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Morris Smith

Please send your “I Am a Gun Owner” statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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    • +1. The Truth About Guns is that gun owners are normal citizens and good people. They come from many backgrounds and households. They are not restricted to one lifestyle, one race, or one area. This man is the living proof of the Truth About Guns, along with millions of Americans all over the country.

      • I like it. The stereotypes are non-applicable to the 2nd Amendment issue – they shouldn’t ever be applicable to any civil rights issue. The sooner we peel back that myth the better. I’m for ripping it off like an old band-aid.

  1. Mr. Smith, thank you. These are all great pics if the firearm owners of America. Thank you all for doing this. A collage of all theses pics and post them up on YouTube?

  2. You are a one-issue voter… That means you care about only one thing — and to hell with everything else. How very sad.

      • Oh, yes, “it’s a free country”. That hackneyed old phrase…. You must also be another one-issue voter who cares only about what you happen to be able to get.
        I’m a gun-owner as well, but I am not a one-issue voter. I *gasp* actually give a damn about more than just being able to have guns. OMG, I care about whether people starve just because they have to decide between paying the rent or buying groceries and I vote on that and other issues….

        • ” I care about whether people starve just because they have to decide between paying the rent or buying groceries and I vote on that and other issues….”

          Well I vote for freedom. And if I had a second issue it would be for restricted federal government. And people are starving because of the collusion among 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Wall Street, and the (un)Federal Reserve.

        • The fact that you aren’t a single issue voter doesn’t make you any better than anyone else in the world let alone on this blog. Get over yourself and drop the moral superiority complex. Just because I volunteered at a horseback riding center for handicapped children for three years doesn’t mean I can go around judging the people who didn’t; neither can you just because you “care”.

    • It doesn’t mean “to hell with everything else” but it is #1 or #2 on the list of importance. Do you have a problem with that?

    • Not to put words in Mr. Smith’s mouth, but on the right to bear arms I too am a one-issue voter. I’ll consider the positions of all candidates, but if any one of those opinions is that they have any authority to deny me the absolute right to defend myself or my family in whatever way I need to, then none of their other posisitions have any value.

    • Its kind of hard to protect other issues we agree with and defend from the ones we disagree with, without arms. The politians have made it loud and clear that they dont give a fv@% about what the people want and need.

      I am not strictly a one issue voter unless the Second Amendment is on the line. The second protects the rest.

    • It just means that given our usual two bad choices he will vote for the one who supports the second amendment.

      I wouldn’t vote for Jesus or Moses if they wanted to trash the Constitution.

    • Obama won on the basis of one-issue voters.

      Of course, Julia’s only issue is between her legs, and her issue is making sure that the taxpayers pay to make sure she doesn’t have any “issue”.

  3. I respect, the educated, articulate way he delivered his message. Breaking stereotypes and showing the real gun owner majority, not the zombie fearing minority. Well done.

  4. Now go tell Tom Brokaw how offensive it is that he compared 2A advocacy to opposing the civil rights movement…

  5. Is this the part of the thread where I beat the figurative shit out of him because his political views don’t align with mine except on the issue of gun control?

    Or is that only for liberals?

    • Nah. This is the part where you enjoy a richly deserved moment of gloating while considering where you’re more likely to find tolerance and respect on the ideological spectra.

      Ahhh… It’s like a sunny moment on a chilly fall day, isn’t it?

    • Do you only post in threads in which you get to whine and moan because you knowingly put your personal declaration out on a website with an obvious conservative slant and were surprised when people brought up disagreement?

      FLAME DELETED Really helping our cause.

      I got news: you received a king’s welcome from the conservatives here compared to what conservatives would have received from your political side.

      • Ok, the more tactful way to say what was previously under the “flame deleted” is: You continuously beating the dead horse isn’t going to help he 2A cause. If you were so upset about it, why not lead by example and do what a lot of others did and say “I don’t agree with this or that point but we’re simpatico about the 2A and that’s what this is all about.”

        You’re not going to get everyone to agree about everything, and you’re not going to stop some from derailing these picture posts into other points on the paper. Be part of the solution.

  6. I was wondering if I was going to have to send my mug in to get the first black face posted up here. In the ‘hood you’d be surprised how much flack the 2nd Amendment gets so this is heartening.

    • Please do so anyway!

      I’m still weighing whether to do it, since my picture is readily found using Google Image search. Maybe it’s worth the risk to my veil of pseudonymity, haven’t decided yet.

  7. Good stuff, and good to see another single-issue voter. For me, it’s very simple: if a politician doesn’t trust the public with the means to take him out of power if he turns tyrant, then I don’t trust him with power.

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words, I just got back home from the TN guns across America rally in Nashville, 3 hours each way but worth it and my wife and I really had a good time. The one issue vote means any politician that is not 100% behind the second amendment and my right to defend my loved ones doesn’t receive the slightest consideration for my vote. After that its taxes and fiscal policy, then it’s national defense and geo political strategy, but no gun support means instant fail. swarf I’m not sure where your coming from hey that’s cool your a gun person. Jay Dunn I am going to have to borrow that Moses line 🙂

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