Jamaica: More Proof that Gun Control Doesn’t Work

The documentary video below offers proof — if proof be needed — that gun control doesn’t work. Despite Jamaica’s “tough” gun control laws, the island nation is awash with illegally held firearms and plagued by endless “gun violence.”

Make no mistake: Jamaican gun control laws are as draconian as The Brady Campaign or Everytown would like them to be stateside. Here’s a bit of history on the subject from wikipedia.org:

The Suppression of Crime Act allowed the police and the military to work together in a novel way to disarm the people: both soldiers could seal off entire neighbourhoods and policemen could systematically search the houses inside for weapons without a warrant.

The goal was to expedite and improve enforcement of the 1967 Firearms Act, which imposed licensing requirements on ownership and possession of guns and ammunition, and prohibited automatic weapons entirely.

Firearm licences in Jamaica require a background check, inspection and payment of a yearly fee, and can make legal gun ownership difficult for ordinary citizens. The new judicial procedures of the Gun Court Act were designed to ensure that firearms violations would be tried quickly and harshly punished.

Prime Minister Michael Manley expressed his determination to take stronger action against firearms, predicting that “It will be a long war. No country can win a war against crime overnight, but we shall win. By the time we have finished with them, Jamaican gunmen will be sorry they ever heard of a thing called a gun.”

In order to win this war, Manley believed it necessary to disarm the whole public: “There is no place in this society for the gun, now or ever.”

How did that work out? Check out the documentary above or clock this from insightcrime.org:

Between January and June 10 [2017], 639 people were murdered in Jamaica, an average of four murders a day, police data revealed. This reportedly represents a 19 percent rise from last year, when the murder rate reached around 50 per 100,000, according to preliminary calculations by InSight Crime.

At the current rate, Jamaica could see around 1,450 murders by the end of the year, in a country with a similar population size to the city of Chicago (approximately 2.8 million).

Chicago’s excuse for its “gun violence”: the city is plagued by illegally-held guns imported into the Windy City from states like Indiana with “looser” gun control laws. Again, Jamaica is an island — and its gang-related, firearms-related crime rate is even higher.

Other than ineffective gun control laws, I wonder what other variables Chicago and Jamaica share that create this rough parity.


  1. avatar Ironhead says:

    What are out of control gang problems, corruption, and idiots who blame an inanimate object instead of the person commiting the crime?

    1. avatar Jeff K says:

      If you think that criminals will obey laws against possessing firearms, that takes a special kind of stupid.

  2. avatar Timmy! says:

    I know this is off topic, but the first picture up there got me thinking. Is it possible to buy an AR “in white”? Where would I go to look for an un-anodized upper and lower and stuff?

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      80% lowers in the white are everywhere. For the upper, any 80% maker that offers com offers uppers (many do) will generally have ones in the white available.

    2. avatar Timmy! says:

      Thank you both. Google is a fickle mistress for me. I looked as soon as I posted that, only to be “rewarded” with a video of how to strip anodizing with EZ-Off oven cleaner… then lots of videos of crazy Russian drivers and “Scare Cam” compilations.

      Ok, I searched for those last too as well.

  3. Gun control seems to be doing fine in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia. And these countries have FAR MORE FREEDOMS and FAR SAFER than this country.

    How is a country with strict gun laws, despite having an excellent economy, healthcare, lack of poverty, and increased personal freedoms considered a “tyranny” to the nutbars on here.

    It’s easier to fight off a nutter armed with a knife, baseball bat, bare hands or a section of pipe.

    Statistically, Your more likely to kill yourself or a loved one then fight back in self-defense.

    The only reason foreign criminals obtain guns is due to the NRA, “Gun Rights” organizations and other pro-gun terror groups support the lax laws that allow American weapons to show up in the hands of people that hate us.

    Gun control works, Criminals would not have weapons if you kept them locked in a safe and provided you were legally not a criminal and mentally stable to own a weapons.

    Licenses are not unconstitutional.

