One factor some everyday carriers may not consider is what to do with all that gear at night when they’re not carrying it. Alex Soto has a very organized solution for his EDC items. Where do you keep yours?

EDC Pocket Dump Concealed Carry CCW


  1. This is a BS EDC because that holster looks like it’s never been put on and there is no lint on that gun at all.

  2. Having been through a house fire, my EDC stays IN MY PANTS!! I take them (the pants) off, fully loaded, and lay them across the dresser. In an emergency, I can grab them on the run out the door, and have everything I need but the cell phone(which is on the charger across the room). If I have to bail out, I have Gun, Ammo, keys, wallet, knifes and car fob. If I have a couple seconds to put the pants on, I can then step into my shoes as well. Ready to face the world.
    In the morning (no emergency) I put on clean pants, and transfer the stuff over, one pocket at a time. Everything is always contained, and always ready to go.


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