Trump bump stock ban national concealed carry reciprocity
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Remember when President Trump announced his support for a national concealed carry reciprocity bill?

“The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway,” President Trump said, in endorsing the proposed federal concealed-carry law.

This legislation would require all states to recognize concealed-carry permits issued by any state. It passed the U.S. House and will be debated in the next Congress. ALL elected officials should have the backs of lawful Americans who wish to avoid becoming victims. Opponents of this legislation will justifiably be seen by likely voters as anti-victim and pro-perp.

– Todd Blodgett for the Des Moines Register, Trump’s Proposed Concealed-Carry Law Will Reduce Crime

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    • It passed the U.S. House and will be debated in the next Congress. IT ALREADY PASSED THAT DEM HOUSE BACK WHEN IT WAS A REPUBLICAN HOUSE.

      • Yeah, and it went DOA the moment the 116th congress was sworn in.

        There are only two paths to National Reciprocity at this point. Take it to SCOTUS, or take it by refreshing the Tree of Liberty.

        It would be nice to be able to let pro-gun organizations know how we feel, but without a means to contact members of the NRA etc. beyond some general email account that avenue is closed. I’m forced to give the minimum for general membership in the NRA because my gun club requires it. The insurance policy is subsidized by the NRA and that is a good thing. All I can do is leave a little love notes on my renewal forms indicating that unless these groups start beating the drum of National Reciprocity no more money from me.

        And I have called upon TTAG and others repeatedly to publish contact lists so we can make our wishes known but I get ignored.

        • Or go back to the ballot box and vote for senators that will really support it… even if your candidate will lose. Even if he or she doesn’t have an “R” by their name. The reason the GOP senate didn’t do anything with it is they didn’t have to. They knew they have gun owner’s votes, so why bother?

          Before we start talking about blood and liberty and all these fancy words that conjure images of crossing the Delaware when most people can’t get up to change the TV channel, perhaps NOT voting for the same turds that keep lying to your face would be a better option.

      • I’m not sure what the new House could do to “cancel” approval of a previously passed bill, but if the Senate disagrees with any particulars, it would go to a joint House-Senate conference committee to resolve the differences. I’m pretty sure the new House will appoint the House members of that committee. But I would defer to someone who knows the fine points of procedure.

        • It is automatic. Bills that have not been passed die upon swearing in of a new Congress. So the House bill that passed is now a nonentity and cannot be acted upon by the Senate. Further, the bill never had enough votes to get it to the floor, because the Democrats were not going to cross the line to get the 60 votes needed to get it to the floor for debate. It was DOA, as was Cornyn’s similar Senate bill. Even if the bill had passed and been signed, it would be tied up in legal limbo for at least the next decade by legal challenges from the states that do not permit, or severely restrict, CCW and/or open carry.

          Last but not least, being a mere statute, anything that the Congress does can be undone by later legislation.

          Give it up folks, the ONLY avenue to national reciprocity is a SCOTUS determination that the right to carry extends beyond the edge of your property. There are cases pending that raise the issue, but as long as the split is 4-1-4, the outcome of those challenges is uncertain.

        • Well, Mark, you could at least have tossed in that reciprocity is already law, part of 2A which also renders it extraneous nonsense.

      • Repeatedly posting that you don’t understand how our government works really doesn’t help you.

        H.R.38 passed the House in the 115th Congress and got stuck in the Senate. The old H.R.38 was reintroduced as the new H.R.38 in the 116th Congress. It was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary and will die there:

        So, yes “It passed the U.S. House and will be debated in the next Congress.”, as the article says. It will need to get passed by the House again, though. For those that don’t seem to understand this, bills that don’t pass the entire legislature during a legislative session die at the end of that legislative session.

      • Anything that passed in the House last year doesn’t count this year. Each session of Congress is completely separate. Several pro-RKBA billes passed in the House last year — and all of them died in the RINO Senate.

  1. This is the utmost in political douchery.

    He was silent when he actually had a chance to pass it with both houses under Republican control.

    Now that he knows it will NEVER pass a Democratic House, he talks a big game.


