When bandits mount their scope backwards. Image courtesy Marysville PD.
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How dumb does a person have to be to mount a scope backwards? That takes an extra special sort of individual. Sort of like a trio of would-be armed robbers in Marysville, Wash.

Police officers chased the not-so-bright crew after cops say they attempted to pull an armed robbery and/or carjacking. The three scholars rolled up in a stolen car and announced their intentions to a homeowner who just arrived home. They did so with an AR-15, complete with a scope mounted backwards.

The wrong-way scope no doubt precluded precision fire. And served as a clue to the gun owner that the mopes never managed to make it through SEAL school. Or any other school.

Mr. Homeowner pulled his own piece. When the Stooges started shooting, the homeowner fired back causing the three to flee almost as if their hair had caught fire.

They ran so fast they dropped at least three guns. No word if they dropped anything from their pants after going code brown when they realized their intended victim had a gun, too, and a willingness to shoot back.

One of the bad boys soaked up one of the homeowner’s bullets. Then, making a bad situation worse, he met a charming police K-9 in apprehension mode. Police dogs love non-compliant suspects. They make the world’s greatest interactive squeaky toys.

Cops took him into custody and then to the hospital. Two others got away despite a rather prolific police response and search.

The homeowner escaped without injury. Several homes and vehicles, however, did not.

Here’s the first of two press releases from the Marysville PD via Facebook:

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — Officers received multiple 911 calls related to the sounds of gunfire overnight in the 8400 block of 41st Drive NE. Officers from agencies throughout the region responded to the area. It was determined that three armed suspects arrived in a stolen vehicle and confronted a homeowner who just arrived home. The homeowner was also armed. Gunfire was exchanged between the parties.

The three suspects fled on foot, leading to a large-scale search where multiple K-9s and drones were used for several hours in an attempt to locate these suspects. One suspect was located by K-9 and arrested, and two additional suspects remain outstanding. Officers and Detectives have located and recovered multiple items of evidence.

This is an active investigation. If further information becomes available that does not hinder the investigation, such as suspect or suspect vehicle information, it will be released to the public.

And a second release:

Marysville PD image via Facebook

Officers and Detectives have spent the day continuing to collect and process further evidence in this case. Further information can now be released:• Officers did seize the stolen vehicle that the suspects arrived in. This was a red Chevrolet Camaro, stolen from the city of Tukwila.
• During the incident, multiple homes and vehicles were struck by gunfire. No one in these homes or vehicles was injured.
• The resident involved in this incident was not injured.
• Detectives at this point do not know if this incident was targeted or random.
• Officer took one suspect into custody, via a K-9 track. Arlington, WA Police Department K-9 Riggs located this suspect several blocks away from the incident, the suspect was suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers provided him with immediate aid and evacuated him from the search location so he could be treated by Marysville Fire District several blocks away. Everett Police Department officers assisted with this.
• After the initial shooting event, the suspects attempted to steal several vehicles and break into several homes. The suspects were successful in stealing a pick-up truck from a nearby residence, which was recovered in the morning several blocks away and seized as evidence.
• One firearm was recovered during the initial search incident by a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Deputy.
• Two additional firearms were recovered later in the day. Seattle Police Department K-9 Loki, an Explosives Detection K-9, assisted with this search.
• Our department has recovered a large amount of video footage which we are currently reviewing.

Of the two remaining suspects, there is a creditable description of one: A Hispanic or mixed-race male in his 20s with a medium build and about 5’10” tall. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a bright red jacket and a black covering over his head and face, only exposing his eyes. It is unknown at this time if he was injured and unknown if these two remaining suspects left in a vehicle.

Situational awareness will save your life. Pay attention to your surroundings!

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  1. I live near there. They probably drove the stolen car past my neighborhood on the way up.
    I’m not surprised the criminals were from Tukwila or that the Marysville resident was armed.
    That’s one reason I want to move from King county to Snohomish.

  2. Along with the backwards scope, the P80 has no rear sight.

    Guessing the valedictorians were planning on going to college for ophthalmology…

  3. Really awesome operators mount their scopes backwards intentionally–to make marksmanship more challenging and interesting since a backwards scope makes objects appear much farther away than they really are. What satisfaction is there in hitting a man-size target at 20 yards with a properly mounted scope? Mount that scope backwards making the target appear to be 400 yards away–that is a lot more challenging and exciting!

    Cops should update the profile of the robber to an ex-military sniper with extremely high I.Q. who loves challenges and has problems dealing with authority. That will narrow down the suspect pool to a very small number of people.

    • They mounted the scope just like they do on all those Hollywood movies, so when seen from the front it magnifies the eye of the shooter.

      My son laughs everytime he sees this.

      • Me as well. A funny little piece it was. On that subject- we have a friend on the k9 unit here in town who was gracious enough to let us come out to their facility for a one on one with our puppy rottweiler. He also put his dog thru the paces there for us, this dong made an amazing jump thru a high window obstacle. It was quite the show. When they were done i said something to the fact of “geez i bet the criminals give up and come right out when you guys threaten to let the dogs go”

        He laughed and under his breath said “you would think”…

        Guess they’re not that smart.

  4. This thing stinks of a home invasion/dope rip off. Worked too many of them not to be suspicious.

  5. Nah, you guys got it all wrong. They robbed a gun store, and had the counter guy mount it for them while they held a gun to his head. They thought he was doing it wrong, but he told them it’s a special extended eye relief, and designed to be mounted and fired this way so the cops don’t think you’re shooting at them. You’ll really catch ’em off guard this way, even though it works for only one shot.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a scope on an AR would be pretty useless during a home invasion robbery, even if it was installed correctly.

