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Virginia governor assails school system’s plan to arm teachers

Ralph isn’t happy . . .

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) denounced Wednesday a rural school district’s controversial plan to arm staff members on campus and said the state’s attorney general was investigating the legality of the proposal.

The five-member School Board in Lee County, a small system in Virginia’s far southwest, voted unanimously earlier this month to select an undisclosed number of teachers and staff members to carry concealed weapons or store them in safes on school property.

But Northam said in an interview Wednesday on WTOP radio’s “Ask the Governor” show that school districts shouldn’t be arming teachers.

Donald Trump Jr. son gun duck hunting
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Donald Trump Jr. Criticized For Showing Photo Of 9-Year-Old Son Holding Gun

To be fair, he’d have been criticized just as much for showing a photo of his son holding a baseball glove, so . . .

Donald Trump Jr. is facing backlash again for a social media post, this time showing a picture of his 9-year-old son holding a gun.

As Yahoo News reports, the president’s eldest son took to Instagram this week to share photos that he apparently snapped at some point last year. According to captions of the photo and others from the same trip, Donald Jr. and “the best hunting buddy ever” went to Texas last year to hunt ducks.

Fred Costello Congress NRA Endorsement
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Florida Candidate Loses Endorsement for Supporting Gun Control

Fred is not a friend of ours . . .

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has recently updated the candidate ratings for Florida’s 6th Congressional District.

The previous endorsement for Fred Costello has been rescinded and his rating has been changed from an “A” to a “?” due to his recent statements in support of Florida’s gun control bill, SB 7026.

courtesy standard.co.uk and Twitter

Forest Gate shooting: Dramatic car chase ends in police shootout in east London

Isn’t that unpossible? . . .

Armed police were in a shoot out with three men following a car chase in east London.

Three people have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after shots were fired towards officers. …

The suspects were arrested in Bective Road, Forest Gate, more than a mile away from where officers were initially called.

Scotland Yard said “a number of shots were fired towards officers” during a pursuit, and police also fired weapons.

German Forest Fire WWII Ammunition

WWII ammo complicates efforts to fight German forest fire

Achtung! . . .

German authorities say a forest fire near a village southwest of Berlin is under control, but the situation remains precarious because of unexploded World War II ammunition that’s buried in the ground there.

The German news agency dpa reported Friday that it was difficult for firefighters to get inside the pine forest near Fichtenwalde, 35 kilometers (22 miles) from the capital, because there were indications that some of the munitions may already have detonated due to the fire and that the safety of the firefighters might be at risk.

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  1. The school district wants to protect it’s young’uns and the governor says no. He says the kids have to be easy pickings for the bad guys.

    Just about sums up gun control in a nutshell. Helpless victims for the bad guys and the dems helping the bad guys.

    • Northam is the prime example of why VA is less than 20yrs behind CA. Large metros are the bluest of blue and the populations will dominate the western rural areas.

    • “Just about sums up gun control in a nutshell. Helpless victims for the bad guys and the dems helping the bad guys.”

      Yes, exactly, but it seems like it’s even more widespread. Example: there was a study done that shows that publicizing and glorifying mass shooters inspires more mass shooters.

      So the logical thing would be to suppress the sensationalization of these events. Downplay them. Maybe play it on the local news, but why do these events need to be wall-to-wall 24-hour coverage on every national network? It just spawns more mass shooters. Logically, we should downplay these events. But the gun control advocates are absolutely opposed to that, they want them publicized and shown as much as they possibly can. So they are, in effect, CAUSING more mass shootings. Which is fine with them, because they figure the more mass shootings, the more Bloomberg will give money to them.

      It’s intrinsically evil. They are literally encouraging the slaughter of children, in order to “get their way” (and get paid).

      • Only good reason to widely publicize would be to demonstrate which gun control laws did not stop them. Did the shooter pass a background check? Then we know background checks do not work, so drop them. Was the shooting in a GFZ? Then GFZ doesn’t work, drop them. In about 2 or 3 mass shootings, there would no longer be any gun control laws.

    • VA is sadly a lost cause at this point. Way too many DC/MD transplants have moved to the northern part of Virginia and they vote in a large enough bloc to completely overwhelm the rest of the state.

