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“British Prime Minister David Cameron. who cut short a visit to Paris to return to London, called the attack ‘truly shocking’ and said there are ‘strong indications’ that a brutal attack in London is terror-related.” Really? Wonder what give him his first clue. “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” quoth the man with the bloody hands, knife and cleaver into the camera of a passerby after hacking a British soldier to death in broad daylight. Both suspects were subsequently shot by police. In the unarmed utopia once known as the Land of Hope and Glory.

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  1. From the early reports, it seems that he two murderers had a least one gun and perhaps more. How is that possible in the paradise that sent us Pierced Organ?

      • BullshXX! Nothing to say? Then use a dumb Nazi argument…

        The problem is a government that on the one hand lulls you into the belief that self-defense is a natural right guaranteed by your Constitution while on the other hand precluding people from gaining access to any e f f e c t i v e defense tool, thereby reducing your right to absurdity. Great…! Helpless people, left to the mercy of the omnipotent state and its coadjutors, have always been more susceptible to manipulation – or they simply became victims (Quod erat demonstrandum).

      • Wow… This is how you defend that belief? The term religion of peace looks like misdirection to me…You can attack me all you like… I stand by my words… You can tell a tree by the fruit it bares.. Tie up your Camels!!! That is all…

    • Don’t forget the Christian crusades. Wrong can be done under all banners. Evil comes in many guises.

      • True but some true religions of peace learn. Let’s see when was the last Christian Crusade? Over 700 years ago? Now when did the last Jihadi strike out…Hmmm yesterday. And Islam continues to call for Jihad.

      • Sigh, this sillyness again. You might want to look up the geo-political situation at the time of the Crusades. What happened in 711AD? 732? But hey, what happened after the Crusades ended in 1300? What happened in 1453? 1571? 1683? Where is Vienna, Austria again?

        • What has this with religion to do?
          I mean seriously I am a person of faith but I still dislike religion (especially organized religion), can’t there be one political article where there isn’t somebody going: “Hurr, it was them mosleems and Kenya boy Barrack Hussein OBomba who did it. Its all their fault!”

          I mean it is really becoming ridicilous and silly(and no I am not a person who dislikes liberty and thinks that government should have complete control, I am also not a hippie.)

  2. 20 mins for cops with guns to show up.

    Meantime, disarmed civilians make feature length film of jihadist madman and stroll around the soldier’s corpse.

    I weep for England.

    • REALLY? Weep? The nation that disarmed itself once before, and had to ask for help from the United States?

      Then, after the war was “won”, within a few short decades DISARMED THEMSELVES AGAIN? You weep for THAT?

      Please save your tears and help try and save THIS country.

  3. And nobody came to the soldier’s rescue? I’d say that Brits are cowards, but I’d like to use a more derogatory term referencing female anatomy.

  4. Attacking a military target should be called an act of war, not terrorism. Or is it terrorism when Western troops go to Muslim lands and kill them?

    You reap what you sow. Of course Labor’s idiotic immigration policy didn’t help matters, but they wanted to erase the traditional English population and replace it with 3rd worlders who would keep voting for them.

    • Noam Chomsky has written extensively about this problem. Any attempt to create an official definition of terrorism, puts the US government high, if not atop, the list of terrorists. The practical definition is always “What they do to us,” while “What we do to them,” is exempted.

      I agree it is unfair to call this terrorism. I am not saying that I support this kind of action. I do not. But, for the sake of honesty, people should be consistent with their definitions.

      • UN definition:

        “Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or particular persons for political purposes are in any circumstance unjustifiable, whatever the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other nature that may be invoked to justify them.”

        • Exactly. I am not stating that no one defines terrorism. The DoD has their own definition as well. The point is that by objectively applying those definitions, many actions taken by the US through direct military or covert actions fall under just about every reasonable definition one could come up with.

          Whether or not it is terrorism really just depends which side your are on.

      • The two are just f^cking murderers. Their motivation is of no concern to me whatsoever.

      • If you think what the American Military does overseas is terrorism, you are a f*cking moron.

