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  1. Is this a shameless attempt to drum up business or a heartfelt warning to those that may soon be affected by our poor choice in leadership?

  2. The assumption made by the sign’s author is that any looming ban, when it comes, will have a grandfather clause. I think that is a naive assumption.

  3. The more popular AR-15 and AK-47’s become, the harder it will be to ban them. The key to keeping our gun rights is to turn “None-Gun Owners” into “Gun-Owners”.

    The gun buying frenzy can only help expand gun rights. It can not hurt.

    • I haven’t seen the statistics, but I’d venture to guess that the majority of folks who are panic buying AKs/ARs are already gun owners – not “new people.”

      I’d guess the first new guns people tend to buy are handguns (Glocks & revolvers) or shotguns (pumps).

      • I was at a gun store this weekend and saw a few people that were new to guns being given detailed information on how ARs work. Though you may be right the “majority” already are owners, it can’t be denied that the panic talk is pushing the fence sitters.

  4. It they get banned you will be able to buy them on the black market. Someone will sell them. Maybe the cartels will sell them back to the Americans.

    • Yeah, that’s really the point, isn’t it? Do you like paying $500 per firearm legally, or paying $2,000 for the priviledge of breaking the law?

      Personally, I bought one more this weekend.

      • They are paying nearly a grade for a $500 rifle over priced. BIGGEST thing there is no clear ban coming most experts say no it wont this is hype.

    • look at the bright side, if they get banned, then you can always warsaw ghetto it: as in burying them underground or hiding them.

  5. People need to chill and stop spreading fear. Not saying this sign is doing that, but it is certainly open for interpretation.

  6. More creeps ripping people off y use of fear. That;s not right tell them to send money to the NRA and to call congressmen and senators is the right approach. Lucky the House is ther to stop a Ban and its dumb to think all republicans will go for bans thats political suicide. Illogical.

  7. He put up a sign to sell guns, and he may be right. Many countries in the world greatly encourage gun control, and it is conceivable that the US could become one. It has certainly allowed AWBs in the past. Considering many TTAG readers are interested in history, I don’t see why so many readers think an AWB could not happen again.

    When we make purchases, we are in effect trying to predict the future. We attempt to answer questions like Will I have the time to use this? Will this be a good investment? Will I be happy with the quality of this item? And in the case of ARs and AKs – will someone attempt to ban what I am currently purchasing.

    CA has an AWB that it has renewed, and politicians like Yee and Feinstein would love to see ARs and AKs being turned into scrap metal.

    • No He is just fear mongering for money. As Writers here and the NRA and Political writers say. A AWB cannot pass a current congress so you got over two years to buy anything at least. Any ban they studied would ban ownerships too. So this buying craze would be pointless is the idiot gun shop owner is true. Don’t fall for this crap.

  8. I remain puzzled over the fascination, nay, obsession with the idea that Obama is coming for our guns. The only gun related federal legislation he signed was a bill to expand gun carry in National Parks. Romney, on the other hand, made a temporary AWB permanent when he was Governor.

    On the basis of what they did (and who can ever trust what a politician says, anyway?), Obama seems to be the lesser evil in this arena.

    • You haven’t seen 2nd term Obama yet. At least he had to make like a centrist on some issues in the first term. He has specifically stated he will reinstate the AWB and its on tape.

      • I’m still trying to figure out how the best president corporate America has ever had (see “too big to fail”, “bailout”, “corporate personhood”, et al) can still be an extreme-left socialist. Especially as all the tea-party types I know who have drank deeply of the Murdock/ Faux News Koolaide have loudly assured me that race has nothing to do with it.

        • I am assuming you don’t work in corporate america because if you did you would know the hell this guy has brought us. Just dealing with the new Dodd-Frank Act, Obamacare, and other regulations that don’t get the news headlines has cost companies big time money and agravation. The only people he has helped has been GM union workers. GM is a zombie and so is most of the investment banks that were helped. They are now making decisions according to what will please the government most instead of making profits. That is a socialist environment if there ever was one.

      • Saying he wants one and passing one are TWO DIFFERENT things. A republican progun congress will block any AWB He and or Dimbat from Kalifornia will make. AND the Senate may not pass one your into fear and doom too much. It takes more than a antigun president to ban guns. If that was the case our guns be gone 4 years ago. Instead of buying tom to help the NRA.

  9. He probably voted for Obama because it’s good for Bid’ness, Obama is the best gun salesman the world has ever seen, better than any war or crime spree in all of history.


  10. Funny i saw this exact sign yesterday, my wife pointed it out, accross from the street from walmart, and this walmart sells guns

  11. Crazy! I happened to be visiting Kerrville right now and saw this place and stopped in to check it out. Made a comment to my buddy about the sign. Then hopped on here just now and saw this. What are the odds?

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