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Mexico is, increasing, a narco-state. The U.S.-funded drug cartels have subverted the country’s police, judiciary, news media and politicians. While it’s right to be cynical about glad-handers, the democratic process if a firewall against tyranny. (Yes, even in Mexico.) When firearms are banned for personal protection, when politicians cannot defend themselves against rape, torture, intimidation and murder, the electorate becomes both defenseless and voiceless. Until and unless Mexicans have their gun rights restored, the country will sink further and further into chaos. Which our enemies will exploit, even as lawlessness and corruption spreads inevitably, inexorably north. Republished with permission from . . .

MEXICO, D.F. — The former mayor of Tiquicheo, Michoacan, Maria Santos Gorrostieta Salazar, 36 years old, was found dead Thursday morning in a vacant property in the Cuitzeo municipality (county).

Previously, Gorrostieta had suffered two attacks. One on October 15, 2009, when she was ambushed along with her husband, Jose Sanchez, who died in the attack. She was wounded in the incident.

The other attack took place in January, 2010, when, after taking part in a public event in Altamirano City, Guerrero, she was attacked and wounded by individuals who were carrying assault rifles.>On that occasion, she, two of her collaborators and a female journalist were wounded.

Gorrostieta Salazar was the municipal president  of Tiquicheo from 2006 to 2012. Although she was a member of the PRI party when she attained the office, she later  joined the PRD party.


Before finishing her term, she requested permission to run for representative. However, she was unsuccessful and decided to return to the mayor’s office.

The body of the former mayor was found Thursday, November 15, in an area known as El Chupadero, at around 8:00 in the morning. The body remained unidentified in the medical examiner’s office (Semefo) until 2100 hrs (9:00 p.m.) on Friday, when her relatives went to the Michoacan Department of Justice (Procuraduria General de Justicia).

The body showed stab wounds, injuries to the back of the head and abrasions on the knees, which leads authorities to assume she was dragged, according to a report from that agency.

Until now, authorities lack any indication as to the possible motive and the identity of the executioners.

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  1. Wow very sad. I wonder at times what will it take to reverse course on the current direction Mexico is headed? I mean besides gun rights, how does the government media etc get out from under the grip of the cartels?

    • The problem is clearly far beyond the ability of the Mexican government to control. I wouldn’t be surprised if the US starts sending armed drones into Mexico within the next 10 years.

      • you mean to the cartels? eric holder already sends them guns, ane judging from the lack of outcry , the american people don’t mind.

    • The first step is to legalize drugs in the US, thus eliminating almost all profit for the cartels.

      If they lose their income, they lose their ability to purchase equipment, hire thugs, and pay bribes.

  2. It may already be too late for Mexico. Which means it’s just going to keep getting worse here. All the more reason to fight tooth and nail to not be disarmed here.

  3. The situation in Mexiko is already that bad that the private citizen would not only need handguns but assault rifles!

    However, how many percent of a population are warriors and would fight against ruthless, well-trained Narcos in order to reestablish the rule of law – even if they were armed?

  4. The answer is simple, decriminalize all drugs and make it a social issue instead of a criminal one, take the profit motive out of the drug trade and the cartels life blood is cut off.

    Of course, people would have to let adults make the decision as to what they put in thier bodies; that’s pretty hard to do because to many people think they know what’s best for everybody else.

  5. Damn shame.. It looks like she’s wearing a vest in the picture of her on the stretcher. Can’t imagine having to keep mine on when in regular clothes.

  6. I would suggest people read “Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields” by Charles Bowden to get an idea of what is going on in Mexico. I will say the book is more than a little repetitive and the author tries too hard at his prose but the facts are correct. You can just read the first third of the book to get the message.

    It is true the drug cartels play a huge part and the US population with its appetite for illegal drugs finances them. I shake my head when I hear that we should just legalize drugs. How about not using them? These same sanctimonious people that claim they want to legalize drugs so that the cartels do not get money are the same ones giving them money! Oh, and please don’t tell me you only buy BC bud or whatever. Drugs are a commodity. That is akin to saying you only buy gasoline from Alaska.

