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Not wrong. Doesn’t mean they won’t still do it, though.


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  1. They wouldn’t confiscate the rifle from the antifa-non-binary psycho who just shot Iona parade in Illinois.

      • Suspect in custody. The knee jerk democRat tiny dick durbin uses the act of an insane twerp to promote Gun Control. News for the deranged tiny dick…Our Gun Rights do not and will not hinge on what object a criminally insane individual decides to misuse.

        Unlike the criminal coddling tiny dick durbin I call for swift certain punishment. And as a deterent…The perp would face a firing squad, no bag over his head.

    • Did you see this freaks photo ? Seems odd that almost right away that they knew who it supposedly was, like the same short time it took to name Oswald. Not saying the freak is innocent but this crime solving so quickly is suspect to me. Bet he isn’t taken alive. Used a “ghost gun” ?

        • Hey, ed, I’m an atheist. And I’m sure I speak for all atheists the world over when I say this: Fuck You… ed. Twice. At least.

        • MajorStupidity,

          Unlike Leftist/fascists, I try not to draw conclusions before facts are known. I don’t find the fact that a rather bizarre young man attended (supposedly) attended a Trump rally (dressed as a children’s book character, which should set off a few alarms, even for a lackwit such as yourself).

          Based on the THIN information out there, so far? I’m going to save this comment of yours, and TRUST ME, if the facts establish what I think they will establish, I’m going to come back and rub your nose in it, just like an incontinent little puppy who s***s on the floor.

          IF you prove to be right, I’ll simply admonish you for being the prejudiced little s***bag you prove yourself to be on the daily, here. Either way, it’s a win for me, MajorStupidity.

          By the way, any new insights on the “correct” interpretation of Article I, Section 8, you uneducated twit???

  2. Police no longer protect and sever the people. They protect the politicians and serve warrants to old ladies who cant pay the property tax on a house that was paid off 15 years ago. All of my interactions with police have been to get tickets for municipal violations.

    • Don’t know who to trust anymore… I don’t trust anyone! But then, that was the plan all along.

  3. “Doesn’t mean they won’t still do it, though.”

    Since an AWB was “GVR”‘ed by the SCotUS to comport to the ‘Bruen’ decision, semi-autos will be ruled constitutional.

    The question I have is, does that mean they cannot put semi-autos on the 1934 NFA?

    • Your real question is if they give a fuck what SCOTUS says (they openly say that they do not) or if what the SCOTUS says matters IRL (it doesn’t if the Dems are willing to openly ignore it). To butcher a “quote” that probably wasn’t uttered by the historical figure himself “How many divisions does the SCOTUS have?”

      There are *cough* alternatives *cough* to a law that would be later found Constitutional.

      A properly crafted unconstitutional law does all they want and more particularly if what you care about is the immediate damage that such a law/rule does.

      Do you think this is redux of 1994 but with precedent on your side this time around? Put that thought aside because it fuckin’ ain’t.

        • Pass a national semiautomatic ban and we will see how many divisions SCOTUS actually needs. How many cops are going to volunteer to be in the stack when some guy with a scoped rifle might be on a hill or a roof 300 yards away. Suddenly playing at being Billy Badass kicking doors is gonna be a real unpopular job.

        • Good point. If they couldn’t handle punk ass 2020 rioters, open combat would be a whole different league.

        • The issue of “kinetic” response to enforcement is entirely secondary (until it isn’t) and, if we’re honest, can be mostly avoided by TPTB.

          The point here is that when one gives no fucks what is Constitutional and what is not one is free to do a great many things to *encourage* compliance with an unconstitutional law or regulation. This is especially true when one doesn’t care about what most people would consider “undesirable” downstream consequences or when one considers those consequences to, in fact, be desirable.

          This line of thought leads one to believe that compliance achieves some measure of the desired effect up to and until some force steps in and stops the state from extracting that compliance.

          As bad as the Left is at studying history the Right really isn’t worth shit on the topic either.

          A bit of elaboration on the concept of skinning such a cat:

          Those who desire gun control pass a series of laws and regulations that greatly encourage compliance with a bunch of diktats vis a vis guns. When told this is illegal by a court they simple ignore the court. History is replete with examples of such behavior. Perhaps the most widely known being Henry VIII telling the Pope to fuck off when it came to the topic of annulments and divorce.

          For a singular example out of a plethora of possible modern options; Perhaps California decides that the fact that they have records of someone purchasing guns becomes a reason to not to make pension payments until all guns which the state government deems “unacceptable” are verified to have been turned in.

          Now, in many regards the state has a retiree by the balls here. Of course, this would almost certainly be struck down but if it gets guns grabbed, who cares? The guns that were turned in are gone and likely destroyed.