        • My implication is that if you objectively, key word “objectively” apply the definitions, many US actions would apply. For example, the US has killed something like 3500 people in Pakistan with drones. It is estimated that something like 2% of those were high level targets. The rest were civilians: women, children, etc. So, the US has killed approximately as many people as died on 9/11 in Pakistan, using drones. If you’re a Pakistani, I’m guessing you just might think that qualifies as terrorism. If you do not think Pakistani lives are as valuable as American lives, okay, but you are not being objective.

        • As another user said… read the definition of terrorism. Our governments actions fit it to a T. I do NOT condone what my government does overseas.

          Not to mention, all you bring to the argument is ad-hominem while leaving your brains and critical thinking skills at home. I’m not going to call you a moron…. but your reaction kind of implied that you are.

        • Let’s be careful how we weep for “women and children”. First, those categories were not spared on 9/11, and second, they are surrounding hi level targets deliberately, as protection, and from what I understand that is VOLUNTARY. Deliberately protecting valid targets makes them combatants. And their men care not a whit if they are killed.

      • Good points. IMO, the US government and military behave overseas more like a typical imperial empire with its legions. I can see the American elites unleashing those same legions upon the American people.

      • It was done in broad day light with the intention of striking terror into the hearts of those who witnessed. Thus it can be classified as terrorism. What the US and other countries do in the Middle East should be classified as nation building though the act of nation building is quite asinine especially in a place that has no intention of recognizing people’s right to liberty.

    • csmallo – Of course Labor’s idiotic immigration policy didn’t help matters, but they wanted to erase the traditional English population and replace it with 3rd worlders who would keep voting for them.
      Guess if you substitute Democrat/Progressive for Labor, that might work too.

    • So you don’t believe in ‘Islamism’, which is Islams death cult, which tells people to kill themselves to murder innocent civilians?
      A bit simplistic in the “western troops go to muslim lands to kill them”.

  5. I guess someone failed to inform our terrorist friends that most Muslims are in fact killed by other Muslims….everyday.

    • Civilian deaths by Insurgents in Afghanistan outnumber civilian deaths by ISAF forces 3:1, per the UN. Considering how hard it is to prove who is an insurgent and who is a civilian, this could be an even wider ratio.

      That Iraqi civil war was accelerated by the disbanding of the Iraqi military, but the overwhelming majority of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are a result of internal conflict, not ISAF/UN/US/Coalition collateral damage. All the Coalition did was remove the order and the Iraqis and Afghans did the rest to themselves.

  6. Okay, so how do we know it wasn’t just “work place violence?” Just because it wasn’t in the work place?

  7. No one came to his aid because the British government does not allow citizens to render aid. They are suppose to call the authorities and let them handle it. 80 years of disarmament has lead to a culture of “not my responsibility”.

    This people is where the US is headed.

    • The police started carrying HK SMGs and 40mm grenade launchers (they call them baton throwers) after the riots in 2011. I was in London 2 weeks after the riots and the only police carrying at that time were near Buckingham Palace and White Hall. Their government (and Dew-Drop talking heads imported from there) try to make it seem that the UK is like Pride and Prejudice whereas the reality for commoners is more like Great Expectations. Hopefully, this tragedy will help give gun rights proponents there the leverage they need to remove their gun and knife laws.

  8. Did they really need to shoot the suspects? From the video above it seems like they weren’t posing a threat to anyone else, and likely wouldnt have resisted. They had ample time to escape, but choose not to.

    • Or they were looking to become martyrs and waiting for the only people with guns to show up.

    • Did they really need to shoot the suspects?

      Maybe it was more of a want than a need. In either case, it’s NOMB.

    • So its ok for soldiers to attack people who are in residential environments in Iraq/Afghanistan and who have no chance of winning due to a disparity of force, but its not ok if other people do the same to soldiers, even when the disparity of force is much lower? Care to explain that?

      • Ugh, you’re making my head hurt. It is ok for soldiers to attack a-holes that are in residential environments in Iraq/Trashcanistan. It’s all in the prescribed R.O.E. every soldier arriving in country receives during one of the many briefings. Those two knife wielding a-holes are sick and the soldier did not deserve that.

