As the report above indicates, Mr. Green was fired by his employer, Englefield Oil, for using a firearm for self-defense. I suspect it has more to do with Shell, or a desire not to anger Shell, than anything Englefield’s owners think about the matter. Still, you never know who your friends are until you do. Or don’t.


  1. Can you say skidmarks? Thanks for the video CZJay. Hopefully someone will give this gentleman a job. Not only because he used his God given rights, but he used common sense and didn’t try to shoot the dumb a** up as he was on his way out the door.

  2. Anybody think maybe the perp thought he was in a gun free zone? Looks like the robber ran like a jack rabbit when the employee pulled his gun.

  3. Yet another reason to be self-employed. I might be more understanding of the company’s actions if the clerk had fired his weapon (wanting to stay out of an ongoing legal matter), but this is a pretty ridiculous use of company policy.


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