      • It doesn’t matter that it passed the House in the last Congress. That doesn’t carry over to the new Congress. It will have to pass the House again, and that ain’t likely to happen now.

    • Don from CT,

      … when he actually had a chance to pass it with both houses under Republican control.

      The U.S. Senate was never under Republican control because Republicans did not have 60 Senate seats — the number of Senators needed to satisfy the U.S. Senate’s cloture rule and allow the bill to go to the U.S. Senate floor for a vote.

        • The real story is the government doesn’t like an armed population. Certainly not Democrats and to a lesser degree Republicans.

          EVERY evil gun bill has been passed with the help of Republicans. We have been continually sold out by the courts and government. A few small victories.

          We are at a point where NO COMPLIANCE is appropriate.

      • THAT is a sad excuse invented by RINOs. Note that when the Democrats have had a majority in the Senate they have successfully controlled it even without having 60+ votes. The simple fact has been demonstrated several times in the recent past… The Republicans just don’t have a clue how to BE a majority party.

        • This is just more distraction from the trumpet administration, won’t never be any real action on reciprocity by the Republicans. Actually, they are far too busy ‘winning’ right now:

          “While many federal workers go without pay and the government is partially shut down, hundreds of senior Trump political appointees are poised to receive annual raises of about $10,000 a year.

          The pay raises for Cabinet secretaries, deputy secretaries, top administrators and even Vice President Pence are scheduled to go into effect beginning Jan. 5 without legislation to stop them, according to documents issued by the Office of Personnel Management and experts in federal pay.”

      • Keep up dumb Ass. We needed it voted on by the Senate in the last Congress before this one was seated. Back stabbed by REPUBLICANS AGAIN.

    • This has been debated on TTAG and AmmoLand ad nauseam. In the 115th Congress, national reciprocity was passed by the House, but got stuck in the Senate. It takes 60 votes to end the debate on a bill in the Senate and to move it forward to vote on the bill with simple majority. The 60 vote threshold is the legislative filibuster threshold. That threshold was abandoned for judicial nominees, but not for bills. There simply was no 60 votes in the Senate to get the bill past the filibuster.

  2. “46 percent of felons convicted of violent crimes are sentenced to no incarceration whatsoever.” – I think I’ve identified the problem.

    Nice to see the Register publish a pro-2A opinion piece for a change.

    Someday, when we’ve truly evolved beyond racism, we won’t need to make the argument that ‘minorities’ will benefit from a law more than white people.

    ‘It passed the U.S. House and will be debated in the next Congress.’ – Am I to assume that Aunt Nancy can’t stop this? Either way, don’t expect states like New Jersey to take this lying down. They may not be able to convict you of a felony for exercising your supposedly Constitutionally protected right to bear arms, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hold you for 72 hours while they ‘verify’ the validity of your permit, or at least slap you with a $600 fine for that broken tail light you weren’t aware of until the LEO pulled you over.

      • True. The new Congress has no obligation to continue bills the previous Congress neglected to finish. They may resurrect a bill and start over, but that’s voluntary.

      • That was my assumption.

        The real travesty here is that the courts didn’t strike down such obviously unconstitutional laws decades ago.

      • It depends on the exact “state of limbo” in which the bill resides.

        Bills can be protected from “death” by using certain moves in committees (keeping the bill alive in that committee) or, in the Senate, by delaying their consideration until a certain date in the future that occurs after the next Congress is sworn in. The first tactic mentioned was used to keep the “original” HPA alive for a couple of years.

        Of course, in the case of the Senate delaying to a date past the swearing in of the next Congress the bill’s continued life is contingent on whatever party kept it alive retaining power in the Senate.

        If the proper parliamentary procedure was followed to keep the bill alive then it doesn’t have to go back to the House unless the Senate makes changes to the Bill in order to pass it in their chamber.

        Senate rules are extremely complicated and arcane. There’s actually a book on the subject that’s close to 300 pages long.

  3. This is one that sounds good, but isn’t. Increasing federalism on our issues is still increasing federalism.

    • One of the few legitimate uses of federal power is to step in when states are infringing on citizens’ constitutionally protected natural rights.

      This falls right into that bucket.