      If you want to shrink team blue you also have to actually shrink the size of government. Abolish the department of education. Cut military funding by 25%-50%. etc etc. Not gonna happen anytime soon as both Republicans and Democrats have shown that they want to keep DC growing as fast as possible.

      • The part of Virginia that used to be the southern half of DC should be given back to DC.
        It’s full of idiot liberals and deserves to be in the big shitpile.

      • Before military spending can be reduced, optempo must be reduced. A smaller military budget would require the US to jeep her dick skinners out of every shit hole conflict. Not sure our gov’t would do it. Not to mention the military industrial complex would have to massively diversify to keep workers employed. It’s a gordian knot of epic proportions.

      • Not opposed to cutting the MIL budget, since most of it is non-essential BS contractor stuff anyway. I am curious though about the social effects of the military. I suspect that it puts out, or converts many, into conservative voters. Granted, I’m sure there’s plenty that go into it because they are already, but there’s a lot of late teens and young adults that have very little political or social opinions on things that I suspect come out the other end leaning rightward. Hard to say though.

    • If a state has concealed carry in place, why can’t individual teachers just bring their guns to school, and not say anything to anybody? If it’s concealed, how will they know? Just keep your pie hole shut, and carry on as normal; but when TSHTF, you will be ready and able to deter the attacker.

      • Deterrence is based on widespread information that the target is not soft. Concealed gun about which no one knows can be useful to defend against an attack, but doesn’t deter the potential attacker – he doesn’t know about it.

  2. Honestly, I’m surprised that Europe doesn’t rack up a few dozen fatalities ever year from all of the unexploded ordnance that was left over from both world wars.

    • Look up “Zone Rouge.” It’s an area of France that’s still contaminated by chemicals and ordnance from the First World War.

    • Lived for 5 years on Okinawa in a housing area across a street from area called the “dud zone” for 50 years at the time, had been fenced off for around 20 years until guvt decided to open it in the early ’60s, blew up a bulldozer with a couple deaths, closed it again until the late ’70s, same thing happened, then in the late ’80s they seemed to be succeeding when I left. That was mostly naval artillery shells, battleships emptied their shit for weeks at the end of the war, at least one small mountain had a golf fairway blown right through it, down to ground level. Everybody seems to forget what actual war is like.

  3. The previous endorsement for Fred Costello has been rescinded and his rating has been changed from an “A” to a “?”

    And what does the NRA say about the candidates for Florida’s Senate seat?
    One apparently wants to ban all guns, the another signed into law a bill revoking the civil rights of a million 18-20 year old citizens.

    • Well in 1968 the NRA endorsed a law revoking the civil rights of a quarter of the population, so I don’t think it cares.

      • I know you love tossing out that number because it sounds big, but you do realize you’d have to include ppl down to age 1 to get there?

  4. Big thumbs up to Donnie Jr! He may a crappy husband but he appears to be a good dad…like father like son?!? Yeah it looks like Gov. Ralph hates school kids. Can a dumbocrat run on THAT?

  5. Little Ralphie may have done some good as an army doc but he sold out his patriotism and honor in a mad quest for power. But then again he is a democrat. It is what they do.

  6. I’ve met Fred Costello and asked him 2A questions. He deserves much worse than a ?. So does John Ward, who opens events with speaches about how great it was armed civilians kicked the British out of Boston then backtracks when asked about bumpstocks and NFA repeal.

    Mike Waltz seems to be the only one running for FL-6 with sense.

  7. I’ve met Northam. I live in the rural part of Virginia he is from and had his family medical practice. A friend was one of his patients growing up. I met him when I and the aforementioned friend were ambassadors for our college and he was still a state rep (or senator; I don’t recall at the moment). We have a strong firearm/hunting community here and I believe he hunts, but don’t hold me to it; at least I thought so at the time of the election. I voted for him because he seemed like an overall relatively decent choice and that our RTKBA would be safe with him as well as figured he might help out our local area since it is his home (also note, I’m an independent except when it comes to the 2nd). Basically, I voted for him because he is a local, and my friend likes him too, and she hunts (I don’t), so figured we wouldn’t have any RTKBA problems with him and might see some local love (historically, the state tends to treat us like the proverbial red-headed stepchild).

