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By James England via

Civil society is based on one thing and one thing alone: the rule of law.  We abide each other, our neighbors, and strangers all upon the basis that the law will be enforced to protect us and enable good commerce. A lot of gun control advocates will tell you all about how the police are sufficient to protect you. They’ll say that if you’re robbed or mugged or attacked, just roll over and play dead. The police will fix everything. There’s no need to own a gun or carry a gun on you – that’s barbaric. And then we run into cases like this one . . .

Brittany Irish, on Wednesday, July 14th, was kidnapped, assaulted and raped by a man in northern Maine.  She escaped and informed police as to what happened.   She presses criminal charges alleging the same against the man who did those things.

Maine State Police don’t apprehend him. Instead, they call him up on the phone and inform him that criminal charges have been filed.

What does he do? He goes to the woman’s mother’s home and burns her barn down. Maine State Police arrive and tell the mother they can’t help her and they won’t post a trooper on the residence to protect her even though ALL SIGNS were there that an attack was imminent.

Brittany Irish and her boyfriend, Kyle Hewett, arrive at her mother’s house to see if she’s alright. They stay the night. The next morning, July 17th, at approximately 5:15 am, the alleged rapist and kidnapper blows open the door of the house with a stolen firearm. Kyle, Brittany’s boyfriend and father to their children, is shot down in cold blood trying to get his family to safety.

Brittany Irish is shot in the arm and kidnapped a second time.

Here’s a breakdown of the events, as given by WLBZ-2’s television report:

Thursday, July 16th

8:30 pm – Kim Irish’s barn burns down.  Kim Irish is the mother of Brittany Irish.

Friday, July 17th

4:40 am – Kerry Mayo’s home is broken into.  He’s tied to a chair and beaten.  His truck and guns were stolen.

4:50 am – Bullets hit the door of killer’s brother.

5:15 am – Irish’s home is invaded.  Kyle Hewett and Kim Irish are shot.  Kyle dies.  Brittany Irish is kidnapped again.

5:18 am – Carlton Eddy suffers a shoulder wound as his side window is shot out as he turns around in the driveway of the Irish home.  He went to the home to see the damage done to the fire the night before.

5:50 am – A police officer spots the stolen truck near I-95.  During the chase, gunshots are exchanged.  The officer loses the truck.

6:20 am – 58-year old Kevin Tosier is shot dead.  54-year old Clayton McCarthy is wounded on a back road.  A pulp truck is stolen.

2:00 pm – Maine State Police finally arrest the killer at the home of his uncle.  Brittany Irish is found and is safe.

The father of Brittany Irish, according to WLBZ-2, filed a protection order against the killer/rapist/kidnapper/arsonist back in 2011 when he showed up to hospital where Irish was giving birth to one of her children. That, obviously, didn’t work.

The killer was apprehended after two people were dead – including Kyle – and four injured.

Colonel Robert Williams said in a statement to WLBZ-2,

“State Police last week were investigating a sexual assault incident where Brittany was the victim…  This is a double homicide prosecution now in the court system.  As with any active homicide investigation, it would not be appropriate to discuss it at this time.”

If anything has ever cemented in my mind why I carry – it’s certainly real life events like this that pound it home.

Concealed carrying isn’t just about making a statement or some political mumbo-jumbo.  It’s the reality of knowing that we live in a world with other people who have absolutely no problem doing heinous and vile things to anyone they choose.

As for the killer, he’ll get a trial eventually. And he’ll do time. And the Maine State Police will do a little investigation.  And some trooper somewhere will get a medal and someone else will get a raise.  Were any lessons learned?  Will future events like this be prevented?

Yes – by concealed carriers like you and me. Because we train and we practice and we prepare. Because we know by the time the police arrive – the fighting is usually long over. And when it’s our families on the line, we don’t leave those sorts of things up to chance.

Situational awareness. May we always have it.

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  1. Yup. Carry.
    Or at least own guns and know how to use them.

    And there’s a bunch of people at Maine State Police that should lose their jobs, at the very least. Normally, I like LE, just like I normally like Fire Fighters and EMTs. But if you are grossly negligent (or criminal) you should lose that support as well as your job.

      • Yep every one of them that participated in facilitating that bad guy needs to be charged with accessory to Murder and Arson and accessory after the fact to Rape. Sentences to run consecutively. They May not have a duty to protect the citizens, but they have a duty not to participate in Murder and Arson and they in fact did so!

        • Just give it up!

