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Don’t confuse the new VRF14 from RIA for a shotgun. This 26-inch long, 12 gauge, magazine-fed gun is legally defined as a “firearm” since it doesn’t fit into any other definition. It takes Rock Island Armory’s VR series magazines, which are available in 5-, 9-, and 19-shell capacities.

That’s a beast. Looks like a blast to shoot!

MSRP is just $599.



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  1. I got to play with a Daewoo magazine-fed shottie once, kinda fun.

    (USAS, maybe? Been 30 years…)

    • Fun fact: Daewoo entered the U.S. automotive market in 1998. Mrs. Haz bought one in 2000 due to its low price. The motor was reportedly from GM, so reliability was expected.

      Not so fun fact: Only two years later, in 2002, Daewoo declared bankruptcy and completely pulled out of the U.S., leaving no support network behind. Mrs. Haz’s car’s transmission wire loom suffered a failure at only 30K miles and needed replacement, something that is usually a simple fix. But there were no parts remaining, and for want of a horseshoe, the battle was lost. We had to scuttle the entire car at a loss.

      Not so sure how a Daewoo gun’s reliability would fare…

      • Well, that sucks for you the Mrs. with the car, for sure. Daihatsu (?) was another Asian attempt at the US market, and failed quickly as well.

        Daewoo is a massive concern, from oil tankers to electronics.

        I owned a Daewoo DP-51 9mm, it was my first handgun purchase, and had zero problems with it before I sold it…

  2. I need a James Reeves TFB burn down on any shotgun prior to approving it for use.

  3. had a pistul gripped shotgunm. put the stock back on it.
    It’s a cool firegunm but needs a shoulder thingy that goes up.
    To bad.

    • there’s just enough room on the back end there for short armed possums to shoulder 😉

  4. Don’t know a lot about rock island armory. Can you find a stock if you want to form 1 this?

  5. Being designated a firearm, what are the defining characteristics if a stock, or pistol brace was attached?

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