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The attempts by the media and the anti-gun rights industry to de-legitimize guns and gun ownership continue apace. Former NBC talking head Tom Brokaw stopped by MSNBC’s Morning Joe and this week. It seems he’s looked at the push to repeal as many of the American public’s rights to keep and bear arms and pronounced these efforts to be the moral equivalent of the fight against segregation. From “It reminds me a lot of what happened in the South in the 1960s during the civil rights movement. Good people stayed in their houses and didn’t speak up when there was carnage in the streets and the total violation of a fundamental rights of African-Americans as they marched in Selma…” So that makes Wayne LaPierre today’s Bull Connor. Which means the NRA is, what, the KKK? The White Citizens’ Council maybe? What would we do without sages like Tom to peer through the mists and break it all down for us?

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  1. That is so reprehensible, not only because I’m black but because it is such backwards hogwash it hurts my brain tissue.

    • +1 as an Arab American who’s apart of the NRA,SAF,GOA stuff like this REALLY OFFENDS ME !!!! I really feel like they do this to keep us segregated from becoming one bastered’s. What burns me even more is ppl feed into hog wash like this too !!!

      • As an Arab American who just publicly admitted to owning guns, I’m sure you can be expecting a knock from the Department of Homeland Terrorism or some other black ski-mask agency.

        • You know what’s sad after thinking about it you never know they might just do something like that. To tell the truth I’m more of red blood American then those so called elite’s running the show ask everybody and anybody they all tell you they never had a friend like me, They’re not looking hard enough but there’s a lot of good ppl out here with all kinds of ethic backgrounds that look at one another as human beings, That ignore the hype the media makes up they know it bs. They see the good in ppl they don’t care what color, religion or what ethic background you they only see a true just person you really are ppl are waking up & realizing the truth we all bleed red they know the difference between radical
          extremists that brain wash ppl just
          like our media to believe bs. And
          our government hates the idea that ppl are waking up realizing the truth. That’s all around them there
          starting to join together. Our government loves segregation that way the masses are easy to maintain and control. Divide and conquer right. Can you imagine if we the ppl united for a just cause where race,color,religion,ethnicity didn’t mean anything. We all march as one just like our founding fathers done in the past united together
          standing for a just cause. I have faith in my follow man to just take a look around open there eyes see past the media bs and go out there and see the truth for themselves we all bleed the same and we all share one promise in life and that death. every living thing as its time. Its just the select few that are clueless to anything our then themselves I’m all about pro life , pro 2a , pro American, pro freedom , I’m anti hate , anti racist, I hate when ppl pray on each other or judge ppl before they even learn the truth just like the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover. I believe if you were born in our country your a red blood American and you should be proud, privileged to be an American citizen so be proud and hold your head up high as I do and for those of you fake ppl who just come to suck us dry then leave or take advantage of our kindness than after you suck dry then run back your bogus you know who you guys are it takes a few bad apples to ruin all of us instead of our government focusing on hurt us the law abiding citizens. They need to be focusing on our economy, and our well being help those who deserve help just keep it real there so many things that they can be fixing but instead they love chaos , hatred, racism , & segregation like I said divide and conquer.

    • Tom, adopting a neo-clerical look, pontificates agin gun owners. Tom, liberal traitor son of Montana… THEY SHOULD DISOWN HIM.

      Was at the Guns Across America Rally at the VA State Capitol. Capitol cops restricted us to a brief strip of sidewalk (and the nearly empty street); about 150-170 attended (my estimate – experience from sixties demonstrations, writ small), a chilly, shady place we were restricted to, but a march around the block was invigorating (it HAS to be at least a half-mile!)


      • I went to the one in Austin today, lot of folks there. Estimated 1,500-2K in attendance, some media, no counter-protests.
        Had full access to the grounds around the capitol building, but I think the organizers had a permit. Not sure tho.

  2. Exactly backwards the NRA is fighting for a civil right and the media is playing the part of the clan.

    We shall overcome. We shall overcome. Deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome. And I believe it because somehow the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. We shall overcome because Carlyle is right; “no lie can live forever”. We shall overcome because William Cullen Bryant is right; “truth crushed to earth will rise again”.

    • I completely agree, file this one under “I don’t think that means what he thinks it means” category. Hey Tommy, perhaps you should have put more thought into that metaphor.

  3. I wish the media would focus on important things like our government spending $1,000,000,000 more than it takes in. Really… Look at all those zeros. That is what they run up every year. When the system crashes down us terrible, evil, law abiding gun owners will be using those modern sporting rifles to defend our family’s when the police don’t get paid any more. Being a military guy who has served 17 years so far I can tell you this…… The credit train can’t go on forever and society is very fragile. Anyone who owns guns is really the smart ones.

    • i said to my mom, what happens when the military doesn’t get paid and marches on washington?
      she said ” you’re crazy, that’ll never happen”
      i said “stock prices have reached what seems to be a permanently high plateau”
      she didn’t get it.

      • It’ll be interesting. Last time soldiers (well, veterans) marched on DC because they wanted money owed to them, they ordered troops (led by Patton) to murder the unarmed protesters.

        • Yes, the bonus army. I re – read that story the other day and I am still pissed off at what our fine feds did to those vets; shameful! Led by MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton.

        • if soldiers march on the capital due to economic chaos next time, they will not be unarmed.

          most certainly they will be in heavy armor. I cant say that ill blame them either.

