NRA Sues Cuomo First Amendment Violation
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NRA Challenges Andrew Cuomo in Court

Nice civil rights organization you got there. Be a shame if somethin’ wuz to happen to it . . .

The National Rifle Association of America has filed a lawsuit against the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and DFSSuperintendent Maria T. Vullo alleging violations of the Association’s First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York, contends that Cuomo, Vullo and the DFS engaged in a “campaign of selective prosecution, backroom exhortations and public threats” designed to coerce banks and insurance companies to withhold services from the NRA.

The NRA argues that such tactics overstep the DFS’ regulatory mandate and, moreover, seek to suppress the speech of Second Amendment supporters and retaliate against the Association and others for their political advocacy.

Kel-Tec Pistols Banks Business Silence Gun Industry

The big picture: How Corporate America is silencing the gun industry

The de-platforming continues . . .

Banks, financial institutions and retail stores are all pushing back against the gun industry by taking steps to slow the sale of firearms and blocking the industry’s financial options in response to the United States’ continued problems with mass shootings.

The big picture: Second Amendment advocates fear that Corporate America’s pushback against the gun industry could be a backdoor way — without legislation or a constitutional amendment — to roll back Americans’ gun rights.

The state of play: Corporate entities are hesitant to support gun manufacturers and sellers as today’s social media age of instant reactions increasingly demands that corporations take a stand on social issues.

Boise Mass Stabbing Nine People Birthday Party

Police: Mass stabbing suspect targeted girl’s birthday party

When will Congress finally enact universal cutlery background checks and limits on any blade over three inches? . . .

A man who had been asked to leave a Boise apartment complex returned the next day and stabbed children celebrating a 3-year-old girl’s birthday in an attack that left the city reeling, Police Chief William Bones said Sunday.

Nine people in all were hurt in the attack, including the birthday girl. Five other children aged four to 12 were injured, as were three adults who came to their defense.

Bones said all are alive, although some are gravely injured.

Parkland Shooter Known To Law Enforcement Broward Coward

Parkland school shooter: Typical of today’s mass killers

Lots of people knew he was dangerous, he was frequently in trouble and well-known to law enforcement agencies . . .

For two years before the Parkland shooter went on his murderous rampage, he warned people — at least four times — what he planned to do.

Nikolas Cruz posted repeated threats on social media for anyone to see. At least three of them were reported to authorities, who did nothing to stop him. At least one other internet posting went unreported.

“The man did everything but take an ad out in the paper [saying], ‘I am going to kill somebody,’ ” said U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, as the Senate Judiciary Committee examined how the Cruz case was handled.

Cruz’s blatant warnings were exactly what you would expect from a mass killer in the internet age, as was other behavior leading up to the shootings, according to a new FBI study.

3d printed guns dark web

The Next Dark Web Drama Show: Designs for 3D Printed Guns Are Available

You can’t stop the signal. Ever . . .

The marketplaces of the Dark Web are one-stop shops for criminals looking for drugs, weapons, and even explosives. And increasingly, they are also making more available “both manuals on how to manufacture firearms and explosives at home and 3D models to enable home-based printing of fully functioning firearms or their parts,” according to a new report from RAND Corporation .

The report, which collected dated from 12 “cryptomarkets” in September 2016, found that while illegal arms account for only 1 percent of total items sold on the dark web, these marketplaces can still become viable platforms for lone-wolf attackers and small groups looking to acquire weapons and ammunition.

“The dark web is both an enabler for the trade of illegal weapons already on the black market and a potential source of diversion for weapons legally owned,” the report’s lead author, Giacomo Persi Paoli, said in a press release .


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  1. Of course gun magazines are within the reach of children, they are obviously marketing them to kids and it obviously has nothing at all to do with product placement studies.

    Okay, ending sarcasm.
    The gun magazines are down lower on the shelf because B&N doesn’t want to pander to that market. I’m not even sure they care either way about gun rights, they just want to make the most profitable products even more available. Of course the irony is that if they put them up higher, they would be seen as promoting the gun culture.


      Thumbs down for magazines to 9YO’s about Ar15’s

      Thumbs up for school books to 9YO’s talking about butt-fvcking

      The Left is so unhinged that even the idiot GOP elites at the RNC are starting to notice.

