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Shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court issued its 2022 ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the Concealed Carry Improvement Act. The governor responded to the landmark 6-to-3 ruling, which determined the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms extends to protecting people who wish to carry a weapon in public by enforcing a series of invasive pistol restrictions prohibiting the carrying of guns in a host of public locations labeled “sensitive.”

Among the no-gun zones under the law are places of worship, casinos, bars, subways and Times Square. In a state plagued by crime and repeated scenes of rallies valorizing terrorism, the Concealed Carry Improvement Act undermines the safety of lawful citizens and New York’s Jewish population, which is experiencing a spike in antisemitic incidents.

Earlier this year, a New York Police Department report confirmed that the city’s five boroughs saw an antisemitic event every 36 hours, with that figure surging since the Oct. 7 terrorist massacre in Israel by Hamas. A Siena College poll released this month also found that 73% of New York voters believe Jews in the state are experiencing a “great deal or some” antisemitism.

While perhaps well intentioned, Mrs. Hochul’s recent announcement of $75 million in extra security funding for religious institutions and grant money to help police solve hate crimes renders New Yorkers at the mercy of the government for protection. The state is also home to lax enforcement of criminal laws and retains some of the most restrictive gun regulations in the country, leaving Jewish Americans ill-equipped to defend themselves.

Moreover, solving anti-Jewish crimes does little to address a permissive criminal culture, which leaves perpetrators of antisemitic assaults greeting a progressive justice system once caught for their offenses. Absent armed protection, law-abiding New Yorkers are powerless to defend themselves against the risk that the chorus of hate-fueled mobs will carry out their intimidating calls for death and destruction. 

— Irit Tratt in New York Gun Laws Undermine Jews’ Safety

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  1. It is weird to see lefties and jews (note typically not the religious ones) at each others throats here in NY. Typically they both work together for a lot of the laws that impact various civil liberties. Obviously a lot of exceptions on either end depending on the topic but could end up an enemy of my enemy is a situational ally kind of thing.

    • I’m kinda enjoying the rift between the Lib/Prog secular “Jews” and their now former allies on “the Left”, they fed the lion which is now intent on devouring them. I’ve been cautioning those I know in the Jewish community about this inevitabilty, the majority thought it was hyperbole, they’re thinking otherwise now. Happily my fiancee’ who is Jewish recognized what was going on when I brought it to her attention, others in her family not so much save for those in Israel.

      • The few I interact with through work are insulated enough by distance to say it’s just isolated incidents on the internet and don’t mean anything. That they acknowledge it at all is a huge difference but I doubt many will learn from others as opposed to those learning directly.

  2. A majority of Jewish people vote for the totalitarian Democrats who seek to disarm us all. They need to stop doing that.

    • As a Brooklyn-born Jew (now living in NJ), I cannot but agree with you. Know, however, we are not all like that: I have not voted for anyone with a “D” after their name for nearly 30 years and will never do so again.

  3. “New York’s Bruen Response Gun Control Law Has Put the City’s Jews in Danger”

    Well, that’s kinda the point of this tyrants war against the Constitution – that depriving law abiding innocent people of the most effect means of defense of firearms use in their moment of need for that defense harms or kills as many of those law abiding innocent people as possible. That’s part of the left wing agenda … whittle down the population to a manageable size and make it defenseless so it can be conquered and controlled more effectively – the same plan used by tyrants for centuries.

    • .40 cal Booger,

      I came to express the same sentiment.

      The upper echelon of the Ruling Class have mountains of cash which, nevertheless, does not satisfy a difficult-to-describe emptiness inside of them. So they chase sick/evil “thrills” which require the absolute humiliation of the Working Class.

      Make no mistake: Utopia for the upper echelon of the Ruling Class means they are strolling down a sidewalk, see your innocent 14 year-old daughter in your home through a window, and can pull her out to be the centerpiece of a “ceremonial” gang rape and human sacrifice that night. Yes, they REALLY ARE that depraved. But don’t take my word for it: ask Jeffrey Epstein how that works. Oh, wait: the upper echelon of the Ruling Class ensured that Jeffrey Epstein met an untimely demise in jail when he might suddenly shed light on the unsavory exploits of the upper echelon of the Ruling Class.

    • As if assaulting Jews in New York will change the actions of the Israeli government.

      This is the logic of antisemitism.

      • I used to know someone who would conserve water in New Hampshire in order to help reduce drought in the southwest.

        • “I used to know someone who would conserve water in New Hampshire in order to help reduce drought in the southwest.”

          I ate a lot of asparagus as a child, because there were kids starving in China.

