FBI NICS Background Check Data Base
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“When incidents happen and it’s determined that a piece of information was missed or if a person did not get a piece of information they needed in a time matter (sic), I can assure you the men and women of the FBI take it very, very seriously. It’s personal because they see their purpose as being that lifeline.” – FBI public affairs specialist Holly Morris in FBI To Start Using A 2nd Database For Gun Background Checks [via npr.org]

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    • Unfortunately, we have seen examples of the FBI taking things personally. God, and the Second Amendment, save us from the FBI taking things personally!

      • The FBI is now just another political organization, more worried about serving political aims than catching criminals. Shut it down and sent the money to the states.

    • Time to admit that our ahole neighbors who needed a job at the FBI can’t even protect their own organization from themselves much less protect us from their rougue personnel who were likely paid to bring the FBI down.

    • It sounds like they’re just looking things up in their own database. I don’t think they can use anything they find to deny a sale if it doesn’t already fall into one of the statutory categories. N-DEx stuff would be things like incident reports, calls for service, arrests, pre-trial investigations – not useful for denying a sale, but possibly raising red flags to be followed up with an investigation.

      As to whether they actually will follow up on it, well, I guess you could call me cynical.

        • It’s in the article:

          Gergel even noted that NICS examiners were denied access to the agency’s National Data Exchange, or N-DEx. The comprehensive federal database is the very system of more than 400 million records, including incident and arrest reports and probation and parole documents, the FBI now plans to use during future gun background checks

      • How? N-DEx doesn’t have any firearm information, NICS doesn’t have any firearm information, where is this firearm registry information coming from?

  1. “It’s not clear when the FBI will begin implementing the new plan, but the process is expected to take anywhere from nine months to two years.”

    Especially now that a judge has dismissed the Charleston lawsuits.

  2. Really, I didn’t know THEY were part of the Legislative branch of GOVERNMENT that can whimsically create ” Person of interest databases”!? Obviously, just more backdoor constitutional infringements, invasions of privacy, etc….This should all be shutdown as a waste of taxpayer money….

    • There’s nothing unconstitutional about them creating databases about anything they don’t have to violate the constitution in order to know. They can make lists of persons of interest. They can inventory their office furniture. They can rate which hotels they’ve stayed at have the best room service. There are some things they can’t make a database of because of a specific statute, like a registry of gun owners. There are some things they can’t put in a database because they need a warrant to get it, like the contents of your hard drive. But there is no need for them to have specific constitutional authorization for every list they might want to make.

      • But, does their new database create records of inquiries, and where they originated from: for example a background record file that says joe plumber has had his record pulled by officer sam goody in 1999, and his record was pulled by ncis in 2016.

        Boom. The defacto registry we’ve all been concerned about. And I’m sure the system has that functionality to provide political cover when needed.

        I’m all for making the NCIS function as intended- but only within the existing federal statutes. Frankly I don’t trust that anyone in Washington or the fbi is competent enough to cover these basis.

        • No, neither N-DEx nor NICS does that. The NCIC, of which N-DEx and NICS, once removed, are.

          NICS scapes data from other sources to populate with individuals with records to deny (no one with an ALLOW status, is in it), a live lookup checks against that DB, usually just by name, optionally by SS#, but the search isn’t stored, both by law and limitation of the current NICS application. If you’ve ever been denied and you appealed, received a Voluntary Appeal File (VAF) number, that number plus you identity info is stored in NICS, it’s technically a separate DB within the app, but that’s unimportant.

          N-DEx is different, it has suspect information, arrest records, its important to note that an arrest means nothing, a conviction does, but you can be arrested for any number of reasons and never charged. N-DEx contains “including incident and case reports, booking and incarceration data” which might be informative in connecting crimes and a valuable tool, but what does an incident and case report have to do with identifying prohibited persons.

          What this WILL do, is cause way more delays, because if “John Smith” is a common name with collisions in NICS now, but a simple search can clear it up so you use your SS# or a VAF#, in the incident and case reports, there are going to by many more “John Smiths”.

          Knowing how old and badly designed NICS is, 9 months to 2 years is probable about 3 years faster than possible, they’d be better off starting from scratch, AND I’m not sure that they can legally do much to change it, including add N-DEx as a second searchable database, logistically it could only be manually done and even then it would be limited to denies or delays, and I don’t think they have the staff for even 1% of that. They can’t process NFA forms, for people that already had a NICS check for months or years, I have 2 silencers that have been in NFA jail for every bit of a year. So I’m not sure what this means, its probably not helpful, other than as a PR CYA thing, but it isn’t a step to a registry. Now if they funded a replacement to NICS that could be, or it could be done in a modern way to be better for the limited scope its supposed to have, but no one is throwing money at it.