      • Agreed. That is a role of a Federal government in all three branches. Protecting Constitutional Rights is a sworn duty of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial no matter where an infringement of Rights may originate.

        • On this issue the constitution supports the people of the gun.

          Article IV, Section 1:

          Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.

          This is the article that guarantees your marriage license or drivers license from one state will be honored in all the states, clearly they should apply to the act of granting a CCW to a citizen in any particular state.

          If the CCW licensing process includes a thorough background check and live fire training requirements I would be in favor of reciprocity.

          Of course, it ain’t going to happen because Trump lied to all you supporters, you dun been had.

        • “This is the article that guarantees your marriage license or drivers license from one state will be honored in all the states”

          Actually, it doesn’t.

    • Don’t worry, Mike. Nobody here understands what you’re talking about. All they can see is “concealed carry in all 50 States”. Oorah.

      They don’t give one whit that it means putting the federal gov in charge of the whole shebang. They point to driver’s licenses and marriage licenses…more things that the fedgov should have NO say or input on in any way, shape or form.

      And while they beat their breast about individual States infringing on citizens rights they give no heed to the many, many, many federal restrictions, not just on 2a but across the board that affect all citizens of the Union. So while currently “free-er” States like Kansas and Arizona enjoy Constitutional Carry, these people would rather a federal decree usurp the will of the people of those States and perhaps now require those people to take mandated training, licensing, etc. As if that in and of itself isn’t an infringement of the 2a!

      It’s utter cognitive dissonance.

      States like NY, CA and NJ obviously have citizens that do not want the 2A. That’s fine. I do not need to go there. And I certainly don’t need Uncle to force the State governments to allow something they do not want. And if the problem is really just “liberal cities” then that mean each State has it’s own problems, much greater than CCW reciprocity.

      What we’re really seeing here is breakdown and dissolution of empire. That is a good thing. Can’t come soon enough. Keep your reciprocity, let States decide.

      • It’s not “fine” that citizens of CA, NY, etc don’t want the 2a, and it’s not “fine” that their totalitarian elected leaders are violating the Constitution to enforce said anti-2a laws. None of it is fine! I’m all for states rights, but not when they violate enumerated natural rights.

        • Great! When NY rebels against their rulers, we can go join the battle, but fedgov needs to stay the hell out.

  4. This is pure political grandstanding. Pandering to his base, who he is losing because of the stock market turmoil and his bump stock ban.

    I can’t stand the guy, but I hold my nose and support many of the things he’s trying to do. The stock market is in a panic not because of poor fundamentals. But because of this idiots unpredictability with respect to trade.

    Markets like predictability. The markets feared Obama because of his unpredictability on taxes and regulations. Trump is creating uncertainty in his own very special way.

      • The Stock Market is in a panic because it fears the Socialist Democrats who just took over the house are going to try to take us in the same direction as Venezuela. If you want Venezuela move there. Leave the rest of us alone. Just make sure to take plenty of toilet paper. Keeping the toilet paper factories running, that’s something they don’t quite have a handle on yet. among other things, like insulin, fresh water, antibiotics, and electricity.

        • No, nobody is trying to move the USA towards Socialism. That includes the left wing idiots who are misapplying the term by calling themselves Socialists. They are no such thing.

        • Wrong. Tariffs, chaos in trade policy, government shutdown, Trump misunderstanding what his role is in the Fed and monetary policy, those are the things that have impacted the stock market. Notice that today the Fed chairman said he wouldn’t resign even if Trump asked, plus a good jobs number, and the market has shot up. The economy and the stock market are only loosely connected, many other things influence whether the Dow goes up or down, interest rates for instance.

          TL:DR, DonnieDumbDumb doesn’t understand what he’s doing, whether it’s gun rights, how the government functions, how business works, the English language, history…

        • “Donnie DumbDumb doesn’t understand what he’s doing, whether it’s gun rights, how the government functions, how business works, the English language, history…”

          He graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school. He is a billionaire businessman and in his first attempt at politics ran for the Presidency of the United States and won against a candidate frequently called the most qualified person ever to run for the office. What’s on your resume, numbnuts

        • Where’s the evidence he graduated from Wharton, he says it, but I’ve seen no transcript. Where’s the evidence he’s a billionaire, he says it, but he won’t release his tax returns. He has been bankrupt 4 times, there’s evidence of that.