    • That’s part of the left wing agenda … whittle down the population to a manageable size and make it defenseless

      They couldn’t get the guns so they opened the doors to abortion from conception to postpartum… The court divided pregnancy into three trimesters and declared that the choice to end a pregnancy in the first trimester was solely up to the woman. In the second trimester, the government could regulate abortion, although not ban it, in order to protect the mother’s health. In the third trimester, the state could prohibit abortion to protect a fetus that could survive on its own outside the womb, except when a woman’s health was in danger… Yet from THAT we wound up with abortion on demand from day one up to… “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother,”… You want/need population control, that will get it done… But Trump fucked em and he can never be forgiven for that…

  4. With their neo Marxist pro criminal oppressed class of people don’t prosecute, let them go attitude, yet harass and abuse and limit gun owners who are potential violent threats, they basically don’t believe in law and order and the right to self protection which Madison felt was a fundamental human right. They believe that the government is suppose to do everything while we are suppose to sit back sucking on the titty of big government and voting democratic because they care so much about the people!!!! Meanwhile they hate and gut law enforcement feeling they are thuggish oppressors. The cops feel so disrespected and unsupported they are now doing the minimum, so crime is rampant, and we can’t carry a handgun in public places.

  5. They just need to send their strongest to battle Master Blaster in the Thunder Dome. If their strongest can win Aunty Entity Hochul will then respect the Jewish people and bestow upon them the basic human right of defending oneself. Conditionally of course.

    These are the rules of Bartertown.

    • Jews brought this on themselves. Gun control is the most Jewish thing there is (except for maybe child transgenderism and abortion)


      Do I have to keep going?

        • Miner49er…. why are you replying to your own post under the name ‘Jews need to be held responsible for liberalism and gun control’ ?

        • MINOR49er, I would love to see you try your “Intifada”. We would finally be rid of your sorry posterior.

        • Miner just wants to do what is written in the holy books of his kind: Das Kapital, Mein Kampf, The Turner Diaries…

      • So, you like Hitler want to blame the Jews. Because a small minority of Marxist socialists basically yell louder you want to apply this broadly to all Jews being at fault by it some way or another being “the most Jewish thing there is” as if its an inherent innate defining trait for all those of Jewish descent. That’s exactly what Hitler did, that it was the inherent innate defining traits of all those of Jewish descent that caused Germany’s problems.

        Take your disguised ‘antisemitism hatred’ elsewhere.

        • Leftists have more in common with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot then they do with normal people. The want to eradicate Jews, Christians, the Dalai Lama, the Hare Krishnas and even the Amish.
          They are truly fascists.

        • Please, please face the truth. They knowingly and enthusiastically vote for these policies and support the politicians who support these policies.

          A very small number of Jews, such as Aaron Zelman, support the second amendment. Founder of the JPFO. That is just the truth.

          Those anti-civil rights jews are just as anti-civil rights. As the white power structure in the south in the 1950s.

          The majority of jews need to change for the better for their own self preservation.

      • Jews have a long history of internal ethnic conflict. It’s been exacerbated in the US between secular and religious Jews. Jews value community and the secular Jews project that on society in general. Karl Marx was a Jew who hated religion and capitalist Jews. The leaders of socialist and communist movements are heavily Jewish. Jewish leftists hate Israel and support Palestinaian fanatics. They have an ethnic problem!

        • Ironic that the music festival where one of the massacres took place was a peace rally supporting the Palestinians.

      • Niner Denier, READ your history. Gun regulation laws at least in the Americas originated and still often continue as the main means of disarming, thus gelding, the black population. The very first real gun restrictions on this continent.

  6. it’s not just the NYC city and state laws that are a problem, it’s the fact that out of state permits are not accepted or respected by ny state is also a factor.
    when my Constitutional Rights stop at the state line because one state does not want to recognize my states government issued carry permit that also puts people’s lives at danger.

    • We recognize NO out of state permits nor state permits for NYC and make it difficult to acquire resident permits let alone out of state. That you need a permit just to touch a pistol or more recently purchase a semi auto rifle just means we are watching several court cases for precedent for the next rounds of lawsuits.

  7. In a state plagued by crime and repeated scenes of rallies valorizing anti-white crime, the Concealed Carry Improvement Act undermines the safety of lawful citizens and New York’s White population, which is experiencing a spike in antiwhite incidents.

    (Wait- why do all my rights have to be framed as good for Jews or blacks or whomever?)

    Hmmm… when the alt-right says Jews have privilege in America, don’t articles like this just confirm it?

  8. Elections have consequences and so do historically voting for sokialist-democrats.

    Recent events have given many a person some things to consider.

    • The Jooz need to realize they are on their own. Like me in ILLANNOY with an obese Jewish billionaire disarming most of us. Quit voting Dim. Distance from “Feel the Bern”. And TTAG needs to apply the infamous moderation to the natzee putting up anti-semitic tropes this morning!

  9. Let’s face it, the gun control laws do not and cannot prevent crime or shootings. All they really do is create conditions that actually encourage shootings because of the likelihood of mass casualties. Whether it’s schools, malls, churches, or synagogues doesn’t matter, the denial of the right to defend oneself is oppressive and, clearly, morally, ethically, and legally wrong. At this point, I have to think that those pushing gun control laws are aware of this and the deaths resulting from their laws are premeditated. If I thought it would do any good, I would call on law enforcement to actually do their job and arrest those who pass and enact gun control laws. The charges should be “Murder 1” (premeditated murder) and “Deprivation of rights under color of law.”

