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Let’s see. We have a dead white male. Said imperialist oppressor is pointing a musket — a gun! – at a peaceful indigenous person. And the offending DWM is seen doing it on what is now the main entrance to an Ivy League institution’s repository of approved accumulated knowledge. How many examples of badthink is that? I lost count somewhere.

Anyway, now that Yale has changed the main entrance of its Sterling Memorial Library (now the nebulously named Center for Teaching and Learning) to one that features this astonishingly un-PC carving, something clearly had to be done.

From the Yale Alumni Magazine:

[H]ead librarian Susan Gibbons…and the university’s Committee on Art in Public Spaces decided the carving’s “presence at a major entrance to Sterling was not appropriate.”

What did the august institution’s administration decide to do to protect its students and other innocents who might inadvertently glimpse this upsetting little tableau? They took the Chinese approach and visually revised history to reflect a newer, safer, more congenial reality.

The Puritan’s musket was covered over with a layer of stone (bottom) that Gibbons says can be removed in the future without damaging the original carving.

Sure, it can be removed, but can you imagine attitudes changing sufficiently at Yale to allow such a thing?

Note also that the native American’s bow seen in the sculpture survived the bowdlerization, apparently being judged a purely defensive weapon. Or a hunting implement. Or something.

This is, of course, is of a piece with other similar recent moves, both inside and outside the halls of academe, aimed at protecting the current generation’s fragile sensibilities from some of the past’s inconvenient truths. So while those who are triggered by take offense at these things have grown to hate the term “delicate snowflake” since it was coined by, well, someone, the epithet seems to be more and more apt every day.

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  1. Santization of history, that usually ends well….

    Yes let’s not teach them about the atrocities failures or acts of shear stupidity committed by past generations. I think you know what happens to people that don’t learn from history?

    • The Ivies get to scam another quarter-million out of them on the promise they’ll learn it in grad school?

    • The march supporting idols memorializing treason in defense of slavery and white supremacy at UVA Charlottesville carrying citronella tiki torches and looking like the moronic virgins they are?

      • It wasn’t treason. The war was not fought over slavery. It was started when the tyrant Lincoln invaded the sovereign nation of the Confederate States of American in order to loot it’s wealth.

        • Shouldn’t you be in Virginia marching with the other KKK bub?

          Here’s the Vice President of the Confederacy disagreeing with you:

          “Our new government is founded…upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”

        • Jesus fucking Christ. Were you BORN stupid or just work really really hard at it? The South seceded because the Republican party managed to ban slavery in the new States, and the South knew that pretty quickly they’d lose any possibility of a majority in the Senate and House, and slavery would be outlawed by Congress.

          The civil war was at it’s deepest root about slavery.

        • Actually it was treason about slavery. If we want to remember history correctly then lets not be disingenuous if the facts don’t support our current beliefs.
          The “states rights” in question where the right of southern states to have slaves, and after Dread Scott, the right of norther state to protect residence from fugitive slave hunters.

        • Actually it really doesn’t matter at this point. History has already been rewritten by the left and most of you ignoramuses have fallen for their textbook lies. Button proves that disbelief in God has taken hold because of the doctrines of man, like evolution, the big bang theory, and the claim that negros are in the lineage of man! The Bible, which has NEVER been disproven, tells us that the VP of Confederacy, that Judd mentioned, is actually correct. There are more than 100 verses in the Bible telling us that negros are NOT in the ancestry of man! This is not about racism or bigotry, neither of which apply, this is understanding God’s creation and what MAN’s and the negro’s place is in this world!

        • Treason is treason. The traitors fired the first shots at Fort Sumter.

          Naturally, Lincoln had to put down the rebellion. Just like Washington had done in the Whiskey Rebellion.

    • The most obvious piece of history of ethnic cleansing and genocide by white Americans against indigeneous Americans that Dan Zimmerman and The Duke sanitize is the lives and deaths of the Quinnipiacs who lived on the land where Yale now stands!

      You see, you disgusting buttwipes, the Quinnipiacs nation no longer exists because of the encroachment of white settlers and the American military and government, the lying and cheating and terrorism and violence, that’s why decent folks find it upsetting to see a carving of a white settler pointing a gun at the head of an American Indian.

      Just as the Puritans would have starved without the Wampanouag’s help, the first English settlers in Connecticut in 1638 would have starved without the Quinnipiacs. Fast forward two centuries and the Quinnipiac nation had disintegrated, ceased to exist… like countless other tribes… all of America is covered with the unacknowledged bloody footprints of the folks who lived here before European imperialists took everything they had and everything theyre ever going to have…

      … And some decent students at Yale want the Quinnipiacs existence memorialized, want their lives and deaths to be remembered and respected with a monument on campus (naturally this relevant and crucial information is not in an article by the moron Dan Zimmerman on a moron site like this haunted by morons like yall) … while yall pieces of human garbage can only fetishize a gun and mindlessly unthinkingly pose as caring about history not being sanitized… yall are beyond a sick sad joke, too vacuous and ethnocentric to be real…

  2. More like a 1620’s blunderbuss…so a lethal bow and arrow is OK?!? It IS strange looking in the original but offensive? Twinks😜or a blunderWUSS?

