A Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces member holds an NLAW anti-tank weapon, in the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, Wednesday, March 9, 2022. Authorities announced a new ceasefire on Wednesday to allow civilians to escape from towns around the capital, Kyiv, as well as the southern cities of Mariupol, Enerhodar and Volnovakha, Izyum in the east and Sumy in the northeast. Previous attempts to establish safe evacuation corridors have largely failed due to attacks by Russian forces. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
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Ten years ago, the deadly Connecticut massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School wherein a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children, proved the need to secure U.S. K-12 institutions. Around noon on Tuesday, a similar tragedy was repeated after a decade of failing to protect American schools and deal with America’s mental health crisis.

In Uvalde, Texas, an 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School as he went on a rampage from classroom to classroom after shooting his own grandmother. President Joe Biden was quick to address the nation in prime time, eager to exploit the episode of violence as a rallying cry for gun control.

“When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?” the president asked.

Just last week, Biden also harnessed a racially charged shooting at a Buffalo, New York supermarket to go after his political enemies. Yet he was oddly absent from Wisconsin last fall when a black suspect motivated by anti-white racism allegedly rammed an SUV through a holiday parade, brutally killing at least six. The president’s selective presence based on political circumstances is just as much reflected in where the White House has decided to allocate scarce tax dollars in a series of colossal spending packages.

On Sunday, President Biden signed $40 billion ($40,000,000,000) in additional U.S. spending on Ukraine, roughly $20 billion of which is direct military assistance and less than $2 billion of which is allocated to humanitarian efforts. That’s after nearly $14 billion in American dollars were sent to the war-torn country in March.

Last year, the president also signed the $1.9 trillion ($1,900,000,000,000) “American Rescue Plan,” capping off $180 billion in federal dollars to K-12 schools over the Covid lockdowns. None of the above was a serious upgrade in armed school security even though lawmakers protect themselves with the kind of resources denied to students.

K-12 schools remain among the most unprotected institutions in America despite the tragic new need for change proven a decade ago. In 2019, Democrats even blocked a proposal to arm teachers with federal dollars.

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  1. How many billions did we leave for the Taliban? How many billions have we spent on Ukraine? How much waste do we spend in “social programs” every year.. a trillion?
    Spend a couple hundred million and put armed veterans into the schools. They would be willing to sacrifice themselves for their children, unlike the fools down in Uvalde.

    • Personally, I like the idea of using military retired veterans who meet the requirements as ‘federal law enforcement’ under the federal ‘Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act’. Give them jobs as school resource officers, if they can meet physical/health/training standards and be ‘post certified’.

      • Following the tragedies in NY and TX Gun Control zealots are running around accusing Gun Manufacturers of advertising their products to teens, etc. It’s as if a nutcase needs to see a photo of a firearm to go bananas. This is what happens when Remington caved and settled a frivolous lawsuit with sandy hook plaintiffs who zeroed in on The First Amendment. Why not sue the US Army for its ads, NASCAR for their ads, etc?

        Gun Control? First the hypocrisy, lies and sugarcoated promises and next according to the history of Gun Control comes the racism and genocide. Make no mistake about it…Gun Control zealots manufacture soft targets for criminals. Criminals who pop up out of nowhere and misuse firearms, bats, bricks, knives, motor vehicles, hands, feet, etc.

        There’s lots of gun stuff bargains this Memorial Day Weekend. Do not allow sleazy knee jerk Gun Control zealots to use the acts of criminals to play finger pointing blame games. Send Gun Control a message…Go Shop the Memorial Day Sales for a firearm, receiver or something Gun Related. Let Gun Control zealots know sales went up and their rhetoric tanked.

      • Its all fine a good to want vets to guard the schools.. but never assume they know what they are doing when armed…especially with a handgun…As an LEO, some of the ex military guys was the worst and hardest to train, with a handgun, I’ve ever seen…very stiff slow and robotic fundamentals…some don’t even know how to load one….SOME EVEN HATE PISTOLS…YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO USE A HANDGUN VERY WELL AND WILLING TO TRAIN WITH ONE TO PROTECT CHILDREN….They can use AR-15s mostly, (but thats not always true either) but a pistol is your only option in schools….The military is very anti gun internally, especially handgun ownership….Alot of the guys coming out are very anti CIVILIAN gun ownership types, too…If you are going to be a cop, I hope you have some type of combat experience and weapons handling….IM a vet myself but I see alot of people just wanting to plug in retired vets in schools…Its not always the best fit…