          They should simply be fired. Along with their superiors, following the chain all the way up to the governor. Then replaced with noone.

          Zero divided by zero is at least undecided. Could be either good or bad. Zero divided by even one red cent paid in taxes to support them, is a guaranteed zero.

      • The police have no duty to protect citizens. Numerous court cases have reiterated it over the years. If you’re counting on police to protect your loved ones you’re wrong. This is just an extreme example.

        • They do, however, have a duty to uphold law and order. Notifying a criminal with penchant for revenge that he is having charges pressed against him by those he has a history of revenge against is negligent. No other word for it (unless conspiracy is involved, but no evidence of that here, so far). Had the cops simply shown up to arrest the bastard instead of tipping him off –like they are supposed to– none of this would have happened.

          They are most definitely liable, especially the officer who contacted the killer.

        • barnbwt – this case is really similar to the Supreme Court case Castle Rock v Gonzales (2005). A woman issues restraining order against abusive ex. Ex comes and kidnaps kids. She calls the cops, they choose not to investigate. Children wind up murdered while the cops do nothing.

          The finding: Police have NO responsibility to deter or prevent crime. The only person responsible for your safety and defense against criminal action is you yourself. Most people expect the police to “serve and protect” but legally that is not their duty.

        • But the police do have a duty to protect the public, which they did NOT do in this case.

          Even setting aside their gross negligence toward the original victim in not arresting the kidnapper, several completely unrelated people in the community were injured or killed because they not only left him free, but enraged him by warning him about the charges & who filed them.

          Every officer involved should be punished for that.

          And yes, definitely have effective self-protection tools at your disposal.

    • Disgusted by those troopers. Everyone who touched this case should be fired at the least, though they deserve much worse.

    • See SCOTUS decision in Gonzalez v Castlerock (IIRC). Police aren’t legally obligated to do anything to protect any given individual. But they can write up a nice report after the anticipated crime is committed.

      • And that’s just the most prominent one. Also check out Warren v. District of Columbia. It’s not a SCOTUS case, but it’s the same ruling on the same basis.

        There’s a lot of precedent stating that the police and the government generally have only a broad duty to the public as a whole, and you as an individual will get what they have available, and not necessarily what you want, or need.


      SCOTUS has ruled several times that police are not required to provide any protection to individuals. This okay with me. The US became strong because men and women took the responsibility to protect themselves and their family. The Supreme Court decisions are the best argument I know of against gun control but I don’t recall it ever being used.

      Shoot straight.

    • Umm. Ultimately, you are the one responsible for your self defense.

      So what if the cops did their job and the guy had been arrested. He could have posted bond to get out, and gone and done what he had done.

      It still comes down the fact that the the people involved were still responsible for their defense.

      This is why I just keep carrying my EDC when at my house. My full sized 1911, with two extra mags, and a pocket .380 with an extra mag. Pocket folder knife, Surefire flashlight and Leatherman.

      I’ve gotten so used to the weight of the equipment, I feel odd when I take it off for times I can’t carry, like at work.

      • Any judge worth his weight would disallow bond. This was a case of rape, kidnapping, and assault committed by someone who is a known child rapist who was also a known batterer of women. Even if they did allow bond it would be set especially high.

  2. this is … real?? i mean, we need more than this one instance to be able to stand up to the politicians and their supporters who say that law abiding citizens need do nothing more than call 911 and put our safety in the capable and highly trained and skilled hands of Law Enforcement???

    • Allow me to chip in a couple stories from Milwaukee. Police take 22 minutes to respond to active stabbing incident. Victim obviously died. Fire and EMT were staged for most of the time while waiting for police to arrive. Recently, 82 year old mostly blind woman raped after getting off the bus. Police take 3 hours to get an initial responder to the victim. She actually called back to ask if the cops were coming and whether she could take a shower. Rape takes place at 4:45 pm, first patrol officer responds near 8 pm. Sensitve crime detectives arrive at hospital at 9. Victim final returns home around 1am. And lastly, how can we forget “room to destroy” Baltimore and Valerie Jarrett telling Gov. Nixon don’t you dare deploy the National Guard on the eve of the Ferguson riots.

      More than one example, there are plenty.

  3. “Civil society is based on one thing and one thing alone: the rule of law.”

    We need the government to have civil society. LOL.

    • What do you think the Declaration was referring to when it said that the reason governments are instituted among men is to secure our individual rights (among which are life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, etc)? A system of law that assures known, predictable, and consistent resolution to disputes between citizens and violations and predation between them is the substitution a civilized society makes for might-makes-right. As a basic foundation of that, obviously, the police power and the criminal justice system, a present and competent constabulary that protect people from crime and punishes the perpetrators of crime.