    However the problem is much deeper than drugs. It is a social problem that Mexico has always had and pre-dates the Conquest. The people of Mexico have always been ruled, never have they been self-ruled despite their sham electoral process. Now it is the white minority that has ruled since the Spanish conquest. Don’t believe me? Look at the photos of the mayor above. Does she look anything like the Mexicans you see at Home Depot? Look at nearly all their leaders and you see Europeans, not mestizos or Indians who are the majority of the population. A big myth in Mexico that is propagated by the Mexican government is that the Spanish and the Aztecs joined to form one race. The truth is there is a caste system that has always existed. The Europeans simply replaced the Aztecs. There is very little to no upper mobility for Mexicans except through the drug trade and even that is dominated by Europeans at the top echelons.

    There is a minority that stays in power no matter what. They want, need, the US as a relief valve. Without the US for their workers to go to there would be a revolution. Maybe there should be a revolution but don’t forget the last time there was a revolution in Mexico is spilled over to the US. This time it would almost certainly come here in a much larger fashion. So the US wants the status quo too and goes a long way to explaining why we don’t guard our borders.

    There are other problems there that are not easily addressed. There is a huge problem with kidnapping that is not directly connected to the drug trade. There is also a problem with the rape and killing of women that has nothing to do with drugs. Some of what we would call rape here the Mexican legal and social system doesn’t see that way.

    There is something called “rapto” in Mexico which basically means the kidnapping and rape of a woman and it is considered fine so long as the customs are followed. Sex with girls as young as 12 is not considered to be anything wrong in many Mexican states.

    There are some real problems there and I don’t think letting everyone have guns is going to cure them. The US is in a very strange position being the only First World country with a Third World country on its border. It has been a problem for years and probably is only going to get worse no matter what policies we or they have on drugs or guns.

    • Unfortunately, I think the only solution is war. We will have to send about 200,000 ground troops into Mexico, treating everyone who works with the drug cartels as an armed enemy combatant. Once we have complete control of the country and the drug trafficking has completely stopped, then we will have to occupy the country for several years as we teach the people what they need to know in order to be part of a country with a real democratic government.

      It is such a harsh response that most Americans will never let it happen, but anything less will be totally ineffective. We did it in West Germany and Japan at the end of WW2, but I don’t think the USA has the necessary character to do it today.

      • Sponsored by the CTW- Children’s Television Workshop.

        Everybody who remembers 6th grade history knows that prohibition has never worked and that even Milton Friedman would explain the waste of resources and how it damages free Americans…

        I’ve grown so tired of statists and the utterly predicted consequences of their UN-Constitutional thoughts… The FF warned about scum who thought like this in that wacky Constitution thing you all chose to ignore.

      • I’ve always said that the easiest, and most efficient, way to bring money into your country is to become a threat to the US. We’ll send billions into your economy to encourage development and a more stable government/way of life. It’s worked so well in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It’ll be a sure thing in Mexico.

    • Alcohol is a drug, a very destructive drug, that kills tens of thousands of more people than any “illegal” drug; they tryed prohibition, all it did was make the mafia rich without stopping people buying “illegal” booze.

      Get a clue Mr. Control Freak, adults don’t need people like you to tell them what they choose to put in thier own bodies; and when control freaks like yourself don’t listen to reason, you get blood in our own streets from drug gangs shooting each other for drug territory and drug cartels wealthy enough to go head to head against governments.

      • I had made my reply to Mr. Control Freak aka Jim B, but it ended up here.

        The meglo-maniacal arrogance of people like Jim B is just astounding to me, that the absolute certainty that no matter the cost to society and people like Mrs. Gorrostieta, applying a proven failed policy like prohibition to stop adults from making what should be a personal choice moves from the realm of arrogance into madness.

        But the truly frightening thing is that a large enough body of people actually agree with people like Jim B that that failed ” war on drugs” continues with no end in sight.

        So the end result of the “war on drugs”? The gangs get richer, the government gets bigger and we continue to lose our civil rights like freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, no knock warrants and asset forfeiture.

        Good job Jim B and to all the people who support this madness.


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