      • Bad idea on many levels. Kids do NOT need to be dealing with a military grade security system. The ONLY real answer that wORKS is for adult staff who are already AT the schools every day, and who already carry their own personal defensive weapon everywhere BUT the schoolwhere they work, to be able to carry tht same handgun they take everywhere else, IN the place where they work. Volunteer basis, training specific to the situation, they are in. WHY do we insist on the schools being disarmed? ONE SRO at Parkrose? And HE ran outside, cowering in a corner, rathe than walk down the hall toward the gunfire, and give the dirtbag a dose of his own medicine.
        These shoot-em-up dirtbags only want a high body count for their “fame”, to “justify” their rotteneixistence. When that armed second grade teacher pops the perp as he enters her classroom, her kids huk=nkered down behind the door and she standing ghere waiting for him to crash in and start shooting, fires one round ahd drops the perp into a puddle of his own red stuff leaking out of the new holes she has given him, his goal is made unacheiveable.
        Such aprogramme was put together in Ohio, and it has cost the taxpayers NOTHING. And since that programme was launched, there has been NOT ONE gun related incident of any kind in ANY of the districts where it has been estalbished. NO ONE nows which adults are armed and which are not. NOT ONE incident in ten years in any of the school districs involved. And the kids at school have no clue who is/is not armed. That is an YUUUUGE benefit. Kids to not need to cope with a hardened suppressive environment. This programme eliminates that.

        Maybe start employing these capable vets as groundskeepers, custodians, fix it guys, etc, AND let them take the training and go about their daily work armed. The perps wanting to pull off the shoot-em-up would never suspect the middle aged janitor to be armed……. but oh what a surprise that would be for said perp.

    • Let’s put those armed vets on the floor of the House and Senate to ‘suggest’ fiscal discipline. The Legislature seems increasingly criminal and traitorous.

      I do not care if that is unrealistic. So is the waste, fiscal abuse, and transparent legislative perversion and corruption.

    • Why do we need vets, or specially trained teachers, or LEO trained SRO’s? There are a ton of people in this country who legally carry daily. We see time and again that they are better disciplined than cops or security guards, more law abiding, and better shots too. Why don’t we just stop blocking them from carrying in schools?

      The shooter in Buffalo (I know it wasn’t a school) knew there was a security guard and prepared for that. He said in his manifesto that he wanted a soft target where people were unlikely to be armed. Change that. Make every place an unknown where anyone could be carrying anything. And it costs NOTHING.

      • Crimson, I would argue to “make it a certainty”, not an “make it an unknown” , but yeah, exactly.

        • the UNcertainty works in our favour. When the perps planning such mayhem cannot KNOIW that NO ONE will be armed, it changes their plans signficantly.

          Remember the Aurora Colorado movie theatre shooting? The perp researched to find out wHICH theatres had policies demanding no one in there be armed in THAT theatre. There were many other houses showing that same film that same night, but which allowed armed patrons inside. No one knew who was/wasn’t, but the COOSSIBILITY that the perp would meet armed/skilled resistance drives them away. Even “allowing” anyone with the Mther May I Card to go about freely armed inside places like malls, theatres, churches, parks, etc, is a strong deterrent for a creep looking to become famous over a hgh body cound in a shoot-em-up.

    • Same up here in Canada. The idiot manchild stared straight into the eyes of a young man with no legs in a town hall meeting and told him “we” (maybe he meant “WE”?) just don’t have the two or three million they wanted to improve Veteran’s Care. Then later that year the prick arrogantly and pointedly wore a poppy everywhere his camera loving ass and twenty strong rcmp security team could carry him. Now we are giving hundreds of millions to Ukraine to protect his money laundering assets and investmends. Again. Plus millions in weapons and ammo as he steals our rifles at zero dark thirty from behind closed doors by royal decree, an outright abuse of our Order in Council. Not to mention the hundreds of millions poured into our media just prior to our elections to keep them free of bias and to halt the spread of Misinformation™, nor the tens of millions Donated™ to feminist organizations in such outstanding examples of progressivism as Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Zambia. It beggars belief no one has shot him in the face yet.

  2. The conflation of Sandy Hook and Ukraine isn’t a really workable platform for the article. Trillions have been spent of stuff since Sandy Hook; Ukraine is simply one of the myriad beneficiaries of US fiscal irresponsibility.