          There is evidence he doesn’t know history, how the Constitution works, separation of powers. You can see it every day, along with more lies than you can count. If he says it, you’d be silly to believe it, he lies more than he tells the truth.

        • The evidence is supplied by Wharton Business School, he is on their Alumni list. The financial experts at Forbes Magazine estimates his wealth at 3.1 billion. Are you even on an alumni list anywhere? Have you ever even picked up a Forbes magazine? Like I said, what’s on your resume, numbnuts.

        • He went to the University of Pennsylvania, graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the Wharton School. It is a slightly above average undergraduate school because that’s not the Wharton people think of, but it is good marketing, fooled you.

          The Wharton School’s claim to fame is the graduate school for MBA’s at UPenn as the #1 MBA program in the world, he is not an alumnus.

        • @HUNTMASTER, first run??? Short term memory. 2000 he ran but dropped out of the primaries.

    • “Pandering to his base, who he is losing because of the stock market turmoil and his bump stock ban”

      Not trying to single you out, but it’s worth repeating to all here: If any of you think the bump stock ban is going to be the thing that truly alienates Trump from his base or even costs his a negligible amount of votes, you need to step away from the echo chambers that are online gun blogs. I’m not agreeing with the bump stock ban, I’m simply reminding you all that the overwhelming majority of people, including gun owners, simply do not care. Not even a little. Outside of this blog and a couple of forums, I have yet to find one gun owner in real life who is anything more than indifferent at worst about the bump stock ban. I have not met one who is actually mad about it, or who is not going to vote for Trump again because of it. I know it seems like everyone is upset here, but “here” is a small community of what, maybe 50-100 regular commenters? It’s a political non-starter, and an insignificant blip on the radar for 99% of people.

      • I don’t agree HP. Indifferent to the bumpstock ban, yes. But only because bumpstocks are stupid. Indifferent to it’s implications? Absolutely not. All of my reading pursuant to this issue indicates most are well aware of the implications of a defacto taking of private property previously declared legal and not at all ok with it.

        • “All of my reading pursuant to this issue indicates most are well aware of the implications of a defacto taking of private property previously declared legal and not at all ok with it.”

          Once again…”taking” (confiscation) of contraband (illegal items) is completely permissible under the Constitution. That which was legal yesterday can simply be declared illegal today (either through new law, or re-interpretation of existing law). Once declared illegal, confiscation of the illegal item is not a “taking”, as so many want it to be, and requires no “just compensation.”

        • And anybody with a lick of sense realizes that was definitely NOT what was intended by those who wrote and ratified the Constitution.

        • “And anybody with a lick of sense realizes that was definitely NOT what was intended by those who wrote and ratified the Constitution.”

          Could you expand on your sentence?

      • I’d say making roughly half a million people fellons by executive fiat is pretty significant. Throw in red flag laws and Trump’s and Congress’ inability to introduce pro 2a policy or bills I know plenty of (mainstream) people who are pissed.

    • “The stock market is in a panic not because of poor fundamentals. But because of this idiots unpredictability with respect to trade.

      Markets like predictability. The markets feared Obama because of his unpredictability on taxes and regulations. Trump is creating uncertainty in his own very special way.”

      The problem, IMHO, isn’t unpredictability. It’s a combination of three things, again IMHO.

      First, the media driving a narrative of unpredictability because they ignore your first sentence, namely that the fundamentals are good. Fear sells copy. Unfortunately selling such “news” has real world effects on market confidence.

      Secondly, a focus on small sectors of the economy and certain companies that we’ve been told are bellwethers, such as Apple, but which really are not. A lot of “investment” news, to me, seems to focus excessively on certain companies and do so with the assumption that things will always and continually go up in terms of stock price for that company. If the company releases any piece of news that negatively affects their stock price, no matter how short lived that drop might be, people in the media start screaming that the end is nigh.

