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A recent story from America’s largest outdoor shooting range shows us not only the futility of gun control, but also that the whole “ITS THE GUNS ITS THE GUNS ITS THE GUNS” argument doesn’t hold any water. Why? Because Chicago is far from the only place where this is happening.

Let’s start with what’s going on in Chicago these days:

In short, Glock switches are showing up everywhere. But, instead of having to risk buying them from the feds or from Wish, the gangs are now using 3D printers and other parts to build them. So, now, instead of indiscriminate fire from idiots who don’t use sights and need their other hand to keep their pants up, the volume has gone up while there’s even less control.

The local media and the feds they interview for this assume from the get go that the audience will blame the guns for it all. The availability of switches, like the availability of the guns themselves, is assumed to be the problem that needs to be solved.

But, there’s one big problem: Chicago isn’t the only place where 3D-printed guns and gun parts are popping up.

It doesn’t take a major gun nerd with decades of computer and design skills to build firearms at home from unregulated parts now. You also don’t need big bucks from a job that required years of experience. Even an 18-year-old girl from Belgium got in on the action, and managed to get herself caught. So, if she could do it, it’s likely that almost anybody can do it if they have a little bit of spare time and a few hundred spare bucks (or Euros).

If just about anybody can do it, this means that there must be hundreds or even thousands of other people in Belgium building guns.

But, hey, some parts can come from nearby Germany, so maybe we need an island with strict gun control to compare this to.

Nope, they’re popping up there, too. And again a month ago.

But, hey, Taiwan is too democratic and respects too many other rights to keep this from happening. Maybe what we really need is a military dictatorship. That’ll stop all guns from being built, right?

Oh, wait, no. That doesn’t stop guns from being made in 2024. So, there is no amount of government control that can stop this. You can’t stop the signal, Mal.

Where’s The Global Wave Of Mass Shootings?

But, if the “ITS THE GUNS” theory was true, where are all of the mass shootings? After all, the shootings are driven by the “easy availability of guns”, so now that this happens globally, there should be a new Uvalde shooting in every country practically every month, right?

But, we’re not seeing Chicago-style gang violence in Belgium. We’re not seeing elementary schools being shot up in Chiayi. Even in Myanmar/Burma where there’s a war going on, we’re not seeing any of the rebels take their new guns to go shoot up a shopping mall.

So, we have to ask ourselves why these other places that now have readily available guns aren’t seeing mass shootings and major gang violence.

The answer isn’t good for the United States. While we’d like to think of ourselves as the best people in the world sometimes, we obviously have some much deeper problems that need to be resolved. People in the U.S. join gangs and shoot at each other in the streets over drugs and stolen property when they get guns in Chicago. People in random places, big and small, sometimes go out and murder school children when people who get guns in other countries don’t do that.

So, we’d better get the big political parties to agree that guns are not the problem and start looking for ways to tackle the real problems that drive this violence in the United States.



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  1. Tackling real problems is not the plan of TPTB, creating new problems are the plan, that’s the way they retain power. 90% of the crime problem is 100% from the black community.

  2. People are fed the ‘its the guns’ falsehood so much it becomes their go to answer for everything.

    True story: I overheard a conversation between two people talking about something that happened a few years ago. A guy that was DUI ran over two walking pedestrians. He apparently realized what he had done because he stopped (as he told police “To help.”) and got out of the car but instead of park he had put it in reverse and when he got out of the car (taking his foot off the brake) the car backed up and ran over one of the now in great pain and severely injured pedestrian victims a second time. Then the car proceeded in reverse into the intersection where it was stuck by a passing car just enough to alter its path while it continued through the intersection. That altered path took it into a school yard playground area where it ran up against a tree which stopped the car from going further. It was a longer conversation but here’s the relevant part…

    Person 1: “The guy ran them over and caused all that stuff because he was DUI.”

    Person 2: “If there weren’t guns this would not have happened.”

