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Wait…uh…what now?


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  1. To be fair joe’s pretty much shocked and surprised by what he learns each and every day. His name. His job title.

    It could also be the look he gets on his face right before he needs a depends change.

        • Well jwm,

          You would be shocked and surprised also, if you were just hanging around in your basement, checking out P0rnHub links your son Hunter sent you from his account, and suddenly your wife (maybe your sister, you aren’t sure) yells down that they just made you the President.

          That would be disorienting for anyone, and we need to give Joe a break. Especially when you consider he’s really not making any of the decisions you obviously have some problem with. SMH.

          So there.. Just get off his back! He’s doing exactly what he needs to be doing. Taking incoming.

    • Take a look at his crib sheets for meetings.

      “YOU will sit in YOUR seat.”

      Not joking about this one.

      • Ya. That new enlightenment is about all that anyone with a functioning brain needs to know about the “who is in charge”.

      • “Take a look at his crib sheets for meetings“

        I think you may be thinking of Donald Trump, who needed notes from his handlers so he could pretend to actually give a shit about other humans.

        “The phrases “I hear you” and “What can we do to help you feel safe?” were included on President Donald Trump’s handwritten notes before he met with survivors and family members of school shootings, including the one Feb. 14 at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

        The president’s crib sheet, written in bold, black pen on headed White House stationery, was revealed in pictures taken by photographers for news agencies including Getty Images and the Associated Press. The visible notes include “1. What would you most want me to know about your experience?”, “2. What can we do to help you feel safe?”, “4. Resources? Ideas” and “5. I hear you.”

        With Republicans, the accusation is the confession… Hilarious.

  2. Looks like he’s fillin his diaper right now! There goes the rest of his brain cells down the pooper!

  3. … love that picture.

    Jill : ” Oh dear Joe, did you just fart ?”

    Joe : ” Sorry hon, but no, I don’t think I JUST farted !”

  4. Well, properly loaded 10mm.

    A lot of ten mil on the shelf is loaded only barely warmer than 40 SW.

    • Agree. Might as well carry a .357 SIG (which I do). Most loads are hotter than a typical 10mm.

    • Ya. When I load them I have to look for my brass 30′ away. REAL 10mm is no joke.

  5. My brother sold his 40 cal after one day at the range. He has severe arthritis and the kick was too much for him. He told me about that after I expressed interest in a 10mm, if and when ammo supply opens and prices become affordable in that caliber.

    I did not take what he said as a warning; I was just saddened that my little brother, who had always been un-humanly strong for his size, had such a confession.

    The good news is he still enjoys shooting….when he can get to the range….in that hellhole state of New Jersey.

    Nope. He will not move.
    Maybe I will have him kidnapped.

      • Yep. I carry my Glock 23 with a 9mm barrel because after 11 years of trying and practice I could never get decent follow up shots with .40. I can fire it slowly at the square range just fine but start doing drills and subsequent shot accuracy goes to hell quickly.

    • Good news on destroying the universe. The Sun is spitting out neutrinos and my collection of lead fishing sinkers is growing.
      I’ve high hopes

      • Sorry Opossum, but my magnetar powered GammaRay burst generator has a N-wave synthetic aperture neutrino accumulator, I regret to inform you that you will have insufficient neutrinos to reach criticality.

        • However I can assure you that my TDS is unaffected and will continue to lay blame to the bad man orange for…. well… Everything!

          Don’t you love being a leftist? … no accountability.

    • Maybe if we can get word to him about the Might 6.5 Creedmor and its ability to open a wormhole in a chest cavity, he’ll have an aneurysm and finally be unfit for office.

      Oh wait…Kamala…nvrmnd.

  6. I have heard our two top officials described as “Kneepads” and “Peepads.” Shame. Stay safe!

  7. $54 billion to UCrane(lost cause)
    $15 a gallon for gasoline
    $8 gallon milk
    $14 a lb. hamburger
    I just cant wait until I can vote for theBiden again, how about you?