      Third, IMHO there is an excessive focus on the dangers of international markets at this point in time. Sure, things might not go as well as we hope overseas but the strong fundamentals of the US economy pretty much ensure that in the short to medium term we will, at worst, be the tallest midget in the field. Since money goes where it’s treated best if things take a bad turn overseas you can expect to see increased investment in the United States. Not something to bet the farm on long term but for now the idea that we’re going to crash this year seems to me to be nothing but bullshit doomsaying from people who are wrong more often than the weather-guessers are.

        • So what?

          The stock market doesn’t predict, nor does it fully account for, fundamentals in the economy. I also made money on the markets. In fact, I can say that about every President since I started investing. That doesn’t mean practically anything in terms of that POTUS’s policy. A savvier investor than I can make a boatload of money in any market.

          The stock market did quite well under Obama. However, other things that mattered to regular folks who don’t derive a lot of money off the markets didn’t do so well.

          The real truth of the matter is this: A POTUS has very little influence over the overall economy, at least in the immediate. In terms of what influence they do have in the immediate it comes almost entirely not from policy but perceptions about that policy. What markets desire from government is a fairly hands-off approach and reasonable regulation. The explosion in hiring under Trump isn’t, IMHO, due to anything Trump *did* but rather a perception of what he won’t do vs. a perception what HRC would have done both contrasted against what companies saw under Obama that made them nervous to make long-term investments in employees.

          It’s easy for us to sit back and say “The markets did well”. However, you will get an entirely different reaction from someone like my former neighbor who had to take a serious pay cut at the end of the Bush years, wasn’t well invested, saw his wife lose her job, his son graduate college to one of the worst job markets in decades and ended up nearly losing everything due to this. He didn’t give a flying fuck about the DJI average and neither did the other 40-50% of Americans who were not invested in the markets.

        • Really? And what exactly did he do so you could make a pile of money? What were doing, selling solar panels? Any fool knows “Correlation does not imply causation”.

    • Actually, the stock market loved Obama, who rescued us from the great recession.

      “But it’s not as impressive as its performance during the equivalent period under Obama. Under Obama, the Dow increased from 7,949.1 to 10,572 — a rise of 33 percent.

      In fact, the Dow’s rise was even more impressive under Obama if you start measuring at the market’s low point, on March 9, 2009, during the depths of the Great Recession. That day, the Dow closed at 6,547. Between then and Jan. 5 — a 10-month period — the Dow rose by a stunning 61 percent. That’s more than three times faster than Trump’s rise over the same period in his term.”

      Obama gave trump an excellent economy with strong fundamentals that was showing significant gains over eight years and Trump has managed to screw it up.

      • “Actually, the stock market loved Obama…”

        I think the markets actually loved the basically free investment capital they were getting due to interest rates from the Fed.

      • “Obama . . . rescued us from the great recession. ”


        Stop! You’re killing me!

        I gotta catch my breath.

      • “It may sound hard to believe, but for all the talk about how well the stock market has done under President Trump, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is actually up less (25.69%) since he took office than it was under President Obama (40.94%) at the same point in his Presidency!”

  5. Trump is utterly incompetent, amoral, a bullying ego dysfunctional child in an old geezer’s body. He lies non-stop, even his claims of building his own fortune are bulls__t. He received nearly a half a billion from his father in sneaky, underhanded deals to conceal the money transfers. He cannot hold onto staff even when he hires the best, and often he hires idiot sycophants.

    So now after two years he is suddenly paying attention to the pro-gun agenda the NRA helped to elect him on? Nationwide Concealed Carry/Reciprocity starved on the vine all those months, Trump doing nothing at all. Now he suddenly has something to say right as the power structure has shifted?

    There is zero possibility of getting reciprocity or suppressor legislation thru Congress with a Democratic controlled House. Sprouting wings and flying to the top of the Capitol Dome is more likely.

    Trump has been asleep on the golf course on the Second Amendment. For him to bring this up now is probably because someone gave him an earful about his failure to act.

    Happily for Trump, now he can blame the Democrats for his own failures. Trump is great at the that, blaming others for his screw-ups.

