Oregon Semi-Automatic Ban NRA Challenge
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NRA to Fight Oregon’s Semi-Automatic Firearm Ban

Why does anyone need to hunt with a semi-automatic machine gun? . . .

The National Rifle Association announced Thursday that it will challenge Oregon’s petition to ban assault weapons.

Although Initiative Petition-43 has not yet been passed, the NRA released a press release disclosing the organization’s joint challenge with the Oregon Hunters Association.

The petition was filed on March 22, 2018 by a Portland interfaith group, Lift Every Voice Oregon.

The measure gives a lengthy definition of assault weapons, which includes semi-automatic rifles and pistols with a detachable magazine and one of several modification, semi-automatic firearm with a fixed magazine holding over ten rounds, semi-automatic rifles with an overall length less than 30 inches, semi-automatic shotguns with a grip and stock, a semi-automatic shotgun with either a fixed magazine in excess of ten rounds or a detachable magazine, a shotgun with a revolving cylinder, or a conversion kit.

Tammy Duckworth Illinois National Gun Registration Bill
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Illinois Democrats Introduce National Firearm Registration and Licensing Bills

This is our shocked face . . .

Two Illinois congressional Democrats want to take their state’s gun laws and apply them nationwide with two bills they have introduced in the House and the Senate.

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) has introduced H.R.6024, which aims to “provide for the implementation of a system of licensing for purchasers of certain firearms and for a record of sale system for those firearms, and for other purposes.”

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) has introduced S.3002, which has the same intent as H.R.6024 and “for other purposes.” They are calling the pair of bills the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2018.

It is long past due for Congress to have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. This is not a question of right or left. It’s a question of right or wrong.

North Carolina High School Water Gun Fight Arrest
courtesy abc11.com

Water gun fight at NC high school escalates to arrest

There’s always one in the crowd who takes things too far . . .

Authorities say they arrested a 17-year-old North Carolina high school student after he attacked a school employee and police officer during a water gun and water balloon fight.

Winston-Salem Police said about 150 students left the cafeteria of Glenn High School at lunch Friday and began fighting with water balloons and water guns.

Police say the one student tried to spray the school employee in the face with the water gun and became mad and began assaulting the staff member who was trying to take the water gun away.

Kamala Harris’ Two Policy Priorities Will Lead California (Further) Down The Socialist Rabbit Hole

California’s so deep into that hole, there isn’t much light visible above them at this point . . .

During the discussion, the junior senator encouraged voters to be activists for causes they’re passionate about, one of those being gun control. She explicitly talked about getting rid of “weapons of war.”

“It’s a false choice to suggest you either support the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away,” she said. “That is ridiculous.”

One look at Harris’ Twitter feed and it’s apparent that pushing gun control and standing up for illegal aliens are her two top legislative priorities.

California Suicide Rate Gun Control
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California’s suicide rate is among America’s lowest – maybe because we control guns

Maybe. Or maybe the reason behind a decline in suicides is much more complex than an easily packaged, self-justifying anti-gun message . . .

It is an article of faith among opponents of gun control in California that this state’s tough firearm laws are pointless – that try as we might, sick people will do what sick people do, and death, as ever, will have its way.

But one of the key takeaways from the stunning report released last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the difference that can be made by measures that keep lethal weapons out of the hands of people in crisis.

Three points stood in relief against the CDC’s major finding, which was that suicide rates climbed nationally by a shocking 25 percent over the last two decades, with half of states charting increases of 30 percent or higher.

California Gun Show Crossroads of the West Ban
courtesy santacruzsentinel.com

Concern over call for Cow Palace gun show ban

The loss of revenue is a small price to pay for striking another blow against the gun culture . . .

Cow Palace staff readying the Daly City facility for the Crossroads of the West’s gun show this weekend may be wondering about the event’s future after county officials this week bolstered support for a state Senate bill aimed at ending the sale of firearms at the well-used events venue.

Featuring rows of firearms and ammunition, the promoter’s third gun show of the year is expected to attract some 2,500 to 3,000 people by the time it ends Sunday night, said Cow Palace CEO Lori Marshall.

