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Credit service shuts down payments on all gun purchases

Looks like the New York Post reads TTAG . . .

Several gun-related businesses were suddenly — and without warning — disrupted in recent weeks when Intuit stopped processing credit card payments because sales were gun-related, The Post has learned.

Some of the payments stopped didn’t even involve firearms, but simply T-shirts and coffee mugs and gun safety classes, according to small business owners.

As a result, the businesses had to scramble to track down customers to get them pay their bills after Intuit credited back to customers’ accounts the purchases — even if the T-shirt was already shipped or the class already taken, one businessman told The Post.

YouTube Shuts Down Firearms Parts Dealer’s Channel. Supporters: You Picked The Wrong Company.

Don’t fuc|< with an American Institution . . .

Apparently YouTube felt enough pressure to rethink canceling the company’s account without notice. On Monday, Brownells announced that its channel had been restored.

“We CANNOT thank you ALL enough for your shares, reposts, retweets and positive comments!” the company tweeted. “We are beyond proud to have the finest group of customers and supporters anywhere.”

steam roller guns confiscation registration

Final Pieces Of The Puzzle Voiding The Second Amendment Are Ready To Put In Place

We’re living in interesting times . . .

With Fix NICS in the books, and with Republicans and Democrats in one accord on gun control, Washington is ready to take the next logical step toward voiding the Second Amendment—a Nazi Germany-style gun registry. If successfully made into law, these proposals will give the federal government complete control over every gun and gun owner in America, thus giving our Big Brother overlords the power they need to eliminate private gun ownership entirely.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) has introduced the Crime Gun Tracing Modernization Act, a bill that will require the federal government to establish a “searchable, computerized database” of all records pertaining to the sale, importation, production, or shipment of firearms. Though he hasn’t advocated a database system “yet”, Nelson’s GOP opponent, Gov. Rick Scott is equally as dangerous following his strong anti-gun position since the Parkland, FL high school shooting.

In the House of Representatives, Democrats have introduced the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act. If passed, it would prohibit gun ownership without a license and would require a valid firearms license to transfer and receive a gun. The bill would also require the US attorney general to maintain a “federal record of sale” system to track every gun purchase made in America.

Eric Moutsos Salt Lake City Cop Without Guns There Is No America

Without guns, there is no America

A former Salt Lake City cop’s opinion . . .

I once responded to a deadly scene in the heart of the city, where two of my brothers in blue were shot because an assailant attacked them, unannounced that he was armed. That’s right, bad guys don’t announce. I still have flashbacks from it. There are and were already laws that should have prevented the perp from carrying. Should have — if bad guys followed laws, ahem.

More laws, regulations and restrictions will fail. We are at a crossroads, with only two real options left: Confiscate all the guns in America, or have armed security, including teachers. We can’t give up our guns if we care to resist tyranny (the real reason the Second Amendment exists … not merely protection or hunting). Arming teachers who are willing and able, or hiring armed security, just makes sense, and it shouldn’t make you any more nervous than it made me when I found lawfully carrying citizens on traffic stops who told me they had weapons.

21 SAVAGE FLASHES GUN In Pool Party Brawl

Looks like a good time was had by all . . .

21 Savage quickly went from being empty-handed to locked and loaded with a gun this weekend after a fight broke out at a pool party he attended in Georgia.

Savage was partying it up Saturday at an annual rager in the Atlanta area called “Big Ass Pool Party,” when a large group of people crashed the event through the back.

Eyewitnesses tell us Sav appeared uneasy at the unexpected entrance, and that all hell broke loose when a person from the other camp said hi to a girl in Savage’s circle, upsetting his side. We’re told someone from the crashers’ crew pulled out a gun when confronted, which led to Savage arming himself, too. It appears he receives a revolver from a friend.

EAR ITAR Firearms Export Restrictions Import

Export Control Amendments Proposed for Commercial Firearms, Ammunition and Related Products

Better EAR than ITAR . . .

On May 24, 2018 the State and Commerce Departments issued proposed regulations regarding the transfer of export jurisdiction for commercial firearms and ammunition from the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (“ITAR”) to the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”).[1]

Specifically, the proposals would amend Categories I, II and III of the U.S. Munitions List (“USML”) to remove certain commercial firearms products, ammunition, and certain parts, components, accessories and attachments and transfer these items to the Commerce Control List (“CCL”) under the EAR.