    • Excellent point. The idiot in chief (still better than Hillary) seems to move with whoever had his ear last. This is because he is an intellectually feeble person who doesn’t bother to take the time to truly understand the issues, with their underlying ethical and legal basis.

    • “So now after two years he is suddenly paying attention to the pro-gun agenda the NRA helped to elect him on?”

      Are you actually dense enough to believe that Trump, or any other person running for POTUS, actually considers gun rights a front burner issue at the beginning of their term of office?

      I said years ago, right here on TTAG, that if you expected the HPA or any of this other stuff to pass right away you were a fool. Simply put, gun rights is NOT a national priority and hasn’t been… well ever that I know of. Trump’s own campaign made it really rather clear that at best gun rights was a tertiary issue to maybe be sorted out after primary and secondary concerns were dispensed with.

      We, as gun owners and 2A activists don’t have the political clout to make our concerns a serious up front issue. We don’t band together and there are way too many FUDDs for that to happen. Way, way more people were clamoring for jobs, tax relief, something to be done about the price of medical care, foreign policy, the wars we’re engaged in etc etc etc.

      The squeaky wheel gets the grease first and no matter how much we dislike the situation we are not and never were that wheel.

      • “Simply put, gun rights is NOT a national priority and hasn’t been… well ever that I know of.”

        And when guns do become a national priority, it will be entirely too late, or because the gun-grabbers actually formed critical mass to make private ownership illegal.

        • “And when guns do become a national priority…”

          Or because our elected representatives, in their infinite wisdom, have turned us into another Venezuela…

  6. Oh NOW you want to push the pro 2A message. Now when there’s no chance what so ever that’ll pass. What a joke.

  7. The article cites a comment by President Trump from SEPTEMBER 2015, when he was a candidate. President Trump said no such thing since then. Does anyone else need further proof that President Trump is a con man and charlatan?

    • Nope, knew he’d be a disaster from Step 1.

      2016 was the worst Presidential Silly Season in my lifetime and I go back to Nixon. The worst possible option from both parties won their nominations. Incredible.

      So we got the worst possible outcome. One of the lost, that was wonderful. Sadly, one of them won, that was terrible.

      Why couldn’t they both have lost ???


      • Founding Fathers forgot to enshrine in the Great Con: “All Ballots shall include a ‘None of the Above’ option.”

        • Oh, yeah! And NOTA must be binding, as in, if NOTA wins we start the election over with all the candidates disqualified from the next vote (or ever again, take your pick).

  8. The last sentence in the article is pure gold:

    “After all, when attacked by depraved miscreants who threaten innocent lives and personal property, law-abiding Americans should be allowed to take out the trash.”

    I love it!

  9. There are maybe 3 politicians in DC who actually care about rights. Any rights. The rest, regardless of party, all want 1)to keep getting elected and 2)government to expand forever. I was really hoping the norms would have glassed DC by now. Maybe during the SOTU. Fingers crossed.

    • “There are maybe 3 politicians in DC who actually care about rights.”

      Three might be a significant overestimation…

      The people stopped caring about their rights and therefore stopped guarding them jealously. Is it any surprise that the elected “leaders” have done exactly the same thing?

  10. BS.

    Reciprocity passed congress and sat in the republican senate for 13 months before it died forever two days ago

    This article is just trolling for gun user support after FU**ing us forever.

    Reciprocity will never pass another (demorat) congress…….not that the republirats are any allies

    The ballot box has (so far) not worked at restoring the constitutional republic. This article is an example of trying to hold on to patriot votes as we are herded toward communism. Just an attempt to divert attention from the daily treason.

    No republicans are comming to save you. Maybe the president would sign a bill for national reciprocity but he will never see it. Congress and the senate is for traitors

    Coming close to time for the cartridge box

  11. MEH. The RINO contingent in the Senate doesn’t give a damn about gun owner’s. And neither does Donnie. Lock n load…

  12. Important FWIW! ( Sorry for thread “Hijack” )

    Alert for possible FBI staged Hoax attack ( Where no one actually gets hurt ) today through this weekend! Everyone familiar with last Sunday’s alleged “Shooting” of 7 year old Black girl outside of a Houston Walmart by a “40ish, thin white male”?

