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 Todashev training (courtesy Splash News)

“An FBI agent fatally shot a Chechen man in Orlando, Florida early Wednesday after the man allegedly turned violent,” reports. This much we knew. We now learn he did so “as [Ibragim Todashev] was preparing to sign a written confession to his involvement in a 2011 triple homicide.” What’s more, Todashev “allegedly turned violent and pulled a knife on the FBI agent. The agent was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.” So much for Todashev’s mad skillz in mixed martial arts. Back to that triple killing . . .

No suspects had been arrested in that case, in which three men were found in an apartment in Waltham, Mass. on Sept. 11, 2011 with their throats cut and marijuana covering their bodies.

Massachusetts investigators had reported earlier this month that they were uncovering ‘mounting evidence’ that Tsarnaev and his younger brother, Dzhokhar, were involved in the slaying. One of the victims, Brendan Mess, was a close friend of Tamerlan’s.

Officials told NBC that Todashev had admitted to being involved in the slaying and that he was preparing to sign a written statement based on his confession when he turned violent and was subsequently shot dead. The officials also told NBC that Todashev had some connections with radical Chechen rebels.

So what’s the connection between the homicide and the bombing? Did the boys suddenly develop a taste for killing? Were they blackmailed? Will we ever know?

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  1. The should have sent Louis Lerner from the IRS to interview this guy instead of the FBI. She wouldn’t have said a thing and the poor, nice, innocent, Muslim boy would still be alive.

    • That was my thought.

      Seems awfully convenient the guy is now DEAD and can’t answer anymore questions.

      Tinfoil hats, anyone?

      • You do realize that ‘interviewing’ someone, in and of itself, is not grounds to search someone… right?

        • You do realize that most federal buildings have metal detectors. The one in Chicago certainly does which everyone has to go thru regardless of wether or not theyre going to the courthouse portion of the building.

      • Ah yes, and any other day TTAG readers would be stringing up the FBI if they performed an “illegal search” of someone they were “just interviewing”. Commence the regular gub’mint paranoia and cop hating.

    • They weren’t interviewing him at a station, they were interviewing him in a condo, likely where he lived.

      I’ve had the same happen to me. Two detectives showed up to my door asked my brother if they could search my room, once they were done they called me up at work & asked me to come home, I complied. After talking at the kitchen table for about a half hour we went to the station for further questioning. I was lead in the employee entrance & up to the detective offices. I sat in tiny questioning room & talked with the detectives for a couple more hours & finally they drove me home. My person was never searched & I was never asked to surrender any weapons I may have been carrying. I had a pocket knife on me & an ice pick tucked into my coat pocket the whole time. I was civil with the detectives & their lieutenant & they were civil with me.

  2. Ah, more peaceful Chechen refugees from families of noble freedom fighters expressing their gratitude to the gracious and welcoming American people for sheltering them.

    • Uh, what? Re-read the article…

      Somebody verbally confesses to being party to a triple-homicide, then right before he signs a written confession magically snaps and shanks an FBI agent. All of this during what is presumably an FBI interrogation.

      First and foremost, this guy would have been searched prior to any confession. So the knife appearing out of thin air doesn’t hold much water.

      Secondly; if this guy is being questioned for a triple-homicide and is a well-known fighter (hell, one look at the dude’s face is enough for anyone with a f***ing clue to know this guy is probably a scrapper) he WOULD NOT have had free-range of mobility. He was important enough that badges local to Boston were in Florida. You think they didn’t know who/what they were dealing with?

      Lastly, if this was an interrogation there is video and audio. Want to take bets on whether we get either?

      This all smells bad. While this dude was likely not an angel, it’s too convenient to pick up a guy and have him die before anyone knows his name. That makes it all too easy to heap a lot of the blame on his grave and let the masses breathe a sigh of relief that the good ol’ boys in blue are out there protecting and serving.

      • Uh, no to the video and audio. The FBI is notorious for conducting interviews in pairs, where one takes notes, and that is their official record of the interview. No recordings. If you later say something which contradicts what the note taker noted, they get your for lying to a federal agent.