      This story sets all that on its ear, when you basically have a state law enforcement agency punt on dealing with a violent criminal and enable several other violent crimes as a result of that gross negligence.

      • Too bad this country’s criminal “justice” system isn’t known, predictable or consistent. The law today is nothing more than an institutional system for government power and privilege.

        • “Too bad this country’s criminal “justice” system isn’t known, predictable or consistent.”

          And that’s why I will be and remain armed. Holy Crap! The little troll agrees with me!

          Dance, troll, just try and walk that back!


        • That’s cute, you think your CC piece will defend you against a horde of SWAT gangsters working for the primary lawbreakers in the country.

  4. Quite frankly, the Keystone Cops seem to be in charge of this operation and they do get the honorary Barney Fife Award. The father of Brittany Irish, according to WLBZ-2, filed a protection order against the killer/rapist/kidnapper/arsonist back in 2011. But with ALL SIGNS were there that an attack was imminent, why the party in danger could not get or possess at least a couple of decent shotguns is beyond me. Most people who live in areas such as this usually have at least three decent long guns around the house.

  5. As I live only a few miles from this incident and am still in the middle of this active man-hunt, I would like to say that this is a very strange situation indeed. It is very, very unusual for any household in my area to not be armed. There are rumors (originating from our sheriff) that she had a handgun and shot him with it, and that he took it and killed her with it, but no one will confirm. The comparisons to this and the escaped prisoners in NY state were hilarious, every person interviewed up here says that they aren’t worried about him because they are armed.

    The cops will never, ever catch this guy with how rural we are up here. (my town has a pop of 350) On the upside, hunting season is only a few weeks away, and he wont make it through that without an extra hole or two.

    • I thought the article indicated the killer was caught (2pm on the timeline). What else happened since?

      • That was an earlier story of an ex who came to the ex girlfriends house she fired once and then he disarmed her. Different story

    • “2:00 pm – Maine State Police finally arrest the killer at the home of his uncle. Brittany Irish is found and is safe.”

      So much for never finding him.

    • ” There are rumors (originating from our sheriff) that she had a handgun and shot him with it, and that he took it and killed her with it, but no one will confirm.”

      He killed her with it? The article states he killed her boyfriend and another guy, and she survived.

      Is she dead?

  6. I bet if she told the police they were growing pot at the house there was a sleeping baby with a puppy that needed immediate flash-banging they would have sped over in full force and kept the home in lockdown for a week.

    I don’t get how police operate. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to PD responses nationwide. As if there is no training or standards. Just 100% half-assed reaction. Maybe they plan their response by spinning a big wheel and letting chance dictate. Nothing things get full wartime response while they hang out leisurely during rapes and murders ala the Petit family.
    Plain in full view assaults are ignored while lights and sirens come on for seniors who roll stop signs.

    I really don’t get it. I know any job and bureaucracy is messy and inconsistent but if cops were firefighters we’d all be living in smokey haze walking through ash.

    • All of the examples you cite have three things in common.

      Response is swift when (a) there’s a low chance of personal harm, (b) there is minimal paperwork, and (C) its a fast resolution which looks good on the stats.

      Call me cynical.

      • And (E), assets to confiscate. There’s no cash to be made responding to shootings, kidnappings, rapes, etc., but drug seizures are modern day proscriptions, and the government loves that asset forfeiture gravy train.

    • I GUARANTEE you wouldn’t like the fix for:
      I don’t get how police operate. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to PD responses nationwide. As if there is no training or standards. Just 100% half-assed reaction. Maybe they plan their response by spinning a big wheel and letting chance dictate.

      You want an “efficient” NATIONAL police force?? Think ATF x 1000.

    • You are correct that there is no national standard. This is both good and bad. Bad because there are places where the incompetence and apathy is truly staggering. Good because if the Obama White House got to define the national standard for anything about law enforcement, you would have an instant army of brown shirts close to a million strong. At least, those who didn’t resign in disgust.

      For better or for worse, the only way to hold police departments, or any arm of the government accountable, is through elections. When the voters don’t care enough to force anything to change, nothing will.

    • I agree. No rhyme or reason. My wife (real estate agent) was showing a supposedly-vacant property and found what could only be a meth lab in the basement, a grow operation on the main floor, guns all over the house, rooms full of trash (like floor-ceiling), and people sleeping upstairs. She beat feet on out of there and called the cops.