This is the first step in the long-awaited process under export control reform to transfer firearms products that no longer warrant control as military products from ITAR to the less restrictive EAR. This is welcome news to our clients and many in the firearms and firearms accessory market. The following is a summary of a number of the proposed changes and the impact on companies dealing in these products.

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  1. I would hope that licensing and gun registration will not get out of the Senate; I would expect that it will die in the House, whether the House bill or the Senate bill. I’d bet Trump will not have to play his trump card and veto any such legislation; and if he does, I fear for our country.

  2. We need Trump to loose next time around and preferably lose one chamber of Congress to the Democrats. That’s the only way we get through this cuz the mass shootings ain’t stopping. “Conservative” retards predictably like that big red member cuz it’s not blue. Thus, we went from HPA, reciprocity, and ATF writing memos in support of deregulation to teetering on all sorts of outrageous controls that if Obama and company had tried, “conservatives” and their elected officials would be literally like Mel Gibson in The Patriot.

      • I’m not against rebellion, nor were the founders. I’m not so into armed rebellion; I rather it be an intellectual revolution.

        When it’s about life and death, people will choose the side that will win. I don’t see pro Bill of Rights people winning the fight because they are not prepared and don’t know what to do.

        The current system is corrupt beyond repair. It keep chugging along and there is no super hero to stop it. You would have to get rid of every single politician, throw out majority of laws/regulations and dismantle a lot of organizations/systems/institutions/agencies. That cannot happen nation wide.

        • :“…That cannot happen nation wide.’
          Why not?”

          Unfortunately, because we have managed to raise a few generations of voters who simply can’t manage to use the resources they have to research the people they are voting for.
          This is why you see so many signs at street corners with little more than a candidate’s name and party affiliation on them. They know name recognition is all they have going for them at the polls.
          “Oh, I remember that name!” Check.

    • “We need Trump to loose next time around and preferably lose one chamber of Congress to the
      Democrats. . .”

      Such clear headed thinking from you, Stateisevil. //sarc//

  3. On the gun registry… I’m good. Just sold all of mine. Yep. All gone. Except for a few that fell out of my boat. Gave a couple away. All gone. Nothing to see here. Have a nice day. Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

    • That’s not going to work. They have sales, background checks and financial records. Even worse if you have any tax stamps or a CCW.

      • They can have my tax stamps, everything else was lost or sold long ago. What would make them think otherwise?

    • “On the gun registry… I’m good. Just sold all of mine. Yep. All gone…”

      And when you are found in possession of an ‘illegal unregistered’ gun and are thrown in prison for 5 years, what will you do then?

      What will your family do without you providing a roof over their head?

      You do realize that this where this is heading , don’t you?

      • “…And when you are found in possession of ”

        Why would they find me in possession of anything? Or have they reinstated stop-and-frisk?

        • “Why would they find me in possession of anything? Or have they reinstated stop-and-frisk?”

          I had a house fire while I was out of the house a number of years back, and along with the fire department, do you know who else showed up?

          The cops. In my living room, talking to the fire department.

          Now imagine that scenario with a ‘Universal Gun Registration’ law in place, and my .357 was on the couch where I left it before running my errand…

        • They will. Along with random checkpoints on the highways — just like they used to do when everybody was freaked out about drunk driving (and they probably still do).

          Everyone gets treated like they’re guilty until the document-and-possession check confirms that they’re not. It’s the progressive way.

        • Well, we’re getting demos every week, now, call in a domestic disturbance and get ready to play.

  4. There are millions and millions of untraceable guns. Good luck azzwhole’s! Gee NOW I know who 21Savage is…my life is complete😋😬😏

  5. As inflammatory a picture as it is, the steamroller on the guns is actually what may likely happen if something isn’t done. I wanted to look through the articles and see that it was a based on a fringe site, but the article this one links to, in turn, links to an article from the GOA. Seems like the next civil war is getting closer every day.

  6. Personally, I’m hoping for a right wing military coup and a junta. Mass graves full of socialists and their foolish minions.

    Maybe Americans will finally wake up and realize what they’re pissing away.

      • We just hope their loud and proud CZJay.

        New RED/BLUE map is due out in November and it’ll be a little late for fuck shit up time, but it’s late for Elon Musk to build them something to hide outside our Solar System.

        Trump has turned the lights on for the cockroaches in canada and mexico, and generally forced all the assholes to out themselves. I think the mass buy lately is all blue fuckers but, sorry, late.