    • Yeah, I was about to say, if we’re gonna point out all the stupid shit the federal government has spent money on in 10 years… this is gonna be a long day.

    • It’s all about priorities. No one, outside of silly partisans, is happy with the Puppet administration. The media can only do so much to cover for their failures. Imagine how bad it would be if the press treated them like they treated the Trump administration.

  3. Senators and Congresscritters should be paid ONLY as a percentage of the amount they reduce the Federal budget each year ( including the infamous ‘off-budget’ items). Independently audited by competing accounting firms which are incentivized to identify fraud and creative book-fixing. If real spend does not go down, no paychecks beyond the minimum wage. The same for all staffers. No exceptions.

    I do not care if that is unrealistic; so is the profligate, corrupt, distorted, and perverse Federal budget.

    • “If real spend does not go down, no paychecks beyond the minimum wage.”

      How about if the budget isn’t balanced…

      • We were told up here by the idiot manchild in Ottawa that; “the budget will balance itself”. I shit you not. And people in that room actually applauded. I shit you not a second time.

        • I’ve gotta one up ya. The Puppet told us with a straight face that we had to pass another multitrillion-dollar bill to help with inflation. As he says, no joke.

      • Alright, alright, Dude, you win. But only this time and only because you guys have exactly ten times more of everything we have, including grifter clowns and their tax base. But I’ll be back later to shit you not a third time…

    • Most of them are rich before they run. And they make far more money buying and selling stock right before legislation changes the price or by paying family members to be campaign consultants. Eliminating their salaries would hurt the honest ones (all ten of them), not the crooks.

  4. This is one of the few times I partially agree with Herr Hauptman Boch. But as usual he fails to see the complexity of the problem. Remember that the Ukraine only received aid because of bi-partisan support, something in this day and age is very rare. Republicans would not support money for arming schools because they have failed many times in the past at the Federal Level to do so. Republicans put money over children’s lives.

    The Jack Booted Republicans supported aid to Ukraine because of their racism, and childish fanaticizes about Russian Socialism. The Democrats realized that Putin was serious when he stated that Ukraine would only be the first nation he would conquer and enslave. Putin made it know he wanted back the former East European Slave States of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Moldavia, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria. All this would take away billions in profit from trade with Western Europe and the U.S. because these enslaved countries economies would stagnate and disintegrate under Russian enslavement.

    I might like to add that the Republicans have screamed incessantly they do not want to spend the money on a National Health Care program but out of the other side of their lying mouths they scream its the lack of affordable mental health care that causes mass shootings. What fking hypocrites. We have seen how fast they sent billions to the Ukraine when they claimed in the past that they are always broke.

    In reality it would be cheaper to have a National Health Care system that pays for preventive health care treatment than the heartless cruelty of an insurance based health care system that bankrupts people and makes preventive health care not affordable.

    In reality arming our schools and barricading them with barbed wire and trenches and machine gun pits WWI style even if the stingy Republicans voted to spend the money is impractical just from the trained manpower it would take to do so and pay yearly. It would be the creation of a second army spending billions. Other nations have simply instituted draconian gun control and yes it has worked far better than doing nothing as Capitalvania has done.

    Lets face cold hard facts if there were not rapid fire weapons even the chicken shit coward Cops this week would have had no excuses for not storming a room when the nut case had only a single shot weapon or one with low capacity, not the hail of gunfire he was capable of putting out with a mass killing machine like an assault rifle.

    And draconian gun laws would have probably stopped many like him from even acquiring such a weapon especially if the age limit was 25, and if put on the NFA list there would be a year wait with paperwork to weed out mentally unbalanced people.

    Lets face cold hard facts its not all that difficult to weed out nut cases when the Feds conduct a professional interview with a person by a mental health expert with the persons background information (former arrests etc) as well as interview, relatives, and work acquaintances and neighbors to determine if a person is eligible to acquire a deadly weapon. This is the way they do it in Japan and yes the Japanese people do own shotguns and rifles but they do not have mass murders every other day either. Is the dim light bulb going on in the heads of the far right yet??? Of course not their paranoia clouds their common sense (if they indeed every had any).

    In conclusion lust for trade profit guaranteed Capitalvania would support Ukraine. Spending billions for a private army to protect schools or passing draconian gun laws to save children has had no support by Republicans. And letting people die like dogs in the street from a lack of affordable health care is exactly what the Republicans have been doing for decades.