      Their answer? “We will take a statement from you in case anything else comes up, but we don’t intend on doing anything about it.” So she called the listing agent, and the agent said she knew, the owner knew, but the owner wasn’t planning on doing anything about it either.

      What the F.

  7. Now, contrast this event with the December 31st, 2011 event in Blanchard, Oklahoma. In the Oklahoma event, two men were in the process of breaking into the home of a young mom and her baby. She called 911. Something like 20 minutes into that call, police were still on their way when the men, armed with a large knife, finally breached the home and charged the mom. One shot from the mom’s shotgun promptly stopped that home invasion without any physical injuries to any innocent people.

    While the Irish family loss is horrific and tragic, it was probably entirely preventable.

  8. It’s not about the cops. They’re the foot soldiers in the trench refereeing citizens rights vs. laws established by legislators. What I find remarkable is latitude towards civil rights of an agressor and the state systematically restricting lawful self protection of a citizen.

    Citizens arm yourselves, you have no support from police.

  9. Meh. Doesn’t apply to me any more than some gangland hit does. The ancillary carjackings and such, perhaps, but the center of this story is this woman and this killer.

    The first protection order goes back to 2011? This crap has been going on for many years, and the killer is probably an ex-intimate partner. That and multiple children with another man who’s only a boyfriend? This has white trash written all over it.

    Nobody deserves this and nobody’s arguing that. Situational awareness is one thing, and good. Stil, this is really more a lesson in lifestyle decisions than anything else.

    • That and multiple children with another man who’s only a boyfriend? This has white trash written all over it.

      Wow. You’re an asshole. That’s all I’m going to say.

        • Yes. People don’t necessarily go out of their way to pick crazy people to hook up with or otherwise bring into their lives. However, situations that started normal can go sideways, and you may find yourself unexpectedly in a crazy/stupid mess not of your making.

          If that happens, what’s the plan? Bitching about how this isn’t supposed to happen to people like you?

        • Maybe. I don’t know because I’ve never met this woman.

          I’m guessing you haven’t either

          Not everyone gets married. Not everyone lives by the same rules as you.

      • And he is correct. While you’re clueless and proved it.

        “I hope that the State Police are held accountable for a man dying and not being able to raise his children,”

        BS, the taxpayer is raising this turds spawn. And she is a dimwit. FOUR TIMES???

      • Hey, as the man said, “I calls ’em like I sees ’em.”

        Intentional shock value of my post aside for, your basic quarrel is with reality, not me.

        It’s extremely rare that someone “just snaps”, with zero clear and early indicators. This killer was a monster going way back. How that manifested in the early days, whether as a “bad boy”, a “hell raiser”, or the ever popular “he’s just misunderstood”, is just tagging with an over generous label what we all know is just nascent thuggery. Stay away from that nonsense.

        While there are no guarantees in life, there damn sure are probabilities. Some games are rigged from the start, so you get up and walk away. Better yet, never sit at that table to begin with.

        Anyway, best wishes. Make smart decisions.

  10. As for the killer, he’ll get a trial eventually. And he’ll do time. And the Maine State Police will do a little investigation. And some trooper somewhere will get a medal and someone else will get a raise. Were any lessons learned? Will future events like this be prevented?

    All the while, two people are dead, including a father of young children, a woman raped, multiple people injuried and violated, and all trust in the “system” completely obliterated.

  11. “Civil society is based on one thing and one thing alone: the rule of law. We abide each other, our neighbors, and strangers all upon the basis that the law will be enforced to protect us and enable good commerce.”

    BULL F-ING SHIT ! ! ! !

    The “law” is based on only one thing, and it’s the same thing that all other human interaction is based upon. That is “Societal Agreement” [TERMS, J.M. Thomas, R.,, 2012]. Societal Agreement can only exist between a pair people (every pairing), and it takes a considerable amount of those people interested in ‘tomorrow’ or else the “law” doesn’t even make it on to the drawing board. People selling you on what the “law” will do for you need your buy-in more than you need, or can count on their assistance. The “law” and purveyors of-it will bs you all day on the notion that the law can protect you on the individual level, and that is not only wrong, it is wrongful.
    The lesson of the remaining story of the OP is not that the cops didn’t do their due diligence, or that they are overstretched in their role. The lesson is only that this could have happened at any other time, on any other day. It is likely happening now someplace as I type this. And nothing is going to stop it short of each individuals desire, in mutuality, to not take part in something like this, and that agreement occurs on a moment-to-moment basis.
    It is akin to the argument against the ATF regulating anything, because the amount of buy-in for the ATF’s regulations to be effective is 100%, and nothing gets 100% buy-in.

