Shooting-July Fourth Parade
Empty chairs sit along the sidewalk after parade-goers fled Highland Park's Fourth of July parade after shots were fired, Monday, July 4, 2022 in Chicago. (Lynn Sweet/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)
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By Michael Tarm and Roger Schneider, AP

At least six people died and 24 were wounded in a shooting at a July Fourth parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, and officers are searching for a suspect who likely fired on the festivities from a rooftop, police said Monday.

Highland Park Police Commander Chris O’Neill, the incident commander on scene, urged people to shelter in place as authorities search for the suspect, described as a white male wearing a white or blue T-shirt.

Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli said at a news conference that the gunman apparently opened fire on parade-goers from a rooftop using a rifle that was recovered at the scene. He didn’t know which building.

Covelli said police believe there was only one shooter and warned that he should still be considered armed and dangerous.

Police have not released any details about the victims or wounded.

The parade began around 10 a.m. but it was suddenly halted about 10 minutes later after shots were fired. Hundreds of parade-goers — some visibly bloodied — fled the parade route, leaving behind chairs, baby strollers, plush toys, bicycles and blankets.

Police told people: “Everybody disperse, please. It is not safe to be here.”

Highland Park Police said in a statement early Monday afternoon that five people had been killed and 19 people were taken to hospitals. but those numbers were revised soon after at the news conference.

Video shot by a Sun-Times journalist after the gunfire rang out shows a band on a float continuing to play as people run past, screaming.

Gina Troiani and her son were lined up with his daycare class ready to walk onto the parade route when she heard a loud sound that she believed was fireworks — until she heard people yell about a shooter.

“We just start running in the opposite direction,” she told The Associated Press.

Her 5-year-old son was riding his bike decorated with red and blue curled ribbons. He and other children in the group held small American flags. The city said on it’s website that the festivities were to include a children’s bike and pet parade.

Troiani said she pushed her son’s bike, running through the neighborhood to get back to their car.

Shooting-July Fourth Parade
Blood pooled at Port Clinton Square in Highland Park, after a shooting at a July Fourth parade, in a Chicago suburb, Monday, July 4, 2022. (Lynn Sweet/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

In a video that Troiani shot on her phone, some of the kids are visibly startled at the loud noise and they scramble to the side of the road as a siren wails nearby.

It was just sort of chaos,” she said. “There were people that got separated from their families, looking for them. Others just dropped their wagons, grabbed their kids and started running.”

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said in a tweet that he is “closely monitoring the situation in Highland Park” and that Illinois State Police are assisting.

Debbie Glickman, a Highland Park resident, said she was on a parade float with coworkers and the group was preparing to turn onto the main route when she saw people running from the area.

“People started saying: ‘There’s a shooter, there’s a shooter, there’s a shooter,’” Glickman told the Associated Press. “So we just ran. We just ran. It’s like mass chaos down there.”

She didn’t hear any noises or see anyone who appeared to be injured.

“I’m so freaked out,” she said. “It’s just so sad.”

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      • Dear Wackos,

        Please stop using rifles and guns for your mass killings. Use something unbannable, such as pressure cookers, fireworks, nuts, bolts, ball bearings, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, vegetable oil, etc. Make a bomb out of those. The Manchester Arena Bombing made with a small rudimentary rucksack bomb killed 23 people. As a gun owner, you and I are not the same. I don’t want you in my boat at all, and you are making me look really bad. GTFO of my boat, immediately.

    • Despite the media sensationalism when compared to overall violent crime Biden doesn’t do anything about Mass shootings represent less than 1% of all criminal violence and, for example. over 1,300 of those daily are knife attacks across the country.

      Biden is the international embarrassment.

      • Gun control does not disarm criminals nor does it stop violent crime nor does it make the public safer.

        • @ Crap,

          More than 932,000 people have died since 1999 from a drug overdose. In 2020, 91,799 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States. Nearly 57K of those deaths were from fentanyl.

          In all of Europe (28 EU Member States, Turkey and Norway) that total was 9,000.


          Most of the fentanyl that killed 57k Americans comes from China, and is smuggled over the unsecured southern boarder. A border that could easily be secured, however the Biden Admin wants illegals to invade the country for both political and economic reason.