    • A few years ago, I was getting coffee at a local coffee shop. Two adult males in line in front of me were talking about fully auto AK and AR’s. this piqued my interest. After a few minutes It became obvious these two morons were talking about weapons they use in a video game they play. So, two late 30’s adults playing video games? They must have way too much time on their hands. Dear America, we are in trouble!

        • None of the kids I raised are entitled nor useless. Of course they were raised in a very conservative household. Seems the liberals/leftists raised the spoiled brats/entitled useless wastrels.

  3. “But, we’re not seeing Chicago-style gang violence in Belgium. ”

    Hello! It’s a DEMOGRAPHIC issue! But no one want to talk about that. We’re just supposed to lose our rights because a certain segment of the overall population can’t get it together.

      • I’m all about that — remove the problem people, and the problem will be no more. Please, tell me more! I’m especially interested in the particulars of the methods we could employ.

        • I for one am a fan of good ol’ fashioned hangings, but I wouldn’t begrudge you for preferring firing squads.

          If you remove the violent segments of the populace early in their criminal career, it makes it much better for everyone else.

          The ones with the IQ capable of connecting actions and consequences will be deterred and those who aren’t capable will be removed from the gene pool.

          You can literally raise a population’s IQ over time by removing the violent criminals from the gene pool.

        • Genocide is illegal, immoral and not really an answer. Besides, it’s a poor idea- what can be done to one can be done to another.

      • I partially mitigate the problem by living as far away from that “certain segment” as possible, but it doesn’t solve the issue of losing my rights because of their antics.

        • anyplace that has a large amount of blacks will have a large amount of crime….just a simple truth…

    • “I have to wonder where the schematics for these “gun”parts come from?”

      The same place porn pics and videos come from, the internet… 🙂

  4. It’s the DEFECTIVE CITIZENS!!! DEFECTIVE CITIZENS!!! DEFECTIVE CITIZENS!!!! Brought to you by 60+ years of Libturd divide’n’conquer CHAOS, attacks on the family, Christian mores, traditional American values.

    “Killing is a matter of will, not means. You cannot control the intent by passing laws about the means.” – The late Col Jeff Cooper commented in 1958.

    400,000,000+ legal, factory produced guns.
    1,000,000,000,000+ factory produced ammo rounds.
    150,000,000+ legal gun owners.
    If guns’n’good guys were the problem,
    you’d know it.
    But, Slo Joe, you might really ponder those numbers
    each time you poke the bear.
    Actually, he and his Libturd handlers actually have at length, That the WHY behind gun control, aka people control.

    In God we trust. Guns are merely backup, God’s helpers, We The Little Peeps’ equalizers.

  5. As I once heard a South African say, “It’s the blecks”.
    12.6 percent of the population, 60 percent of the violent crime.

    Best thing we can do is impose extremely harsh sentences for violent crimes. Personally, I think hanging is a good option. Hang a violent gangbanger after his first armed robbery and you don’t have to worry about him building a rap sheet.

    How many times have we seen a horrible crime take place by someone who clearly wasn’t able to follow the law and had an extensive rap sheet?

  6. One piece of the puzzle not being seriously considered here is the vast number of firearms in the hands of law-abiding Americans that are never misused criminally. Certainly that number must be higher than 95%- meaning nationwide, the percentage of all firearms being used in illegal activity is below 5%, probably much lower.

    On the other hand, likely 95-100% of all weapons, not just firearms, in the hands of criminals, will be misused, often many times each.

    Go after those people. To hell with their weapons. Without the wanton user, weapons of all types are inert.

  7. You don’t need a 3D printer. The people in Africa have figured out that all you need is a metal pipe. Some blocks of wood and a knife to carve the wood. Also some cigarette matches. Which you grind up to produce an ignition system.

    Of course in the Philippines they have access to machine tools and electricity to powder them.
    So all they need are blocks of metal. And then they can manufacture their own 1911 handguns. As they have been doing for many decades now.

    A 3D printer is simply faster and more efficient. For those who do not have the artisan skills to make weapons by hand.

    “It’s not the guns it’s never been the guns.”

    It’s a morality problem. And there are a whole lot of people, who simply don’t believe in morality. And don’t want to recognize that. We have a morality problem in our society and in the rest of the world.