    Trying to say it “doesn’t work” in Jamaica is a crock of crap, I’m far safer wondering the country or the united kingdom then the state of Florida. Speaking of Florida, The murder rate is rising due to a series of violent shootings. But Neo-Nazi Robert likes to ignore them.



    1. avatar jwm says:


      1. avatar jwm says:

        You got enough free time from fixing a still busted site to delete my comment? Priorities, man, priorities.

    2. avatar Rayfrom Bama says:

      **yawn** same old tired untrue arguments from a .gov bootlicker. How boring.

    3. avatar Bob Jones says:

      Criminals can make their own weapons unless you also outlaw power tools, hand tools, steel, aluminum, and brass.
      One of the deadliest firearms, a full auto submachinegun, can be easily made out of a few pieces of pipe or tubing by the average home workshop owner in a few hours.

      1. avatar AFGus says:

        Exactly right Bob. The WWII machine gun that was nicknamed “The Grease gun” had 9 total parts, all but a couple made from stamped sheet metal. It was incredibly easy to manufacture, was cheap to make and worked very well.

    4. avatar AFGus says:

      FLAME DELETED Old…..tired…..and completely debunked propaganda. Stick to posting to Salon or Huffington Post…..those are much more appropriate venues for your type of ignorant drivel.

      1. avatar AFGus says:

        FLAME DELETED? What Flame? What is going on with the moderators of this site?

    5. avatar GPow says:

      I think the 2.5 million people that defend themselves or a loved one with a firearm EVERY YEAR would strongly disagree with you.

    6. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Gun control seems to be doing fine in Europe …

      I am quite confident that the hundreds of unarmed victims of recent terrorist attacks in Europe would disagree. Oh, wait, they can neither agree nor disagree because THEY ARE DEAD.

      It’s easier to fight off a nutter armed with a knife, baseball bat, bare hands or a section of pipe.

      Clearly you have ZERO experience defending yourself from an attacker armed with nothing more than a 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter oak dowel rod or a 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) diameter piece of steel re-rod (reinforcing rod) — both of which are available everywhere. If you have nothing more than your bare hands to defend yourself against either of those, you will be severely beaten (with multiple broken bones and major permanent injuries) or dying within 15 seconds. And I doubt you would fare much better if your attacker had a good knife.

      Please also note that you cannot carry oak dowel rods nor steel re-rod for self-defense in Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia, or any other gun control paradise.

    7. avatar Kyle says:

      Free Kekistan

    8. avatar TheOriginal JohnO says:

      “And these countries have FAR MORE FREEDOMS…” Yes, where you can be jailed for exercising what we call freedom of speech.

    9. avatar DaveW says:

      Obviously you have been misinformed regarding Europe and Australia. Their governments may say they have things under control, but their law enforcement says otherwise.

      Each year in England fewer people apply to be cops while the crime rates and use of firearms, especially handguns, in robberies climbs. Criminals in England have a ready source for firearms among the EU countries.

      In Australia, it’s no different. Even the government admits there are an estimate 260,000 firearms which have not been turned in. Crime is on the rise among various drug gangs, and with Muslim immigrants, many of which are illegals who have come in from Malaysia.

      As for Jamaica, they have had serious gang problems for decades, of which much comes from the drug trade. They have exported those problems to Florida and other parts of the USA because that is where the money is. Their weapons come from many sources in the western hemisphere. Don’t let the sight of M-16s fool you. They have been sold to many governments and then they disappear into the hands of cartels, gangs, and revolutionaries.

      Your comment about being safer walking the streets in Florida may be influenced by the various gangs from Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. Perhaps you should do what I do. Avoid the bad parts of cities, etc. I go armed, but I do not go down dark alleys at night.

      1. avatar wilkins micawbe esq says:

        ☞In Australia, it’s no different. Even the government admits there are an estimate 260,000 firearms which have not been turned in☜

        its more like four-five million!

    10. avatar the phantom says:

      uh….is this FLAME DELETED for real?
      gun control works in ….. etc
      try living in control-freak crap-holes like the UK and Australia and tell me if ‘gun control works’ ?
      pffft….. a NON-Western country with only a thin veneer of democracy……Jpns have, basically, no rights….compared to Western nations…..

