play golf with him. In the meantime, I like 90% of what he is DOING. I will vote for him again, as many times as I can get away with.

      • I “got” Trump after watching him work a huge crowd at one of his camp-meeting/rallies. I hadn’t paid much attention to him, although I’d read his book and figured that, despite the shuck-and-jive, the guy was cagey and really knew what he was doing. Watching him work the crowd, I immediately understood that I was watching a showman who was using “the strategy of the indirect approach” and that he was probably the best choice to beat Clinton. He’s like the ‘Stones song he plays at his rallies—“You don’t always get what you want . . .you get what you need”. I don’t know who convinced him to use that song but it perfectly defines the Trump presidency.

  2. “Downloadable guns completely undermine our Federal and State firearm laws.”

    Yes, yes they do.

    However, downloadable gun files and 3D printers support the core principle of the Second Amendment.

    So, go suck it you Harpies!

    • No, the fact guns are man-made objects of about the complexity of a stapler undermines gun control laws. A fact that continues to baffle those who’ve never in their lives made anything more complicated than French toast.

  3. … and suggesting that supporters of this gun-control law were plagued by “hoplophobia” – the medical term for the irrational fear of guns.

    I don’t believe there is any such medical or clinical term. The word was coined by Jeff Cooper, meaning an irrational fear of weapons, in general, not just guns.

    • I believe there actually is a clinical condition, though I’m not sure the psychologists use the term ‘hoplophobia’. The bar for what constitutes an ‘irrational’ fear of weapons, however, is an extremely high bar. To the point that there are only a handful of people who actually suffer from the disorder, as opposed to the millions who actually do suffer from hoplophobia.

      • A cousin of mine is definitely a hoplophobe. I brought an unloaded slide-open Springfield XD-s into the kitchen to show to her. Her whole body started shaking, eyes rolling around, and when I touched her hand with it she went rigid stiff and then passed out. That’s about as a true phobia as it gets.

        • “Her whole body started shaking, eyes rolling around, and when I touched her hand with it she went rigid stiff and then passed out.”

          Those are also the symptoms of female sexual response.

          Get her to the range… 😉

        • All comes down to whether her psychoanalyst decides whether that response is ‘irrational’ or not. Odds are, they’d decide those are perfectly rational responses to the presence of a ‘fully semi-automatic assault weapon with a magazine clip’.

    • The term shows up in a few independent medical dictionaries here and there. However, the “bible” of the mental health profession is the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, a new version of which is published every decade+ or so by the American Psychiatric Association. The term does not appear there.

      However, there does exist a category of anxiety disorders labeled “specific phobia” which is a catchall for whatever item or concept a given person irrationally fears. That covers a lot of territory, including things that di have more recognized and accepted terms, such as agoraphobia.

      Understand, though, that Cooper was just sticking it to the antis with that term. Diagnosis for a specific phobia is serious business, for which there are diagnostic criteria. It’s more than just considering guns to be icky and so voting for a like minded politician.

  4. “Federal law found at 18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(3) makes it illegal to buy handguns across state lines. Several plaintiffs sued, arguing that this restriction violates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

    Wasn’t there a pre-1934 ban on mail ordering handguns that was struck down?

    • I would argue that the federal ban on purchasing handguns across state lines violates the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. I don’t see how anything can get more black-and-white.

      Remember, the point of the Commerce Clause is to REMOVE, not erect, barriers to interstate commerce.

    • I believe it really, really is important to keep the facts straight, grabbers think language tricks are how they will win. In point of fact (read it!), 2A does not grant any right to keep and bear arms, it very clearly recognizes the right already exists and prohibits *any* infringement upon that right. You and everyone else on the planet were BORN with that right.

      • I like to point out that a person can be denied from serving in the National Guard based on age, disability, weight, or even if the Guard has met it’s recruiting quotas. Then I ask them if they really believe the Bill of Rights is supposed to give more power to the government and allow them to deny the specifically written out rights.

        Everything they say after this is a trap as I just compare overly burdensome restrictions to other Amendments. “you can’t shout fire in a crowded theater, so the Bill of Rights isn’t absolute.” reply “yes, but do we muzzle people before they walk in to keep them from shouting fire? Cause that would be the equivalent.”