    • They were in easy reach of children back in the 1950s-60s in our own house- we looked at my old man’s American Rifleman mags all the time. Same thing in my house if anyone was to bring some kids over. What’s the big deal? Teach your kids right.

    • What 9-year old has ever seen a physical book store? Next they’ll say the kids are complaining about what newspapers print.

  2. I’m starting a petition to hold the parents of prostitots like Madison accountable for the cultural appropriation (leopard?)(cheetah?) of her “fashion” choices.

    Also:“The dark web is both an enabler for the trade of illegal weapons already on the black market and a potential source of diversion for weapons legally owned,” the report’s lead author, Giacomo Persi Paoli, said in a press release .

    Mr. Paoli said something about muscling in, territory, and he just wants a little taste or his associates may become perturbed. He also asked where “‘dis world wide web thing” is headquartered…

    • Is a PETA SJW going to throw some red paint on her for her brutal denigration of Africa’s last remaining great felines of prey? Hoping she gives them a thumbs-up for that one!

  3. The ACLU went to court to support the right of game companies to create games with realistic and unrealistic gun play. They went to court to support the right of people to have access to cheap gun designs that are not necessarily safe to use.

    But the ACLU will not defend the rights of gun owners with real well made guns. They will not defend the right of blacks to have guns.
    But the ACLU will defend the right of the KKK to march in black neighborhoods while carrying guns.

    They can say what they want but he ACLU has never supported the Bill Of Rights.

    • Chris, I would just offer that like all “non-profits”, they’re merely whores in suits. With big pay checks for leadership.

      If the fools writing the checks supporting them decide the cause celebre is to be the rights of ME natives to fornicate with goats in public, the ACLU will find a test case in weeks.

      • The men who actually MADE the money the fools are living on have mostly been DEAD for decades. Their women/kids/foundations pass the interest received on his earning out to idiotic leftist causes which the orginal dwg would despise. While richly rewarding their own “labors”. A despicable system.

  4. “…to keep gun magazines selling AR-15s away from the reach of kids…”

    But that magazine is selling AK-47’s……

    • …. Somebody must have gunsplained the difference between an AK and AR. He edited the original post to say “gun magazines” rather than “magazines selling AR-15’s”.

    • “But that magazine is selling AK-47’s……”
      You REALLY don’t know much about guns, do you? That obviously IS an AR-15, operating operationally in AK-47 stealth mode. AR-15’s have gotten such a bad rap lately that the only way Armalite can sell them is by using “Ignorance Camo”. paint. Pretty effective, I would say. I would also say “Creedmore”, but then what else would there be to say?

    • Also, look at the text of the post. It does not say the goal is to have B and N place the magazines on a higher shelf, but says to stop B and N from selling so many gun magazines. So its not to make the store “kid friendly” or some such, but to remove the gun magazines all together.

  5. Would someone tell the Joker to put the face paint back on and dye his hair again….

  6. Too bad the NRA hasn’t done anything else for NY residents that have been harassed and disarmed for years. It figures when it involves money the NRA gets involved. The 2A rights lost by 18 million people don’t really matter much.

    • As a former New Yorker (born, raised and lived half my life there), I can state accurately that New Yorker’s gun rights weren’t stolen, they were given away, gladly, by the fools who live there.

      And as a former New Yorker and a current NRA member, I would be furious if the NRA wasted a dime of my money to help a place that won’t help itself.

      New York is reaping what it sowed.

      • And as someone who has actually paid attention, American gun rights weren’t stolen in 34, 68, or 86, they were given away, gladly, by the NRA. A policy the NRA’s CEO still supports as of 2017,

      • Yes and no.

        As a former NYer as well, growing up in NY guns were bad… mmmkay? So with no exposure except in movies and TV and news reports about gangs, I had no interest in shooting or gun culture. Leaving NY allowed me to be exposed to that, and to be converted.

        Writing off the entire state based on what people did a few years ago is entirely unfair to the next generation, and from a selfish point of view, is leaving behind a bunch of people who could become 2A supporters in the future and making our support base smaller.

        As a former NY peon and an NRA member I don’t think it’s a waste to fight for gun rights in NY and I’d be ticked if they wrote off the whole state (and NJ, CA, DC, MA, etc)

      • With “The ACA mandate is a Tax” Roberts on the court as the new ‘swing’ vote, don’t hold your breath.

