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The post-Umpqua Community College anti-gun agitprop surge indicates that the civilian disarmament industrial complex is getting increasingly desperate. While Bloomberg bucks will continue to feed the anti-firearms freedom flames, I reckon the pro-gun side has taken the field. Note: I was wrong about Obama’s campaign promise not to pursue gun control. I’ve since learned that the fight for gun rights is eternal. So anyway, here are three ways to seal the deal, putting gun rights out of reach of those who would degrade and destroy them . . .

1. National reciprocity

Bloomberg and his ilk argue that national reciprocity – every state recognizing every other state’s concealed carry permit/license, like driving licenses – would be a “race to the bottom.” States with “tough” concealed carry laws would react to lowered standards from out-of-staters carrying in their state by lowering their standards for permitted concealed carry.

And that’s the downside? What concealed carry “standards” does the Second Amendment not prohibit, pray tell? Anyway, the antis are praying that national reciprocity never comes to be. And for good reason.

States like New Jersey and Hawaii use regulations to create a de facto ban on residents’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Citizens in these restrictive states simply wouldn’t put up with out-of-staters enjoying gun rights denied to them by their own government. At the same time, firearms freedom fence-straddlers in gun control-heavy states would see that concealed carry doesn’t lead to blood in the streets.

And if that’s not enough to pull the rug from under anti-gun regimes, residents of states in gun control heavy states could [at least in theory] get an out-of-state permit to end-run their own state’s obstructionist concealed carry bureaucracy.

The potential pro-gun downside for national reciprocity: a federal bill creating a national concealed carry license, which would lead to federal gun owner registration, restrictions on carry and what would no doubt be dubious qualification standards – all of which would infringe upon gun owners’ rights in all 50 states. Rest assured that bill would never see the light of day. (See: Obama prediction above.)

2. National open carry

I believe widespread open carry reduces crime. Why wouldn’t it? Regardless, if non-gun owners see firearms on the hips of friends, neighbors and benign strangers, and the aforementioned blood in the street doesn’t flow, they will stop thinking of guns in and of themselves as a threat to innocent life. They will intuitively understand that it’s the gun owner that determines whether a firearm is to be welcomed or feared.

National open carry would move the gun control “debate” from a discussion of ideas to a discussion about something tangible. Something that everyone can see. While I don’t expect national open carry to be a political possibility for many years to come, the conversion of various highly populous states to permitted open carry (e.g., Texas and, one hopes, Florida), and hence to Constitutional carry (again, one hopes) paves the way for a sea change in the public’s understanding of gun rights.

Never forget: culture eats strategy for lunch.

The ultimate prize: national Constitutional carry. The end of all restrictions on Americans’ right to bear arms. National reciprocity is a stepping stone toward that goal. National open carry – which would no doubt start as permitted national open carry – would move us even closer to that “absolutist” achievement. Once law-abiding Americans’ guns are in the open, the gun culture war will be won.

3. Arming minorities

Good news! The National Shooting Sports Foundation report, A Hispanic Market Study: Firearms and the Shooting Sports, reveals that minorities are arming themselves. Of the 1,264 Hispanics surveyed, 30 percent would like to own a firearm. Some 40 percent would like to go to a gun store. Of those who’d been to the range or gun store, a staggering 91 percent said they came away with a positive impression. If not a gun.


Yes, well, there is that. Gun ownership rates among minorities are significantly lower that gun ownership rates amongst white Americans. The main reasons are A) culture, and B) geography. The majority of American minorities live in urban areas. Specifically, cities with “tough” gun control laws (e.g., LA, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City).

The cultural question would be partially addressed by the two developments above. But the NSSF survey highlights a fact that gun rights advocates know in their gut (and we’ve been saying for years): simple hands-on exposure to firearms overcomes culturally inculcated anti-gun prejudice. If the pro-gun side can put a gun in the hand of anti-gun minorities, a large, perhaps huge percentage will change their views on gun rights.

If a larger percentage of minority of Americans own guns, well, that smells like victory doesn’t it? Lest we forget, the modern anti-gun Democrat Party depends on minority Americans’ support for its power on the local, state and national level. Remove that and the party would have to change. Add to the calculus the fact that a significant percentage of gun owners are single-issue voters – they vote their guns.

The trick: do it! The NRA, SAF, GOA; the firearms industry and average Americans need to create minority outreach programs. They need to accelerate the current trend. I suggest a GoFundMe campaign to create a pool of money to subsidize this endeavor. Free guns to qualified candidates? Why not? If gun rights advocates are to win the battle for gun rights once and for all, generally speaking, we need to take direct, substantive action.