    Well that “Shooting”, stinks to High Heavens and has all the earmarks of an FBI staged Hoax, right down to the blurry image of the alleged get away vehicle and the nightly over the top ( Considering all of the other Murders that happened last week end ) updates on the man hunt, on every major news outlet!

    Fully expect an FBI staged Hoax “shootout” with the alleged perp, with the perp “Dead” after committing “Suicide”. Where the suspect will be found to be a: “White Nationlist, Christian, Trump supporter, ccw holder, who was on the FBI’s radar and still passed a back ground check”.

    This would be staged obviously, to Try and “Grease the skids” for passage of new gun control laws and further Try and falsely Demonize White Conservative Christians: “As the number one Domestic Terror Threat” by passage of ‘HR 4918 Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act’ ( Which Targets mainly White Conservatives ), with the newly minted Democrat House Majority and RINO Senate!

    If “Anything” happens this weekend, please call it out for the FBI staged farce that it is!

    • “Im not a fan of this last minute procrastinating crap.”

      Agree. I find it more efficient and effective to procrastinate from the git-go, regardless of the matter at hand. I am also passionately neutral on everything, even that.

  13. So people should be able to come to New York with their out of state CCWs and have more rights than I do? I call BS on that. First get the 2A recognized on an equal footing in all 50 states, then it’s the proper time to talk about reciprocity.

    • “So people should be able to come to New York with their out of state CCWs and have more rights than I do?”

      Not exactly. State law governing gun owners, with or without concealed carry, would apply to visitors. The means for obtaining permission to own a gun in any state would be set aside, and visitors treated as if they had complied with State rules for owning a firearm. After a State grants permission to own a gun, the use and carry laws (some of which may be different than the law in the visitor’s State of residence) would apply to visitors. Only if a State outright bans possession of any firearm at all would visitors have more “rights” than a resident of a State.

  14. “Remember when President Trump announced his support for a national concealed carry reciprocity bill?”

    No. Remember when Trump announced that on day one of his tenure he’d issue an EO allowing military members to carry on base?

  15. @Mike In Ohio and @Usedtobepun –

    Housekeeping details first….”federalism” and federal intrusion are not the same thing. Under the original constitution, “federalism” was a descriptor for dual sovereignty, where the federal government had limited powers to interfere with States, and States had near unlimited power to govern their own affairs. Where the central committee was prohibited to intrude, States retained power over their internal affairs. This dual-nature is “federalism”.

    Commentary second….

    When it comes to National Reciprocity, I am continually bound up in a Jeff Dunham conundrum – arguing with myself. Since the Second Amendment is second class now, I like the idea of legislation that says, “This time we mean it”. But…that, as you note, puts the central committee in the driver’s seat. And simple legislation can be overturned by more simple legislation. On the other hand, since the Second Amendment was incorporated to the states via 14th amendment, States do not have the power to regulate their internal affairs (except as it pleases the central government). Thus, States are bound by the Second Amendment, so legislation enforcing 2A should not be necessary.

    So what does NR actually accomplish? States that abridge 2A would tie up legislation in the courts, a nation-wide injunction would be rendered, and we remain where we are today. If the courts finally approved NR, a empowered anti-gun legislation would soon be passed and rendered law (overriding the veto). And that would end up in the courts, ect.

    If the Second Amendment is ineffective, then “we gotta do something”. Or maybe not.

    I keep arguing with myself.

  16. The government doesn’t care about your right to self defense. The government is the biggest threat to your life, liberty, and property. Why would they want you to exercise your right to defend those?

    People think the role of government is to protect rights, but they fail to see the conflict of interest. Rights are the last thing they care about.

  17. Now that spinless republicans are covered by the dem majority in the house, watch more of them paying lip service to the 2A.

  18. Okay so this one is about an old thing Trump said several years ago. He did not just come out with this.

    Trump still failed us on Second Amendment legislation. By virtue of doing nothing about it.

    Other than forcing the ATF to ban bump stocks … handing the anti-gun people a win to crow about.