    • I’m sick of hearing that Republicans and/or gun owners and/or NRA members want children to die, want mentally-ill persons to obtain weapons, want as many people as possible to die from gunfire.

      From now on, I’m taking a page from their book and going on offense.
      (If they find my remarks offensive, all the better.)

      Democrats want more school shootings.
      Democrats want more mass shootings.
      Democrats want more of all types of shootings.
      Democrats want the death toll to be as high as possible.

      How else can you explain why Sen. Majority leader Schumer (D) blocked a Republican-sponsored bill that was named for two victims of the Parkland shooting, that would address school security?

      How else can you explain why Sen. Chris Murphy (D – CT) begged Republicans to work together with Dems to pass laws proven ineffective in stopping school shootings, then discounted mental health as being a factor, saying “Spare me the bullshit about mental illness?”

      How else can you explain California Dems, mere days after the mass shooting in Uvalde, voting to repeal a law requiring that law enforcement be notified when a student threatens violence against school officials?

      Their actions speak louder than their hollow words.

      • Some of you guys talk like you wanna be Libertarians, but it’s always the same right wing fascist rhetoric with y’all.

        Go have a Tea Party or something. I’ll be over here actually caring about people, not treading on anyone to the best of my abilities, and keeping my guns oiled.

  5. Way more kids are going to die from the drugs flowing freely through the border.
    The most egregiously over-counted propaganda from the banners has something like 40,000 annual deaths attributed to firearms disingenuously including suicides.

    Shit, we’re actually spending millions daily to keep the border open. That’s worse than doing nothing at all.

    We hit 100,000 drug deaths in 2020.

    Some teacher propped a door open to retrieve a phone and 20 kids died. Our government is paying millions to prop our backdoor open and hundreds of thousands are dying.

  6. All articles comparing monies to the Ukranian package has to give examples of how much money it is because most people can’t comprehend how much a BILLION dollar is.

    The 54B$ Ukraine package (14B$ another 40B$) would pay for 8 years of cops in all of the 100,000 schools of the United States at the going rate of 70K$/year. That’s 800,000 YEARS of employement.

    That’s how much F’n money 54B$ is.

    Would probably cover 20 years if you used ex-military and retirees instead of active cops with benefits.

    • Last year, the president also signed the $1.9 trillion ($1,900,000,000,000) “American Rescue Plan,” capping off $180 billion in federal dollars to K-12 schools over the Covid lockdowns.

      By the way, something like 92% of the 180B$ has NOT been spent yet.
      The reason for that I’d imagine is
      1) Laziness and incompetance
      2) The schools were being cautious and good stewards with taxpayer money and didn’t waste money

      OK, now that you cleaned up your keyboard after spitting out you drink on likelyhood of #2 then there is an obvious solution for funding proper security. Divert #1 dollars to security.

        • My son is a vet. Now working at DoD. They homeschool my 3 granddaughters. That makes me happy. IF you have school age kid’s try mightily to not have them in a public indoctrination center!

        • Being able to retire while being able to help pay for your grandchildren to go to private school is probably becoming an ever increasing retirement planning goal.

        • to water walker

          Quote——–They homeschool my 3 granddaughters. That makes me happy. IF you have school age kid’s try mightily to not have them in a public indoctrination center!————quote

          It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant the Far Right is. Home schooling does not give children access to the professional teachers that are trained in their profession. It does not let children form relationships with other children of other nationalities and religions (something the far right racists panic over). And sending children to a private school is not affordable to most Americans theses days as many work as many as 3 part time minimum wage jobs with no benefits or holidays off, such is life today in Capitalvania.

          The Far Right will scream Public schools will poison the minds of their children by teaching them about the real world around them and the various nationalities of people that they must learn to live with, understand, and get along with.

          I had one far right ignoramus go ballistic when he found out that part of the grade school curriculum was teaching children about other religions, in this case it was Islam. I tried to explain to this right wing Moron that part of the educational experience for children is understanding the ways of life (including the religions) of other people helps eradicate the fear of them. When you eradicate the fear you destroy the later developing hatreds of anyone different than yourself which eventually leads to violence. Of course you can lead a man to knowledge but you cannot make a ignoramus think.

        • dacien, your side doesn’t want to approve of common-sense proposals to protect vulnerable students in schools.

          Some parents have realized this and have decided that if they want to protect their kids, they need to pull them out of these gun-free killing zones.

