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Be smart: Why school resource officers won’t solve school safety

Yeah, he was a real hero that day . . .

Scot Peterson, the school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has been reflecting on what more he could’ve done to stop the shooting that killed 17 people, per the Washington Post, after choosing to call for backup instead of running into the building.

Be smart: Student resource officers are supposed to help keep schools safer; but, like in Peterson’s case, sometimes they can only do so much.

Peterson said he locked down the school, cleared students out to safety, and called for backup. He just didn’t go in the building.

Britain Crime Spree Shooting Execution Gun Violence

Another chilling day in Wild West Britain: Masked gunman shoots victim point-blank on residential Yorkshire street as violent crime spree spreads

Clearly, Britain needs tougher gun laws to do something about their violent crime problem . . .

A masked gunman shoots his victim at point-blank range at dawn on a quiet residential street in the most shocking image yet from ‘Wild West Britain’.

Seconds later the gunman had fled the scene in suburban Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, in a van.

Police believe the shooting was a ‘targeted attack’ and yesterday released shocking images from a resident’s CCTV camera as they hunted the gunman.

It is just one more sickening incident in a wave of violent crime sweeping the country.

Elon Musk Boring Company Flame Thrower

Elon Musk shared some fiery news on his Twitter account on Saturday: The first 1,000 people who ordered the Boring Company Not-a-Flamethrower” to help the fledgling tunnel building business raise money, could pick up their flamethrowers.

The flamethrowers are one of the delightfully oddball fundraising items Musk’s Boring Company has put up for sale. First was a “Boring Hat” and then came the flamethrower (later rebranded as a “Not-a-Flamethrower” due to legal concerns about selling them), and there was even a peanut brittle. In the future, Musk has said the Boring Company will turn the muck the company digs up into bricks and sell them.

Bataclan Massacre Soldiers Stayed Outside

Bataclan terror victims demand: Who gave soldiers order ‘not to enter’?

Was the Broward County Sheriff’s Department running the response that day? . . .

Survivors and families of victims of the 2015 Bataclan attack in Paris filed a legal complaint Friday over the inaction of some soldiers that night in what could expose egregious failings within France’s military and political commands.

The legal complaint was triggered by the testimony of a top military commander who gave evidence during a parliamentary investigation of the actions of police and military on the night of the attacks of November 13, 2015.

General Bruno Le Ray, Military Governor of Paris, defended the order he’d given that prevented eight soldiers located near the Bataclan concert hall from intervening in the attack because he thought “it unthinkable to put soldiers at risk just hoping, hypothetically, to save other lives”, Samia Maktouf, a Paris lawyer for the survivors and victims’ families, told FRANCE 24.

Dwight Lamon Jones Divorce Murder Killed Six Lawyer

The dangers of divorce law: Attorneys pack pistols, install panic buttons

There are plenty of pro-gun attorneys

New York divorce lawyer extraordinaire Raoul Felder, who handled the celebrity splits of everybody from Rudy Giuliani to Christie Brinkley, kept a pistol in the desk drawer of his Manhattan office for many years.

His reasoning was simple: “Everybody hates divorce lawyers, sometimes even their own clients,” he said.

That animosity was on display earlier this week when police said an Arizona man — upset over his divorce nearly a decade earlier — went on a killing spree that left seven people dead, including himself.

Dwight Lamon Jones did not kill his ex-wife’s lawyer Elizabeth Feldman, but police said he took the lives of two paralegals who worked for her and a prominent forensic psychiatrist who had also worked for Feldman.

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  1. “He just didn’t go in the building.”

    Per SOP since Colombine. (Although the first Les didn’t go into Newtown, either.)

    “A masked gunman shoots his victim at point-blank range…”

    Not possible as there are laws against that. An obvious reporting error. (Oh, and that would be “gun-person”, BTW.)

    “Raoul Felder…kept a pistol in the desk drawer of his Manhattan office…”

    Who did he have to pay off to get the permit?

    • ““Raoul Felder…kept a pistol in the desk drawer of his Manhattan office…”

      Who did he have to pay off to get the permit?”

      Since it was likely his place of business, he may not have needed a permit, outside of simple (Hah!) NYC registration.

      Got anyone in NYC who can verify or debunk?