Other suggestions?



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  1. I would bet that gun ownership among Asians is much higher than all other minorities put together. Its just that collectively they are smart enough not to tell everybody. Anecdotally, I’d say 20% of the people I know personally are Asian, and everyone of them is armed to the teeth.

    • Everyone of my Chinese engineering professors was a gun-owner. Many told me the Chinese government is both why they came to America and why they own guns.

      My grandparents fought the Germans in Greece and when they came to America, they all owned firearms.

      It seems that once you are faced with tyranny, owning a gun seems like a wise decision.

      • Seems to be the same for us new wave of Irish immigrants.Everyone of them that I knew once they had settled into life in the USA went out and bought guns .For all different types of shooting,not just handguns
        .Ireland has the toughest gun laws in the European Union.Think NYC,NJ and Washington DC on steroids.You even need a permit for a freakin BB gun and crossbow,No reloading,gunsafes,medical checks,ammo limits,bans on centrefire handguns post Nov 2008 ,ditto semi auto rifles .All of about 160 semi auto rifles and 600 odd handguns legally registerd in Ireland.With an actively hostile unarmed police force trying to reduce them to zero.Not that this bothers terrorists or criminals.35 years of near open civil war in Northern Ireland and drug gangs armed to the teeth with glocks and AKs bought on the European arms black market.So yeah it is reftrshing to be able to diddy bop down to a gunstore and fill in some paperwork and wait five days in some cases to collect your gun.[Try 90 days in Ireland,and maybe up to three years of legal court battles to overthrow your cheif of police decision.] show your ID and lay out your cash and go home or to the range and to know you can do this as many times as your bank account will allow.
        You really dont know HOW GOOD you have it in the USA when it comes to gun ownership!

    • My friend’s 16 year old granddaughter just moved to Virginia from Japan and the first thing she wanted to do was shoot a gun. She said they weren’t allowed in Japan and she had never even seen a real one. My friend is a big turkey hunter and the first thing he did was let her shoot his shotguns. She loved it and he plans on taking her turkey hunting. He has no doubt that she could hit a turkey but he wonders if she will.

    • Yeah, my urologist is a Chinese-American. At our first visit, he asked what I do and I told him. ‘Here it comes,’ I thought.

      And then he said, “I agree with the NRA. If someone wants a gun, he should be able to have one.”

      It was very comforting hearing that from a guy who was just about to check my prostate.

    • Every 3 gun match I attend has a rather large number or Asians competing. Both male and female.

      Does income may have something to do with it? I bet if you plotted income vs gun ownership vs minority racial background, you might have a interesting chart.

      Guns are expensive, competing with them more so.

      • I think you are on to something here. I’d bet that higher income people tend to be more likely to own guns (at least among the urban population – low income rural folks are certainly armed as well).

        Guns can be expensive

        Many guns are expensive

        Yet, guns don’t have to be expensive. Most of my guns have been purchased at or even way below $200 a pop (Marlin .22’s, Mosin, Pump shotguns, Rossi/Heritage/NEF revolvers, Kel-Tec pistol, Hi-Point carbine etc.). I do have some mid price range guns as well, but could get by ok with the cheap ones. That is what I would do if I was poor.

        Almost anybody can afford a used sub $100 Marlin 60 or break action shotgun (and the ammo during normal conditions)

    • The biggest gun range in South Florida, Nexus Shooting, is owned by an Asian gentleman. Several of the smaller ranges are Latin-owned, as you would expect. The customer base in all the ranges is the entire spectrum of race and gender. Sure, it’s not the ideal salad that we need to freak out the antis, but it’s getting there. Groups like Pink Pistols, Damas de Segunda Enmienda (?), and so on need all the help and encouragement from the mainstream firearms scene that they can get.

      • thank you for mentioning Damas de La Segunda Enmienda. We are working really hard for the protection of the second amendment with no compromise.

        • Dona Sandra, How are you doing in this campaign. Since you won the court decision I haven’t heard more. Is the court decision the end of the line? Or, are you seeking statutory protection of the RKBA?

    • Asians are armed? All I know is that if anyone doing a survey asked me or my other family members if we had guns, the answer would be (a very polite): “no we don’t”
      Then pick up our range bag after the guy leaves…

      • Ah, but don’t you have to put down your ethnicity during firearm purchase: DROS? So even if you try to hide, the big omnipresent government already know what/who you are and what you purchased.

