This Independence Day, You Do You

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  1. We have a few of the super high exploding fireworks for tonight. I have an un-test fired shotty I bought last summer I might pull out as well. Put a couple into the dirt to see how it does rapid.
    Why? Because we can. Citizens, not subjects. We can say “No” if we desire.
    Happy 4th!

    • I was one of them, unofficially diagnosed. It takes time and self understanding.

      • Yeah it’s never bothered me when I expect it. So I’ve never had a problem with fireworks shows and the like. Now on some random day if someone were to launch one above my house, that would be a different story.

  2. As I write this, the rain has passed, and we are about to take the powder out and light off my six pound cannon. We’ll see if we can hit a 4ft target at 100 yards with a solid ball. A couple of the ladies are setting up the tables for food and I have a big pan of pulled pork, a huge bowl of potato salad, slaw, fresh, home made apple pie and a peach cobbler, several cases of home made hard cider and mead, a couple cases of beer, and a bunch of fireworks for later tonight. I wish any and all a very happy 4th of July and will say a few prayers for those who lost loved ones today in Illinois. One has to wonder what would make a person do such a thing.

    • Make every effort to replace 4th of July with ‘Independence Day’. 4th has no meaning, independence does. Language control starts and ends with us.

  3. Not even sure what this mime is meant to say? About par for the stuff Grace Stevens posts.

    These things are totally inane.

    • dprato,

      Mimes don’t say anything; just ask Marcel Marceaux.

      “Memes” however, can say quite a lot . . . depending on your level of understanding.

      Easy suggestion: If you don’t like her posts?? Don’t open them. Problem solved.

  4. I’m going to see some real fireworks when I tell my girlfiend the supper she cooked ain’t worth eating.

    • Shoot, the possums and ‘coons in my neighborhood gladly eat garbage. Bears, too. 🙂

      • Perhaps, Craig, therein lies the problem. If POSSUM won’t eat it?? Probably not worth eating, doncha think??

        OTOH, if his girlfriend has her a temper, such comment might deprive us of our daily dose of possum . . . which would give me a sad.

  5. I was ready to complain about the unrealistic setup since a pistol won’t trigger Tannerite, but now I see they sell a rimfire formula too. How did I miss that?

  6. Thanks Bob S., Manse and Rswartze.
    I did my seven months of CBT or whatever. Had a world-class trigger while at the VA Clinic to bring it back. My BP went 58/38 and I greyed out. Took an hour to get me on my feet. Nurse “Dry Labbed” it to 60/40 or so. Gotta call Dr. Blue if you put out low enough numbrrs.
    IMHO the Nurses, Phlebotomists and Physicians are top rated there now. They don’t treat you like the ARMY medics used to. The Gummint ladder climbers are what is wrong with the VA. Not the worker bees.

    My thanks to all for trying to pull the wisdom out of the fire hose of minutia and lies that we face.
    I appreciate you guys.

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