          But what if CA decides that they don’t much care what SCOTUS says about what is and isn’t legal? What if they just keep doing this? What if they find more inventive ways of enforcing it? Sure, some doorkicking might occur but the real way to turn the screws is to kick you in the wallet. Let’s add some increased taxes and fees, shall we?

          Still not complying? Shucks, you can register your car this year and will get ticketed if you use it. Maybe we’ll increase your kid’s taxes too?

          The state can find a whole lot of these ways to turn the screws and keep doing it.

          And now you have the question of what will fedgov do to actually enforce a SOCTUS ruling on CA? Probably nothing, certainly nothing under the current administration, and CA knows it. So why would they stop?

          This of course assumes that fedgov wants to help you. If they don’t, well now they can pile on to you as well. The current PTB would like to do just that.

          Give fedgov the power of a digital currency and a group like this administration and you can kiss all your rights goodbye in a few months.

          Food as a weapon? Son, they’re already doing it slowly. Hardly shocking, it’s the Marxist’s favorite tool.

        • there are three, one where Roberts sides with the left (common), one where Roberts sides with the right (rare) and one where ALL 9 agree on the Constitution (extremely rare)..

        • “what will fedgov do to actually enforce a SOCTUS ruling on CA“

          This is why the right wing has prepared the underground tunnels at the ‘abandoned’ Walmarts.

      • I think you meant “[Justice] John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!”, which also was likely apocryphal.

        • No, as quite plainly, stated I meant to reference How many divisions does the Pope have?” which was supposedly attributable to Stalin and much more apropos to the current situation.

    • Well theyll play hell getting my 7400. That was a gift from a company I worked for.
      Some gunms are just gunms, some have emotional value.

      • If the new age gestapo wannabes come for mine, which they will have to and which might very well happen (ain’t Freedom grand?) then all my gunms are gonna have emotional appeal.

  4. Meh…I have an accquaintence who went to prison for basically a few joints. The stasi will do as ordered. Muh pension🙄

    • Keep worshiping your sky daddies and see what it gets you.

      Seattle Police Justify The “Defund the Police” Movement by Arresting a Preacher for Reading His Bible Too Close to a Gay Pride Event

      A Seattle man was arrested for reading aloud the Gospel of Saint Matthew in a public park as a “Gay Pride*” event was taking place.

      Matthew Meinecke, often referred to as a “street preacher,” was on public property reading aloud from the Bible without the benefit of amplification when he was rousted and then arrested by 10 of Seattle’s finest.

      Meinecke was also arrested last week for reading his Bible aloud near a pro-Moloch demonstration. The Seattle city prosecutor does not plan on charging Meinecke.

  5. Time to start fortifying defensive positions and establishing re-supply caches …. the next major cry from the anti-gun is going to be a loud one for confiscation and its going to be long and bloody

  6. Are you kidding? These same police actively *protect* the “defund the police” and ACAB crowd, so absolutely, 100%, they would happily enforce any and all gun control laws, up to and including confiscation. The spring and summer of 2020 proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the police exist to enforce the will of the state and when the rubber meets the road, 95%+ will happily side with their political paymasters against We The People

  7. I know plenty of deputies here in my area. I’ve asked them pointedly and they have responded in the negative. Some might, but others are pretty vocal. “not even if the sheriff says to!” The City cops I don’t know, most of them appear overweight and ride around in gators downtown.
    I believe it matters where you live.

  8. Cops are world famous for putting principles above pension. If this were characterized as the question being asked in the form of Benjamin’s being paid to the pension fund…

    “The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” ~ Harry J. Anslinger

    Tell us conservatives, how do you feel about the 5A right to property?

    • I’m sorry, was there supposed to be an actual thought, or point, under that incomprehensible word-vomit?? Perhaps you could essay another attempt, actually utilizing the English language.

  9. This is why bans alway have a carve out for cops even after retirement. Turning on everyone else is the price to keep their own toys.

  10. Duckworth from Illionois is already screaming that we need to get rid of “assault rifles” which civilians don’t have. Their gov. is saying same thing. Novel idea, if convicted, let’s have a public hanging of the murderer.

    • What if he’s a christian, ed? Can’t he just beg for forgiveness and he’s good to go? Oh, I forgot, he’s probably an atheist, according to you, so no doubt he deserves to hang. How christian of you… ed. Good thing you guys have a monopoly on morals. I mean, were the fuck would we be without upstanding, god fearing bigots like you to decide who is to live and who should die. Have you prayed for him, ed?

        • You have it entirely wrong cloudperson: it is the voices of your arrogant and bigoted brethren I’m responding to, members of the christian sect of Holier Than Thou. Did you fail to comprehend the intent behind his words and the words of so, so many others like him? I’ve listened to this purile shit for decades from ‘you people’.