    • When Mrs Haz and I went to Maui not long ago, milk was already $8/gal as its regular price(!) I can only imagine what it is now…

      • I just had a thought –

        Early in our country, over .50 cal rifles were quite common.

        That means Cali’s .50 cal ban is unconstitutional, as per ‘Bruen’… 🙂

        • Musket rifles (like my favorite, the Hawken) are still legal in CA as far as I checked last time. Musket balls are not classed the same as cartridges.

        • Opossum.. The beautiful part is, no matter how much we cheat, you can do nothing but make snarky comments.

          “If” (LOL) we cheat again, and then control the senate we will eliminate the racist filibuster and then change everything, voting, electoral college, pack the SCOTUS, amnesty for 40 plus million illegals, and that’s just warming up.

          And there is not a figging thing you can do about it..

  8. So if 9mm is a lung buster, .45 is a soul stealer, 6.5 creedmoor makes black holes, what does 10mm do?

  9. And of course it goes up from there: .41mag (my fav), .44mag, .45acp, .50AE, and those are just handgun calibers. Then stuff in some extra powder, and whatever planet killing bullet you want. My, Oh, My. 😉

  10. That’s not scientifically possible. 10mm will not fit in something designed for 9mm. It says so right on this small que card with only 6 talking points on it. I have trouble with anything past that. Do you smell burning hair?

    • I have a 10mm. Last time I fired it several cows immediately died.

      Actually I do have a 10mm and I hope Joe and the Federales don’t realize that the 10mm auto exists.

  11. Just a few words for those who disparage the 10mm. You can survive a chest hit from a .22, 9mm, .40, even .45 but you will NOT walk away from a 10mm and calling the coroner would be more prudent than calling an ambulance..

    • of the bad guys I had to shoot, no other choice not even running away or avoiding, they did not survive a chest hit center mass with 40 S&W and their lungs were not blown out of their body and my wife and I are alive due to them not surviving, so I’m ok with it.

      • That’s why they make so many different kinds. .40s your choice, I switch around between .45 and 10mm and when I’m riding, I also carry a 4 1/2-inch 9mm AR pistol in the tour-pac for back-up.

      • Ten’s of thousands of Service Personnel on both sides of WW2 were killed by 9mm. The original calbre was the LUGER PARRABELLUM of pre-WW1 and later a more powerful round of the same dimensions was produced for the AUTOMATIC TRENCH GUN or, as we now know it, the SUB-MACHINE GUN or MACHINE PISTOL.
        The ”.38 calibre” is perhaps a misnomer and mostly, and perhaps uniquely refered, to the CASE and NOT the bullet diameter. The bullet diameter was nearer .35” or as near as dammit 9mm Parabellum . The TEN mm is nearer a ‘true’ .38 and there is nothing special about a .40” calibre except as a marketing exercise. As for all the supposed attributes it depends on a combination of powder load and bullet weight as it does for ALL projectile weaponry. Like-for-like there is, ballistically, little intrinsic difference. There is no actual reason to have anything more than a decent 9mm for any purpose of Offence OR Defence. It will most certainly NOT improve your chances in either! Except that is in the fervent imaginations of wannabe Rambos. If you want shooting join the bloody Army!

        In the meantime where did this INFERRED DEFENSIVE stand take place? All in the mind methinks!.

        A CENTRE CHEST chest shot with a 9mm will probably result in a trip to the morgue just as likely as one with a .40” That is, of course, if the target is NOT wearing a Ballistic Vest!! Like you??

        • Wow! Albert, that’s a lot of words to say you don’t know anything about the subject.

        • Thank you, Albert. We appreciate all the words. They are pretty and make nice sounds. You clearly like words.

          …similar to how you like turtles.

  12. You can make fun of President Biden all you want.
    He stopped the war in Antarctica, that’s something Trump couldn’t have done.