      • I do not give a fuck about the civil war,slavery or any of that bullshit. This about some cocksucker having a problem with the immage of a gun. I would love to know who the pussy(S) is/are as I would take the motherfucker to a firing range and make them shoot a Hillary doll with tracer bullets. The fucking doll would have been soaked in high octane gas of course.

  3. It’s the same shit happening with our Confederate statues, why?! I was in high school when one day we didn’t pledge allegiance to the flag and the spitballs flew!!!

    • Let me explain something important to you about what’s termed “pledging allegiance to the flag”, and bear with me it will be difficult for you to grasp…

      “pledeging allegiance” is a euphemism for swearing an oath to obey, and “the flag” is a metonym for the government/military, so what school administrators were doing was having children who didnt even understand the meaning of the word “allegiance” swearing to obey the government/military.

      This fetishizing of the flag to inspire unquestioning loyalty to the government/military was deemed by enlightened decent folks to be outside the scope of public education whose purpose is to educate not to indoctrinate.

      So good people removed this element of political socialization/indoctrination from the schools… I wonder to what extent you are able to understand any of this… I know if the school day began by reciting passages from Castros speeches you could recognize that as innappropriate brainwashing so really your problem is dishonesty and willful ignorance as much as it is your ignorance and stupidity…

      • Not really, professor.
        Allegiance doesn’t mean anything like an oath to obey, instead it is swearing loyalty.
        I’m sure, if you love someone, you are loyal to them, but I’m also sure you wouldn’t say that means you would be swearing to obey them.
        Google is your friend.

  4. The seriously evil demonic gaze depicted on the Native American and the Puritan are highly offensive and intimidating! When is someone going to change their image to a warm and welcoming smile?!?!?!?

  5. LOL, the old white guy is now carrying a big rock which he is going to whack the Indian with….. how is this any better than an old shotgun?

  6. For me that statue is a personal reminder to not give up my human right to keep and bear arms. We need to retain our human rights in order to protect ourselves from those who want to disarm and enslave us or simply erratic us entirely.

    European descendants would like us to be ignorant about what their families have done and some of them want to pick up where their ancestors left off.

    I feel like those who want to erase history are trying to fool people again or they simply don’t want to be held accountable… I do not trust them at all. Why do they want to erase facts, then remove us of our power?

  7. Conversations can be had and probably should be had, more often, about the far from flattering history of European settlers’ treatment and subsequent depiction over time of American Indians (an acquaintance who is Sioux has told me that they actually resent the term “Native Americans” viewing it as a self-serving P,C. sanitization). But those conversations would be better had by leaving the stone carving in place and having it be a subject of dialogue.

    • “He also paints profusely and adopts all the old habits and customs which his education in our industrial schools has tried to eradicate.” –Commissioner of Indian Affairs, William Jones

      Why would it be any different today? Most schools/teachers are there to make you behave and think a certain way in order to make you become part of the collective who follows what the government has planned for you. If you don’t follow along, you will be summarily punished.

    • Why? Did the Europeans do something markedly different than what they had been doing to each other for thousands of years? Cultures rise and fall, when you don’t have the wheel, your culture tends to be on the falling side.

    • While we are having conversations about the fact that Europeans used force against the aboriginals here, ask the Hopis about the Navajo.
      The current concept among some that the American Indians were these wonderful people who lived in harmony with nature, had no concept of land ownership, and were never aggressive towards each other is such bull$hit.
      We tend to view history not just through rose-colored glasses, but through prisms reflecting not only a bias delivered by the winners, but also by the “sensibilities” of our contemporary class of people we have decided to entrust with the teaching of our young. The fact that, throughout history, and on every continent, the strong have always imposed their way on the weak is ignored, instead teaching that the whites are the only ones to have done so, and always upon “people of color.” They tend to ignore that, as one example, the Romans (whites) subjugated many other nations (also white), and some of those turned around and destroyed the Romans. They don’t like that history, because it teaches that they are vulnerable.
      The American Indians warred among themselves constantly. Slavery was accepted. Subjugation of women was the norm (even though, in some communities, wealth was matrilineal).
      This is called history. It’s happening even now, but in areas different from those of the past. Now, the left is warring against the very idea that history is important. Revised history is exampled by the images above; what is offensive to some must be cleansed. Tomorrow, what they do will be history, and they are indeed vulnerable.

  8. You can call them snowflakes if you want to, but snowflakes disappear rather quickly. Yalies, who are perennial, are more like pansies. Or herpes.

  9. It is the prerogative of the victor to destroy the history of the conquered people. Moral of the story. Don’t get conquered. It is hilarious that they left Indian’s bow and arrow alone. I guess Native American stone age technology is beneath contempt. Nothing to fear there.

    • It was something to fear tremendously until the more modern/advanced guns made it into the hands of the North American governments. It’s no surprise today’s governments don’t want anyone, but them, to have modern arms. They legislate against the people having effective calibers, modern/normal capacity magazines, repeating guns and anything else they feel will empower the people to effectively protect themselves against them. In other words, you can keep your homemade bow and wooden shield just turn in your firearms.