          Your refusal to even consider protecting schools is proof that you don’t give a damn about those who die in shootings, else it deprive you of the chance to dance in the victims blood while you point the finger of blame at others who have real-world-proven proposals to stop the carnage.

        • Dacian,
          My nephews and nieces were homeschooled. They are doing just fine. They did have a good curriculum and access to professionals for their classes. Home school does not mean no teachers, it means not siting in a classroom where you are constrained by the pace of others in your class. Peer relationships are still available, there are places were children can meet, parents can interact and learn about things just like in school.

          You do not know squat.

          And your “far right ignoramus” is a figment of your imagination.

        • “It does not let children form relationships with other children of other nationalities and religions…”

          This is a big lie perpetuated by the ignorant. You aren’t taught to accept people by being around them. If that was the case, lil’d wouldn’t be such a bigot toward anyone right of 90’s Bill Clinton. No, you’re taught by your role models. That’s usually your parents. If they aren’t around, it’s grandparents, friends, or now, social media. No one has to be taught that they specifically have to be nice to someone with a different religion, country of origin, skin color, sexual preference, etc. They just have to be taught how to treat PEOPLE.

          This lecture of learning to accept and get along with people is especially funny coming from the biggest jerk on the site.

    • “pay for 8 years of cops in all of the 100,000 schools”

      It isn’t about money. They already had this debate. It’s about guns. The Democrats said they don’t want guns in schools. That includes good guys. They’re never going to acknowledge that guns can be part of the solution. That would hurt them politically. Remember, it’s never about solving problems outside of gaining more power.

      • Not gonna argue with that comeback.
        Also, the armed cop needs to be eqipped with at least an SBR and that will cause even a bigger Lefty freakout.

        • I was thinking the same when I read about this story. At least have it available so they can easily access it. One guard outside. One inside. More depending on the size of the school. Let it be known that they’re armed. Cowardly punks that like to pick on Grandma and children would think twice.

        • Go for broke, department of education issued m4 sbr suppressed in 300 aac. Everyone that could be offended should be able to find something.

      • Except Dud Brain the tight wad Republicans to protect schools would never fund a huge private 2nd National Army with tens of thousands of troops building machine gun pits, putting up barbed wire and sucking up tax money that the Corporations steal in the form of Corporate welfare not to mention the payola that goes to their prostitutes the Republicans. Huge amounts of Tax money is only spent on the upper 1 per cent who suck it up like the hogs they are from the pig trough full of your tax dollars.

        quote—————–Let it be known that they’re armed. Cowardly punks that like to pick on Grandma and children would think twice.———–quote

        If you ever had any psychology classes you flunked them big time Dud Brain. Mentally ill people commit mass murder as a form of suicide they are not frighten off by anything. And when you finally kill one he has already killed many children. That is not a solution to the problem of mass murder. Its after the horrific fact but that is way over your head.

        And remember to Gov. Butt Abbott cut funding for mental health care in Texas only weeks before the mass murder and then went on National TV and lied between his teeth saying they needed to spend more money on mental health care. What filth, how sickening. He is the usual lying Republican asshole.

        • The fantasy world you live in. Nobody needs to fund a large private army. I, and many like me, would gladly donate our time and equipment to do the job as volunteers. Enough volunteers on the perimeter of a school and the registered dem voter won’t get close enough to harm children.

          What private Army? If it answers to the .gov it ain’t a private army.

        • How much money do Democrats take from corporations?

          No one talking about machine gun pits, barb wire and the rest of the nonsense you posted. Hyperbole is not the sign of a mature adult.

          You are intellectually dishonest. Such comments by you, rather immature comments is why we don’t take you seriously. You are helpful tho, you say what the rest of the far left won’t say in polite company.

        • “they are not frighten off by anything”

          They intentionally pick easy, unarmed targets. Even if you couldn’t figure this out by just looking at the targets, sometimes they even tell us as much. If they wanted to just commit suicide by cop, then why not just run in the police station and shoot it up?

    • Or just stop people who legally carry from carrying in schools. It costs nothing.

  7. What we have been seeing is that the Biden adm. and the entire Dem party (with the help of a few reps) doing everything possible to deplete every resource we have while empowering various foreign governments.

    This NEEDS to be looked at through the lens of treason.

    Our nation is being dismantled.

  8. Three presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama, have had their school-age children set to a School building that was itself turned into an armed Fortress.