But if Senate Bill 221 is successful in banning sales of guns and ammunition at the Cow Palace after the facility’s contract with Crossroads of the West ends in 2020, the venue would have to search for a way to make up the estimated $125,000 in revenue generated by the five events Crossroads of the West hosts at the venue each year, said Marshall. She added the facility does not receive any state funding and generates an average of $4.7 million in revenue annually to be able to invest in facility and equipment maintenance and upgrades.

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      • Californians are not Americans. Spin that tumor off into its own country and build a wall around it. Make it twice as high as the Mexican wall.

        • J –that is stupid and here is why buddy!

          walling off cali because the US failed to control the borders and the illegals ran in with help to ruin the state!

          I am posting this for those who post that think that California has given up on ever getting the illegals out of California

          — well we tried to end this crud, all the WAY BACK IN 1994 with California proposition 187 it passed by 60%. a big number to pass by in a non-presidential election year and by that size of a number allot of Latino/ Americans voted for it. look it up —( by the way 187 is the murder# in the police code book here)

          it basically stated once passed. No one who was not legally here could get a state service– any at ALL!!!!!!! that even included education –no green card kiddy don’t go to school –(keep your dumb kid at home we don’t need to educate him/her on our dollar)

          ——-BUT—then the fed’s stepped in and said the whole law was unconstitutional and WE had to educate some other countries kids on our dollar


          Blame the OTHER 49 states, NEVER US

          WE did our part and YOU ALL DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          REMEMBER This FACT!!!

          cali used to be DEEP RED it is where Reagan got his start buddy—what changed??
          all the WETBACKS! and the influx of war refugees from Korea and Vietnam era that got benefits that citizens only DREAM about—no pay back biz loans ECT!

        • We need to compel CA to follow the Constitution long enough for them to deratify it and seccede from the Union, after which, we can do Sherman’s March to the Sea and fuck all of them up righteously, and with wanton abandon, and get our real estate back. It’ll be a good example to the rest of the blue state fuckers, and eventually will wind up saving lives.

  1. We are at war!! This is getting to the point where the continued poking the bear is going to incite the violence these people want in order to violently disarm all of us!

    • There already has been a few white males who grabbed their guns and started shooting. Doesn’t get much attention because they don’t want actual revolt taking place.

  2. Actually, even though California has the strictist gun control, don’t they also still have the most gun owners? Unfortunately they’re simply vastly outnumbered by the massive left wing city states.

    • I think we just about tie with Texas. You want to see the gun industry crash in the US? Lose either state.

      We are greatly outnumbered here and it doesn’t help that illegals are issued state drivers licenses and there is no id check required at the polls.

      It’s past time we had another Lincoln in the White House. Somebody that will use the military to restore civil and human rights in the US.

      • Lincoln decided that if a majority elected him, then anything he decided on was God’s will, much like Roosevelt. The recurring problem with those types is that they start to interpret “majority” as a fiat to change the structure of government to suit their purposes, and have been proven to be willing to destroy the structures that are the separation of powers.

        The strength of the original constitution is that it left success and failure to the state legislatures, and to crash and burn was a real possibility, anytime. Lincoln was the first one to tie the flotation devices into one, which immediately enabled freeloading. It’s going to cut both ways, whether or not any of the good people left want to acknowledge it. If California can’t sink on its own, and the San Andreas fault won’t throw it into he sea like we all want, then it is our problem.

        Remember, INDIVISIBLE, remember. Is that not what the North sent 300000 to die for ?

        If they couldn’t leave then mean that you can’t kick someone out now?

        In my experience, fences and walls are meant to keep things in, not out.

        • Let me share a fond memory. A few years back I watched a movie in the theater that depicted a scene where California fell into the ocean. The entire crowd burst out in applause.

  3. When will the left learn the meaning of FALSEHOODS ? Why do law abiding citizens need AR-15 type weapons ? Why shouldn’t they !! What makes these politicians think they have the right to tell me what I should want , or be able to buy with my money ? Idiots wouldn’t know a glock from an Armalite. Yet they want to disarm us. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. That’s like me telling them what kind of car they can or can not own. It is mind boggling. They can all kiss my arse , I will bend over for that , I will not bend on my 2nd amendment right to bear arms. I have a legal right to protect myself and my loved ones. The weaponry I choose to do so with is my business period.

