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Dem senator: Congress’s inaction on gun laws is ‘green light for would-be shooters’

This isn’t even close to the dumbest thing Chris Murphy has said about guns . . .

Murphy has been a strong advocate for gun laws, particularly since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 took place in his home state of Connecticut.

Officials said that at least five people were killed in the shooting at the Capital Gazette building in Annapolis and that several others were injured. A suspect in the shooting is in custody.

Several Democratic lawmakers have called for Congress to take action on gun laws in the wake of the shooting, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Comey FBI Fired Gun Control NRA

Fired FBI Director James Comey Pushes Gun Control, Bashes NRA

Why is it that so many political animals hate the idea of law-abiding Americans owning firearms? . . .

Comey’s statement on gun control is puzzling. Legislation that extinguishes young adults’ ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights is by its very nature a threat to, “the rights under the US constitution [sic] of people to keep and bear arms.” Moreover, so is a ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms. That’s not just NRA’s position; that’s the position of the U.S. Supreme Court, which affirmed an individual right to keep and bear arms in the District of Columbia v. Heller case.

In Heller, the late Justice Antonin Scalia explained that the Second Amendment protects the ownership of firearms, “of the kind in common use at the time.” The AR-15, the favorite target of current gun ban legislation, is America’s most popular rifle. Moreover, Scalia Joined Justice Thomas to dissent from a denial of certiorari in the case of Friedman v. Highland Park, which concerned a ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms. In the dissent, Thomas wrote,

The overwhelming majority of citizens who own and use such rifles do so for lawful purposes, including self-defense and target shooting. Under our precedents, that is all that is needed for citizens to have a right under the Second Amendment to keep such weapons.

USAF fighter bomber crew takedown m4 rifle
courtesy and Air Force Times

USAF Fighter And Bomber Crews Get Modified M4 Rifles That Fit Under Ejection Seats

Takedown M4’s with 120 rounds of ammo . . .

The guns are “designed for all combat-coded ejection aircraft,” U.S. Air Force Major Docleia Gibson, a spokesperson for Air Combat Command, told Air Force Times in a later report. It, along with “four full magazines, 30 rounds [each], must all fit in the ejection seat survival kit,” she added.

Gibson also said that the Air Force had officially designated the gun as the GAU-5/A, but the service already applied this designation during the Vietnam War-era to a variant of the original M16 rifle. This gun had a 10-inch barrel, which is shorter than present-day M4 with its 14.5-inch long barrel. There was also a GAU-5A/A with an 11.5-inch barrel. The Air Force primarily issued these guns to security personnel guarding planes and facilities on the ground.

NSSF Gun Business New Reporter 8 Things I Learned

There Is No Such Thing As A Gun, And 8 Other Lessons From The Gun Business Beat

In search of nuance on the gun business beat . . .

Last weekend, I went to an event sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in the muggy summer heat of western Virginia. There, I shot an AR-15. I learned something about myself in those moments when I was standing on the firing end of an incredibly powerful weapon.

In fact, I’ve learned a lot over the past six months as I’ve covered the business of guns. It’s not an easy beat, because it requires thinking and reading about the many ways people hurt each other. Writing about the business of guns responsibly, in ways that acknowledge both the tragedies on the other end of a gun, like the Capital Gazette shooting, and the points of view of people who own guns and deal in them, is a challenge.

Chelsea Clinton OMG Outraged monstrous

Chelsea Clinton is clutching every pearl over ‘MONSTROUS’ prank on gun control nuts!!

OMG you guys!

Chelsea Clinton got lib-triggered so bad that her 12 servants couldn’t figure out which smelling salts to apply first to awaken her from the shock-induced faint.

Rep. Priscilla Giddings is a Republican and after taking a pic with the dour gun grabbing protesters who showed up at the Idaho State GOP Convention, she posted a harmless joke.

“Idaho State University students peacefully protesting our Republican convention. Do you think I should show these girls the empty 30mm shell I have in the truck?”

