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We’re all for getting children acclimated to guns from an early age to teach them the respect and safe handling everyone should have for firearms. And from watching the little girl in the video manipulate the gun, odds are that’s only an airsoft pistol. Still. This isn’t the kind of safety training anyone who cares about instilling respect for firearms gives their children. We’re pretty sure the unidentified father has never even heard of Eddie Eagle, let alone the four rules. So for his conspicuous irresponsibility with his progeny vis a vis firearms safety, we award LiveLeak Dad our IGOTD title with an instant hall of fame nomination to boot.

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  1. How can people see this and still be anti abortion?
    If anything there aren’t enough abortions going around.
    These kids were doomed from conception.

    • Some of us don’t like the idea of murdering because the parents were too irresponsible, or just didn’t give enough of a fuck, to use contraception or keep their pants on. That and there’s a huge scandal going on now with Planned Parenthood and the selling of aborted fetal tissue. It’s legal, but wasn’t widely known to funders and patients.

      • Umm, this is an excellent example of why we need more planned parenthood, birth and population control….unless you enjoy supporting multi-generations of welfare recipients. This is our future society at the rate we are going.

    • Morality is not always pragmatic. People are against abortion because a fetus is, according to science (and religion), a living human being and therefore deserves to live, even if born to someone who is entirely irresponsible. If you were mentally incapacitated after an accident and placed into the care of someone to aid your recovery (for our thought experiment we’ll assume you will recover but need to relearn to be self sufficient), should your life be ended because those charged with your recovery are likely to fail in their duties?

  2. When they’re arrested later in life, and they will be, it will only be because their black… says the Reverend

  3. Def not a real gun

    Not saying anything about this video…but was it wrong for me and my friends to point our fake guns at each other when we were “playing guns”? Is it wrong for my nephews and I to have nerf gun fights? I don’t think so. 🙂

    • Agreed. Toys are toys, and kids are kids. The only real cringe-worthy moment was her pointing the gun at the boy’s face. But other than that, I think people are pearl-clutching unnecessarily.

    • Are you honestly saying that pointing some orange or pink plastic peice of shit, which is an obvious toy, is the same as pointing a pistol (probably airsoft or BB gun) that looks shockingly real? How did that work out for Tamir Rice in Ohio?

    • Granted this particular toy gun does look more realistic than most that you can buy now, but it IS a toy. The father is clearly aware of this fact, and thus, not worried about his kids playing with it. I think this article is much ado about nothing.

      • At 1:06 you can clearly see a seam running down the whole thing. And it obviously weighs next to nothing. Plastic. Probably not even a BB or airsoft gun.

        They used to make “toy guns” like this, and you used to actually be able to buy them at toy stores.

        Probably not instilling a good reaction in them as far as “stop, don’t touch” etc – , but agreed – a toy gun is a toy.

        • I remember toy guns before it became standard for manufacturers to paint them bright neon colors, and I’m not even 30 yet. A lot of them looked relatively real at least from a distance, although obviously they didn’t compare to modern airsoft guns.

          We pointed them at each other, pretended to shoot each other, generally had a good ol’ time. Nobody cared back then, we were just kids being kids.

          I wonder if the pro-gun community has become a little hyper-sensitive to safety issues because we don’t want the other side painting us as irresponsible.

    • Agreed. I think Dan is off his rocker calling this Dad out for innocent play by children. The logical conclusion being portrayed here is that the people of the gun need to stop allowing kids to play with toy guns, just like the liberals who are trying to ban toy guns, for the exact same irrational fears that Dan lists in his IGOTD post here. They’re toys, leave it alone. EVERY ONE OF US that reads TTAG had terrible muzzle discipline when it came to our toy guns we all had when we were kids.

    • I was thinking “America’s Funniest Home Mug Shots”, but yours is better.

      • 1972. Close though. But yes, it is.

        Pop culture references are ageless these days. Which is why you probably know who Mr. Roper is.

  4. I visit LL on a regular basis, and have seen a good amount of irresponsible & downright dangerous behavior when it comes to firearms. It’s a huge repository of how-not-to instructional videos. Whoever the parent is in this case, definitely shouldn’t have been allowed to breed.

  5. the little boy is a solid b cup maybe small c. video made me throw up a bit. absolutely disgusting.

  6. #BlackLivesMatter

    PS- am I the only one that noticed she actually has good trigger discipline?

  7. Is it possible we’re making this out to be a bigger deal than it really is? Airsoft guns are pretty popular nowadays, would we be having this conversation if it was a nerf gun or even a relatively real looking cap gun like I had as a kid?

    I played with toy guns as a kid all the time and probably did plenty of stuff that would make Dan cringe if it ended up on youtube or liveleak. Granted none of them were as realistic as modern airsoft guns, but is that the issue? The realism of the airsoft gun compared to the toy guns many of us grew up with?

  8. Please let us not be the very image of the liberal panty-twisters we hate. It’s clearly a toy or airsoft. My friends and I played with toy guns recklessly and pointed them at each other all the time growing up, though numerous rounds of “cops and robbers.” For Pete’s sake, it’s just kids playing. Kids treating toys like toys doesn’t mean they’re going to grow up to be irresponsible with real guns.

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