        • The soldier certainly did deserve it, and the ROEs are in no way relevant to my question.

        • Matt, the soldier did absolutely nothing to deserve that. Those two men rode up onto the curb, hitting him with their car, then hacked him to pieces with no provocation whatsoever, apart from him wearing a T-shirt that identified him as one of/sympathizing with soldiers of his country.

          He most certainly did not deserve what was done to him. You, man, are a sick f*** for even suggesting that he did.

        • Executions and murders are very different things. In a murder, the intended victim at least has a possibility (even if it is somewhat unlikely) of prevailing.

      • How is “disparity of force” relevant to this? Besides, if I’m going to attack an enemy I sure would rather there be a disparity of force in my favor.

      • I take it that you think bombing German civilians was terrorism. Oh wait a minute. You are the untermensch who is a Nazi wannabe so of course you do.

      • matt, let’s talk boldly and bluntly: between your attacks against the American military, Israel, the Jews, and your pro-Nazi garbage, and now this, your are moral scum.

  9. Am I allowed to have my say? I warn you in advance, Zionist butts will be hurting, and your colored pals may well feel a heating sensation under their seats…

    Remember this follows the murder by knife of Christina Edkins, 16 year old White girl slaughtered by another one of the Zionists pet Projects.

    • What the does this attack by jihadists on a British soldier have to do with Jews?

  10. If citizens don’t have guns, then only the police and criminals with have guns. If the police don’t have guns then only the criminals will have guns. And they’ll be able to hold on-camera interviews with the disarmed citizens and police after the fact… At least when armed police showed up they had the moral decency to shoot both of them… utterly ridiculous.

    • No, the two entrepreneur cannibals have apparently survived!

      Praise Be! we will have to finance their stay in N166er university now.

      Isnt Allah Merciful! Isnt the British Justice system effective!

      • Whether or not statistics support it, I do not condone discrimination. 90% of criminals are male, maybe only females should carry firearms?

        • Maybe Females should stop voting in order to avoid them making these problems in the first place.

          Remember 50% of the electorate are women, who do use petrol and they do support the Government which they elect, the Government that sends men off to fight for cheaper fuel prices. Yet they do not physically serve their own interests, and as it appears the Monkeys they refuse to deny entrance to this country (again see their voting habits) are only targeting Males for acts of violence.

        • To be completely fair, Neanderthals were not only physically stronger and more fit than us, but also smarter than us as well…

          It’s more or less a geographic fluke (location location location) that we survived and they did not.

  11. It is a sad state of affairs when your first inclination is to whip out your smartphone and shoot video of a F…..G MURDERER, who just butchered someone in the middle of the street. I would hope that at least one person would have the stones to at least try to intervene, armed or not. At least here in the US, there might be a CCW who could have put a stop to it in one form or another.

  12. This is why I wish I could carry concealed in uniform. Sure, the chances are slim nut jobs with a machete will attack me, but if that chance does come up I’m looking at a nice funeral with a lot of friends. I do carry a knife and that is it.

    • I hated that about being a Marine – you were never locked and loaded unless you were on a range, an MP, or “anticipating combat.” F!&@ that. I carry all the time now.

  13. Fighting a war against “terrorism” is a misnomer at best. The civilized world needs to awaken to the truth about Islam. It’s nothing but a barbaric death cult with far-reaching tentacles that have infiltrated the highest levels of our own government. In fact, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood has seized control of both DHS and the Bureau – controlling the training and investigative processes.

      • There’s no moral equivalence between Islam and the Judeo-Christian world. There have been over 20,915 terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11 – all involving Islam.

        • I see, so all the military attacks in the middle east carried out by the US or Israel were not in pursuit of political goals? They simply bombed the hell out of them because their militaries have to do something to occupy their time?

          The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

        • Uh, sorry, wasn’t there a nutbar tripped a car bomb outside a Federal building, killing something past 200, who was pissed off about the Randy Weaver case (or was it the Branch Davidians?) Having nothing to do with Islam at any rate. Hell, for that, how about the ATF raid on the Branch Davidians? That stinks of non-Islamic terrorism! When are we gonna get rid of the ATF, anyway? They’re supposed to collect taxes, yet when you send in the bucks for your SBR or silencer or whatever, it takes MONTHS for them to cash the check and do their damn job. Fire them all, and do not replace them.