      • Debunked. He had to have a permit. He had one for decades and the permit/process was the same as mine in 1992. There were 3 kinds of permits..all with the same process..1)Home (cant leave the designated address of Home or business) 2) target. Can have the pistol in the home and can be transported directly to the range and back in a locked case in the trunk. 3) carry. There were 2 types of carry. Restricted and unrestricted. Because “need” was required, most permits were restricted to what days the pistol could be carried (ie: Monday, Wednesday and Friday). The process requires filling out the application and getting fingerprinted. At the 6 month mark, you have to go to 1 police plaza (police headquarters) for an interview with the FBI. 6 months later nearly everyone is rejected. The only people who eventually get one does so on appeal. Once the permit is approved, only then can you buy 1 gun. Within 24 hours of purchase, it must be brought to police headquarters where they take possession of it and shoot it. They keep ballistic examples. That specific pistol, make model and serial number is added to the front of the physical permit. It’s been a while but additional pistols could be purchased every few months. Same process. Up to 5. Felder was very famous 25 years ago and had all the connections necessary. I got mine after a year. Won’t say how exactly, but let’s just say I got lucky. Kept that permit until 5 years ago when I moved to Minnesota and got my PTC there. I know for sure the process has changed since. Is gotten much worse.

    • “…He just didn’t go in the building….. and engage the active threat who was murdering unarmed children LIKE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!” FIFY

      • What boils my blood is his $8, 702.35/mo pension that he gets for the rest of his life even after failing so badly. I never made that much on any job, most of them more productive than being an SRO and I will never have a pension myself and yet I have to pay for the pensions of parasites like him. I thank public sector unions for that. I have met so many millionaire ex-cops and firemen (my uncle was one that did most of the introductions and I met several sailing in MX) and listened to their bragging about robbing the tax payers, that it nauseates me to even think about them now.

    • Premise permits are a pain, but not as impossible as one would think. CARRY in NYC… another issue altogether. Probably doesn’t hurt that Mr. Felder is a lawyer…

  2. A day is coming soon when you GOP TH UGS will be shot for your crimes against the proletariat. You fear the masses of your country and you are right to fear them. I would pull the trigger myself but I wouldn’t deny those directly under you boot first right. Until that day, enjoy posting on your little fascist website.

    • What is most amusing about ‘people’ like you is that you shriek that others are awful and fascists just because they don’t want to let you control their lives. Like an angry petulant child, you can’t get your way so you want to hurt them; because you can’t control them, they must die. Well, the hard lesson for you is that many more people will defend their freedoms than will try to strip them from others. They will fight far more vigorously too.

      Tread carefully, the war you want to start will not be pretty or quick, and when all is said and done, there will be no more tolerance for your kind for having started it.

    • *sigh* This again?

      Folks, a gentle reminder …. please don’t feed the trolls. It’s not worth your blood pressure – and, bonus, the more they’re ignored, the more upset they get.

    • I love the 1st Amendment, because it gives you the right to prove your ignorance and hate on an international platform.

    • I hope this post doesn’t get deleted. It outlines perfectly the reason why we have a right to keep and bear arms. God forbid people like him ever have a monopoly on force.

    • “You fear the masses of your country and you are right to fear them. . .?

      Russian trollbot. The algorithm is getting better at argot conversation. At first glance this might actually sound real. But, then, probably not.

    • I think the pig guy has spent too much time with his little piggies. Apparently he must be armed because he wants to shoot people. Does he live in one of the new “Red Flag” states?

  3. Some Bataclan victims were fed (yes I FUCKING SAID FED) their own genitals, and some of those victims are still alive, and convalescing in asylums.

    Fuck all of France (and all French motherfuckers out there). When the U.S. is called in to scrape the muslim hoarde from your backs and asses, we will not waste a single BTU of energy to salvage what’s left. Fuck you all, and permanently, the shit-stain of you needs to be power washed from the face of the earth..

      • I don’t love them. Nor do I hate them.

        Mostly I feel sorry for the citizens of a nation birthed in revolution not too distant in time from our own. Today, they are denied some of the most basic rights humankind has struggled towards through most of our history, and whose freedoms and self-determination are being trampled not only by their own government, but by the larger union they themselves helped to form.

        I try not to feel contempt, as the promises of safety and security must be attractive, especially post-WWII.

        And I thank them, in fact, for presenting a lesson regarding which where we, as a nation, must not go.

