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“No bucks, no Buck Rogers.” the old saying goes. That’s true, even where firearms are concerned. But, if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of the self defense scene because you don’t have much extra cash, there are still some deals out there that can get you into the game.

Let’s start with a good deal from Palmetto State Armory . . .

If you’re not familiar with the Ruger MAX-9, check out TTAG’s review here. It’s Ruger’s entry in the incredibly rich category of higher capacity micro nines. As Jeremy put it, it’s reliable and feature rich, and it’s a solid shooter for its size with great sights and a smooth trigger. And at under $300, it’s an incredibly solid choice if you need an everyday carry gun.

So, there’s very little excuse to not jump in and start learning defensive pistol skills. Palmetto also has some good deals today on AR parts and kits, among other things.

Primary Arms, a supplier known for their selection of AR and AK parts, has some pretty decent Cyber Monday holdover deals today as well. There’s a $30 AR upper, half-price pistol optics, some deals on barrels as low as $40, and many other deals to dig through. You can find those here.

Looking for cheap 9mm ammo? GunMagWarehouse has 50 round boxes of 147gr subsonic for $12.49. Lone Wolf Arms also has some deals on custom pistols and slides, barrels, night vision, frames, and basic holsters.

Another deal I came across was for range and carry bags. Gigaparts, an electronics and ham radio store, has found that they’ve got quite a few customers who are preppers in the last few years, so it makes sense that they’d jump into that even if they’re not getting into guns. You can find their gear bags here for 50% off, along with a bunch of other deals on solar panels, radios, and other survival gear.

Know of any other good Cyber Monday deals still going on? Be sure to tell everyone about them in the comments.


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  1. I wonder how many others out there are like me? I’m older. Have a few guns. Maybe a few too many? Ever since the covid scandemic I have been gifting guns to folks that had none for one reason or another.

    If enough of us do that it could make a difference and get more guns in the hands of more people. Just a thought.

    • Not gifting any firearms, since everyone we know and care about already have them. Have gifted some ammo to a couple of them in the past. Who weren’t prepared for the shortage during and after the Chinese disease. Have you seen the sudden epidemic of respiratory illnesses occurring, especially in children, now in China. The Chinese Communist party says it’s nothing to be concerned about, just like they said about the Chinese disease.


    You are 35 times more likely to die of suicide if a gun is in the home and you have almost a zero chance of survival if you do shoot yourself as compared to other forms of suicide. All this has been verified numerous times by the number of people saved by first responders that used another means other than a gun to try and kill themselves with.

    Of 595 448 cohort members who commenced residing with handgun owners, two thirds were women. A total of 737 012 cohort members died; 2293 died by homicide. Overall rates of homicide were more than twice as high among cohabitants of handgun owners than among cohabitants of nonowners (adjusted hazard ratio, 2.33 [95% CI, 1.78 to 3.05]). These elevated rates were driven largely by higher rates of homicide by firearm (adjusted hazard ratio, 2.83 [CI, 2.05 to 3.91]). Among homicides occurring at home, cohabitants of owners had sevenfold higher rates of being fatally shot by a spouse or intimate partner (adjusted hazard ratio, 7.16 [CI, 4.04 to 12.69]); 84% of these victims were female.

    Living with a handgun owner is associated with substantially elevated risk for dying by homicide. Women are disproportionately affected.

    • You can’t load the cattle cars for the camps if the victims are armed. Scares you jack booted fascists to have armed victims, doesn’t it.

      • Those of us that aren’t Marxist stooges (like Dacian apparently is) aren’t suicidal or homicidal. I guess that makes us pretty safe gun owners.

    • Yawn. Did you know that you are 87% more likely to die of choking when you eat food? Or 93% more likely to die in a car crash when driving? Conclusion: Doing literally anything could lead to death. Internet trolls are disproportionately affected.

    • dacian, did you know your studies are 100% likely to have used fake or misleading or excluded data?

      Well, they did. Take that already debunked and disproved garbage elsewhere.

    • I’m already getting a handgun next week. Good deal. No cyber chit. A bunch of on-line gat dealer’s are quite unfriendly sending anything to occupied territory ie ILL annoy&Cook co. If we make it to Indiana I’ll remember who did what🙄

  3. I’m all in with Primary Arms, the service I received around this time last year was very good and they answer the phone and talk the talk. I purchased a Tarsus G3C from PSA, price and service was very good, e-mail response from PSA tech about their inhouse LR .308 stuff was a complete waste of time which is why I chose Aero .308 receivers from PA. If in need of a barrel check seller return policy for who pays return shipping. Free Returns is one of the reasons to use Optics Planet for Faxon and FN barrels; check Faxon QC closely, FN not so much. And don’t rule out the local gun store, they might haggle on the price especially for used firearms but don’t insult them with a lame offer. That G3C? Not impressed with the innards so I prepped it and sold it the next day to a friend who loves the little rascal.

  4. “I have no credit cards.”

    That’s no excuse, use a debit card. 🙂

    “The Chinese Communist party says it’s nothing to be concerned about”

    There’s not. Just sterilize your ammo. Heaven Hill Bourbon in a spray bottle works just fine. But don’t try to sterilize loose powder or primers. Results may vary.

    “inhouse LR .308 stuff”

    Got a PSA of the 308 family. It’s OK, but by the time you get a scope and 20 rd mag installed, it makes a loaded Garand look and feel like a handy little firearm. My bad.

    * do not under any circumstances boil ammo. Avoid erraticism, consistency counts.


    • Funny!!!

      I mounted a scope on my Glock 43…required some custom modification. Now, the darn thing will not fit in the holster. Should have planned ahead.

  5. “I mounted a scope on my Glock 43”

    Lol, rookie mistake. The 43x is way better. milkjug and staplegun will make you a better holster than you can buy anyway

  6. “You are 35 times more likely to die of suicide if a gun is in the home”

    Ignorant use of math. Individual fates cannot be predicted from population-based data when analyzing non-stochastical phenomena. It’s as crass and stupid as division by zero.

    “you have almost a zero chance of survival if you do shoot yourself as compared to other forms of suicide.”

    Ain’t no fooling you.

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