    • They’re coming, but they won’t be able to make RIFLE barrels or locking lugs for quite some time. Until then small scale CNC like Tormach is the cheapest you’re getting away with if you want to BUY something.

      There is a possible alternative. Google the name “Pat Delany” and check out his multimachine and concrete lathe designs. The concrete lathe especially could be adapted to large enough and powerful enough to do real work cutting hardened steel. As for barrels, a Google “Guy Lautard.” He sells plans for a cut rifling machine and this really cool little spring-winder.

      I started brainstorming a DiY firearms workshop a while back. The lathe can function as a mill, add a cheap harbor freight press, compressor, welder, sheet metal brake, drill press, tool grinder, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Still needed are DiY plans for a bullet swager, tooling and procedure for pressing brass/mild steel tabs into cartridge cases, a recipe for small amounts of smokeless powder, and how to make non-corrosive commercial sized boxer primers. Then add designs for an AR-18 based rifle, a heavy bolt-action(.338 lapua or greater), and some sort of pistol. From there more things could be added like recoiless rifles, mortars, belt feds, etc.

      Now imagine all of that in one zip file floating around the torrent world.

      Small thinkers want to put a gun in every hand. I want to put a factory in every garage.

    • DMLS or metallic 3D printing is great for prototypes, but hideously expensive and slow for production.

      Seriously people: Go to your local community college, take an evening intro to machining course and learn how to use a lathe.

      Once you know how to use a lathe, everything else is possible with enough time and problem-solving skills.

      Once you have even a small lathe (eg an ancient South Bend 9″ lathe, or a modern ChiCom 8×16 or 9×20 machine), you can make handguns and probably short barreled rifles. You will need to make lots of tools yourself, but that’s all possible too.

  2. Of the 1,264 Hispanics surveyed, 30 percent would like to own a firearm.

    Anybody who doesn’t have a gun, wants one. Anybody who says they don’t is lying. There’s every reason to own a gun and no good reason not to.

  3. How we we repeal the NFA/GCA/Hughes.

    Then take back education as to prevent the youth from having their minds poisoned by the left.

    Then we move to limit immigration as to insure the left can not import voters.

    • “Then take back education as to prevent the youth from having their minds poisoned by the left.”

      Yeah, fuck education. Let’s all think non-critically.

      • Here’s your “education”:

        It is going to feature progressive seminars such as:

        “It Ain’t H1N1, But It’s Just as Deadly: The Negative Effects of White Privilege for People of Color”

        “From a Place of Privilege – Diversity to Equity: How One NYC Private School is Working to Establish Curriculum for Ongoing Racial Identity Development in Grades 5-8

        Can ten-year-old White girls talk about race? Yes, with practice. Middle School aged children are rigid in their sense of fairness and resistant to the acknowledgement of difference. We use a curriculum built around the Courageous Conversation Protocol that supports the development of our students’ capacity to talk about race. Examine a spiraling 5-8 curriculum that uses the Six Conditions to engage, sustain and deepen conversations about race among students. Experience activities that help facilitate racial identity development. Analyze the program and its evolution in order to develop your own strategies to create similar curriculum in your school.”

        “The Very Minds of the People We Are Trying to Save: The Pathology of White Denial and The Pedagogy of Critical Race Theory for White Educators”

        “I Am George Zimmerman: A Courageous Conversation about White Supremacy, White Privilege, and Oppression
        Examine issues of white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression in this interactive session. Explore how they show up in our thoughts, interactions, institutions, and cultural practices – creating divisive environments and outcomes, despite our best intentions. Practice conversational tactics that deepen understanding and engagement, especially when viewpoints differ and tensions run high. LEAVE WITH NEW INSIGHTS, SKILLS AND TOOLS TO EMPOWER YOUR ACTIVISM AS A ROLE MODEL AND AGENT FOR SOCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL TRANSFORMATION.”

        “empower your activism” they said. The educators aren’t educating anyone; they’re indoctrinating them.

        • That is why I favor choice and vouchers, such schools like that leftist hellhole would be non existent.

        • “It Ain’t H1N1, But Just As Deadly.”

          So…not deadly at all, then. The infection rate of H1N1 was really high, but the mortality rate was actually lower than usual for the flu; as flu goes, it was pretty mild.

          It only seemed significant because the media and other hysterical cranks in positions of power spent so much time freaking out about it. Again, just like White Privilege. Hmmm…I think they’re on to something there.