        • “but what does an incident and case report have to do with identifying prohibited persons.(?)”

          I’ll tell you where this will lead under a ‘Leftist’ administration –

          Take the Parkland school shooter – The cops were called to the killer’s home something like, what, over 30 times, for domestic disturbances involving the kid?

          Instant declaration of being ‘prohibited person’. “Shows signs of instability” or whatnot.

          They will use it to *massively* increase the numbers of prohibited persons.

          Potentially, this could keep a lot of whack-jobs from buying guns. But it will likely ensnare a lot of innocents.

          To Leftists, that will be OK. They are all about broken eggs to make omelettes.

          We’ll need a conservative SCOTUS to slap this down one day…

      • Are you looking at current issues…Like the DemoCommie/FBI collision to under mine the Trump Presidency with the Witchhunt know as the “So-called Russian/Trump election campaign 🚬 gun collision…..lol…” When the only true collision came from the DemoCommie Marxist regime and their political-Police: The STASI—I mean the FBI….Who would trust THEM without political and Constitutional Bias…….?

        • Political party doesn’t mean crap to me, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA must be above all that. The threat from Russia is real, getting worse and affects multiple countries. The Mueller investigation is a critical national security need. If it hurts Trump’s feelings, well that’s just too bad. Defending America from Russian threats is vastly more important than one narcissist’s ego.

          So far there are five criminal convictions and some twenty criminal indictments. Mostly against Russian intelligence operatives and only a small number of American’s engaged in illegal business dealings.

          Keep digging. Leave no stone unturned.

      • You know it’s a government of enumerated powers, I’m sure. The only ‘ministry of state security’ contemplated by the founding fathers is actually referred to in the 2A: us.

        A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

        The FBI’s creation, along with, as you know, a great heap of agencies, regs etc., are ultra vires, beyond the powers granted by the states to the federal government. So if an FBI agent does everything right and by the book, from the purest of motives, it’s still unconstitutional.

  3. In Hawaii, state law requires that all persons who register a firearm MUST be enrolled in the FBI Rapback database costing the individual $42. This database verifies that 1) the person is not prohibited from possessing a firearm, and 2) instantly notifies the county police departments that the person was arrested/charged/convicted with a prohibited offense that disqualifies them from possessing a firearm regardless of where the offense was committed.


    Take that Kommiefornia! We’re better than you!!!

  4. So will the FBI be like the ATF and have to convert all information into a paperwork form so they can take forever to check someone out?

  5. Its no longer just two political parties in America, it’s now just one real one along with Communists having infiltrated the other.

    The Mueller witch hunt itself is the threat to National Security! Mueller being touted as a “straight shooter” is just as false as it can be! Not only was he in cohorts with HRC’s selling of this country’s Urainium, (25 percent), but he screwed up numerous cases before! He put two innocent men in jail on one case, for years with one dying there.

    The anthrax case he handled, was also a bust. More innocent men abused, one even to the point of divide!

    And this witch hunt is no better!
    Indicting Russians, who does he think he is, some international tri-bunnel?

    He is the one that needs to be investigated and indicted!

  6. After watching Strzol and Rosenstein’s testimony, I no longer trust the FBI. I used to be a LEO many years ago when people like Strzol and Rosenstein would have never made it into a leadership position. Now, we cannot get rid of these deep state conspirators.. I used to respect the FBI. Now, it is a haven for political operatives of the former Obama administration. Today, I wouldn’t give them so much as the time of day.

  7. Another Infringement with bogus data to take guns away from Free Citizens!

    How come there were no prisons back in 1700’s??????????

    Cuz real criminals were hung or shot and the minor ones got a whipping and become servants to the victims and paid a big fine given to the victims.

    No repeat offenders!

  8. Does this mean we get to know what’s in N-DEx, and how it gets there? Because, you know, it’s now the basis for infringing a civil right.

    Do the TSA watch lists next.

  9. It’s seems the FBI spends all their time investigating the Govt and somehow never finds a liberal Dumocrap did anything intentional but some how can find out a conservative lied & put him in jail……go figure. Of course Hillary never lied….She was never under oath.


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