John Kasich Ohio Governor Angry Frustrated Gun Control
courtesy AP
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Kasich Says He’s Frustrated Lawmakers Won’t Take Up His Gun Regulations Proposal

So the Gov is frustrated that pro-gun legislators are being…pro-gun? . . .

Gov. John Kasich is sounding off on the lack of movement on gun regulations that he’d proposed earlier this year, commenting on it in two separate public events.

Kasich talked mostly foreign policy and the NATO summit at the National Press Club in Washington, but he did note his frustration about a package of gun law changes that he hoped Republican state lawmakers back home would take up. “I have a legislature that refuses to consider common sense gun bills,” Kasich said.

The day before at the Columbus Metropolitan Club he brought up one part of his proposal, a so-called red flag law to allow law enforcement to seize weapons from people considered to be dangerous. “I cannot pass that through this legislature,” Kasich said.

Israel significantly relaxes gun license regulations

Gee, it turns out people all over the world value the right to protect their lives with firearms . . .

Israel will significantly relax its regulations governing gun licenses, a move that would instantly allow hundreds of thousands of Israelis to acquire a firearm.

According to Haaretz, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan will allow any Israeli who underwent level 07 rifle training in the IDF to apply for a gun license. All infantry soldiers are certified as 07, in addition to all combat squad commanders and the majority of IDF officers. The vast majority of IDF soldiers aren’t combat soldiers and are certified as level 02.

While the police do not oppose the move, it requested that the mandatory training course be expanded to four and a half hours from the current two. The updated guidelines are a direct result of efforts by the Knesset’s Gun Lobby head Likud MK Amir Ohana, who has long pressed for Israel to relax its tightly regulated firearms industry in order to allow citizens to protect themselves from terrorism.

These lawyers want your cash to buy back and destroy guns

These things rarely work when taxpayers have a chance to decline to participate . . .

If you would like to see less violence and fewer guns on the streets, the Essex County Bar Association wants you to put your money where your mouth is.

The group is working with the Essex County prosecutor to launch an unusual kind of gun buyback event that needs community members — from residents to businesses and corporations — to provide the money that will buy the weapons.

Attorney Matthew Adams, who is spearheading the association’s efforts, is hoping donors will raise the $100,000 they expect officials to dole out to everyone who turns in weapons at the no-questions-asked event.

Essentially, your money is melting down firearms.

Louie's on the Lake Shooting Oklahoma City
courtesy and CBS

‘Good guys with guns’ – Two Oklahoma citizens killed an active shooter, and it’s not as simple as it sounds

Actually, it is. The murderer was stopped thanks to two concealed carriers . . .

In a matter of seconds, the two armed citizens became self-appointed protectors, moving to take up positions around the shooter, drawing their weapons and shouting for him to drop his. Time stretched and warped. There was an exchange of gunfire. The gunman was hit several times and fell. As Nazario and Whittle converged over the man to restrain him, police arrived. Unsure who was who, officers handcuffed all of the men and put them on the ground as the shooter bled out into the grass and died.

“I was just doing what I was supposed to do,” recalled Nazario, a former police officer who said he now works as a security guard, always has his gun in the car and usually carries it with him.

“I just reacted,” said Whittle, who has served for nearly 20 years in the Oklahoma Air National Guard and works for the Federal Aviation Administration. “There’s a guy with a gun. I’ve got a gun. Stop the threat.”


Lying NY Democratic Candidate Takes Pledge To Try To Lie Less… And Fails

Bless her heart, it’s getting harder and harder to pretend you really don’t want to grab people’s guns these days . . .

So two of the teenagers are talking about how Cobb has to keep her feelings on gun bans in the closet and one of them says that the “nice thing” is that when she gets to Washington she can, “vote with her heart.” Does Cobb chastise the youths, reminding them of the need for candidates to be honest and cast their votes the way they indicated during the campaign? Perish the thought. She simply says, “Right.”