  4. How about we pass and ratify an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that the right to own and carry firearms shall not be infringed? Oh, yeah, that already happened, more than 200 years ago.

    I understand that the Bill of Rights isn’t keeping the antis at bay, but this fight has already been won…by the blood of George Washington’s army and the pens of the founding fathers.

  5. “Once and for all” is not reality. Like all struggles, this one will be fought day by day. We can’t succumb to the “magic bullet” mindset.

    • Right? James Madison and his buddies probably thought they solved the issue once and for all with “shall not be infringed”. Yet here we are…

  6. Any of this can be undone by the right politician and a nation of uninformed, slave minded fools. Freedom is only guaranteed until the next political stunt.

    Unfortunately, personal freedom is an unnatural anomaly of the human condition. Humans are born to be subjects and slaves, America was an experiment that a number of enlightened individuals took to and maintained. But we’re seeing now how, after two and a half centuries, nature has caught up with America. People are reverting.

    There’s a reason only one nation in the entire world, and only half of that one nation, can be considered free. People need, love, and want to be chained.

  7. 1. National Reciprocity
    Absolutely critical. The last 10 or so NO-Right-to-Carry jurisdictions are high population centers bleeding Progressive voters seeking jobs in Red States. It is critical to crack these States. A house divided cannot stand. These States can NOT save themselves any more than Negro Slaves could create emancipation. We have 40 Right-to-Carry States; and we can’t get a majority of our Congress-critters to vote National Reciprocity? Something is wrong; we aren’t demanding results.

    2. National Open Carry
    This is a cultural fight far more than a political fight. Yes, there was TX, and now FL, and tomorrow SC, etc. Yet most States are OC by law; just not by culture. We need to make a “march to the sea” from the South-West (AZ, NM, TX) into the MidWest and on toward the Atlantic seaboard. Guns need to come out-of-the-closet. Children will learn immediately; their parents will take longer. Forget about “tactical advantage”; this is POLITICAL. We don’t ALL need to OC EVERY-day and EVERY-where. Just reach the point where there are a few OCiers in the public square every day. The day that no one notices, we have “captured” that ground.

    3. Arming Minorities
    This too is key. Just as soon as minorities see the Democrat Anti-gun platform plank as the New Jim Crow’s No Guns for Negros! then the assault on the 2A will die.
    The pressure is mounting to open the prison gates and release the “non-violent” criminals. Neighboring mothers each want their own son to be released; they aren’t so sure about their neighbor’s son coming home to live in their ‘hood.
    The facts are that violent criminals’ sentences are short and they are paroled too soon for good behavior. Prisoners on “non-violent” crime convictions are not-NECESSARILY non-violent criminals. If they didn’t learn the trade outside, they certainly learned it inside. The prisons are overflowing; there is no political will to build more prisons. The pressure is on to release prisoners. Forewarned is forearmed. We really do need outreach into the minority communities.

  8. Once law-abiding Americans’ guns are in the open, the gun culture war will be won.

    Once the gun culture war is won, law-abiding Americans’ guns can be in the open.

    But the real key to winning this war is to elect a pro-gun POTUS. As long as the Democrat left controls the levers of power, the best we can do is hold our ground while winning a few skirmishes (and losing some too). But if we kick the Democrats out of the White House, the world is our oyster.

    If we are to have a free society, the Democrats must be crushed. Obliterated. Destroyed. Since they are like a virus, that won’t be easy.

    • The problem is that, at least in the last two elections, Republicans run the strategy of running a Democrat as a Republican and hoping that they can out-Democrat the Democrats. This fails horribly because the Democrats aren’t going to vote for them, no additional moderates will vote for them, and the real Republicans won’t vote for them because their policies are 100% against the core values of the Republican party.

      • I agree with you to an extent. But as we’ve seen recently with regard to the Speaker of the House, the Republicans are trying to purge the RINOs. We saw this previously in the aftermath of Goldwater’s run for the Presidency. He challenged the “Me Too” Republicans (they weren’t called RINOs back then), took control of the party and changed it, even in defeat. It’s kinda like what the NRA did in The Cincinnati Revolution.

        Once Republicans understand that they cannot succeed by being dime store Democrats, we’ll see the change we’re looking for. I’m sure that Eric Cantor would agree.

        • Don’t fool yourself. Republican politicians have no more reverence for the 2’nd amendment than they’ve shown for the 4th, 5th and often the 1’st. Right now they’re opposing Obama. Once he’s gone, if it becomes politically expedient to pass a couple of “common sense” laws…. watch out.