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  1. Chelsea Clinton, the somewhat dim offspring of famous parents. Even the Dims realize America is sick of the Clinton Crime Family.

    • “Even the Dims realize America is sick of the Clinton Crime Family.”


      ‘The Clinton Foundation’s name now includes Chelsea’s name on it :

      “What does the Clinton Foundation do?

      The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation builds partnerships between…”

      She isn’t going anywhere. She’s being groomed for politics, most likely in a NYC district first, then state senator after.

      The Crime Family’s ‘Foundation’ has hundreds of millions of dollars to be looked after, and by the way, she has two kids to follow her in the future…

      • Correct. The Clintons will not leave politics until dragged out feet first. They really think they deserve to be a political dynasty.

        • They’ve gotten fabulously wealthy in politics, while never having produced a single good or performed any useful service. Of course they want to stay in politics.

    • Chelsea HUBBELL, NOT Chelsea Clinton. Just look at her “rolled lower lip”, a “spittin’ image of Webster Hubbell.
      Ol’ Web must have been drunk to “get it on” with Hilary Clinton. Just the thought, makes me retch…

      • No way dude, ironicatbest cherished his Hilary Swim Suit Edition Calander® and couldn’t wait for Chelsea’s version. There’s hot, then there’s Smoking Hot, it’s enuff to drive a poltergeist jack batty.

        • Ahhhh! I see! …. I’ve been wondering how you died and now it all makes sense! The sad part is you are now doomed to walk the Earth as a disembodied ghost trying to make sense of your senseless death; stuck in the purgatory of finding a Clinton woman attractive, but upon seeing one in a swimsuit you died of exposure. You poor poor soul! Its like opening a box of 6.5 CM without performing the proper rituals outlined in the Torah. Your face must have melted before you even felt the searing heat!

  2. Do you think I should show these girls the empty 30mm shell I have in the truck?”
    Yeah, go ahead and show the Tide Pod Eaters the 30 mm shell and the gun that fires it.
    Educate them.

  3. For claiming she’s into numbers, Miss MacBride doesn’t know how to do basic math. Using her suspect percentages, especially the 2014 numbers, there were about 68 million gun owners in 1980 and 76 million in 2014. Not a declining customer base.

    • yes less than a 10 million increase and how much has the population grown in the same time period. yes we are declining slowly but only as a percentage of the population. however how many are there that own guns, have never done anything wrong but refuse to buy guns from a gun shop because of the whole NCIS crap that does nothing to stop potential shooters as recent shootings have shown. what she and most others bring up is the known figures for those that buy everything new and shiny. not all of us do that.

    • Liz didn’t learn much (or why I no longer subscribe to Forbes or WSJ). Why is it these gals can’t include and email address?

      IF ANY of her stats are correct Ithey aren’t) “declining” ownership pressure is due to demtard import of legal and illegal aliens.

      “declining customer base”? Really? You have to be a REALLY dense agenda driven prog to believe this.

      You have to REALLY be stupid to think that even 10% of gun owners surveyed honestly answer your moronic leftist questions about their ownership for firearms. Epic fail.

      She actually thinks/parrots the BS that an AR is a high powered rifle. Illustrates the lie in everything else she vomits. Spend 6m “learning”. I call BS.

      • Consider the numbers of people who exclusively use cell phones.
        Consider the amount of number spoofing and scam calls.
        I am sure I am not alone in how I treat calls; I only answer calls from numbers already programmed into my phone, that’s what voicemail is for. Unfortunately it means I always miss calls from my GP, as the caller ID is blocked in their calls.

  4. Had to give up the sleeping bag in our seatkit to fit the new rifle. I’d rather be cold and plinking at ISIS shitheads than sitting around warm with just a pistol anyway. Damn fine trade!

  5. Ivana Trump who personally knows Chelsea Clinton once said that CC’s intelligence impresses no one (just like her mother). She therefore has a bright future in Democrat politics where she will fit right in.