      If the indigenous had taken up the firearm and horse sooner they might have survived. I guess they didn’t have the foresight to see what the Europeans’ plans were from day one and how savage they would be in order to accomplish their goals. Maybe if they had statues depicting their future…

        • Not all the tribes were that simple. I know the popular thing to do is to belittle them in order to rationalize the actions of the Europeans. The typical dehumanizing tactic of oppressors.

          From what I remember, the Europeans didn’t even invent gunpowder nor came up with the concept for a firearm. The Asians are likely the ones that handed down that knowledge.

          There were tribes that had access to horses the Spanish brought over, but they didn’t make use of them for combat for some time. They also could have gotten firearms from trade deals and by stealing them from their oppressors. They did upgrade their blades, arrowheads, etc, with steel from the Europeans.

  10. Now, that’s the true meaning of fascism folks. Institutions have been doing history erasing and attempting to rewrite for quite sometime.

  11. You know how they are taking down monuments of confederate soldiers because they fought to preserve slavery? Yale was founded by an actual slave trader who murdered disobedient slaves. If they can’t show guns, they should also change their name……

    • What?! And get rid of their sacred “brand”?

      Repeat after me:
      The hypocrisy of the left has no limits.
      The hypocrisy of the left has no limits.
      The hypocrisy of the left has no limits…

    • Can we please stop perpetuating the communist-infiltrated academia myth that settlers used smallpox blankets against Indians? It never happened.

  12. No women? Only men?

    We need to protest this injustice.

    Speaking of injustice, RF, when you fixing this site?

  13. Those who revise history revile history. Those who forget history are bound to repeat it. It seems the PC culture is bringing back segregation but calling it safe places, changing art to reflect a more gentile past, shutting down desenting speech because they can’t win in the arena of ideas and, finally, turning to violence so that their version of peace and order is established and enforced……..and they wonder why I don’t trust them and own many handguns and many thousands of rounds. I will not go quietly into socialist facist totalitarian hell without a fight. I do not seek a compromise, I seek victory. For leftists success stories see USSR, Europe, Chicago, Baltimore, California, Detroit, etc, etc

  14. The PC crowd did the same thing at a local private high school. The mascot for Jesuit High is the Crusader. He used to hold a sword in an outstretched hand. Now it’s a fist.

    • Wait, they thought a raised fist was a safer symbol than a knight with a sword? The raised fist has been a symbol of (generally violent) revolt for forever while a sword is a sword.

  15. “Gibbons says can be removed in the future without damaging the original carving.”
    Why do I struggle to believe this??

    PC run amuck.

      • Did you forget the “/sarc” tag, or are you serious?
        Did you not see the actual TTAG article above the comment section? Did you not read the links in said article?
        Have you not noticed the Confederate statues being removed by the left? The demands to change the names of several building in so-called “Institutes of Learning” because some disliked the history of those names?

        I sincerely hope you just forgot the tag, because the alternative puts you squarely within that group who knows nothing, and has a strong desire to put everyone else there, too.

    • How are you including libertarians in that? Or are you just blindly following your party / cult platform and condemning any other.

  16. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to pretend these were jazz musicians and the offending image was that of a trumpet?

  17. Had this happened at the non Ivy League college I attended, the students would have removed the new stone the first night. Or at least defaced it with graffiti of a gun. I bet most people didn’t even look up from their phone as the walked in the door. This is why I hate people.

  18. Perhaps they should give each man in the carving an olive branch?

    Erasing history one carving, book, monument, etc at a time.

  19. Education is a remedy for ignorance (assuming the ass that’s led to water drinks), but one cannot fix stupid.
    And . . . it takes a spine and some guts to face the “real” reality – – – not the one the hysterical, chicken-little, panty-waist history-ignorants would like to foster off on the gullible to feed their own timid attempts to completely deny and re-write, revise history. The snowflakes can find safe spaces only among their like, lowly brethren . . .

    Pathetic that their I.Q. is too low to let them recognize their deplorable (and likely unfixable) condition !

  20. Education is a remedy for ignorance (assuming the ass that’s led to water drinks), but one cannot fix stupid.
    And . . . it takes a spine and some guts to face the “real” reality – – – not the one the hysterical, chicken-little, panty-waist history-ignorants would like to foster off on the gullible to feed their own timid attempts to completely deny and re-write, revise history. The snowflakes can find safe spaces only among their like, lowly brethren . . .

    Pathetic that their I.Q. is too low to let them recognize their deplorable (and likely unfixable) condition !


  21. The evidence that the administration of Yale is a bunch of COWARDS should not surprise anyone…..

  22. What a bunch of ignorant college (un)educated democrats. The Indian with the bow and shield and the “caucasion” with the blunderbuss are hunting together you bunch of morally bankrupt moronic idiots. You creatures are not qualified nor able to properly teach anyone above the canine level. I have also noticed that ISIS is also defaming and destroying historical statues and art works that they deem inappropriate to their way of thinking! College staff and their cronies are responsible for aiding, abetting and brainwashing AMERICAS youth. The colleges are where the “House Cleaning” should start. I do not live in fear of any man and his religion but professors scare the living hell out of me.


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