      • You’d probably be living in some hell hole Rider. Christianity is what brought us out of the dark ages and culminated in the US of A becoming the greatest country that ever existed. Though we seem to be on the downward slide due to turning our backs on our Christian heritage.

        • First: agreed on the finest country part (this from a Canadian). Second: that isn’t how and why it went down. Third: are you saying that the majority of christian sentiment of atheists being devoid of morals, responsible for the woes of society and deserving of death or an eternity of suffering in your hell is what your god wishes of you? Because that’s what youre saying. How would you feel if I applied the same sentiments towards you and yours? Again, how utterly and fundamentally christian of you. Thanks bro.

        • Rider,

          I believe I have always been respectful of you, and I don’t recall ever saying anyting, or asking anything, about your beliefs. From your comments, I consider you a good guy, with his head firmly in the real world – and that is LITERALLY all I give a shart about.

          I am Christian. I have never proselytized you, denigrated you for your beliefs (or lack thereof), suggested you lacked morality, or that you were a bad person (and all you need to do is look at my berating of MajorStupidity and dacian the stupid to know that I am MORE than capable of that).

          If someone specific chooses you off for being an atheist, feel free to unload on them any way you want. The Mormons or the Seventh-Day Adventists knock on your door, feel free to tell them to f*** the hell off, and get off your property. I would ask you, kindly, as one who has interacted with you positively on this very blog, to tone down the rhetoric as it is addressed to “all Christians”. I don’t attack you, or rail on “all atheists”, I would take it as a favor if you would reciprocate. Just sayin’.

        • Lamp, no you certainly have not displayed the arrogant bigotry (even to the extent of wishing our deaths) that some few on this forum (and trust me, it isn’t just here) repeatedly engage in. I return your respect and enjoy exchanging the odd comments with you exactly because you aren’t like that. I truly could not care less what an individual chooses to ‘believe in’ as that’s their business and certainly not mine. So I ask you: if you were constantly on the receiving end of such ignorant nonsense from such worthy individuals would you not respond as you saw fit? Your own comment here along with many others affirms that indeed, you surely would. So why are you (politely, I’ll add) asking me to “tone it down”? Would your admonishments not be better directed to those you share your views but then abuse the very thing you hold dear with their arrogance, bigotry and veiled threats? It isn’t me that’s the problem Lamp. It’s them. I’m merely responding in my defense. I would like to think that on reflection you would understand this. So thanks for your kind words and concern, but aim it at the assholes, not at me. Maybe you can help them see the error of their ways, you know, as a Christian (I say that sincerely). When they stop, so do I. Cheers.

        • And by the way, I’ve made it clear on more than one occasion that I am not addressing “all christians” as you incorrectly stated. Also by the way, I now find out that you are in fact NOT Lamp, from the horses mouth. So who are you and why hide behind someone’s else’s pseudonym? More to the point: why steal it? Because that’s exactly what you’ve done.

    • The bigger question is would you let them? Life ain’t so precious possum, far less so on ones knees. I think you know this though.

      • Rider,

        Depends, I suppose, on what your value system is. I think life is precious . . . but we have the free will to make choices, and we can choose how, and to what extent, we honor that precious gift. For me, there are lines I refuse to cross, hills I am willing to die on. I have four great kids, and I am hard put to imagine ANYTHING I wouldn’t be willing to do to protect them. For other people, maybe not. As the old joke goes, “YMMV”.

        • Lamp, yes, I can speak as I do largely because I have no dependents and I’m aware that this fact makes it easy for me to sound off. But then again, we have to decide what “think of the children” truly entails. As you say: mileage varies. But when push comes to shove you either stand and shove back or fall. There is no middle ground at that point. The majority will bow their head in shame and comply. I simply can’t. Not ever. Not at that critical point. I replied to your comment just above by the way.

  11. The cops will do what they’re told to do, or else they’re not cops anymore. Real life outweighs ideology every time.

  12. This GMOTD is way off base. The Dems won’t be using local cops. The job will fall to LE that today’s Left just loves these days: Federal police, i.e., FBI, ATF, etc.

    Plus they weaponize the banks, your doctor, and your boss against you. Comply or starve.

    • No, they’ll use the U.N. they’ve wanted to get troops on US soil since their inception, a bunch of Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern soldiers would be happy to come in here and “attempt” to disarm Americans.

  13. Most cops today are not responsible enough or well trained enough to even be trusted with a taser let alone a deadly weapon. Here in Akron, Ohio 8 cops shot an unarmed young man 50 times for trying to evade a minor traffic stop.

    Since when to the cops have the right to execute people for burned out tail light bulbs or not putting ones turn signals one.