      • True, on many issues, but nowadays, I think most of our Repub presidential candidates would sign a national reciprocity bill if it landed on his desk. There is not one Dem presidential candidate who would do that. As Ralph says, we have to get a Repub in there or anything we pass will be vetoed for sure.

      • LOL

        The irony here is that many of the Democrats I know constantly grumble how they thought they’d elected an actual liberal as President and found they’d gotten a Republican lite.

        • That’s because, other than gay rights / gun rights / abortion, there’s virtually no longer any differences between a Republican politician or a Democrat politician. Both are big government, both spend recklessly, both wage endless wars against nations that pose no threat to us, both spy on us, both piss on the Constitution…the list goes on.

      • And what, pray tell, do you *mean* when you so blithely refer to “the core values of the Republican party”? Because, to me, that would be smaller government, less regulation and control, lower costs and lower taxes. Get out of my life. Apparently there are plenty of so-called Republicans that think, instead, that would be enforcement of the dictates of a 2000-5000-year-old book of children’s bedtime stories, armed government goons involved in every private conversation, every decision made between adults about their desires and their futures, elimination of anything even approaching actual freedom. Tossing the “core values” play around as though everybody agrees what those might be is kinda deceptive.

        • “Because, to me, that would be smaller government, less regulation and control, lower costs and lower taxes. Get out of my life.”

          Yes, and those are all things that the modern Republican part (or at least the politicians in the party) are adamantly against. That’s why I stopped being a Republican and became a Libertarian. And yes, along with the Big-Government values of modern Republican politicians, there’s also a LOT (sadly among Republican voters and not just the scumbag politicians) of wanting to force everyone to follow the Bible. That’s why I have to try not to laugh out loud when my parents say that Democrats are taking away our freedoms when they make it very clear that they’d love to have a Christian theocracy where anyone who doesn’t follow the Bible is jailed or executed.

        • Exactly. The Dems are a lost cause, but truth is that the founding fathers would vomit at what today’s Republican party stands for.
          Big, intrusive government, wars of choice, favoring one group of religions over another, laughing at the idea of probable cause being necessary for warrants….
          To quote Ronald Reagan, I didn’t leave my party, they left me. And it doesn’t look like they’re coming back anytime soon.

  9. I disagree with the author.

    Any form of Gun Control is INFRINGING on the People’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    It is already written in the US constitution as Expressly Forbidden.

    If it is already forbidden in the constitution but laws are written in disregard to the constitution, then Resistance to these laws is justified by whatever force level is necessary to stop control.

    • Come to New York and start protesting while open carrying a non-compliant AR with 30 round magazines. I’m sure you’ll rally many people to join you in your stance against unconstitutional gun laws…

      Or not. You’ll just be vilified by the MSM as one of those right-wing ammosexual gun-nuts with a ghost gun and 30 caliber clipazines and a shoulder thing that goes up.

      I’m getting tired of reading this same type of comment over and over. True or not, constitutional or not, we’ve already seen our rights infringed. Point out a single State in the Union that has absolutely zero unconstitutional gun laws.

      • “Point out a single State in the Union that has absolutely zero unconstitutional gun laws.”

        Are talking about only State laws? Because if you’re not counting unconstitutional Federal gun laws, then I’m pretty sure there’s a few States like Arizona that don’t have any (though I may be mistaken since I don’t live there).

        • By definition, any law in any State that puts any additional restriction on any type of firearm is in violation of the second amendment.

          I say it that specific way in regards to the original comment in this thread.

        • AZ may have recently achieved that status, but VT has had it forever. No laws whatsoever concerning firearms. Still infringed due to Fed laws.

  10. Pretty much, only swap the order of #2 and #3.

    1. Frderal reciprocity of carry licenses

    2. Arm the law-abiding of all demographics (not only racial, but gender, religious, sexual orientation, etc.)

    3. National open carry

  11. 4) As Boomer’s start dying off, the generation who grew up in the 60’s craze of “Guns are evil! Ban all the guns!” will no longer keep spreading their unjustified fears. Also, since most anti-gun politicians are over 60, we’ll have fewer idiots pushing the same laws multiple times per year (starting with the 174 year old Diane Feinstein).

      • As a Boomer, you should remember the anti-gun hysteria of your teens / 20’s – especially the “ban all handgun” idiocy. You’d also remember that the majority of our anti-gun laws were passed at that time. Also, those “damn kids” you despise so much are the main driving factor behind gun sales these days.