        Do not believe for a minute this is due to wanting old fashioned procedures. It is strictly so the FBI controls the narrative. Last thing they want is an actual recording to show the truth of their interviews.

        If I ever get the FBI’s attention, the only words out of me will be BRING ME A VIDEO RECORDER.

  3. So… in FBI custody and not searched for weapons? Unlikely, or opportunistic for the FBI. Plus, I want to see the interrogation room camera feed.

    • Nothing I have read suggests he was “in custody”? The shooting happened at his own apartment. Where are you getting that he was under arrest or in custody?

      • Maybe the fact that after he verbally confessed to triple-homicide he was going to sign a written confession.

        Safe bet at some point during all of that he was mirandized and taken into “custody.”

        • Hmm. My assumption was the opposite. That they were questioning him, and when they tried to restrain or arrest him, he pulled a knife.

          In any case, I have not read anything stating he was in custody when he pulled the knife.

        • Can you imagine a situation where somebody willy-nilly confesses to three murders without already being ****ed?

          I can, but I can’t think of a single instance where a serial killer cuts heads off with his buddy/buddies.

        • I can, but I can’t think of a single instance where a serial killer cuts heads off with his buddy/buddies.

          Corll, Henley, and Brooks, 28 times; Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole, nobody knows how many times; Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, many times including an entire family. There’s a very long list.

    • Whoa! You’re offending some delicate sensibilities here. Some of us think the Feebs and cops always play square and by the book. Would never mhurder a witness. Don’t tell them about the Tooth Fairy, either.

  4. FBI kills a guy, then later it comes out he was “aggressive”, then had a knife, and now was about to freely admit to a murder. Excuse me for not having any trust in the FBI, but show me something other than BS hearsay as evidence before you try to justify a federal execution.

  5. Looks to me as if the Tsarnaevs were attempting to bring the three dead guys into their plot and they didn’t want to do it so they killed them.

    • As I remember it, the sprinkled dope had something to do with the fact that the murdered lads were in the trade.

    • No, three dead guys were druggies, one was a dealer, and two were Jewish. There was speculation that they were supplying the younger brother with drugs and the older brother killed them for it, but one of the guys was a good friend of the older brother, but maybe that was before he realized the guy was Jewish. At any rate, it shows how incompetent the police are: drugs and money left behind, Jews beheaded, former best friend doesn’t go to the funeral, and the police considered it an unsolved drug deal gone bad.

  6. …”Sept. 11, 2011 with their throats cut and marijuana covering their bodies.”

    Nothing suspicious about the date, or the obvious “drug related” miss-direct, or any of the other crap going on here… sigh

    • Violent home invasions over pot are rather unusual, not unheard of but unusual, at least outside the ghetto. And if you are going to kill someone to rob them, doesnt it make sense to take their product rather than sprinkle it over their dead body?

    • Yes, he’s quite the little dictator, isn’t he. In fact, I think he’d look great with a toothbrush mustache.

  7. The agent only had minor injuries & he took the guys life. Whats wrong with him? He should have waited till his injuries were certain to be fatal, thats the Florida law isn’t it? We need a trial here, the family is owed millions, no? I hope there is no bigotry going on in Fl ? Randy

  8. WOW, the more the Gov comes out with new info the more this whole thing sounds like bullshit. And on September 11,2011 to boot. Americans are are so f…king stupid. Can’t you see they are just trying to make them look more guilty!

  9. nobody mentioned he started the animosity by warning them not to talk about his mother, they did again and he pulls the knife…..or it’s suicide by cop: he knows they know that he knows he did it and it’s only a matter of time-long trial, life in prison or death row, etc. (depending on depth of his radicalism).

  10. I smell B.S here. This whole thing is suspect. Running drills but authorities denied it. All these suspects involved are dying and the little brother comes out of that boat with hands up in surrender and then shortly after he suddenly has his throat cut out an cant talk but somehow manages to confess to everything. Then later they find a scribbled message in the boat. That one guy ended up in the river and apparently was misidentified as being involved. #somethinjustaintrighthere

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