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A Beaver County, Pennslyvania, woman fatally shot an intruder who broke into her home last Wednesday morning, according to authorities and local reports.

The incident occurred around 5:00 a.m. when the woman, who was alone in her residence on 10th Avenue in Beaver Falls, was awakened by strange noises. Armed with a 9mm handgun, she went to investigate the sounds in her basement where she encountered a man who had entered through a broken window, police and district attorney statements to KDKA CBS News and Breitbart revealed.

Upon confronting the intruder, the homeowner fired three rounds, fatally wounding the man, identified by WPXI as 49-year-old Brent Farmer. Beaver County District Attorney Nate Bible described the moments as “terrifying” for the woman and declared her actions were justified under Pennsylvania’s “castle doctrine.” This law allows residents to use deadly force to protect themselves against intruders in their homes.

“There stands this guy who she had no idea who he was, and she ended up shooting him three times and killing him,” Bible told KDKA-TV. He added that from a legal standpoint, “she did nothing wrong.”

Further comments from Bible highlighted the gravity of such decisions by homeowners when facing potential harm.

“If someone enters your house, they are making that conscious decision. They are there to steal from you or hurt you in other ways. You have that right to protect yourself and use deadly force,” Bible stated.

The district attorney also shared advice for individuals who do not own firearms, suggesting self-defense classes or owning a large dog as alternative protective measures.

While the investigation by Beaver Falls police and county detectives continues, Bible indicated that criminal charges against the woman are unlikely.

The name of the homeowner has not been released, and further details regarding the intruder’s motives or background are pending as investigations progress.

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    • 9 is fine. Plenty of options that may be better or worse for any number of applications but it was there and it worked. Surprised that western PA is pushing non firearm home defense outside of Pittsburgh but much like western NY I have hardly ever been out that way.

    • Johnny, I’ve got a few 9mm handguns. I occasionally carry two of them. That said, when I was paid to look for trouble I carried a.45 ACP. Bigger, deeper holes usually work better. Especially if you’re talking handgun calibers.

      • Gadsden Flag,

        I have a large-frame revolver with 6-inch barrel chambered in .44 Magnum for woods defense. I have recently been thinking that loading it with 180 grain hollowpoints (chronographed muzzle velocity just shy of 1700 feet-per-second) would be a dandy home-defense platform. I am having a VERY hard time imagining any human attacker remaining ambulatory after even a single shot to the chest. Your thoughts?

        (Note: of course long guns are superior to any handgun platform for home defense. I was thinking about a handgun platform for those instances where I want to have a second hand available to open doors, hold a flashlight, and maintain better maneuverability in VERY tight spaces.)

        • uncommon, I agree with your choice of a handgun for inside the house. For the reasons you enumerated. I have two long guns at hand, but they are in case things move outside. It has happened. You’re choice of that hot ass .44 mag load? Not so much. Unless you live alone and have no neighbors. Absolutely no problem with your choice of a revolver though. I have several N frame revolvers in .44. If I don’t need a magnum load (seldom) my favorite is what Buffalo Bore calls its Heavy 44 Special Outdoorsman. It’s a 255 gr Keith SWC GC at 1000 fps. It thumps without too much over penetration, muzzle blast and recoil.

        • Gadsden Flag,

          Ah, I like your suggestion of using .44 Special with a large and heavy bullet–especially with a bullet profile which will create LARGE holes in a human attacker. Now I am thinking of Underwood Ammunition’s .44 Special 200 grain hardcast full wadcutters with a published muzzle velocity of 1000 feet-per-second. That seems to be a good compromise between effective terminal ballistics and minimizing the probability of over-penetration and endangering a neighbor. (I am concerned that a 255 grain semi-wadcutter is more apt to zip right through my exterior walls consisting of nothing more than drywall, OSB sheathing, and vinyl siding.)

        • Agreed. If someone asked me if I’d like to be shot center mass with a .44 caliber HC SWC at 1000 fps, I would politely decline. No experience with Underwood, but it seems I remember hearing/reading good things.

        • Gadsden Flag,

          The ammunition manufacturer Underwood Ammunition makes quality (read: expensive) ammunition that is supposed to be top quality AND typically loaded to SAAMI maximum allowable pressures which result in maximum possible muzzle velocities. In other words they are a direct competitor to Buffalo Bore Ammunition.

          For example Underwood Ammunition also makes a nice selection of .44 Special cartridges including a 255 grain hardcast Keith semi-wadcutter.

          And in case you are not aware, Underwood also makes the “exotic” bullets which look like the tips of Phillips screwdrivers and apparently make stunningly larger permanent wound channels than traditional hollowpoint bullets.

    • Would be interesting to see the coroner’s diagram of shot placement. Nearly all the women with no previous firearm knowledge I have taken shooting were exceptionally good point shooters. Probably has something to do with no bad habits to unlearn.

  1. Pa has some pretty good gun laws. To me the point is she didn’t hesitate. You’re in my home, you don’t belong here, say goodbye to your family.

      • Likely heard this fall, if it was announced this early.

        Right now, I hear the distinct sound of Leftist-Fascist Scum’s heads popping like popcorn at the announcement of this news… 😉

        • “Heard this Fall” but like always the decision won’t likely be announced until right before SCOTUS “summer break”, once again they’ll leave us hanging for months.

    • Hopefully, the SCotUS will recognize the danger of ‘universal background checks’ in this ruling, via individual manufacturing of the ‘tools of freedom’… 🙂

  2. Armed 85-Year-Old Woman With .357 Magnum Proves To Robber Older Generations Are Built Different.

  3. Brent Farmer, and Nate Bible?

    Got to be a gag to make up for a slow news day. Would you accept a check from someone named Farmer or Bible?

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