      • matt,

        You are not Jewish and have a history here of posting mostly anti-Jewish comments.

        • Thank you for pointing out the obvious and being so well aware of what blatant sarcasm is.

        • I’m actually not trying to be snarky, just trying to get the terminology straight. Do you consider yourself one of those WN people?

        • Probably, although I dont see how it is relevant to this conversation. Most people really only seem to have a problem with homogenous societies when they’re white. You never hear Americans criticize the Japan, or how they call people gaijin. You never hear Americans criticize Rhodesia/Zimbabwe or South Africa for forcing whites out, or Israel’s right to exist; they only criticize their military actions. But when whites want their own societies, they suddenly become evil racist neo-nazis who cant be listened to. The only ethnically homogenous white areas are in Eastern Europe, and even then you have Western Europeans and Americans strongly criticize them for being evil racists.

        • “White” is as ethnically homogenous as “Black” and “Asian” are. As in, not at all.

        • Don,

          What is WN people? Is it white nationalist? If so then no I’m not a WN though I’m white. However, since I am Jewish too the white nationalists would say that I’m not white. Whatever.

  14. For someone that runs a site called the The Truth About Knives, I would certainly hope they know the difference between a machete and a meat cleaver.

  15. Meddling in the affairs of other countries and regions is not morally good or any of our business. A small amount of domestic diversity opens minds and is healthy. Too much domestic diversity divides a country against itself and without a shared vision the country stagnates eventually going down.

    • Western Europe is under assault due to failed leftist policies that promoted multi-culturalism. Sadly, it’s probably too late for them to be salvaged. Once Islam reaches critical mass (meaning over 18% of a host nation), one can expect nothing but widespread bloodshed.

    • Are the current riots outside of Stockholm primarily Muslim-driven? I’ve heard no mentions of ethnicity in any reports, but if I was a betting man…

  16. Knowing the UK, they’ll probably try to ban Muslims even though it is BS to blame Muslims as a group for these killers. Everyone always looks for some greater thing, group, or idea to blame. Weapons, Muslims, culture. Fact is most Muslims and most people in general are pretty normal and pretty decent. Another fact is there are occasionally crazy people who will do harm.

    These people are a tiny fraction of the population and given any amount of right to privacy, they will always be largely undetectable until they do their harm.

    The only way to defend against these anomalies in a civil society which believes in privacy and the philosophy of innocence until proven guilty is for people to have the right and the means to act in their own self-defense. You are the only one who will always be there to intervene on your own behalf.

    In the UK, first they gave up their guns, and they gave up their personal responsibility to protect themselves against crime. Then to compensate the UK government needed to take their right to privacy. After all of that they still can’t predict the anomaly of violent crime. Next they’ll give up freedom of religion and freedom of thought.

    • Don:
      Sorry but you really don’t know what you’re talking about and need to do the research. There have been over 20,900 terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11 – all involving Islam. Approximately, 10-15% of Muslims are radicalized – that’s
      150-225 million people. However, they have the support of another 25-40 % of 1.5 billion. Support the Jihad (Holy War) is required by the religion. It should be of concern to every American that 80% of the Mosques in our country are “tainted” – meaning that they’re controlled by Wahabbist interests in Saudi Arabia and spread hate speech against the infidel world.

      • Look man, there are about 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world. Even if 15% of them are bad then you can’t say they are as a group. If 15% of people who had guns were bad you still wouldn’t blame every gun owner. You’d say “what motivates these people” and then address that.

        The problem is the middle eastern Arabs vs Israelis BS. Both groups are perpetually radicalizing each other. They really deserve each other.

        The Arab extremists are jerks for their terrorism and asserting that they have the right because of their book of fairy tales. The Israelis are jerks too for trying to choke the Arabs out of their country, asserting that they have the right because of their book of fairy tales.

        They all need to get along, or kill each other, and for christ’s sake do it faster and stop exporting the fight abroad.