        We need a few more ‘vacancies’ to magically appear…

  7. “.. illegal arms account for only 1 percent of total items sold on the dark web”

    And you know this how, exactly? Isn’t the whole thing about that part of the web being ‘dark’ is you don’t know what’s going on, who’s doing it, how often, or with whom?

    Or is this the same chicanery as the claim that 40% of gun sales skip the background check?

  8. Violence against you GOP TH UGS is 100% justified. You lost all human rights when you supported a literal NA ZI for ‘president’. Every single one of you and your entire families must be killed.

    • Sounds like you’re on the fast track to prison. Have fun in there. It’s where you belong. Get used to responding to the term “Fuck boy”. Be sure to respond quickly, and eagerly.

      • “Get used to responding to the term “Fuck boy”.”

        I’ve heard the prison term is “Fvck-puppet”.

        Just remember what ‘Frankie goes to Hollywood’ had to say about being someone’s ‘puppet’ in prison, ‘Bill’ :

        *snicker* 😉 :

    • So a “literal nazi” let his daughter marry a jewish guy?
      Congrats on displaying your stupidity since it’s obvious you don’t understand the meaning of the words literal or nazi.

    • Pig Farmer Bill… Pig… Hogg… Are you by any chance related to David Hogg?

      Are you a sock puppet, or just another vicious progbot nincompoop? So hard to tell.

    • Pighead – Soros pays by the word. You need to string together more random text if you ever want to get out of moms basement.

    • Shovel your shit somewhere else pig porker bill. Your mother and big brother/ father must be so proud of you. I bet you treat them pigs real sweet , when no one is looking. Keep smellin on them flowers. I’m bettin your father had your mother, your mother had your brother , it’s just too bad your father’s mad your mother’s now your lover. Fuckin hillbilly , can your pig do a Fuckin wheelie ?

    • Thank you for making a trump presidency a reality, pig fukker bill.

      Without guys like you hills or bernie would have been in the white house loading the court system with loonies.

    • Meh… you don’t have the “finesse” of the kid. But what the hell. Who am I to question the mind of a long time welfare recipient living under a bridge.

  9. Lord what kind of an animal stabs a party of little children. Oh wait pig boy would^^^^^You’re scum troll.

  10. It all starts with bookstores. Magazines with more than 10 pages should be illegal.

  11. “Barnes and Noble (@BNBuzz) to keep gun magazines selling AR-15s away from the reach of kids.”

    So your are a Lefttard and you don’t like the Second Amendment,so why not violate the First Amendment while you are at it.

  12. Lots of people knew he was dangerous, he was frequently in trouble and well-known to law enforcement agencies

    So, what’s the solution?
    Should we just define a profile similar to the above and incarcerate everybody who fits it?

    • Anyone who says they plan to shoot up a school with any credibility should be held for psychological treatment until a group of doctors determines that person is no longer a threat to others. But that person should have their day in court before being held, not just thrown in a van and taken straight to the padded cell.

    • That’s what’s called a “false dichotomy.”
      You posit that the only choices are to do nothing, or simply throw the person in jail without due process.
      You ignore that we have the ability to put the person in a mental health facility if he/she demonstrates that he/she is a danger to himself or others (which this person clearly did), in order to determine if he/she is stable enough to be released back into society.
      We do this now.

    • I don’t know, I see most true liberals as bleeding hearts who value limited government intrusion in their lives. They are naive but not evil. Leftists are evil. Leftists have been calling themselves liberals for years but they love a huge centralized gov that forces it’s will on the people. Things like “hate speach laws” are not things that true liberals would ever support.

  13. I’d like to see a 3D printed gun that is capable of shooting without exploding in your hand. A firearm requires pressure bearing components to contain the gun powder explosion. A 3D printed gun (which are extruded polymer) cannot do with with pressure bearing metal components.

    More media hysteria over nothing.

  14. In case you thought the Kennedys were the most despicable family of progs in the US the Cuomos are driven to prove you wrong.

    • The Cuomos need to pass the Clintons first before they reach for loftier goals.

  15. More control,. ,,, ironicatbest would say:” Fuck You, I’ve got your control hangin”

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