    • The government has successfully manipulated and trained Americans to think you need to justify something before you can have it or do it. The State has become your mother and your father.

      There is a protectionist culture in various areas. Trump wants to protect Americans through fascist economic policies and a larger military/police state. Democrats want to protect Americans by banning unhealthy and dangerous things.

      It’s rare to hear an American actually support and defend genuine liberty for all. Look at what they vote for and who they elect. The people who want liberty are vastly outnumbered. Even some people that claim to be for liberty will label people as anarchists in order to dismiss them.

  4. So I click on the Daily Digest to see what old Kamelface is up to.
    Then I see the Duckworth photo and think ‘wow, that fascist hag is really putting the pounds on’. Oops, that’s not a photo of Ms Harris…

      • The Cow Palace is an arena located in Daly City, CA (just south of San Francisco, and strangely enough, north of the city of South San Francisco). Before it became an arena, it was the California State Livestock Pavilion. During the Great Depression, a local reporter asked why they should have a palace for cows while people were starving in the streets, and the name Cow Palace stuck. The Cow Palace later served as a way station for soldiers headed to the Pacific Theatre during WWII and twice hosted the Republican National Convention.

  5. I got an early Fathers Day gift today, ( I have to work that day…shit!) 25 fully loaded 30 rnd. AR magazines! No .223 that I can find, all 5.56mmand boxes of ammo to boot! Plus a few other goodies! I have two great Sons! No anti- gunners in my brood! Oh, and I don’t need the govs or Camel Harris’s permission for diddly as far as I’m concerned. Why does she always look angry??

  6. I thought it was a picture of Klansmen at first. Well, GAG has the same politics, so it is an easy mistake to make. *shrug*

  7. The suicide rate will increase due to the new SJW culture that is taking over America. If America continues down this path it’s going to be like South Korea — that country has a powerful SJW culture mixed into old Korean culture.

    If you think it’s childish and ludicrous in America now, you can’t imagine how ridiculous it is in Korea. No one is free to be who they truly are. You have to find a group of friends that you can be yourself with in private/secret.

    Americans are good at taking their online SJW beef into the streets. I figure SJW culture is here to stay until these people are put back onto the internet (where they came from). I don’t see that happening because the government loves SJW culture, as it allows them to destroy the U.S. from within from every angle.

  8. “This is not a question of right or left. It’s a question of right or wrong.”

    No, it’s a question of good and evil…and you’re not on the side of that equation you seem to think you are.

  9. Man I HATE Illinois…Bobby Rush is a “former”(?) criminal. Duckworth revels in regaling us with her war heroism…but hates you being able to defend yourself. Worse than Kamala? We’ll see…😖

  10. Kali’s low suicide rate is likely due to its high percentage of Hispanic residents, who commit suicide at a lower rate than do Whites.

  11. High percent of Hispanics are Catholic. According to Catholic dictates, Suicide puts you in the Express Lane to Hell plus Hispanics have closer family ties.
    Also lower divorce rates.

    • A lot of people here get depressed and O.D. without leaving any willful suicide indicators. In other states these might be classified as “suicides” but here its just an other O.D. I don’t believe for one second our suicide rate is lower than the rest of the country. I just think we have politicians gerrymandering numbers and waving them around for political points.

    • Once the Hispanics take over California in a few years, it will be rejoining Mexico, where it belongs. Stolen property needs to be returned to the rightful owner.

      • In a few years, Commiefornicate will not be wanted by the USA anyway. Start building the wall!
        BTW, Fremont and Kearney conquered California with only a couple hundred men (or less) so the colonial hispanic population must not have kicked too much in joining the USA.

        • They like to talk about leaving the U.S., which isn’t easy. How about the U.S. voting to leave them and putting up a wall to save neighboring states before it’s too late? Then you can filter out anti human rights Californians from moving to Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Las Vegas and Texas.