  6. The Clinton crime cartel holds jack squat in the power department. The Hildebeast is a an embarrassment,slick Willy had his azz handed to him on his Patterson book tour and their spawn is not gonna’ be President. Deadly dull…oh and thanks Comey for helping elect DJT. But you’re still scum…

    • ‘Darling Daughter’ Chelsea has *two* children, and oversees the family several-hundred *million* fortune.

      Maybe not in our lifetime, FWW, but I don’t count out the future damage they can do to America…

    • Their game was gatekeepers of access to power. Their “team” made a devil’s bargain: help the patrons get in, in order to receive patronage.

      The creatures of sucking up are very good at navigating that tangle. You can tell that the Clintons are out, unlikely to recover when the pilot-fish start bailing. Brazille wrote a book. Now long-time campaign operatives and embedded journalists (but, I repeat myself.)

  7. My first was a GUU-5/P. Technically it was whatever the armorer could throw together. Slab-side M-16 lower, M-16 upper with no forward assist, and 14.5 inch M4 barrel. This was in 2001.

    • I remember seeing photos of these in the 1980s and 90s. Slabside lowers (no fence around the magazine button), slickside uppers (no forward assist and A1 sights), and XM177 handguards. It took a while to figure out what they were made from.

  8. Isn’t it awesome that Forbes hired and allows a person with absolutely no knowledge about guns, firearms, weapons, or whatever she wants to call them or claim we call them to be their star journalist for the topic? It just reaffirms my belief that the media will be the cause of the next revolution just like the media caused the Spanish/American War with its yellow journalism.

  9. Legit, that might be the only anti-gun chicks they could in find in Idaho. I lived in Washington/Idaho on The Snake River for awhile and they do like guns there.

  10. “Chelsea’s REALLY Angry”

    Chelsea is the spawn of the Harpy Hag and the Horny Hick,plain and simple.

  11. A take-down AR pattern rifle sure beats the hell out of an AR-7 (or AR-5) for survival. I still wonder if the Air Force ever actually deployed either of them against enemy rabbits and squirrels.

  12. Hey Comey, why aren’t you in jail? You’d be better off if you’d espouse STFU and lay low. But by all means, peek up over the bank of the trench some more.

  13. Comey should be starring from behind bars, but the UniParty continues to apply laws differently to you and I than they do to themselves. This is the same reason Hillary will never be behind bars but were I to send a SINGLE even confidential, not secret, email to my personal email address, I would be fired and prosecuted. Stop voting for the UniParty if you expect change!

  14. Monstrous? Compared to what? Your father attacking women? Your mother attacking your father’s victims? Your father in law’s bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud?

  15. “There, I shot an AR-15. I learned something about myself in those moments when I was standing on the firing end of an incredibly powerful weapon.”

    They don’t trust themselves to wield power themselves; obviously, they won’t trust you with it either.

    That some 10’s of millions of households, more than that individuals, posses 100’s of millions of instances of this power is a shattering thought. That these people don’t abuse that power is a stretch. That everyone, literally everyone, wields awesome powers of other kinds, every day, she can’t even get to. Even cars and trucks turned into battering rams of mayehm gets pushed from her mind as soon as the news cycle passes.

    • I would also debate that “incredibly powerful” modifyer too. Powerful, yes, but comparatively weaker than many.

  16. Well, nuanced look at guns Forbes article person manages to be only somewhat wrong and offensive.

    No it isn’t different “out West” where a gun is seen as just a tool. it’s different all over the place, where a gun is used as just a tool. The hills of PA. Virginia, and West. Even parts of the New York Administrative District, under Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger.

    A gun is seen as just a tool, lots of places where they are mostly tools. Maybe Nuanced-person should get out more; like to those places. Maybe people who see guns as terrifying fetish objects they don’t otherwise understand should stop imposing their laws on people who see, and use, guns differently.

    We contract a distant government to take care of some shared problems for us; to our preference. We don’t contract them to rule us from afar, to theirs. When they try to do the latter, sometimes people object. Shocking.

  17. Comey is more bratty than a jealous sixteen year old girlfriend who’s been dumped by the high school quarterback.


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