        • In 1977 when Smokey and the Bandit was released, France was still using the guillotine.

          Now it will be revived to be used against the “Frogs” as they willingly walk up the steps in the name of religious tolerance.

  4. Jolly old England has reached the tipping point where criminals don’t fear the police nor the victims one bit. Cameras are useless when people wear disguises although they do dutifully document what happened. Even if, and a Texas sized if, they are confronted by a victim armed with so little as a toothbrush they know the law is on the criminals side. Witness the poor bloke who fought back in his own kitchen and killed an intruder with his own weapon.
    This is the world that awaits when a democrat gets in the white house with enough sympathetic votes in Congress. The SCOTUS isn’t worried about the 2A, they care more about bakers and cakes. We’re on our own at that point. About 20 years after the bans go in effect you’ll see the vermin make their play. It’s happening in OZ and the UK now and we’ll be next.

    • Yup, the once Free World is slip-sliding into a dark age. It’s odd, though, since those have occurred historically in lean times vs. times of plenty like we have today. We’re drowning in oil, food, information, and industrial production, yet so many nations seem dead-set on installing the most inefficient and incompetent systems of management imaginable. Maybe it’s somehow the lack of predation that’s so screwed up peoples’ priorities, sort of like an overgrown forest catching fire.

      • Interesting hypothesis.

        Do we have so much plenty that we come to expect it to occur naturally, rather than something that must be worked for, whatever “it” happens to be? Perhaps the West has become too comfortable for its own good.

        And then there’s the Universal Basic Income proposals – talk about a moral hazard!

        • “Do we have so much plenty that we come to expect it to occur naturally, rather than something that must be worked for, whatever “it” happens to be?”

          Nailed it.

          “The Greatest Generation” grew up under the shadow of extreme poverty and genuine hunger.

          To the point where the kids who grew up during that time are physically smaller than the kids who grew up post-WWII.

          When those malnourished children became parents themselves, the memory of their experience growing up hungry compelled many of them to make sure their kids had *plenty* to eat. And to have a home life many of them never had.

          Frivolous things, like – Adequate heat in the winter and warm clothes to wear and good shoes on their feet.

          Those kids, like myself, grew up ignorant of what need really is.

          Therefore, we don’t value it anywhere near as much as our parents did. We just expect it to be there…

        • EDIT – Meaning, they grew up during the ‘Great Depression’ that started in the 1930s.

          Recovery would likely to have been much slower if World War II hadn’t started.

          WWII was a *massive* kick-start to the economy that roared during and after that war…

        • “Do we have so much plenty that we come to expect it to occur naturally, rather than something that must be worked for, whatever “it” happens to be?”

          We already have people who have no idea where the food in the supermarket comes from, because they were never taught that it had to come from somewhere besides the supermarket. These are the people who think everyone deserves a $15/hour wage, with no idea of the consequences of raising wages without a corresponding increase in productivity. (Bernie, I’m looking at you.)

      • Wow, love this comment. Very good food for thought- the lack of predation.

        I think a huge reason why the tactical-operator wannabe market is thriving as much as it is, is because modern men don’t have an outlet for testosterone anymore. Hunting is extremely limited on the coasts and shooting sports in general are heavily discouraged or taboo in most professional offices; almost all men’s socially-acceptable leisure activities are metrosexual-friendly in nature- as in they are inclusive of women or are outright designed for women to enjoy, and the men just get to tag along, etc. Except for professional sports, which are filtered through the same few companies that provide us the mainstream media.

        • Oh like color-matched AR furniture isn’t metrosexual?

          All the anodized jewelry hanging of city ARs and Glocks is a key indicator that the metrosexuality is alive and well in the World of Firepower, Recoil and Ballistic.

          Rest, will you give it.

      • “… Maybe it’s somehow the lack of predation”

        One of my favorite saying is Too Many Cavemen, Not Enough Saber-toothed Tigers.

    • “…Witness the poor bloke who fought back in his own kitchen and killed an intruder with his own weapon AND WAS THROWN IN JAIL FOR 3 DAYS ON SUSPICION OF MURDER!!!”…. There, FIFY.

  5. Helluva’ job Frenchies…and WHY did we liberate France 74 years ago last week?!? I can relate to the divorce lawyer thing. Went through he!! 40 years ago…but I didn’t kill the bastard.