    They only care about the “important children”.

  9. Dead children benefit the fascist left. And fascists have no problem with killing millions.

  10. Normally, I do not like citing what other countries did, but it is germane in this instance. Israel had an epidemic of terrorists attacking schools. It all stopped after they armed the teachers.

    • Israel is a perpetual war zone. Using them as an example is a joke.

      Then again, seems like America’s turning into a perpetual war zone, as well, so maybe it’s not far off.

  11. It’s funny. I started following this site on and off since around Sandy Hook. Pretty sure it was before, so it wasn’t reactionary…

    I’m reading this thread and so many of you are just F’n HIGH! Not in a good way!

    Arming teachers and sticking ballistic armor in backpacks… Those are solutions? Sounds like some serious cart before the horse BS to me. Should the school buses be extra long SWAT vehicles? I mean, it’s F’in INSANE!

    Look, I’ve got a couple AR’s, a deer gun, a couple shotguns, a 22 varmint rifle, plenty of handguns, and probably more ammo than a lot of you. I’m not giving up my guns, either. But, gawdamnit, why do you think everyone else jumps on your asses?

    p.s. That NRA convention was a GREAT look, too!

    Think about it.

    • In defense of the comments here you are easily proven wrong.

      In several states teachers are already able to be legally armed and this has occurred without issue. Teachers aren’t the ones killing children so any point you have there is moot. Teachers nationwide should be afforded this right.

      Reading some of the other comments some great points are also made. Putting armed police and more effectively vets in schools is a very realistic solution, where you would be putting people who have a history of willingly putting their life on the line in defense of something, and the know how to do it, AND it is quite affordable.

      The federal government throws around tens to hundreds of billions around the world like its pocket change. Using just one of those examples would pay for such a program. Without having to slash money elsewhere or raise taxes. This is money the US is already going to spend with no return anyway. So why don’t we spend it and in return get hardened schools.

      Even in some magical scenario where all civilian access to guns evaporated overnight, this policy would continue to help protect schools from stabbings, arson, bombings, and kidnappings.

      • I would like to also add that not only hiring the people to provide security, money should be put into hardening the environments and proper training of teachers students on how to appropriately respond to a potential situation like this.

        IMHO, RUN/HIDE/FIGHT as it is being taught (I’ve been through that training at a worksite I was at – and I’m not a fan), is not effective and there are alternatives that I feel are far superior.

      • I dunno, Mr. Trooper. If you read above, you would see that I am a multiple gun owner. I’m not saying anything close to “ban guns”, but y’all gotta jump like your about to fall off the edge of the Earth, say idiotic things about people you know nothing about and give up thinking independently entirely.

        You’re talking amongst yourselves in a bubble. You give most gun owners a bad name. You act like active shooters are a normal thing!

        Frankly, it’s bananas. You assume that every teacher is even going to consider walking around strapped. I can just imagine old Mrs. White with her Glock 19 next to a red delicious apple. It’s beyond bananas, it’s unequivocally absurd!

        Until you guys realize that, your rights WILL get stripped and that’s on YOU. Mellow the F out…

        • You still haven’t offered any solutions. We’re waiting to hear them.

          I dunno … is not a solution.

        • Humans committing violence is a normal thing since the dawn of the species. Understanding reality is not accepting that reality cannot be changed with a few prudent measures.

          No one has advocated all teachers be armed. We advocate for teachers who want armed should be allowed. I personally advocate for having real security teams in all of our schools, not just for the school shooters, but other emerging threats. These teams as I have mentioned before are drawn from a pool of each State’s Militia and State Guard. Exact criteria for acceptance and rigorous training and taking an Oath to insure they understand their responsibility. Not the National Guard or Federal Forces, they have their own responsibilities. Harden targets, the world is a dangerous place. Hardening a school is like having Children’s Hospitals, hate they must exist, but thankful for them.

          That is just one suggestion I have made. Others fall in studying the long term effects of SSRI medications on the brain structure and what regions are effected. Here is looking at what changes psychotropic medications have on children’s brain development. What effects does this have if one or both parents also were using SSRIs before the child was conceived? Is there something that later occurs fetal development?

          Well Sid, there is one idea and a suggestion to start looking for answers. School shootings are still not the main cause of violence committed with firearms, but these are what really creates headlines and angers all of us. There is an issue in society, and not just in the US. The world is changing and not for the better.

