Kasich Can’t Do It Alone, Other People’s Money and Tedra’s Dilemma – TTAG Daily Digest

Kasich Says He’s Frustrated Lawmakers Won’t Take Up His Gun Regulations Proposal So the Gov is frustrated that pro-gun legislators are being…pro-gun? . . . Gov. John Kasich is sounding off on the lack of movement on gun regulations that he’d proposed earlier this year, commenting on it in two separate public events. Kasich talked […]

NJ Attorney General Christopher Porrino: Gun Buybacks Are Feelgood Security Theater

I get the feeling that the general public is beginning to see that government-sponsored “gun buybacks” are a sham. For one thing, there is no demonstrable, appreciable link between paying taxpayer (or donated) money for crappy-ass guns and a reduction in “gun violence.” No wonder New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino is feeling the heat. […]