  12. Choosing no self defensive transfers the element of trust to your assailant.

    Believing police can or will respond fast enough to protect you means: You believe the entire system, (calling 911 to an officer(s) shows up) can do so faster than the speed of even the slowest of bullets.

    There are many people who believe this and will argue about it!

  13. Meanwhile, in New Mexico, a 911 dispatcher told a caller, who was trying to save a friend who was bleeding out, to “deal with it yourself,” and hung up.

    The dispatcher was “reassigned.”

    Reassigned? Are you sh1tting me? I think that a lot of government employees, like those Maine troopers, that 911 dispatcher and most of Congress, desperately need to be strung up by their balls.

  14. I’m left wondering who the perp knows on the force that they called him instead of taking him into custody?

    • Or that maybe the perp was ‘made?’ IMHO Sometimes the bad guy is skillfully crafted by others. Everyone’s got a breaking point. Nobody gets you there faster than someone who knows exactly where it is. Maybe the cops just initially compared the complaint to the known characteristics of the pre-perp and went hunh? Just another case of nasty-divorce vollyball by cop. Better slow-roll on this one.

  15. I can’t remember exactly; but IIRC there was a similar case in DC where several men invaded a woman’s home, raped her repeatedly over many hours, and at some point she managed to call 911. The cops weren’t dispatched in a timely manner & when the victim later sued the PD the courts ruled that the police have no duty to respond.

    • The right person should take manslaughter charges to the Grand Jury for an indictment.

    • The case was Warren v. District of Columbia. Holding: the police don’t have to do sh1t. Except eat donuts and collect pensions.

  16. “Will future events like this be prevented?
    Yes – by concealed carriers like you and me.”

    And maybe open carriers, too.

  17. I know that a concealed carrier could have stopped the rampage at many points before, BUT, I’d like to point out that when a man comes to burn your barn down, it’s time to put away the concealed carry pistol and break out the rifle and body armor.

  18. “Civil society is based on one thing and one thing alone: the rule of law.”

    No. It’s not. It’s just a nicer way to say “Ve must haff ordah!”

    Law is an imposition of the deepest sickness: The desire to control others.


  19. People please stop citing case law about the police not being obligated to protect you because it doesn’t excuse moral obligations nor does it excuse blatant negligence. Yeah lets tell a violent rapist, arsonist, felon he’s being charged that’s a great idea! Yeah lets ignore all signs of a multiple felonies about to be committed! Lets allow a kidnapping victim to be at risk for a second time. If I were a trooper assigned to this case I’d advise them to get a firearm and might even go as far as to sit on their house while off duty, I know you shouldn’t get personally involved in a case but as a LEO sometimes you have to make exceptions and I think it was brutally obvious that this would have been a good time to break the rules and get a little personal.

  20. “Civil society is based on one thing and one thing alone: the rule of law.”

    Incorrect. Civil society keeps itself intact by people respecting the rights of others. The “law” is subjective to the whims of the ruling class. It’s important to know the difference.

  21. I am in 100% agreement with the common-sense reasons and traditional legal justifications for concealed carry and for armed self defense. I am equally frustrated by the stinging cynicism in statements like, “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away,” or nowhere to be found.


    Armed self defense is at the extreme end of the self-defense spectrum. The other end of that spectrum begins with cautious common sense, including the common sense of (i) choosing companions wisely, and (ii) living quite and peaceful lives.

    Victims should not to be blamed for end games that spiral out of control, but lessons from the beginning of any “game” that ends in disaster should not be ignored.

    Reading between the lines, there are curiosities in this story that MIGHT be interpreted as previous foolish choices.

    “The father of Brittany Irish,…filed a protection order against the killer/rapist/kidnapper/arsonist back in 2011 when he showed up to hospital where Irish was giving birth to one of her children.”

    If we can assume some kind of previous connection between Brittany and the bad guy, we can safely assume that Brittany now looks back and wishes that she had never made that connection.

    The moral: self defense starts with sound life choices.

  22. Don’t depend on the ambulance. Keep a first aid kit in your home. Take CPR and first aid classes. Contact your local red cross office. Most of them teach the classes. Keep a first aid kit in your car or at least a bunch of band aids.