  19. Trump and all republicans are sell outs and no better than the dems. At least the dems will look you in the ye and tell you your gonna get it dry

  20. Many of the comments illustrate the problem here — the site has been taken over by tr0lls and other forms of low vermin.

  21. The babbling mob of TTAG is more dense and less able to digest a logical thought than the US Congress. The majority of TTAG reader posts demonstrate that these moroons couldn’t even light their own pitchfork or sharpen a torch.

    [email protected]

    • “The babbling mob of TTAG is more dense and less able to digest a logical thought than the US Congress.”

      That being said, your visits here do not polish your image. Says more about you than about us.

  22. Trump talks a big game but has done nothing for us. Right after the Dems take the House, such proposals are dead on arrival and he knows it. How about one protecting Assault Weapons as being useful for militia purposes? How about an executive order reversing the Russian or Chi Com import ban? Trump just wanted an endorsement from the NRA nothing more. We got scammed.

  23. And just two years too late to matter, too. Just like on the campaign trail when it was one year too early to matter. In the interim, he completely ignored gun owners, except when he was giving the order to confiscate nearly a million bump stocks, and instructing the ATF to crack down on a number of areas.

    Sorry Donald, but we know what you really are, now. The more observant of us had a pretty good hunch all along, but now it’s beyond debate that Trump’s just another big-city anti-gun fool bent on making our lives as gun owners more difficult.

  24. After raising our national debt, growing government, and pushing for gun control, it is a safe bet to assume that Republicans will once again be for “small government and gun freedom” now that they have lost the house. Gotta try and cover up that there is absolutely nothing conservative about them outside of their crappy social “values” now that they need to convince middle America that they are working for them come the 2020 elections.

  25. I’ve already got reciprocity. “The right, THE RIGHT to bear arms shall not be INFRINGED” We the people need to eliminate these infiltrator’s( by voting) whom wage war on the Constitution and what it stands for. ( “By voting”, what a joke) uhktah huctah hang em from a pole

  26. Talk is cheap. The government is currently shut down over the difference between a ‘fence’ and a ‘wall’ plus a few billion dollars. That’s what it looks like when someone decides they care about an issue.

    When they don’t care, you get statements like that and bills that fail to get out of committee even when the supposed 2nd Amendment supporters have both houses of Congress and the presidency.

    • Well put. If politicians really wanted either of these issues put to bed it would have happened before many of us reached adulthood. We can only assume by now that neither side has any interest in addressing these things. Never did.

  27. Trump is still playing trans dimensional chess, and his supporters are the suckers. He is a rambling idiot. Always has been, always will be. He is not now, and never was, pro 2A.

    Better than Hillary? Maybe in the short term. But the damage he has done to the credibility of the conservative/libertarian side of the house will be generational. I can’t stand the guy.

  28. So wait, if this bill were to pass (not happening I know) but say by some miracle it did. Would it mean states (like mine) which don’t allow on person carry of any kind, now be FORCED to finally start issuing permits to residents? I mean…that would be F#@%ing AMAZING!!

    • Actually, no, it wouldn’t force your legislature to do anything except allow *other* states licenses to be honored. It would be up to your state’s citizens (outraged by the fact everybody can carry in your state except them) to force “shall issue” CC on the state. Just as it is now.

  29. I submit that the reason it failed to move forward in the Senate was because the revision added constitutional carry. We need to learn from the gun control folks; chip away at the opposition a little at a time. Going for the “whole enchilada” all at once was too much. It should have started with states that issue CC permits. I said as much in emails to Richard Hudson (House) and Chuck Grassley (Senate). Once passed for states with CC permits the law could have been expanded at a later date or constitutional carry states could have implemented a simple, painless permit process.

    Unfortunately, the ship has sailed. HR 38 is dead…

    At the end of a two-year session, Congress adjourns “sine die,” or “without day,” and not reconvene until a new Congress starts some time the next January.

    After that, the slate is wiped clean; there is no business pending. All of the “H.R.” and “S.” numbered titles that have been discussed and debated for the past two years will be archived.

    I fear that it may be a very long time until we have all three bodies (House, Senate, Presidency) again. Before Trump we had a couple years with Bush 43. Prior to that you have to go back to the late 1920’s.


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