    • “Helluva’ job Frenchies…and WHY did we liberate France 74 years ago last week?!?”

      Because at the birth of America, France was there for us.

      And we really needed what they could (and did) provide for us, militarily-wise…

      • France wasn’t there for us, they were fight the real first “world war” against Britain and simply wanted every advantage.

        And France didn’t have anything we needed whatsoever. they had lost 98% of their navy, had no air force except a few planes we gave them and minimal army, there “resistance” wasn’t even a gnat on the back of the German occupation forces and administration.

        now I am NOT one to call them “surrender monkeys” for losing the beginning of WWII. teh french soldier was screwed from the start. they faced the German onslaught alone, and they also simply had a bad defense plan — a good plan is to have offensive capabilities.

        But their forces did not do anything of consequence helpful of us, and in deed of all the parties eventually on the side of the allies that helped Hitlers rise and aggression though policy on;y the Soviets were worse, since the Soviets directly allied with the Nazis for the event that caused the war. but the French insisting on an insanely punitive peace after WWI made certain Germany would eventually fight WWII

    • Geoff I’m up on my world history. We also saved their azz in WWI. The help during our revolution was already “paid up”. WWI had little to do with us. They were merely at perpetual war with Britain(the main cause of OUR revolt was the 7 Years War-French & Indian in America. The Brit’s wanted us to pay for it). Liberating Europe made sense with a Deutchland who really could defeat us(but Hitler was a lunatic drug-addict loon). If the Fatherland had gotten rhe bomb who knows…

  6. General Bruno Le Ray, Military Governor of Paris, defended the order he’d given that prevented eight soldiers located near the Bataclan concert hall from intervening in the attack because he thought “it unthinkable to put soldiers at risk just hoping, hypothetically, to save other lives.”

    Let me guess, his father was in charge of the Maginot Line in 1940, right?

    • “Let me guess, his father was in charge of the Maginot Line in 1940, right?”

      Ooooooooooh, *Burn*! 😉

      You have a delightfully vicious sense of humor, Mark.


    • To be fair, the Maginot Line forces were actually handled quite well. So much so that for the most part the Germans went around it rather than try to force a way thru. The real defeat came when France’s maneuver forces were out-maneuvered, out-thunk, and out-fought. That said, France has brought about its own defeat and has no one to blame but themselves.

  7. Rather save eight government workers than risk attempting to protect hundreds of peasants. The math is obvious.

    American cops are also starting to stand down instead of risk their lives for women, elderly and children.

    • Well seeing as how the people in blue are villified for helping someone cross the street these days, i cant say i blame them.

    • Regardless of what the Sheriff claimed, what we saw in Broward Co. was an example of how police culture has deformed itself to the point where “getting to go home at night” is such an internalized value that it overshadows the police’s fundamental job of protecting people. Retired cops, the guys from the 60’s, 70’s. and 80’s, are completely disgusted by guys like Peterson. Don’t kid yourself, there are a lot more Scott Peterson’s out there than there are the kind of cops who would have tried to save lives. Good cops are out there, but they’re just outnumbered by the Peterson’s.

  8. “…he thought “it unthinkable to put soldiers at risk just hoping, hypothetically, to save other lives”…”
    Isn’t that what soldiers in combat do?

  9. the issue is NOT whether armed police, SROs or armed and trained administrators or teaching staff prevent all possible events, but whether they will stop or deter any, and the evidence is they do stop some.

    Idon’t own a fire extinguisher because it will stop all fires. Can you imagine someone saying having a fire extinguisher is useless since it only will save you in 10, 20 or 30% of fires?

    Police arrive in time to stop only about 2% of violent crime in progress, but this does not make me want to disband th police. Gun owners homes (provided the gun owner is not a criminal or gang member themselves) are about 30% safer than homes with no guns. But one does no posit your home or carry firearm has to stop 100% of all crime against your household to be useful.

    There are common aspects to these shootings, particularly the media helping motivate a tiny fraction of kids who feel insignificant AND have a mental illness by the media making the shooters famous.

    but there are a lot of unique aspects to each. Rather than worry about any particular circumstance what we ought ought keep in mind that armed teachers and staff, armed SRO and armed police tasked to a school reduce risk in the big picture aggregates


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