        • You also need to remember that Israel was founded on terrorism, and the largest terrorist attack in the country was done so by Zionists. The man who ordered the attack even later went on to become the prime minister.

        • Lumping all gun owners into a group isn’t valid. If perhaps 15% of NRA members turned out to be bad then I would definitely say something is wrong with that group. Just as there is seriously something wrong with Islam. I can’t recall any other religious group killing people the way they do in my lifetime. It’s quite obvious what motivates these people to commit these acts, their religion.

        • And Christians seek to make important decisions for both in order to settle the argument on terms favorable to themselves, and claim that this duty is imposed/authorized by their book of fairy tales.

    • If they are being intellectually honest, they would. Tiny percentage of guns responsible for violence? Ban guns. Tiny percentage of resident muslims responsible for violence? Ban muslims. I’m not saying this is right. But consistent.

  17. England is a trailer park in the flyover part of Europe. This is what happens in trailer parks.

  18. did the soldier not try to cooperate politely? The NY Times should send a team over their to study what the soldier did wrong.

    • He tried to vomit and urinate on the bastard, but he was too busy bleeding instead.

  19. Idiots. How many people died?
    And how many died in the last school shooting in the US?

    Try to be a little cavalier about people’s lives and admit having lax gun control has only helped the nut jobs who go on killing sprees.

    • I assume you mean “try to be a little less cavalier…”.

      Who is being cavalier about people’s lives?
      What is the “lax gun control” you claim to exist?
      How do existing gun laws help “the nut jobs who go on killing sprees”?

      • Or the people that have been killed or injured on a train or bus as they are bombed. Tell us again how strict gun laws prevented this, oh wait…..

  20. I gotta hand it to the British, they didn’t run or scream, where as here in America sadly, people sh*t themselves when someone looks in the same direction twice.

    • They even gathered around in reverence of the jihadist to listen to his lecture. Seems the brits just submit to whoever with a weapon is most proximate.

  21. THats what you call a civilized country, where everybody watches while someone is hacked to death, long live the queen. 2 world wars showed Britains courage, what happened to pussify these great people into piers morons? Randy

    • No….citizens rights have been systematically removed by the British government. And the citizens agreed with not to getting “involved” with protecting themselves or fellow citizens. Parliament, not insane murdering Islamist are responsible for creating a culture of relying on government for self defense or support of fellow British citizens.

  22. Sad, really sad that all they can do is coward away. Send in the Irish from Belfast, oh that’s right, their terrrrr what ever too.

    • A month or so ago I was working in a wooded area about 4pm with a hand axe. Along comes 4 police, 3 of which are females! They proceed to harass me and one of them seize the axe which is stored in a belt sheath once they had surrounded me (illegal search without issuing caution) They then yammer on about Offensive Weapon Acts and how I could be looking at 5 years in prison for carrying this edged ‘weapon’…despite the pile of wood which is burning in a neat controlled fire.

      With 20 minutes of their questioning they tell me i’m a “Good member of the public” but they contest even so that they cannot allow me to continue to go about my business, so they frog march me to a Police car and drive me to my home and then piss off over the horizon.

      Believe me the law is an ass.

      A question for all the disarmament gurus out there, do you think Tommy who was hacked into pieces of fish chum yesterday had much hope of using his deadly Hand 2 Hand CQC techniques they teach in the Army against the car which rolled over him or the repeated lacerations there after directed by the cannibal? Would perhaps a Black Belt in Funk Poo and Feng Sui have helped protect the concerned fellow from these acts of Negroid savagery?

  23. Multiculturalism has evolved into a total disaster for England. The only solution is a revolution. Don’t like that idea? Then continue to endure what you saw yesterday. You have been weak when you should have been resolute. You were quiet when you should have been vocal. Listening to David Cameron say, “This had nothing to do with Islam” yesterday before all the facts are in is sadly laughable. Of course it has to do with Islam you simpleton. I don’t know how the British are going to do it but your very culture and heritage will be gone in 1 more generation…..fight! Damnit! FIGHT.

  24. If only I could get my hands on those two barbaric turd world monsters.
    Aint Islamism great. We should have even more immigrate to our western countries. Effing libtards.

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