        • Think again. In our teens and 20s, we were not congressmen, nor presidents. We boomers started making ourselves felt about 30 years ago, in our 30s. That would be like 1987, when FL kicked off the CCL revolution.

  12. Should start doing days of protest with open carry in every city center, right in front of the courts, millions of gun owners all at the same time…. peaceful and polite proof of concept.

  13. As much as I am a gun nut and a 2nd Amendment absolutist I can spit in the face of state rights like the Supreme court and force them to do something with federal force.

  14. I know a Doctor of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) who immigrated to Florida from Shanghai, by way of Australia. He has a concealed carry permit and is very pro-gun.

  15. Pass a constitutional amendment to clarify the 2nd Amendment in such a way that eliminates our need for proper and reasonable judicial decisions. Examples: define what “in common use” means, and “right to keep and bear arms is an individual – not group – right”, etc.

    Then, full repeal of the NFA, GCA, and every other significant national law restricting firearms ownership passed in past 100 years.

    Those, plus the three items mentioned in the post, and maybe, just maybe we could breathe more freely. For a while, at least.

    Freedom is not the natural state of man. sooner or later, everything flows back to nature, the rule of the strong over the weak, prey vs. predator. Freedom is an eternal struggle of reason and the rule of law over mob and individual emotions and the crisis of the day. That will never end. And sadly, as our struggle is exactly the struggle for that same freedom, then we will be locked into that for as long as people yearn to be truly free.

  16. I was looking at a Pew research poll from August, and although about 70% of Hispanics for the last couple years have favored more gun control, when it comes to an Assault Weapons ban, only like 40% of them favor it. Whites and Blacks support assault weapons bans at a much higher rate. I wonder if the 70% of hispanics favoring more gun control is just a result of the wrong question being asked and/or language barriers. Where I live, there’s a lot of gun love coming from the young hispanics AND their parents.

    • I too am puzzled. A lot of illegal Mexican immigrants are from rural areas where guns are common; and, even carried commonly. I find it hard to believe the polls of Hispanics favor gun control. Is it because they are weighted by criminals who prefer disarmed victims?

      I wonder what the response would be if you asked Mexicans in the US what they think of the Mexican government’s gun controls? Would they want to ban “assault weapons” from the Autodefensas?

      Do the polls ask Hispanics if gun controls can be enforced effectively?

      • You are confused because you have not seen the question they were responding to, nor how it was twisted to pretend it indicated the desired result.

  17. The republic can survive a tyrannical government. The republic cannot survive a tyrannical government and a complicit media.

    Watch Star Wars. Now imagine the movie redone to paint those evil rebels destroying a benevolent Empire’s quest to bring order to its people. That’s how the media works.

    Media is more powerful than any government. It can make heroes villains and villains heroes. So long as media is on the side of tyranny, we stand no chance.

    • So we need a pro-Bill-of-Rights media giant that DOESN’T go to court to establish it’s right to lie to the public.

  18. I suspect that among other things with the urban minorities is economics. Decent firearms are NOT cheap, nor are the unconstitutional legal hoops established to give them permission to carry those weapons.

    As for gofundme – how about using those funds every time one of these municipalities has their security theater “gun buy-back” shows. Where it’s legal/not prohibited use those funds to purchase firearms that are of reasonably good quality and provide an FFL willing to re-sell these to low-income buyers at reasonable prices.

    Another option would be if some reputable manufacturer designed and produced a solid, dependable, bare-bones and functional pistol at a discounted price point. These people don’t need or want much in the way of protection, just something that will reliably go “bang” when you pull the trigger and hit what you aim it at within about 7-10 yards.

    Also, about training and those unconstitutional permission slips – several gun shops, including The Range 702 here in Vegas, have begun offering concealed carry classes that meet the permission slip requirements at no charge, as in zero $. The only expense is to provide your own pistol and 30 rounds of ammunition, or to rent/buy same from the shop. They claim to more than recover the expense of this program by establishing customer good will and return for purchases.

    If the expense of obtaining a decent pistol and jumping through the hoops to get the CCL were mitigated I believe a much higher percentage of minorities would own firearms.

    Now that I think of it, this is exactly the program that urban gangs use – they get their guns cheap through whatever illegal methods they can and they just say FU to the permission process.

    • I don’t own one and have never fired one, but a lot of people swear Hi-Points will go bang every time, despite being ugly and only somewhat accurate.