    We need to start jailing cops who commit blatant murder and firing cops who abuse people and we need better training for the police on when they can and cannot use deadly force.

      • wHy dId ThEy sHoOt hIm fOr a mInOr tRaFfiC StOp!!!!
        Because the fucking idiot shot at them, a gun was found in the car, a shell casing matching the gun was found in the street where it is alleged that he fired at the cops, he RAN from the cops (for a TRAFFIC infraction?) when he ran from the car the cops had no way of knowing he’d left the gun behind, cops tried and failed to taser him, when he stopped and turned on the cops at night in a dark parking lot they did the same thing I would have done they assumed he still had the gun and since he had not hesitated to shoot at a cop once he was totally capable of doing it again. They are probably all carrying 9mm and we’ve seen the stories of assholes being hit 9 and 10 times with a 9mm and still coming, they did what they had to do, pretty sure they didn’t coordinate how many shots each cop would fire before they started the foot chase. The proper question here is NOT “WHY did they shoot him for a minor traffic stop?”, The REAL question is Why did the dumbass RUN and SHOOT at COPS over a MINOR TRAFFIC STOP? What RIGHT thinking individual with even a HINT of COMMON fucking SENSE does THAT. I hope this clarifies this particular situation for you but I’m pretty sure I’ve wasted these past few minutes of my life.

        • “wHy dId ThEy sHoOt hIm fOr a mInOr tRaFfiC StOp!!!!”

          The alternating caps indicated mockery of the sentence because he shot at the cops first.

  14. By the way that cartoon for the article carries a truthful subliminal message, if you know what I mean.

  15. @Rider/Shooter

    You know, you being a complete fucking jackass is making your points wholly moot. I was an atheist for the major part of my life up until this point. So I lived in the world you inhabit, and I speak from experience when I say this; you’re not special, you don’t know better, and the fact that you feel like you’re so much smarter and wiser than religious people is a symptom of the intellectual chicanery you’ve read or otherwise learned. In the words of Eddie Murphy, “have a Coke and a smile, and shut the fuck up.”

    • Listen you born again halfwit: I’m replying to those, and only those, pious individuals who blame people just like me for criminal wrongdoings, the screwed up society in which we find ourselves and literally wish death on my atheist ass because I ain’t of their particular cult. Understand? Totally willing to have an intelligent conversation with the other 1/3 of your newfound sect. So how about you shut the fuck up instead?

    • And to be even more clear: it is not I who is claiming to be special. It is not I who is claiming to be better, smarter or wiser than others. It is not I claiming to know the answers or be in possession of “the truth”, much less have a monopoly on human morality. It is not I calling for the removal of a specific demographic from society and it is not I who has developed a point of view, which you know next to nothing about, from what you (foolishly) call intellectual chicanery. Indeed, it is exactly and precisely the opposite in every case. And no, you have quite obviously not been where I have been and have not experienced what I have.

  16. to Chose Death (the world will be better off without you)

    quote———–I was an atheist for the major part of my life up until this point.———-quote

    The average uneducated Hilljack raises hell most of his life with booze, wild women, drugs and blind greed and then when he gets old wakes up to the fact that his time grows short so he runs to the nearest church to get saved. I have always found this to be absolutely hilarious.

    • dacian the demented,

      How interesting . . . I’ve always found it absolutely hilarious that your continue to pretend to education (until confronted about it, then you run away like a little female dog), knowledge (when your every comment proves that you lack any), and superiority (when you’d be hard put to match a planaria in a battle of wits). So, imagine how little anyone here gives a shart WHAT you claim to think, believe, or find humorous.

      News flash: WE. DON’T. doltian the stupid.

  17. I wouldn’t blindly trust any of them, but I would have more faith in local cops doing the right thing. The feds? Heck no. They seem to be getting worse by the day.

  18. In the 20+ years I’ve lived in this county, most of the local police and sheriff’s deputies I’ve talked to about such issues have claimed they would not actively enforce such orders to confiscate. What I suspect is they would do a soft enforcement tactic. Confiscate and charge for possession if such prohibited items were found during some contact with people either casual or resulting from arrest for something else. Sort of the way they go after pot today. Stop someone for some minor offense and “Discover” contraband items or substances.
    Even the densest Democrat disarmament proponent must realize actively kicking in doors or forced confiscation would result in many more casualties than current crime numbers today. Not that most care about the lives of LEO’s or civilian gun owners, but, such would not play well in the press nor with less fanatical voters.

    • Late reply but even soft enforcement places them squarely in the camp of the enemy. Gestapo just ‘doing their job’. Such people belong in the ground, not rewarded with carve outs, benefit packages and cushy retirement plans.


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