  4. How is it that the left has fought on the wrong side of racism since this country has existed but they get to pull the race card at will?

    • How is it that Democrats were allowed to keep KKK members in office until they died of old age, yet a Republican who says anything that can be even slightly twisted to be negative towards blacks get forced to resign?

  5. Indeed, there can be no overlap between those who support civil rights and those who support the Second Amendment. I mean, look at Charlton Heston. Oh, wait…

  6. I love that screen capture: “39% say stricter gun laws would reduced violence.” So……. apparently 61% say otherwise? Thanks for nothing Brokaw. Your “15 minutes” is up.

  7. Sad coming from a guy who wrote about “The Greatest Generation”… maybe he doesn’t realize that many of the men who served during WWII brought home plenty of war trophies, including German and Japanese rifles, pistols, and yes, swords. Did we suffer from a wave of mass Sandy Hook-esque violence? Nope.

    Instead of resting on their laurels after defeating fascism, they rebuilt our country, and even laid the foundation for the holiday we will celebrate on Monday – MLK Jr. Day. The end of Jim Crow and segregation was arguably fueled by the experiences of WW2, from black veterans in the Civil Rights movement, to the contact that many white soldiers had with each other from different parts of the country – northerners meeting southerners meeting guys from California and the midwest.

    I guess Mr. Brokaw missed that what matters is not the weapon itself, but the character of the man / woman who wields it.

  8. Shows how media elitist are racist and blind to America keep think all people of color hate guns they are wrong and are furthest from the truth. Many people of color own guns and many like to shoot.

    • Yes, and could it be this is a frenzied last stand? I’d like to think so. At any rate, time to stand our ground.

  9. First they wave small bloody shirts and now, on the eve of MLK Day, this charlatan equates our country’s shame to usurping EVERYONE’S rights. There is no level to which these fascists won’t stoop. Brokaw should, if he had any decency, crawl off and rot quietly in a corner. Hopefully by an open window for ventilation. They will try to divide us at every turn. I hope the bastards that voted for barry are happy.

    At least we don’t have to hear from that traitor Mike Wallace.

    • Fascists THEY BE, ONE AND ALL. I wince when someone insists they’re “communists”. COMMUNIST BANKSTERS? On what planet?

  10. I know this is from a earlier post, but Cabela’s has dropped sponsorship of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, it came over my FB account!

    • From what I understand it is because ESOS caved and banned anything to do with “bad rifles” at their show and the stated reason that hunting is cool but black rifles aren’t. Cabela’s wasn’t down with that.

      Ostensibly Cabelas’s statement,

      “Due to recent changes made by Reed Exhibitions regarding the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, Cabela’s will no longer sponsor this year’s event. After careful consideration regarding Cabela’s business practices, and the feelings of our customers, Cabela’s will, unfortunately, not have a presence at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.”

  11. Back before the 30 round ammo magazine debacle on MTP, he was talking about a measure that would require owners of “assault rifles” to keep them locked up at a range and checking them out to shoot (at the range) and then checking them back in. No more taking them home! Everyone at David (laws for thee, but not for me) Gregory’s round table was either anti-gun (confessed) or were only shotgun guys.

  12. You knew this was coming. A statist mouthpiece comparing American citizens who wish to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to Bull Connor (who was a democrat, btw). Predictable, but absolutely f*cking outrageous.

  13. So those of us who want equal rights are like the Klan and those of us who wish to restrict the right of law abiding citizens are like MLK. Seems kind of backwards to me.

  14. So he’s equating the efforts today to STEAL Americans’ civil rights to the efforts in the 60s to preserve them?

    Only in bizarro leftist world.

  15. I welcome this. Its the only card they have left in their deck. The more they use it, the more the average person sees how false it is.

  16. The irony is so thick it’s delicious. The movement in the 1960s was to recognize and stop infringing on the inherent, unalienable civil rights of a minority group. And what is the citizen disarmament movement? Moving to take away the civil rights of armed citizens! And Tom Brokjaw equates recognizing rights with infringing rights?!?!?!

  17. The ‘carnage in the streets’ is in Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia. Brokaw hasn’t spent much time walking gang-infested pavement. In point of fact, Brokaw’s career began in Sioux City, Iowa, with just a bit of help from Joe Foss, who as Governor of South Dakota took a young Brokaw, aged 17, to New York City. Foss was a WWII Medal of Honor-winning Marine aviator and later a conservative public figure, Governor, and two term president of the NRA. Foss’ early help to Brokaw’s career was considered by others to be invaluable. Foss was an active advocate for expanded gun-owners rights, and for “Americanism.” Brokaw obviously enjoyed writing about “The Greatest Generation,” and about Foss. But Brokaw’s belief in actual military service or gun owners’ rights? Not evident. I suppose it isn’t hip with his crowd, and Foss has been dead for ten years.

  18. I see how this game is played.

    They call the NRA membership KKK’ers

    And you call them NARTZEE’s.

    Then you both fight one another to embrace ‘African’ Americans (Code word for Black/Negro/Schwartz) and bedazzle the entire cadre of spectators with claims of being ‘Civil Rights Activists’ simply because to you, thats how you prove the other party is wrong.

    Disgraceful & typical.

  19. Pure libtard evil. They are using Nazi tactics while accusing us of Nazi tactics.
    Why the hell do leftists want to become furniture after sniffing Antrax spores and Zyklon-B? They seem to think like emotional/parasitic (for big daddy gov) women.


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