  5. We need a warning going into vote and on ballots that liberalism causes poverty, income disparity, racism and violent tendencies. There’s more science supporting these conclusions than the ones they want posted on gun stores.

    Their latest idea is to make guns and gun ownership socially unacceptable.

    • WARNING:

  6. “Tell Secretary Pompeo to Stop Downloadable Guns.”

    They really don’t get it. They lost. We won. Also, terrorists and criminals with internet connections, or even normal people (who have half a brain) aren’t going to go and download plans for a single use firearm, that they can then go and print using a printer that costs over thousand dollars or more. If I were a terrorist, or a terrorist organization, I’d be more interested in creating normal zip guns with materials that can actually stand up to the pressures generated by a normal firearm cartridge. Of course, simply buying perfectly serviceable and professionally manufactured weapons on the black market, would make even more sense.

    3D printed guns may be in the future, but like those laser weapons, they currently are not feasible or are just a novelty.

  7. “Trader Joe’s Shooting Hostage Killed by LAPD”

    It’s not the first time that the LAPD killed the hostage.

    But you have to admit, the LAPD has invented an ingenious way to end hostage situations, no?

    • “All right, pop quiz. Airport, gunman with one hostage. He’s using her for cover; he’s almost to a plane. You’re a hundred feet away… Jack? “

    • I believe the woman was shot at the entrance of the store by the police when the suspect ran into the store. The police surrounded the store and waited for SWAT to arrive. The woman was dead by then.

    • This is one instance where I do not agree with the law that says the bad guy now gets charged with murder, or criminal negligence homicide, or whatever.

      The asshole who tossed that bullet needs to get charged with the appropriate crime.
      Manslaughter? (I’ve always looked at that through my skewed brain.. Mans Laughter

      • Tom…..the other side of the argument is that the criminal was responsible for the incident in the first place so anything that happens will be a result of his criminal activity.

      • The audio on the news sounded like multiple mag dumps into a busy grocery store. How do you discourage that happening in the future? By forgetting all about the actual shooter? The perp should be prosecuted for murder, I have no problem with that. But that does not preclude the actual shooter from being prosecuted, seems like gross negligence at the least. When a cop fires in such an area, *every* bullet should strike the target, any bullets in the walls, out the windows, should bring the shooter problems. If you can’t hit the bad guy, STOP SHOOTING!!!

    • Those videos posted here today were of this shooting right? Cops shooting at a moving target with bystanders all over the place? Tonight’s news didn’t say she was a hostage, but was exiting the store when he was going in, and that she was caught in the crossfire.

      • no kidding. and not only shooting at moving targets from distance, but doing so with pistols and not police rifles. that is nuts. the cone of fire is going to be much larger, to the point where you just don’t make the shot. The footage I saw showed them blasting away from behind their car doors with handguns at what had to be 70-100ft. no bueno unless the perp was actively executing folks which he wasn’t. dont these guys carry backup rifles in their frickin cars?

      • I assume he was armed when he entered the store, but have never heard whether he fired any shots there. Suspect he may have been out of ammo, since he shot gramma 7 times and was firing from the car while leading the cops on a merry chase.

        • Yes, he was still shooting.
          I saw a combined video, dashcam, then drivercam, then passengercam.

          The two body cam vids feature the ‘ping’ of a bullet landing near them after the perp runs into Trader Joe’s and they hide behind a concrete wall.

          Yes, it’s stupid to shoot at a guy across the street while he runs in the glass doors of a Trader Joe’s.

          But it’s even stupider (white T-shirt guy) to walk in a store while two cops are loudly flinging bullets at the door you’re approaching. Was that a deaf man?

    • That was not my big takeaway from Trader Joe’s. Didn’t anybody else notice the similarities with the Pulse nightclub in Orlando? Cops chase an armed loonie into a public venue and then form up by the thousands outside, to prevent him from leaving, before just letting him do whatever he likes for 3 freaking HOURS with an unknown number of hostages? Happily this guy didn’t murder dozens, but that sure defeats any hopes that a lesson might have been learned. But hey! All the officers were safe, huh?