    • Though looked down upon by many, a Hi-Point pistol can be purchased, at least at my LGS, for $150. Surely this can’t be to expensive for most. They go bang every time, at least mine does, and the weight, to me, seems to be a feature because if you run out of ammo you can always hit the bad guy/gal with it.

      • My Hi-Point was also heavy and dead reliable. I paid $125 slightly used. I thought it was heavy until I bought a full sized M1911. The Hi-Point is a good choice for the financially challenged.

    • several gun shops, including The Range 702 here in Vegas, have begun offering concealed carry classes that meet the permission slip requirements at no charge, as in zero $.

      I took the required course a few years ago at The Gun Store on E. Tropicana in LV and they charged nothing, zero, zilch, nada.

      • The permit is a buy-in on their (your a-hole neighbors needing jobs a/k/a: your gov’t) assumed right to infringe.

  19. If you are going to paint with broad brush strokes, most liberals are single issue voters. They vote for entitlements from the public treasury. Historically Blacks break progressive 90%, Hispanics 75%, Asians 60% or better.

    As TTAG constantly reminds, a gun is not a talisman. Yet somehow the logic is that by encouraging minorities to arm up this will magically cause them to join the side of individual liberty and reject their progressive/socialist ways? Rather than turn them into full blown communists?

    You say great for gun rights, I say you are arming the Bolsheviks.

    • I’ve said similar before. A gun owner is not a gun rights supporter. Che and his merry band of commie genocidalists sure loved their guns, were they all for personal liberty?

      Minorities sure can be supporters of freedom, but simply giving them guns isn’t the answer. They, and everyone, must be taught why guns are important and who the true enemy is.

    • The logic is the more gun owners you have the more pro-gun voters you will have. This does not imply every gun owner will automatically vote pro-gun every time. It merely implies that once someone buys a gun, they are more likely to cast a pro-gun vote than they were before.

      Because of their comparatively low rate of gun ownership, minorities have low market penetration, so to speak. If you’re looking to expand your customer base, markets with low penetration are good places to do that.

      • And once again this is historically and factually a load of crap. How many liberals currently own guns? Millions. Yet they continue to vote for the collective.

        It is illogical to think that giving guns to minorities will make them vote for individual freedom. A gun is not a talisman, a gun doesn’t make people evil. That salient point is harped on time and again by every single person who is pro 2A. Yet somehow they think that arming groups of people that historically vote far left will magically change them into freedom loving people.

        So when you arm the people who will vote for free shit over freedom, what happens when the free shit runs out? What happens when those of us who are tired pf paying for said free shit refuse? You are arming your future enemies, for zero short term gain.

  20. The minority thing is the easiest to influence. The number of gun owners is critical. When people spend even a hundred dollars on something, they don’t appreciate the government taking that away.

  21. Only one way to achieve all. Hunt gun-control/gun-grabbers. Sounds inflammatory? Only if you think they are not already waging war on you (you’re not holding yourself out to have the authority to threaten to take away their rights. You’re not chucking the Constitution and hoping everyone’s just going to be ok with it if you more swift and silently enough), and only if you think they aren’t counting on the fact that you won’t.

    It all ends somewhere. You’re just trying to get-along, they are trying to win.

    • That last sentence is perfectly poignant. How far we’ve fallen as a nation when we’re trying to get along with a sect of fascists that are trying to eliminate the founding principles of our nation.

    • Too many disparities go ignored. Too many disparities go un-checked. Too many people play stupid on the truth.

      It’s like the fight against ISIS. George Bush, as Commander in Chief, took Iraq in ~ 90 days. Obama as [I can’t say it] gave the country back in 26 hours, restored enemy top brass from GITMO and gave them the military might to obtain control of the oil, destroyed all non-religious muslim controlled leaders/countries in the middle east, abdicated our world position and strategic positions. AND HE’S NOT YET COMPLETED HIS SECOND TERM.

      At the same time Obama is fighting us, attempting to overthrow the Constitution and sh_tcan our only reason for pretending we’re a country and not just having-at with arms. He’s cr_pped all over 230+ years of marginal get along for his own evil purposes. If continued, this ends bad. History has already recorded, and it is inappropriate to pretend to ignore it.

  22. Can somebody help me out with all of this? I keep reading all the articles pertaining to what Obummer wants to do in the way of gun control, and it keeps coming back to “Close the gun show loophole”. How would have this stopped pretty much any of the mass murders that occurred when he was in office? Sandy Hook? Killer got his guns from his mother. SC church shooting? pretty much a system error. The lastest in Oregon? All but one of the guns were traced back to the shooter. How would closing the “gun show loophole” prevented any of these? All the wording seems strange to me; “If your sell more than a certain limit of firearms per year, you need a license from the ATF”. So I guess he isn’t closing the “loophole”? Or is he?