Which Tedra Cobb should the voters of New York believe? The one who sends official statements to the press or the one chatting with her teenage supporters when she thinks nobody is listening? Keep in mind that one of the two teenagers quoted above reminded everyone to keep a lid on things, saying, “This is a closed group here. Nobody share this.

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  1. Kasich can’t make it through a meatball sub without bare assing himself. Why would I want him touching my civil rights? Ugh

      • It’s not the first time JK needs to not be Governor. I don’t know OH politics, but I hope someone primaries him.

        • He’s term limited, so he’s gone at the end of this year. The twit is considering running for POTUS in 2020. Trump would thump him in the primary, I doubt he could run 3rd party because he’d have no infrastructure to run nationally and he would have little money to do so also.

  2. Kay-sick. What a tool. Just switch parties doofus. Hey I’ll let you “buyback” my guns. For an exorbitant profit😄

  3. If I have to hear another Tedra “Commie”Cobb commercial and I don’t reside in NY,near by in neighboring Vermont and my ears will bleed if I hear another of her supposed commercials.

  4. I’m frustrated that the legislatures of Ohio and Michigan won’t pass pro-gun legislation that the governors don’t like, because they care more for Republican party unity than they care for the citizens’ rights.

  5. Kasich is a RINO. No true conservative should have any to do with him. I place him right next to the two AZ senators.

  6. Yay for Israel and wish-they-were-gun-carriers.

    I’m still waiting for the authorities to allow trained tourists to carry. And waiting. And waiting.

    • Wouldn’t that be nice?
      I’d like to visit Israel. It would be a treat to open the luggage and gear up before hitting the streets. In any country.

        • I dunno, I have been around Jews who had the same lifestyle all of us pagan Protestants had. They ate pork. After awhile, who cares?

        • Yeah, I could skip pork for a couple weeks, probably hard to find in Israel anyway, just don’t screw with my bacon. What? No bacon? You canNOT be serious! How about I coat it with dark chocolate?

  7. I think Kasich needs to ask himself why the legislature isn’t taking up his gun control proposal when he has stated early this year that he will veto the “Stand Your Ground” bill that is being presented to him. If he doesn’t want to sign the STG why should the house consider his bill.

    • As a retired lawyer, I can say without any reservations that bar associations are leftist fronts. All of them. Without exception.

    • An association of all lawyers wants to raise $100,000, why don’t they each just open their own wallets, and its over in 5 minutes? Conversely, if y’all will just send me $100,000, I will guarantee some guns will be off the streets and into my safe real quick.
      How do people that stupid get through law school? Cheat?

    • By a pile of Buckeyes which are worthless nuts.
      Hoosier daddies can get bad too.
      Amazed Lugar lasted as long as he did.

  8. If you were arrested in Essex County for a technical firearms, ammunition or standard magazine charge, would you want retain an attorney here? I couldn’t trust them. I would believe that they would sell me out.

  9. Govenor, here’s a common sense piece of gun legislation ; Repeal all gun control laws that are on the books. They all are an affront to the second amendment and are not to be tampered with by the government said our founding fathers.

  10. OK, about the Washington Post “‘Good guys with guns’ – Two Oklahoma citizens killed an active shooter, and it’s not as simple as it sounds” article –

    The WaPo is usually straightforward with their comment system.

    Not this time.

    Instead of the usual large group, when I clicked on comments, only 3 “Featured” comments popped up. The other 500+ plus were off to the side a bit.

    Comment 1 – “It is an example of how the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a well trained good guy with a gun. Owning a gun doesn’t make someone well trained for that situation.”

    Comment 2 – “There is no easy solution, but more people carrying more guns is certainly not the right solution.”

    Comment 3 – ” It could have gone far worse, but the key is that both were not casual weekend shooters.”

    In a nutshell, the public at large cannot be trusted with guns. That’s what the WaPo wants impressed on their readers *first*…

    It isn’t until you click the “All Comments” that the rest of the 502 comments pop up.