  8. Stop downloadable guns? Are the nice Mom’s unaware that the court case is settled already?

    Is it actual, genuine stupid? Or Is it just willful (malicious even) ignorance?

    • It’s an appeal to emotion.
      The Dems know that if emotions are whipped high enough, legislators are often egged on to propose “do something” laws that do nothing good.
      Prohibition is an excellent example.
      Most such appeals are based on lies.
      “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

      Basically, that’s all the Dems have: appeals to emotion. Such appeals must be acted on quickly, because most people, if given time to think about these emotional appeals, will begin to apply facts, logic and reason to the appeal, and find it lacking. This is why, lately, such legislative proposals appear the day after some major criminal act. They are already made up, and can be printed after simply adding the right date, with the intention of riding emotion to passage. Or more likely, to failure while complaining that anyone who blocked passage hates children, minorities, women, or anyone else the Dems can think of.

  9. I’m all for posting signs about suicide and homicide if they are factual. Like:

    “Only 19%of suicide attempts involve a gun.”

    “Legal gun owners commit suicide less often than non gun owners. ”

    “Homicide rates are at the lowest point in 50 years.”

    “So called Assault Rifles are used in less than 1% of homicides.”

    “You are more than 3 times as likely to be beaten to death by someone’s bare hands than shot to death with a rifle. ”

    I’m all for posting signs like that.

  10. Uh, Shannon must not understand how the internet works. While Defcad was not distributing files for the 3D printers, other people were creating and distributing files. You can get a certain giant file on the internet right now and print to your hearts content. The signal was never stopped, it’s just the bureaucracy of government was preventing Cody Wilson from distributing it through defense distributed.

    This is the same stupidity on “Russia interfered in our election”!!!!!!111!!!11!!! Again, people don’t understand how the internet works. Unless you shut down the internet, Russia’s troll brigade will spread a bunch of stuff during the election. Of course some will be true, some will be false. Do your own research.

    Unless you want to censor a whole lot of the internet (they probably do), you will not be able to stop files being distributed or “interference” in other countries political processes.

  11. I wish some company would produce a modern lightweight Gatling gun. It’s not a machine gun, fires one round at a time, sure would be fun at the range. Maybe with only three or five barrels. I don’t believe they are a class 3 firearm, right?

  12. Sure put some signs up about suicide and murder. It may HELP the gun business who knows criminals have guns…hey I was mugged by a large black man in a Chicago subway el station(1986). Along with 3 other homies I chased them away because I HAD religion. I had no guns or weapons then-just me. I don’t “get” stupid leftards who faint from firearms. I’m OK with your “come to JESUS” moment but damn what a twink…

    • I initially said no, but was forgetting Outdoor Emporium as the last holdout. Big 5 might still stock some shotguns. The days selling guns in Seattle are numbered, though, as there’s no good reason not to drive to the suburbs and avoid Seattle’s moronic taxes.

      This new regulation would apply in unincorporated King County, the county of which Seattle is the county seat, and where the county council meets. It’s completely stupid and probably illegal, but that’s never stopped anyone over here.

  13. “They took my MacBook Air, two iPads, an iPhone, an iPod Touch, and my wallet.” Sounds like they freed you from enslavement to the Apple corporation. Hopefully, you took advantage of the opportunity.

  14. You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with FRICKEN LASER BEAMS ATTACHED TO THEIR HEADS!

  15. Resources for mental health treatment and destigmatizing the act of seeking help is the answer. A sticker telling someone something they already know isn’t going to do shit.

  16. The whole “plastic gun” nugget reminds me of the hysteria at the introduction of the Glock.
    I can remember CBSNY news claiming that you would be able to carry one into the airport because “its plastic construction defeats metal detectors”. Funny, didn’t work out that way.

  17. I used to hate the NRA too. I thought the whole organization was unhinged and paranoid, kind of like PETA for guns.

    It didn’t take a literal mugging to change my mind, but after I became a gun owner I slowly realized that it’s not paranoia if people really are out to get you. I’ve been a member for 2 years now. (Thanks, Hillary Clinton, for making the choice so clear; I haven’t regretted it for a second.)


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