  13. And what exactly is the point of a 10mm except to get some sucker to wet his or her pants until he or she gets to buy one.
    Nobody needs anything more than a decent 9mm or a .38 calbre for any purpose of SELF DEFENCE [or indeed ATTACK] . That’s why the vast majority of the worlds Armed Forces and Police use them. They are aalso pretty much the STANDARD ISSUE for all the worlds Special Forces and the SF are not known for ineffective weaponry are they??. You will not find bloody great MAGNUMS on the worlds Battlefields will you? Anything else besides a good 9mm or .38 is nothing more than a marketting exercise.

    As for that LUNG BUSTING Advert -that was a long, long time ago and one of it’s aims was to wean people of the .45ACP. I used the BROWNING HI-POWER SLP for years and was completely unaware of that ‘lung busting’ reputation. All I appreciated was when called for it killed people though I never once had cause to use it for that purpose

    Did you know that the .45 Colt ACP was specifically designed to kill PHILLIPINOS in the USA’s COLONIAL PHILLIPINO WARS- During which under DIRECT ORDERS the US Army and USMC put between 15 and 20,000 men WOMEN and CHILDREN to the sword in a single incident?? -they eventually and inevitably LOST that war as well!! Looking through the Archives the only ‘WARS’ America has won on it’s own has been the INDIAN [NAVAJO SPEAKING] the MEXICAN, PANAMA [sort of!] and the GRANADIAN WAR – the later took no less than 11.000 US Service Personnel aganst around 400 Regualr and 350 Irregular Citizen Cuban Soldiers.

    Why would you even expect the President, any President, of the USA to be a firearms expert in any way?

    I certainly do not expect MY HEAD of STATE, QUEEN ELIZABETH 2nd to be a firearms expert , and she’s been the C-in C of ALL the UK Forces since 1952. People like me do that l kind of thing for Her

    • Wow! Albert, that’s a lot of words to say you don’t know anything about the subject.

    • (1) Did you know that the .45 Colt ACP was specifically designed to kill PHILLIPINOS in the USA’s COLONIAL PHILLIPINO WARS..
      Al, did YOU know that conflict ended in July 1902 three years BEFORE the 45 ACP was developed? And the 45 predates that war by at least a decade.
      (2) During which under DIRECT ORDERS the US Army and USMC put between 15 and 20,000 men WOMEN and CHILDREN to the sword in a single incident?
      Al, apparently YOUR history books were published by FAKE NEWS advocates. My history says nothing about that number of WOMEN and CHILDREN killed in a single action perhaps you are embellishing an incident in the town of Titatia where an American soldier was found shot and his stomach cut open. Immediately orders were received from General Wheaton to burn the town and kill every native in sight which was done to a finish. About 1,000 men, women and children were reported killed. The majority of civilian deaths during that war were the result of cholera, dysentery and starvation.
      History IS what it is and all of your false information can and WILL be refuted with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

      • And if Japan hadn’t bombed The Pearl, we’d have to be ignoring uncle Albert’s screeds in Germanic. At least even then, they couldn’t make any less sense.

      • “Immediately orders were received from General Wheaton to burn the town and kill every native in sight which was done to a finish“

        It seems the natives of the Philippines were having the same problems with illegal immigrants as Geronimo and the native peoples of America.

        But who is this general Wheaton?

        General Leonard wood would be very upset if he knew you were trying to take the credit for the terrible massacre of men, women and children, he’s rather proud of the blood on his hands:

        “On March 7, 1906, US troops under the command of Major General Leonard Wood massacred as many as 1,000 Filipino Muslims, known as Moros, who were taking refuge at Bud Dajo, a volcanic crater on the island of Jolo in the southern Philippines.

        The First Battle of Bud Dajo, also known as the Bud Dajo Massacre, was a counter-insurgency action fought by the United States Army against Moros in March 1906, during the Moro Rebellion phase of the Philippine–American War.