    • LPVO, 1 to 6 or 8 power. They are supposed to work like a red dot at 1 power. Problem being 1 power is usually more like 1.25 x.

      • I didn’t understand any of that. Is a scope useful in a close-quarters home invasion robbery? I don’t recall the rifles used in even the Parkland shooting or other mass shootings having scopes.

        • Can be, depends on equipment and user preference/training much like red dots. But generally no with an increase of usage lately.

        • drawkcab,

          A scope that is increasing in popularity for AR-15s is a variable magnification scope with minimum magnification 1x and maximum magnification 6x (or sometimes even 8x). The industry designation for those is “Low Power Variable Optic” abbreviated LPVO.

          At 1x magnification there is no magnification at all and looking through the scope is like looking through an empty tube–except that there are crosshairs. At 1x magnification that rifle and scope are an EXCELLENT combination for close quarters combat.

          For reference: in addition to the fact that 1x (one times) magnification is excellent for close quarters combat, a Low Power Variable Optic that truly goes to 1x allows you to shoot with both eyes open and see the same visual image in your brain except that your eye looking through the scope also sees the crosshairs which are easy to align with your target. As commenter CWT implied that use case fails if the optic only goes down to 1.25 times magnification. (Our brains do NOT like one eye at 1 times magnification and the other eye at 1.25 times magnification.)

        • So the scope being installed backward wasn’t an impediment to the robber, nor did it enhance his efficiency in committing the crime. Neither does it prove that the robber was stupid. OK, I think I got it.

        • drawkcab,

          Oh, I hadn’t thought about what you would see through the scope backwards if it was set to 1x magnification. My best guess is that the image would by normal size and NOT tiny.

  7. Criminal: “Hey man, who do those people look so small? I can’t rob tiny little people like that, too hard to see. I thought a scope was suppose to make them look bigger.”

    Gun community after viewing pic of their gun: 🤣

  8. I’ve seen rounds loaded in magazines backwards. Magazines loaded in weapons backwards. The wrong caliber loaded in weapons until I disremember. If it can be done wrong with a firearm I’ve seen it. If I had a $100 bill for every time I said to a banger after seizing a firearm, “Hey man, you know how fucked up your piece is?” Always pissed them off.

  9. These fellows are a perfect illustration as to why many of the issues we POTG talk about are moot. Stopping power, caliber wars, iron sights versus red dots, revolvers versus semi-automatics, shotgun or AR-15 for home defense, and a myriad other issues mean nothing in the face of criminal stupidity. The majority of criminals are outright morons. Just having some sort of gat, even a five shot revolver, is enough to deter the vast majority of them.

    God knows I don’t want to limit what people have access to, but it is important to remember that we POTG go overkill when prescribing solutions to the criminal problem, and we shouldn’t judge people for their selection of firearm. Just having one to deter and deal with criminals is an accomplishment.

    Tyrannical government, however, is a whole other kettle of fish …

  10. Billy; Didn’t it make you feel bad, selling them guns to them azzwholes?
    Bob; No, man, I put the scope on backwards!

  11. Another case of a good person with a gun deterring a crime and the criminals will ultimately pay the price as long as they don’t go before a liberal Democrat judge who thinks they should be exonerated, and the homeowner incarcerated for life for trying to protect himself and his property.

  12. Since the bad guy had the scope on backwards and was probably too stupid to know, I wonder if he would have shouldered the barrel end to fire.

  13. “interactive squeaky toys.”

    Someone has a warped sense of humor. That’s one of the reasons I like this site! Keep up the good work, John.

  14. I’ve personally encountered police officers who are members of their department’s tactical team who had red dot reflex sights mounted backwards on their AR-15s. I’ve also seen the results of a shooting where the members of a police tactical team had their sights mounted correctly but had sighted in their rifles at twenty-five yards. They had mistaken an off duty security guard for the perpetrator. They opened fire from a range of only one-hundred-and-thirteen yards. They fired dozens of rounds at the hapless good Samaritan but fortunately achieved only one marginal hit.

    There are a lot of cops who should be compelled to carry shotguns loaded with buckshot with rifled barrels (wider shot pattern) so that they can have at least some chance of hitting the target.

  15. Three idiots with at least four guns, the cops apprehended an injured man but two made an escape. BUT the imortant points here to me are these. ONE If those idiots had NOT BEEN idiots the home owner woukld have been dead mea. TWO. The opening comment tells us that NUMEROUS shots hit nearby prperties causing damage but no DEATHS or INJURIES. So I have to ask WHO FIRED THOSE SHOYS seeing thatv the IDIOTS had apparently dropped their guns. THREE No mention is made of the importance of avoiding colateral damage , Xonsider this. but for good fortune EVERY SINGLE one of those MANY shots [though no actual number is given] had the potential to cause DEATH and INJURY, The whole tone of the opening comment seems to be supportive os potential colateral damage whenthe fact is that logically it was the HOME OWNER BLASTING away with little actual effect [ after all he only injured one of the idiots with one of his shots] and could have quite easily killed or injured several innocent passers by. Whom then would have been responsible for those deaths or injuries??

    • “Whom then would have been responsible for those deaths or injuries??”

      The criminals that attacked the homeowner. Duh.

    • Albert, “If” in one and and you know what is in the other. 90+% of the time when a good guy have a gun to counter the bad guy with the gun, it’s the bad guy that gets hurt. This happens for at least one very good reason, the bad guys don’t expect any resistance. The second is that most of us who carry (and I do) have something called “situational awareness.” There are hundreds of thousands of incidents in this country where the good guy not only survived but as in this case, a bad guy gets shot. I see your spelling has improved again. I guess when your spelling is as bad as it often it is, it’s because you were drunk.

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