    11. avatar henry bowman says:

      According to the US Supreme Court it is unconstitutional to :

      Charge a fee for the exercising of a right (Harper v Virginia Board of Elections 1966);

      Require a precondition on the exercising of a right (Guinn v US 1915, Lane v Wilson 1939);

      Require a license (government permission) to exercise a right (Murdock v PA 1943, Lowell v City of Griffin 1939, Freedman v MD 1965, Near v MN 1931, Miranda v AZ 1966);

      Delay the exercising of a right (Org. for a Better Austin v Keefe 1971);

      Register (record in a government database) the exercising of a right (Thomas v Collins 1945, Lamont v Postmaster General 1965, Haynes v US 1968).

      Will someone give this guy a Helicopter Ride?

    12. avatar Tom in PA says:

      You are a dangerous combination of cowardice and stupidity. If attacked, you would prefer to curl up in the fetal position and die, so you really don’t have a point to make.

    13. avatar Missouri_Mule says:

      Chill! You guys have had your chain yanked.
      That is the best list failed gun control policies I have seen in awhile!
      Today’s Troll Award goes to – RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstAntiAmericanGunRightCriminals

    14. avatar Setnakhte says:

      More freedom in Japan than in the US? Grow up, kiddo.

    15. avatar Big Bill says:

      Please don’t feed the trolls.

    16. avatar Huntmaster says:


  4. avatar DaveL says:

    “There is no place in this society for the gun, now or ever.”

    Except for your stormtroopers, of course, sealing off entire neighborhoods and ransacking the houses of innocent citizens. Their guns are cool.

  5. avatar former water walker says:

    Izzat you resistance?!? You need to up your ramblings. Jamaica has all the BS you adore and yet is worse than Chiraq. Maybe it’s the lowlife thugs who inhabit these hellholes😄

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      My thought exactly. Same old arguments, same old ad hominems.

  6. avatar Mike Betts says:

    Well, OF COURSE Jamaica has lots and lots of crime. The place is chock-full of Jamokes!

  7. chicargo sees a lot of gun violence because Hillary, Holder, and Obama let the guns leak into the state during “fast and furious”, not all of the guns went to mexico, a lot stayed here. Hillary was supposed to be the next communist president, and she as well as the entire communist party of amerika (you know them as the “democratic” party) would have used the gun violence to push for more anti gun laws. law abiding citizens would have only been the ones effected and so more “laws” to “protect” us would have been “passed” and slowly we would have lost our freedoms. that was and is still their plan. and you only have to look at someplace like Jamaica to see how effective gun control really is. and then look at the fbi stats on states that have less gun control and they have less crime. so why are the “dems” still pushing gun control.

  8. avatar Mark N. says:

    Manley, eh? Sounds like a Brit, so no surprise about the banning bit.

    1. avatar JohnS says:

      I’ve actually met Manley. He was doing a US tour of small colleges back in the 80s.

      Interesting guy, for a Communist.

  9. avatar LHW says:

    He sure is a special kind of stupid.

  10. avatar Southern Cross says:

    One thing to note about Jamaica. On almost every front porch is a plastic bucket. The bucket contains acid which is a common defense and reprisal weapon.

  11. avatar Pete says:

    I recall reading one homeowners complaint that after the military cordon moved on, the gangs would move in to rob the newly disarmed homes.

  12. avatar What About Bob says:

    What a terribly sad situation. I watched the whole video, and can’t imagine.

    I took my family there to a resort area at the opposite end of the island last year. Wonderful laid back people there and on each road trip we took. Hard to believe what it is like in the capital.

    They kill because in their lifetimes, they have always killed.

    So sad. Guns and gun control aside.

  13. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    “me no sen, you no come.”
    from sea level to over 8,000 feet.
    whatever weapons exist in cockpit country aren’t going anywhere.

  14. avatar American Patriot says:

    And who gives a sh!t about Jamaica..?

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