          What do you have to offer? The more ideas we can float based on our own experiences and observations can only help.

    • I’ve literally read every word on this site since Sandy Hook. I certainly don’t recall seeing your name and I likely would. I’m willing to bet you don’t own a single firearm nor have you ever held one nor owned a single round of ammo nor ever touched one off. You sound EXACTLY, verbatim, like every other fly by night liberal that sqwuacks in thru the window from the Land of Skittles Trees and Rainbow Farting Unicorns and then flaps back out again after depositing your valuable, utopian nuggets of wisdom. But thanks for playing… Sid. Be sure to visit again soon.

    • I recently upgraded from a Hitachi EX120 sized excavator to a newer and larger ZX160 size. Night n day difference, bud, night n day.

  12. Putting a child in public school these days is child abuse in my book. Children are being indoctrinated into all kinds of hellish thinking and aren’t learning anything useful. Plus they basically tell the kids that their parents are stupid. Home school your children. Anyone can do it if you are willing. I’ve never heard if a home school being shot up. And all the “staff” as well as some of the students can be armed!

    • They are being taught to embraced and accept the victim mentality. They should be taught proper tactics on how to deal with such a situation. We have seen way too many times that hiding and barricading in place is not a sound strategy.

  13. The government, whether it’s local, state or federal, doesn’t need to put expensive armed security in schools. There are people who will volunteer to do this at no cost. In Ohio, Buckeye Firearms has a program, with the acronym FASTER, to train such volunteers. As far as I know, no school known to have people carrying concealed on the grounds has been attacked by a would be mass murderer. The murderers seek out schools that have no armed protection and lax perimeter security.

  14. I’m all for securing the places most vulnerable to attack. That needs to be done, IMHO.

    However, there is one thing that, we as a society need to do is to remove the stigma of mental illness and allow people to get treatment without the negative implications that brings with it currently.

    There are too many people that have committed or attempted suicide, do on dangerous and deadly rampages – a lot could be avoided if it was not for blind eye that is turned by friends and family or the reluctance of those that go on rampages to seek the mental health help they need for fear of retribution, judgement.

    Once we normalize the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness the same as we would a strep throat or other common physical ailments – the less we would need to deal with situations like this.

    We cannot eliminate all incidents and banning firearms is not the solution.
    Hardening the positions of the places most vulnerable and proper training of all involved in these targeted areas is the best. RUN/HIDE/FIGHT is not working. Giving credit to Fieldcraft Survival, I believe the far superior methodology of OBSERVE then FLEE/FIGHT or FIGHT/FLEE needs to be taught. It is a truly iterative process. I know that is what I will be teaching my employees.

    Training is valuable and shows more dividends than people realize.


    • I bought a .50 BMG when I was 18. All I shot with it was targets at varying ranges. That out guns an AR or AK and has great ballistic advantage over most firearms out there.

      What is this “join the military” if want to use certain weapons? You do realize those weapons are kept in the arms room? You can’t take your assigned weapon to the range on your own time. So please, don’t report that leftist canard.

  16. There is ABSOLUTELY no connect between supporting UKRAINE in the face of RUSSIAN invasion and Ge un control in the uSA None at all and to conflate the two is ignorance of the highest order> I have seldom read anythjing so utterly ridiculaous.
    Let’s get thbis right for a start> It was the Prime Minister of the UK that took the lead by publically declaring the supply of arms to Ukraine in spite of Russian NUCLEAR THREATS to the UK The UK had been training Ukrainan Army Units since 2014 and the CRIMEAN LANDGRAB, and it shows, whilst the USA reacted by offering the UKrainians leadership SANCTUARY which was refused. That was an example of the UK’s intent to become an influence of the World Stage again. The UK also created a DEFENCE ALLIANCE with both FINLAND and SWEDEN outside of NATO [which still stands by the way and is apart from NATO obligations ] and once again in spite of nuclear threats from Russia.
    mind you in Nuclear terms the UK is quite capable of looking after it’s own nuclear interests with it’s independent deterrent. I Russia knows that approx 90% of it’s population lives in the top ten or fifteen largest Urban conurbations and that they mostly co-incide with nthe major Defence and Indusrial centres and the UK Nuclear Forces are more than capable of taking out pretty much all of them – after all it only requires some 25 warheads!! Al;l of which are accurate to within 100 sq mtrs and all ‘hypersonic’ which means faster than 1 around 3500 mph.

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