    Well… apparently, I was wrong. I’m sorry. Very sorry. It’s still a bit early in this, so I haven’t heard anything yet from any other locals what the consensus is around here about our “home town boy” pulling this crap, though to be honest, politics are very far down the list of usual conversation material here. I know I’m pretty pissed, and he won’t be getting my vote next election, unless he makes some very serious amends on this issue and if, and only if, his opposition is a moron. We have resource officers in the schools even here, despite the tiny population we have, but after Parkland I figured we (the state) would be on the short list for adding teachers/admin to the list of legal school carriers, but apparently he wants to toe the party line now that he’s a governor. The fucking D.C. suburbs are destroying this state. I already left one state for it’s bullshit (N.Y.), now this one is falling down the same hole. You only have to look at the crime rates in the D.C. metro area and compare the MD/VA border counties to see the difference gun control makes, but despite them living there, they’re not smart enough to see that and they still try to push that crap on the rest of us. Hopefully the SCOTUS will improve things faster than the state screws them up. If not, I guess I’ll be packing some boxes…

    • “he won’t be getting my vote next election”

      Well, since a Virginia governor cannot succeed himself, there won’t be a next election for him. Both of our senators are former governors, and neither shows any sign of leaving office voluntarily, so Northam has nothing to run for, unless he wants to run for Congress, which would be unusual for a former governor.

      • Thanks for the clarification. While I do pay attention to the elections and candidates, I guess I need to brush up on some of other nuances of it.

    • Another reason why we need recall options to remove lying scumbags when they get into office and betray us.

  8. One has to feel for Lee County. They went heavily for Gillespie (79/19) but wound up with Northam. Now he’s poking his nose in their local policies. Northam would up being exactly what Bloomberg wanted.

  9. “The previous endorsement for Fred Costello has been rescinded and his rating has been changed from an “A” to a “?” ”

    Negotiating Rights Away since 1934,must have been mistaken as in their A grade for Dirty Harry Reid.

  10. The thing in Virginia just goes to show why basic government should be at the local level. The further these asswipes are from us, the less in touch they are with our lives.

    Donald Trump, Jr. critized for posting a photo of his nine year old son with a firearm? The horror! At 9 y.o.a. my son owned a Remington Model 7. ,243, a Remington 870 Wingmaster 20 ga, a Marlin 39 .22 and a Randell “4 #5 stag handle. That’s only what I can remember. He’s going to be 23 next week.

    He just got a substantial raise, a company vehicle and a supervisory position.

    Funny how all those gun nuts are underachieving loners.

  11. Heck, Germany should give the wannabe gun restorer mentioned yesterday a medal for helping prevent similar fires in his area…Beautify the Vaterland! Pick up rusty old ammo before it explodes! Restore an MG42! Reduce, reuse, recycle! If only…

    And if memory serves, the district in VA was simply taking advantage of pre-extant law on guns in schools. I hope they find a judge who agrees…

  12. Oh! I forgot. He also owned a Colt SAA .22 and a Ruger MK 1. In the meantime he’s acquired quite a few more firearms and another Randall, or two. The guy’s a hell of a wingshot. Join us at the 2nd annual father/son quail hunt at the Sothwind Plantation this November. It’s first class accommodations, food and shootings.

  13. It’s amazing how many remnants of WWI (and II) remain and how the wars so changed the landscape. It is nice, at least, that one can walk through American forests off trails without worrying about setting off a long-forgotten mine.

    • FYI, there’s hiking trails in Dolly Sods, WV where you need to stay on the trail because of the areas use as an artillery range during WW2.

    • also trails and woodland around the traditional home of the 101 Airborne where signs are up to war about UXO. Mostly interwar period stuff from the Louisiana Maneuvers. The difference between America and Europe is that most of the impact sights and battle locations are well known, documented, and posted/cordoned. Due to the warzone that was Europe in the 19th century, being thorough and accurate with that stuff is much harder.

    • Jefferson Proving Ground is close by and it has numerous no go zones due to unexploded artillery and imbedded mines..

  14. “Virginia governor assails school system’s plan to arm teachers
    Ralph isn’t happy . . .”

    Um, subordinate jurisdictions aren’t administrative districts of The Capitol. That was a movie.


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