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Unbelievable. Top Shot competitor George [above] would have us believe that he intentionally missed an easy shot to keep Chris in the game. Well that’s just bullshit. Mr. “One Shot One Kill” missed. Plain and simple. For him to suggest otherwise, for the producers to perpetuate this fiction as some kind of male bonding thing, is patently ridiculous. Nor was I impressed with the final competition. Surely the producers could think of something more interesting (albeit more expensive) than a reprise of all the season’s challenges. Still, kudos to Chris who is, by his own admission, blessed. Now can we please re-think this show and add some genuine combat-style competition and historical re-enactment stuff?

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  1. Damnit .. how ’bout a spoiler alert? I DVR this stuff vs. watching live.


    Anyway; I agree. No male bonding experience is going to be worth $100 G’s to me..

    • Yea I agree. If my choices are miss the shot so you could win due to our “bonding” or make it and walk with a cool hundred thousand, sorry buddy, I’m taking the cash.

      It’s a competition not a let’s get in touch with our feelings of male bonding for each other love fest.

      • GAAHH! I recorded it too!
        That’s what I get for putting TTAG ahead of my TV-watching experience. But it’s nice to know that arrogant @$$-hat didn’t win, either…

        Wow. Did I just admit to watching “Top Shot”?

      • I agree. I don’t believe for a second that Mr. Super-Ego would suddenly think about somebody else, forego $100K, and defer the opportunity to puff out his chest and spend the next decade in the bar captivating a bunch of wide-eyed 22 year olds with a man-crush on him. He missed the shot, plain and simple. By the time he got to the after-show, he had several months to get his story straight.

    • It’s OK to admit it .. as long as you DVR it. I record it so I can skip over all the house crap and drama and get right to the shooting. Instead of spending an hour in front of the TV, I cut it down to ~ 20 minutes!

    • Yeah well I guess you weren’t in the military. Besides the guy said he was just gonna blow it all out on guns.if he won. The other 2 had kids to put through college. Think about it.

  2. after watching the “after” show, i had forgotten how many crappy competitors had been eliminated, also why no international folks on season 2? I was glad that i never would have to see Kyle and his corny hipster self. He said ” i drive a vespa” last night. haha don’t tell people that man.
    I thought that thing with George was interesting, after seeing the after show, i think he really did just screw up the shot.
    After learning about how rough Chris has had it, him being a stay at home dad, likely from the work injury he sustained. I think he needed the $$ more than any one else. Wanting to use the money to pay for his kid’s school, very honorable.

    now lets do simunitions next season!

  3. I admit to watching it. The Survivor/Big Brother/Real World/Jersey Shore crap makes me want to puke but at least it has got folks shooting guns in it. I’ll take it.
    Now, if they would just bring back Three Gun Nation.

        • Ahhhhhh, 16 and Pregnant is my fav show! I like it when she is 16 and her boyfriend gets her pregnant and it gets all about her struggle, you know? Like how it is everyone else’s fault and stuff, you know? I don’t see how people can judge you on that show. Everyone is doing it and she/they are in love! Also her being spoiled is not her fault so deal with it! Late!

  4. Probably the editing for broadcast didn’t begin until the competition was finished. Then, knowing how it would end, the editors could select from all the participants’ cameos as needed to spin an entertaining story of good guys, bad guys, bad guys who redeem themselves, heroes who fall, etc. Good theater.

  5. I’m glad george lost, and I don’t believe for a second that he missed on purpose. The loud mouth choked and deserved to lose. I was cheering for Brian, but I also liked Chris and it’s nice that he won the money. I hope they just only shoot guns next season because all this other crap they tried was stupid.

    • Thanks for catching me up, JOE. I was watching a rerun of “Real Housewives of Lake Okeechobee,” so I missed Top Shot. BTW, Tina married Farley, which really upset Jake because he wanted to marry Tina even though Tina is Farley’s sister through marriage. But Gator and Farley had a long talk over a bottle of corn likker and a mess of mudbugs, so now everything is okay except Dottie Ann is pregnant again. You follow?

  6. Maybe George did miss on purpose. Maybe he didn’t want to face Zins again in a head to head challenge after having just lost to him the day before.
    BOOM…your mind is blown.

    • Dude, he missed. Choked. Screwed the pooch. Rode the fail train. No strategy. Just major suckage. I’m not saying I could do better. Oh wait. I am.

      • Dude, I could have made most of the shots on the show. My wife keeps on telling me to apply. She knows fairly little about guns and shooting (something that is being remedied) and she could easily see how less skill based this season was compared to last.

  7. The FIRST thing that must go is Colby Donaldson. This guy is Mr. Cheesball. He completely ruins the show and forces me to adjust my audio (mute) everytime he speaks his pseudo-drawl while his bleached pearly whites brighten my t.v. screen.

    I’d rather see Gilbert Godrfrey host the show – I hear he’s available.

    • If Gilbert Godfrey hosted that show I would volunteer to be a donut fetcher just so I could hear a raspy ‘thank you’ and laugh all day.

  8. Uh. Well, with whatever edited version of things we saw on tv………and it does play out nicely thinking he missed deliberately……….. if we witnessed his for real shot – then he barely missed the damn target. Seemed a lot closer than if he would have been trying to miss.

  9. Obviously George pulled it. Colby is on twitter and replies. I’m also in favor of more combat style and history lessons. Great site.


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