        After the United States revoked the Bates Treaty in March 1904, the Moros renewed their resistance to American authority. This took the form of sporadic violence and refusal to pay taxes.

        The Governor of Moro Province, Major General Leonard Wood, had been unsuccessful in efforts to pacify the insurgents in Jolo Island. Consequently, Moro attacks became more frequent, and the insurgents came to believe that the Americans were too weak to stop them.

        In response to rumors that the Americans planned to exterminate them, several hundred Moros, including women and children, moved to Bud Dajo, where legend held that spirits at the site would help warriors in times of need.

        Bud Dajo, the crater of an extinct volcano, is about six miles from the city of Jolo. Rising some 2,100 feet with steep, heavily jungled slopes, it was accessible only by three narrow paths. As such, it provided an easy defender position and was well stocked with provisions.

        When negotiations between several friendly datus (chiefs) and hostile Moros failed to bring about the surrender of the insurgents, Wood commenced a campaign on March 5, 1906, to end the standoff at Bud Dajo.

        He sent U.S. and Philippine Constabulary troops under Colonel Joseph W. Duncan to put down the insurgents. Meanwhile, another attempt to negotiate ended in failure on March 6. As their artillery bombarded Bud Dajo to weaken resistance, the attackers hacked their way through the dense jungle and up the slope.“

        There’s a perfect example, well over 100 years ago Christian American soldiers were traveling to Muslim lands and killing peaceful people.

        Truly the actions of the great Satan.

        • Boy I like the cut of this gender is fluid man’s jib.

          He is a word-smith on par with the illustrious Kamala Harris.

          Oh wait…. SNAP!

          It’s me!!

        • Ohhh shoot…

          …never mind…

          ..I just realized it was another one of my cut and paste jerk-offs.

          The only thing that was original was including my “great” hero in the last sentence.

    • @Albert

      “Did you know that the .45 Colt ACP was specifically designed to kill PHILLIPINOS in the USA’s COLONIAL PHILLIPINO WARS…”

      That’s not true.

      The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) AKA .45 Auto, is a rimless straight-walled handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904 specifically for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol. Your so called “PHILLIPINO WARS” reference ended in 1902 before the round was even designed.

      “During which under DIRECT ORDERS the US Army and USMC put between 15 and 20,000 men WOMEN and CHILDREN to the sword in a single incident”

      Not True either.

      Sigh…. will you ever stop with your nonsense.

      But this….

      “I certainly do not expect MY HEAD of STATE, QUEEN ELIZABETH 2nd to be a firearms expert , and she’s been the C-in C of ALL the UK Forces since 1952. People like me do that l kind of thing for Her”

      That’s not true either.

      Although the queen may not be a firearms expert, she certainly didn’t rely on people like you to be that for her. And that’s because you never did anything you claim. All of your posts to date when the subject of firearms/ammunition comes up show a distinct lack of knowledge of the subject and most times in the most simple and basic things.

      • That and no magnum gunms are used on the battle field.
        .50 BMG> Big Magnum Gunm.
        Balls, cried the queen, but for the lack of two I’d be king.

        • “Let them eat pie!” she cried… sorry, I’ll head out now. Yes, I know the way thank you.

  14. This “9mm blowing your lungs out of your body” bs is exactly what we deserve for promulgating the mythology of “hydrostatic shock from supersonic projectiles.”. The muzzle velocity of rifles tops out at about 3,000 feet per second.. The speed of sound in soft tissues is almost 5,000 feet per second.

    • Don’t tell that to one of mine. It tops out a hair under 4,000 feet per second.

        • Is there a suitable list of html tag stuff that works on a word press comment section, that can be used by commenters?

        • Yes.

          Change out the parentheses shown below for “greater than” and “less than” symbols:

          (s)text(/s) = strikeout
          (i)text(/i) = italicize
          (b)text(/b) = bold
          (s)(i)(b)text(/b)(/i)(/s) = combination, ex: example

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