    • Given the estimated non-compliance rates in places like NY, CA, and CT, I’d say you’re in good company

      • Of course, we can all guiess against whom confgiscation efforts would be targeted.

        Anyone think the cops would conduct house-to-house searches in Bel Air or Central Park West?

        Or would they target places like Watts and Bedford-Stuyvesant?

        • Apparently “disparate impact” doesn’t apply to Black gun owners.

          Remember, the Chicago PD’s corrupt SOS home invasion crew started out confiscating guns in minority communities before they graduated to home invasion robberies and kidnappings.

  7. There is a lot of on-going discussion about how to deal with gun-grabbers who’s first argument is that the 2nd amendment doesn’t mean ownership of “weapons of war” following by the claim that “you don’t need 30 rounds to hunt deer” . . . If you’ve ever run down that rabbit-hole with a gun-grabber you know how pointless trying to have a “meaningful discussion” can be when their first premise invalidates the purpose of the 2nd amendment. You can short-circuit their “discussion” by simply getting down to the nub of the issue.

    When a gun-grabber deigns to talk to you “meaningfully” about guns I suggest that you go immediately to the unassailable fact that the 2nd amendment exists to insure that an armed citizenry can defend itself against governmental tyranny. When I resort to this, my experience is that gun-grabbers really have nothing much to say because, really, there’s nothing in their gun-control ideology or narrative that can adequately counter our founder’s intent that armed citizens are a counter to governmental tyranny. Thus, you end up on one side of the argument and they end up on the other. There really is no middle ground accommodation between them and us when it comes to our constitutional rights.

    • I like using the race and patriarchy cards against them. I also like to use their white guilt in regards to the genocide/ethnic cleansing their ancestors took part of in North America.

      They end up sounding like a bunch of white supremacists who hate women and minorities.

    • Oh good, I’m not the only one who read the headline and though it was the company. I have no idea what the hell “21 savage” is, and I have zero interest in wasting my time finding out.

    • I only watched a few seconds of the video but it was instantly clear it is about 21 SavageS (or more). Tribal scum.

    • He’s a rapper who said his name comes from the fact that he became a savage at age 21. That year his brother was shot dead, he was shot 6 times, he still managed to get the gun from the attacker and he returned fire. That was all one event which was ruled a DGU. Then a few month later his best friend was killed.

  8. “Trump and GOP join forces with Democrats to disarm America”

    Any bets where Negotiating Rights Away since 1934,will fall with these new Infringements.

  9. “Better EAR than ITAR . . .”

    Bullshit. Any of those assholes could fuck up a wet dream. Two signs to tell:
    1) It’s happening way to slick and fast; and
    2) The government is saying their doing it to help the little guy.


    I’m actually expecting the worst, and hoping for. . . A fucking meteor to take them all out.

  10. My girlfiend tells everyone her firearm is registered because she filled out the 4473. I guess in away she’s right. Well she is right, she’s always right, after three days and nites of non stop explaining why she’s right, Putin would fold, and Mao Kim Yun ( yes that’s his name, your right) would jump from the Great Wall of Korea.

  11. Download Intuit’s app, rate it one star, and then uninstall.

    That will make them pay and change their act.

  12. Vote democrat they can stop all these weapons from being in the hands of honest people. they give them too the crooks the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA IRS, BLM, an other Government crony’s

  13. I wonder how many blacks, jews, Americans of german, Italian, Japanese descent, or American Indians, all who at one time in American history had their guns confiscated, will vote for gun registration????

    In the case of American Indians they had to pay a special fee to have bows and arrows on federal land.

  14. i don’t want any registration especially given the track record of how abysmal the government has been at cyber security or maintaining a basic working db of any sort i’d think a few pro 2a hackers could either wreck it or just fill it with bunk data rendering it null and void

    on the flip side of it anti 2a hackers could also hack and disseminate the information to criminals for a profit which already happened with medicaid either way its a crapshoot

  15. I urge all “people of the gun” to boycott FaceBook and YouTube. Excluding the fact that they are anti 2A (except when it costs them money) they are selling your personal contact info and viewing preference data to anyone (including the Russians) who will pay for it. Pete Brownell should immediately move his instructional videos to a more suitable platform. I closed my FB account about a month ago in light of all their nefarious deeds (more of which are becoming public everyday) and I refuse to have anything more to do with YT.


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