    • Gawwwwd! I tried reading the comments on there and I had to bail… It hurts, it hurts…

      It’s all about “guns bad, no guns good”. Or the two citizens could have killed each other or someone else in the restaurant. As if it would be better if the cops killed a bystander.

  11. Kasich is exactly why I’m voting Democrat the first time in my life and voting for Nelson. Show cancer like Scott the door right away. Throw anti-gun “Republicans” out as soon as they show themselves, don’t give them further office.

    • I can’t bring myself to vote for Nelson, but I’m sure as heck not voting for Scott. I’d encourage you to vote 3rd party (if that option is available)

      • It is a dilemma to choose between Scott and Nelson . Nelson is a liar and all talk. Scott on the other hand is a traitor and a liar. Scott says that he is opposed to career politicians. That is exactly what he is trying to become.

    • You’re a fool… The “cure” will be worse than the disease. Primary them, but you won’t teach them a lesson by voting D.

      • Chemo sucks, but it will be over in less than 7 years, by vote or by God. Just like Kasich, Rick Scott will NEVER go away.

        Besides, I don’t really see ANY advantage to Scott. What does he get me over Nelson? Both want to take my guns and both want to import illegal aliens to take my job, so might as well go with the one that won’t contaminate the Republican ballot in 2022 and wants to end the wasteful war on drugs.

      • I am overjoyed that I don’t have to make that choice. I hear the argument about SCOTUS picks and so forth, yet it would be so amazingly orgasmic to see Scott’s campaign simply crushed, to an extent that no one could deny that his political career was stomped into the dirt because of his sellout on guns. Like 1994, I think we’d get several more decades that no one (R or D) was willing to go there. These morons continue to be told that the entire country wants these stupid laws, the only thing that stops them is the OBVIOUS defeat of anyone who supports them.

      • Stereodude, absolutely right on. No true conservative would ever vote for a demonrat. Maybe in yesteryear when we had conservatives in both parties, but not for decades now.

  12. If you vote democrat U may help turn the Senate and if we loose it the chances of another pro gun judge goes way down if that happens look in the mirror and U see someone who is no better than scott.
    Be true to your convictions DONT VOTE DEMOCRATE

    • Exactly correct! Once you are past the primary season, you should ALWAYS vote for the Republican even if he or she is a RINO. That is because control of the House or Senate depends on which party has the most members, and control of the chamber is EVERYTHING. It not only determines procedure and which bills will be taken up, but also who controls all of the myriad committees. In the Senate, it even more importantly controls confirmation of administration officials and especially SUPREME COURT JUSTICES! Voting for a democrat to prove a point about a Republican you don’t like is committing political suicide!

  13. I find it pretty funny that you no longer have to throw your crime gun off a bridge and instead you can just hand it over to the police and they’ll get rid of the evidence for you. And, pay you.

  14. “Kasich Can’t Do It Alone”

    Steve Loomis, former head of the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association must have thought he could, otherwise he wouldn’t have called for Kasich to UNLAWFULLY ban open carry at the 2016 RNC, AFTER having admitted that Kasich had NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to do so.

    Yeah, rule by decree, that’s the kind of “idea” that police unions can get behind…

  15. Lying NY Democratic Candidate Takes Pledge To Try To Lie Less… And Fails
    The Demoncraps strike again!
    Hey at least sometime the RINOs give you a break and show you that they are your friend.
    I mean, look at John Kasick, with friends like him, who needs enemies?
    Rhinos were actually native to Ohio….and actually so are RINOs.
    Got some in Indiana as well.

  16. He was the ‘Conservative’ favorite after Yeb got knocked out. Can you imagine the SCOTUS judges that he would have appointed?

  17. “Time stretched and warped.” This line is the epitome of what “journalism” has come to. The most subjective possible statement in what is supposed to be an objective account.


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