  12. So there’s a petition in Oregon, is there? Maybe some of you have seen the petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide. It is, after all, a dangerous chemical that kills thousands every year. Worse still; it is absolutely everywhere – places you may not even suspect – and government is doing NOTHING to remove it.
    That’s right. It’s not really hard to find plenty of morons to sign a petition that would ban water. Shall we ask Tom if he plans on “turning ‘em all in?” (I have a very unsafe boat for rent if you’re interested… low, low price.)

    • That’s one of the problems with direct democracy. Even proponents of direct democracy know this, which is why they would want something like 60-70% majority in order to pass something.

      Most people are dumb and selfish. You can’t expect them to spend a lot of their time becoming informed and educated about everything on their own. Yet it’s easy to register to vote and walk into a booth. You could argue it’s much easier to register to vote than to buy a firearm and that ignorant voters are much more dangerous to society than guns.

      Sure, everyone has an opinion, but your opinion can be factually incorrect. If you’re not knowledgeable about a topic maybe you should refrain from making an irreversible decision on behalf of the rest of us. Unfortunately, Americans can’t stay out of other people’s business and have to tell people what to do.

      • which is a big part of why originally if you were just a worker you did not have the right to vote. you had to own land or some sort of business to vote.

      • If government stayed within constitutional bounds, it wouldn’t be an issue if most people were ignorant, the government could not do anything major to mess up our daily lives. That’s how it was supposed to be, the government would simply be there to perform it’s essential functions and stay the hell out of our lives as much as possible.

        Of course, that’s the federal government. State and local were intended to be different matters, where you WOULD need to pay close attention.

  13. Oregon is ruled by Multnomah County which is populated by California migrants who escaped California downward spiral to inflict the same ideology that caused California rapid decent in Oregon. After nearly 50 years living in Oregon, I moved out of the Oregon 4 years ago. The final straw was a video of several government employee union thugs beating up a man in the streets of Portland for the audacity of disagreeing with them. Being a student of history, Oregon is experiencing what can only be described as a leftist revolution where any disagreement with the leftist ideology is met with discrimination, threats, and increasing incidents of violent retribution. It has been disappointing to see a state I once loved turn into a vipers nest of hate.

  14. Ah, Kamala Harris.


    “Local law enforcement must be able to use their discretion to determine
    who can carry a concealed weapon,” said Kamala Harris, who was then the
    California Attorney General.

    I have always wondered how #BlackLivesMatter would view this. After all,
    according to their narrative, cops are just Klansmen with badges who
    habitually gun down unarmed black men. How could we trust such people with
    discretion to determine who may carry a concealed weapon.

    And yet, just yesterday, she tweeted this:

    Today, we remember #MikeBrown and recommit to ensuring truth,
    transparency, and trust in our criminal justice system. #BlackLivesMatter

    So I wonder if any reporter from the network broadcast and print media would
    ask her any of the following questions:

    – If the reason that “[l]ocal law enforcement must be able to use their
    discretion to determine who can carry a concealed weapon” is because they
    are just Klansmen with badges, why shouldn’t the Stormfront White
    Nationalist Community also get to decide who can carry a concealed weapon?

    – If the reason that “[l]ocal law enforcement must be able to use their
    discretion to determine who can carry a concealed weapon” is because they
    habitually gun down unarmed black men, why shouldn’t the Crips also get to
    decide who can carry a concealed weapon?

    – Is more black men dead or in prison a worthy price to pay to make lawful
    gun ownership more difficult?

    – Is making lawful gun ownership more difficult a worthy price to pay to put
    more black men in prison?

    – Does some magical guardian fairy turn these Klansmen with badges into
    freedom riders whenever they exercise their “discretion to determine who can
    carry a concealed weapon”?

  15. Duckworth is my senator. (Hangs his head low)
    I contacted her recently, asking for support of pro-human rights bills and NO more gun control. Her answer was in usual “Sure, but we have to push ‘common sense’ gun grabbing agenda! For the children!” tone.
    Now this. Should I be surprised that progressives want us good and defenseless?


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