    Further, the system needs to be revamped. Citizens should never be deprived of their rights while enacted laws make their way through the legal system. The “proof of harm” and “standing” requirements should be abolished for any law that may limit or infringe upon the freedoms of the people, particularly, those rights enumerated in the BoR, as all citizens have standing in constitutional matters. Any such laws should have their constitutionality decided before they can be enforced.

  10. LMFAO

    The ludicrous response New York had to Bruen has nothing to do with jews. To even hint thst it was is just plain stupid. New Yorks response is simply an outright defiance of SCOTUS just because they are anti-gun.

    Yes it hurts the jews that live there but it hurts EVERYONE the lives there.

    • The fact that the leadership of leftist organizations and political action groups is heavily Jewish is striking and doesn’t help! Karl Marx was a Jew who hated religion and capitalist “successful” Jews. Soros was encouraged by his parents to work with the Nazis cataloguing seized possessions of Jews sent to concentration camps. He’s a sociopathic scum bag!

  11. Anti-Seismic is good isn’t it?
    We’ve got enough earthquakes in California.
    New York starts cracking up where are all those people going to move?
    I’m sure they’re nice people and all but I’d rather not have them in my state. You want to get sliced may not have anything to do with a pizza.
    The Constitution’s Rights depending on what 5 robes say. That ain’t good.
    Presidents, governors, congressmen, and senators who put our Constitutional Rights in jeopardy are treasonous in my eye and should no longer hold their political positions.

  12. Since its inception Gun Control has worked against decent people while catering to criminals.

    Abolish Gun Control Now…AGNN says fu BAWN.

  13. Why Jewish synagogues would ever allow themselves to be disarmed is completely beyond me. You thought the government would protect you? You thought obeying the government’s law would protect you? You thought this couldn’t happen to you? Really? Really? Hasn’t this happened before? Somewhere, not too long ago? I seem to remember hearing about it.
    But if anyone thinks this is just happening to the Jews you aren’t paying attention. You are on your own. Prepare accordingly.

    • They’re committing self-genocide, they, Jews, in general (90%+ of them) support the Democrat’s LGBT, trans, abortion, eunthansia etc. agenda in fact they have the highest rates per capita within the USA population of the first two I mentioned. I look at it as a “win-win”, if these anti-USA, pro-Globalist, pro-civilian disarmament fake “Jews” remove themselves from the gene pool we won’t have to deal with their Leftist offspring casting ballots for Democrats.

  14. The jews have learned nothing from the holocaust absolutely nothing. They demand immigration from nations that hate them. They in fact, call you a racist if you want to stop immigration, from countries that hate jewish people.

    The jews are irrational and illogical people. But many of them certainly are very good at calculating numbers and congratulations to them for that.

  15. Well, over 200 years ago, a Jewish man wrote a letter to one of the founders, Washington, Madison, Jefferson. I don’t remember which.

    In that letter, he thanked the founders for creating the United States. For making this country a safe place for people of the Hebrew Faith, to live and worship in safety.

    It seems most jews haven’t learned this history.

  16. The only reason to even be discussing jews right now is because of the isreal/hamas thing. Otherwise no one would think twice about it. Kinda shallow if you ask me. As if nothing was happening in the world before that.

    • Not really! A Jewish NY city council woman was caught carrying illegally in the city because of threats to Jews. That was because of the anti Bruen laws as well as the HAMAS attack. makes the discussion relevant.

  17. The Jews deserve everything they get and more. Let them suffer.

    Now don’t confuse my comment for being anti-Jew or antisemitism. I have no ill will against any religious group. BUT the Jewish people are known to be die hard anti-gun yellow dog Democrats. Of any people in the world, THEY should be the most pro-gun voice in the world, but apparently they didn’t learn anything from the Holocaust.

    So if they need to repeatedly relive the Holocaust to learn to be smarter then so be it. I have no sympathy for anyone who is happy taking my rights away for the delusion of safety. There are bad people in the world. I hope eventually thru enough suffering even the stupidest Jew learns that.

      • “Exceptional people” are not the norm in, or at anything. The “norm” is what drives decisions. So, if a norm is to put absolute faith in the very govt trying to eradicate you, then it is that norm which is the most prominent feature of an ethnic group.

        The sad part is the for that visible “norm”, your and those like you are outliers, not “norm”.

        Recommend reading “Winds of War” and “War and Remembrance” by Herman Wouk. He has a theme he deduces explains much about how a mindset of “the will not to believe” believe what is in front of one can lead to extermination.

  18. Remember, Kathy Hochul isn’t the first politician to disarm Jews.
    Some guy named Adolf did it in the 1930s.
    I believe the results were rather genocidal.


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