    People everywhere in the world have made their own weapons for self protection. That is simply part of human history and it’s never going to change.

    But the ,@th eists, believe that if you can just pass enough laws, then you can change everyone’s behavior.
    But there are also some religious people who are part of the problem.

    Because they believe a certain sub population in their group is meant to be controlled. Using government force.

    And it doesn’t matter if it’s the official caste system in India. Which they claim was done away with. But it’s still an issue in that society.
    Or in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Where it’s believed that only the upper echelons of society should be allowed to have firearms.

    And the commoners should be disarmed and kept disarmed.
    It’s as if the serf system is still in existence on some level.

    And maybe some people are meant to be serfs??? The leadership does seem to think this way.
    It sure seems that way in states like massachusetts , california , oregon , washington state colorado and others.

    The founders pretty much addressed this issue by giving us a Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    But as we were told long ago, “you have a republic , if we can keep it.”

    Because if you’re not willing to do what’s necessary, in a peaceful way as the founders intended. To keep that republic. Then you’re gonna lose it and you will become a serf.

    “Why it’s Ok to not vote.” Catherine Mangu Ward. A great libertarian. Video 50 min long.

    • Chris, it is OK not to vote. Most Americans don’t vote. It’s a choice and it’s still a semi-free country. Besides, if you think voting changes anything, you must not have been around in 2020 or 2022.

      • Voting gives us an illusion of control but the real powers that be do what they want and will eventually enslave all of us.

        • Lee, voting gives you a choice. You can sit back and moan and groan without any real voice or you can vote and be part of the electorate, for good, bad ors indifferent. But not voting is like giving up your rights as a citizen.

      • If enough people vote which they did in 2016, it makes it extremely difficult to cheat.
        But if all you care about are leg@ lized, butt sex and drugs, then yes voting doesn’t matter.

        Because your masters will make sure the base desires you have are fulfilled.

        • Not true, more people voted in 2020 than 2016 and Quid Pro Pedo Dementia Joe and his band of Commie thugs cheated to have him installed (like a toilet) in the White House.

        • Where on this doll did the bad libertarian touch you?

          That aside, you are 100% correct. They are going to cheat. They have been for decades at least, probably always, but don’t make it easy for them. If cheating alone was sufficient to put people in office, there would be far fewer republicans in office.

        • “…if all you care about are leg@ lized, butt sex and drugs, then yes voting doesn’t matter.”

          But weren’t butt sex and drugs legalized by people voting for them?
          Seems like a “catch-22.”

        • Lee, the real question is was there the mass voter fraud that Trump claimed? Only a TRUE NATIONAL AUDIT could reveal the truth, a truth, the Leftists do not want to see.

        • I agree. But I would add that it was all made possible, by the white s0ci@ list pr0 gressive welfare state.

          Having said that black criminals and anyother criminal, still deserve to be shot dead and or put in prison.

  8. And about those 3D printing computer files.
    The libertarians liberals and the left believe that american citizens should give up their 1st Amendmentt civil rights.

    Because private multi-billion dollar American companies, want to do business in countries, that don’t believe in american civil rights.

    So these private american companies want american citizens to give up their civil rights. So that these companies can stay in the good graces, of these foreign dictatorships.

    Previously, jennifer a leftist, has written that america should not be supporting countries that don’t believe in allowing their citizens to have guns.

    But does Jennifer believe as a TTAG writer, that American citizens should be denied their First Amendment rights, regarding access to and utilizing 3D printing computer files???

    Just 2 years ago, we had so-called libertarians, Liberals, and leftist gun owners making that exact argument. That a private multibillion dollar company. Could deny you your first amendment civil rights.
    So, these private companies could do business in countries that don’t believe in human rights.

    The three L’s complain about the “military industrial complex” and there are foreign involvements.

    But I guess when it comes to 3D printed files, in other societies, it all depends on whose ox is being gorged.

      • I suggest you go to the Porn Hub site for that. This is about guns and the new technology making them.
        But there are people who would prefer we talk about any of the distractions.