    But at the end of the day, we all know what it is: Blatant, feel good security theatre, that accomplishes nothing but lets all the various LibProgs pat themselves on the back and say they “did something” about guns.

  23. The end all be all WILL NEVER COME TO PASS because as long as people have been around and till they aren’t WE will have differences of opinion. I have a friend that was as ANTI as can be till he found himself a victim of break in at his business. Till then his most often spewed view of the second was that it was for hunting and nothing more. This view came from his family that never hunted or fished or even talked about guns or shooting in any way. My answer is this Stop and Shops and groceries stores like it didn’t exist at the time quill touched paper if one didn’t raise it, fish it or hunt it one didn’t eat. Even that didn’t sway his opinion.
    After the break in and since he and I have gone to the range at least once a month for the last 6 to 7 years.

  24. So anyway, here are three ways to seal the deal, putting gun rights out of reach of those who would degrade and destroy them . . .
    1. Vote for me for President.
    2. Vote for my friends and the NRA for Congress.
    3. Appoint GOA members to the SCOTUS.

  25. The leadership provided by Sheriff David Clark and police chief James Craig has changed many black minds on the second amendment. Their leadership is making many blacks pro gun, pro self defense. I know many libertarians hate this. I’m not sure if its them being black law enforcement that bothers them or something else. Anyone who will put a legal gun in your hand is a friend. Not all police are bad. And not all libertarians are good. Any white person who will take a legal gun away from you is the enemy.

    When the oath keepers went to Ferguson they put themselves on the line helping black, white, everyone. They did more to teach black people about their second amendment rights than the failed public education system that the Clintons and Obamas avoid for their children.

    • Real Libertarians wouldn’t have an issue with Sheriff Clarke, or with minorities owning guns. Nor would they favor gun control laws.
      Problem is there are a lot of part-time “libertarians” who really are not. Someone who would deny a fellow citizen the right to own firearms based on race is not a friend of anyone.

  26. I still say we are all the militia and, as such, per the 2nd Amendment the Federal government should be supplying us with firearms. I think the Swiss still do this for their able bodied..

  27. Black and Spanglish folks being legally armed-that is a real big one. And gettin’ off that freakin’ plantation…

  28. 1 and 2 wont happen without alot of friends in high places.
    3 was the bone of contention that got the gun control ball rolling in the first place.

    Lots of people agree that someone they don’t like should be disarmed, and unfortunately the whites in power a few decades back were more than OK with gun control directed against blacks. No different than the rich wanting to control the poor or the Nobel’s wanting to reign in the Serfs.

    The number of armed minorities needs to increase, but its just as important that people call out laws directed at disarming them as racist policy.
    The opposition has gotten really good at putting a thick layer of icing on its turds and we need to point that out so people realize it. Otherwise convincing minorities they need to be armed and prepared is going to continue to be an uphill battle.

  29. 4. Arm more women (The ladies are way under-appreciated as thought leaders in our society and female shooters counter the MDA types.)
    5. Get more non-shooters to try it (It won’t convert an anti-gunner, but everyone who tries shooting moves our direction at least a little.)
    6. Get gun organizations to cooperate more instead of ignoring each other (For instance, the NRA and the VCDL barely talk to each other and they are in the same state!)

  30. The ultimate is to stop depending upon a supply chain. Learn the principles of firearm function, and learn how to make them from scratch. Meth is banned, yet it can still be bought… Somebody is making it. Guns are easier. Stop being a lazy, stupid entitled moron, and make one. No, not some stupid 80% placebo crap. The whole thing. Learn how to make guns, ignore gun control. Derp.

  31. #1

    A resident of San Francisco cannot own a handgun. Those who live outside the city limits can possess and licensed concealed while in San Francisco!

  32. National reciprocity is called the 2nd Amendment. States like New Jersey and Hawaii need to have ALL their elected officials, judges and prosecutors tried for treason or committed for being to STUPID to understand the 2nd.
    I have every intention to open carry everywhere.
    Arming all non criminals is a great idea so they can protect themselves.
    My idea of gun control is to have everyone take an NRA, SAF of GOA safety course. But shall not infringe means NOT making it mandatory. Also have no intention of implying government people to track it either. No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote. Indiana Tom I am a veteran and I know I am the best choice. Pass the word.


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