    Don’t depend on the fire department. They don’t have to come to your home if they don’t want to. Some small community fire departments have refused service to people who don’t pay their county fee. Some people have even died in house fires as a result. Take a fire prevention class. Most fire departments offer them or try the red cross. Keep a fire extinguisher handy. I keep one in my car and one in my house. I have had to put out two engine fires and one out of control BBQ grill. My Ex used one to put out a kitchen grease fire.

    Don’t depend on the police. They don’t have to help you if they don’t want to. Baltimore Maryland and New Your City are finding this out. Keep at least one gun in your home. Several are better. Take a CCW class if you live in a free state. Take a separate training class.
    If you have a protection order carry inside your home and outside as well. Recently a woman was killed in Chicago when her gun jammed. She shot first and hit her attacker. But he shot and killed her after her gun jammed. She was a new gun owner, had just gotten the weapon and her carry permit. She apparently had no training on how to clear a weapon malfunction.

  23. My prediction — and I’d lay money on it — no LEO, politician or bureaucrat at any level will lose so much as a day’s pay over this.

    I also think it’s very strange that this article never identifies the shooter, Anthony Lord. It keeps referring to him by euphemisms such as “the alleged rapist and kidnapper” yet the article names all the victims. Why?

    Doesn’t Anthony Lord deserved to be named? The man is a rapist, kidnapper and serial killer and he’s “alleged” only in the strict legal sense — same as Dylan roof, not in the sense that we in the peanut gallery are obliged to abide by.

    The poor family should have armed themselves and been prepared to respond with overwhelming force, rather than rely on incompetent and cowardly Maine police.

  24. God have mercy on Brittany Irish, her family, and Kyle’s family (and Kevin’s).
    I will NOT pray for mercy on those who enabled this … fiasco.

  25. Ya lets blame the Victims, shoulda, woulda, coulda, Most Police types I know will not go out of their way too get into a shoot out without overwhelming back up etc.
    Here we have a family paying the consequences of Liberal stupidity, believing in a Corrupt Justice system! and that their Nanny state would take care of them, protect them, nurture them etc, all the best from Government!
    Did these people think they should have taken responsibility upon themselves for self protection?
    Be that as it may, this is an example of what will happen if you have faith in the Anti-American, Treasonous, and Seditious Liberal agenda!

  26. BTW, everyone keeps talking about “northern Maine”. This did NOT happen in “northern Maine”. If you haven’t gotten past where I95 runs into the Canadian border, you aren’t in “northern” Maine. The boyfriend who was killed was from Caribou – *THAT* is northern Maine. They caught the bad guy in Houlton – that is merely the northern part of southern Maine. (I was stationed at Loring AFB for a few years.)

  27. Police have no requirement to protect you. The Supreme Court ruled years ago that they are not required by law to protect you. YOU are the only person you can rely on to protect yourself and others around you.

  28. Four times? Ignoring a restraining order? Never mind the police. Where was the dad, brother, uncle? I am not a tough guy but if you kidnap, rape, beat and threaten my wife , daughter, sister, or mom and the police don’t arrest you there is going to be a problem. The safest place for you will be in a jail cell. Your chances of an unfortunate 4 limb breaking trip down the stairs or tragic disappearance on a Maine snipe hunting trip will go up exponentially.

    The police don’t act then you have to take care of your own…

  29. “Civil society is based on one thing and one thing alone: the rule of law.”

    The rule of justifiable law. Not simply rule of whatever so called “law” sleazy lawyers, judges and politicians reckon benefits themselves at any given time.

    It’s a huge and important distinction. We do have the rule of law. Law, which, amongst other things, have been interpreted to mean police have NO responsibility to protect you. Yet your ability to do so yourself is severely constrained. Under “law.”

    “Rule of Law,” in the abstract, is little more than “Rule by whomever is in a position to decide what is law.” As in; Arbitrary Rule, just with an additional layer of obfuscation thrown in, to fool the well indoctrinated drones.

    Which is why “rule of law” is one of the few things, both our progressive political parties seem to hold holy.

  30. Now I can see why Maine recently promulgated Constitutional carry in that state. Good for the people of Maine!

  31. Maine cops are beyond inept, they never figure out anything more serious than speeding tickets or underage drinking unless the case falls into their laps. A 2 month manhunt for a murderer just finished. How did it end? A stand off and brave capture? Solid investigative work? Nope the guy literally just got bored and walked himself into the police station. They still haven’t questioned what everyone else is wondering as to how if he was supposedly hiding out in the woods and abandoned camps like they claimed he walked in looking freshly shaved and showered with clean clothes on.

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