    • Lenin is credited with saying (Or it may have been Karl Marx, originally) that “the capitalists will sell us the rope we hang him with”..
      Much like Rome, we are rotting from within due to our wealth, power, and carnal desires.

  9. I can see the memes already,
    It’s the 3-d printers!
    It’s the 3-d printers!
    It’s the 3-d printers!
    It’s the 3-d printers!

  10. What’s wrong with America? I’ll tell you bluntly: Socialistic progressive democrats have been sabotaging this country for about a hundred years.

    Lemme start with “prison for profit”. That pipeline from class to prison has done much to destroy the family unit, and it was primarily targeted at Black Americans. Take Daddy out of the home, and soon you’ll have more misguided youth filling up the prisons.

    Welfare. Remove the ability to earn an honest living, and in doing so, take away the pride of standing on your own two feet. Feed the women and children, and hopefully denying benefits to Daddy, and once again, you’ve removed Daddy from the home, providing more misguided youth to fill the prisons.

    Abortion. If babies aren’t valued, well, do I really need to explain?

    Education – look at all the push back on child grooming in our schools today. Perverts are in our schools, trying to convince normal little boys and girls that they aren’t really boys, or not really girls. Feed them some puberty blockers, and play along with the kid’s silly fantasies, and you have yet another psycho in the making.

    Education again. Kids learn their “rights” these days – well, the approved “rights”. But, no more Civics classes to teach those kids their obligations in a functioning society.

    Need I go on? Our nation has been subverted from within, just as many from past generations have predicted.

  11. again, “Awaiting moderation”… Everything I post has to “await moderation”… What’s “Moderate” about that?

  12. The left just can’t seem to grasp the idea that technology is leaving so many of their thoughts of gun control (and other things) to rot and wither on the vine of obsolescence. We saw the same thing happen to the adult magazine industry with the proliferation of the internet. There still might be CD’s and vinyl available but the average person never even thinks about such things any more than they do about CB radio anymore. I’ll likely never ‘print’ a firearm but then who knows what the world will be in a hundred years?

  13. Don’t worry, the GOP is on this.

    Word is that Lankford is in talks with Murphy and the ghost of Feinstein for a bipartisan “Feline Adoption Safety Bill” that will also ban 3D-printers for those without a license, grant mass amnesty and spend another $100B to fight back the reconstituted USSR from taking over all of Europe and Antarctica.

    “If this doesn’t pass, it will be a dark day for America, felines everywhere will suffer and your children will die fighting the Russians who will use this loophole to 3D print tactical nukes using chimeric penguins in their Antarctic labs!”

    -Chuck Schumer, maybe.

    We should all pray that that Joe signs it. You know, for the kids or penguins or cats or… you know what, fuck you, just give .gov more power, alright?


    • “pregnant penguin on a waterslide.” -alisio
      we’re not really sure what he actually said, but that’s what one of the martel twins swears she heard.

  14. Has anyone noticed that some posts are being removed, even after they make it through moderation and are posted on the site?

  15. I have been a firearms enthusiast for most of my life. I recently got into 3d printing to supply certain plastic parts that were overpriced in my industry. I pay a guy to do the 3d CAD modeling and he gives me the proper .STL file to print it out. This is limited by size for the average user as the larger units are commercial and they are pricey. However, the machine will do most anything I need. (If you are thinking of getting into 3D printing, the Bambu Labs X1 is an amazing machine. I had an Ender first and I couldn’t’ get anything to adhere to the build plate…..The X1 rarely has a malfunction for me. But they are pricey as well. When purchased with the AMS unit it’s about $1400. The AMS is an automatic filament spooler that holds 4 colors of filament to support multicolor printing.)

    I think the new printed stuff has received about the same welcome that NFA and Plum Crazy got when they released their polymer lowers over a decade ago. People question the rigidity of the receiver from a printer. I tried the old NFA (New Frontier Armory) back then and still have it today. So next up is to print out a lower and see how well it can function and how long it will last.
    That being said, I have printed a few receivers just to see how well they’d do. I have yet to put one to use though.


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