          The over 50 Billion gifted to Ukraine would solve that problem and greatly reduce the overdose deaths, saving likely tens of thousands of lives a year. But they will not do it.

          Why? Because for the Left politics comes before everything, including peoples lives. Just ask Biden advisor Brian Deese. “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.”.


          Because peoples deaths ONLY MATTER when it serves the left’s political agenda. And seeing how you only comment when you can wave a bloody shirt, you are very much included with that callous agenda driven mindset.

          You talk about international embarrassments? The U.S. leads the world in single mothers where 40% of all live births in the US are to single mothers.

          *** 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers.

          *** 70% of gang members, high school dropouts, teen suicides, teen pregnancies and teen substance abusers come from single mother homes.

          Statistically, a child in a single-parent household is far more likely to experience violence, commit suicide, continue a cycle of poverty, become drug dependent, commit a crime or perform below his peers in education.

          You and people like you Craptacular, have put into place all the necessary fundamentals to enable these shooters (like the Uvalde shooter, who very much falls into those categories). And gun control will not solve these intentionally laid “problems”.

          No Craptacular, people like you are the embarrassment. At best you are a useful idiot, at worst you are part of the evil who seeks to destroy the U.S. one bloody shirt at a time.

        • “In 2020, 91,799 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States. Nearly 57K of those deaths were from fentanyl“


          You mean after 4 years of Donald Trump “This American carnage stops here and now!”?

          Yes, I would be embarrassed if I were a Trump supporter.

          Four full years, I guess he was too busy banning bump stocks and eroding due process to seize firearms.

        • “Statistically, a child in a single-parent household is far more likely to experience violence, commit suicide, continue a cycle of poverty, become drug dependent, commit a crime or perform below his peers in education.”

          And still, the conservative right wing wants to roll back Griswold v. Connecticut and prohibit birth control and safe sex products for even married couples.

          Fascinating. Apparently, there’s not enough “white life”.

      • No amount of money will disolve the FENTANYL problem or an other drug problem come to that simply because of twom things. One Drug use is a voluntary and Two as long as the rewards are great enough andn the demand exists the trade will continue.
        However you are correct about the child in a one-parent familky but even nthere there are conditiions attached. One the real problem is not so much about single parent families [ I was a single parent, and male, to my kids I never earned more than an average wage and my kids went to the same school as 95% of their contemporaries].
        The REAL problem is mostly about UNWANTED CHILDREN.
        No matter how much you disapprove of abortion the fact is that abortion is a recognition of the UNWANTED, and usually FATHERLESS child.
        I am not MORALLY a particular supporter of abortion myself but I do recognise the weakness and irresponsibility of human nature even though in this day and age of BIRTH CONTRO there should be need for abortion in the first place. There is ample evidence if you care to search it out tha where abortion IS a fact of life it really does have an effect of future crinimallity. I recommend reading ‘FREAKONOMICS” for starters.

        • Dear Crap,
          Try tuning out CNN for a few minutes and open your eyes to the real world. These mass shooting events, which are endlessly promoted (and thereby encouraged) by our media, are a tiny sliver of the bad things happening in our country right now. Those bad things were delivered to us by the current liberal regime of which your hero, The Puppet, is the figurehead. Get back to me when you have a solution instead of acting like 1% of our problems is some massive international embarrassment.

        • So, Crap- how do you label the Copenhagen shooting incident, where, like the entire Chicago area, it’s nearly always illegal to be carrying a gun, let alone use it to murder people? (Unless the user is already prohibited, a gang member, or part of some other protected class… then it’s excusable.)

        • Crap, nothing you said proves they are an international embarrassment. Oh! that’s right you cited joe biden as your source, whoopee do do!

        • Craig in IA – The Copenhagen shooting is described as a once in a generation shooting in Denmark vs the USA where mass shootings are a daily occurrence.

          Hush – Answer this, which developed country right now looks at the USA and says they want to model their gun laws after ours? Which developed country would say we should have pride in our gun laws?

          .40 cal Booger – No, I’m not five years old.

          Dude – That is like Muslims pointing out that honor killings are a rarity of crime committed in their societies, it is still an international embarrassment, is it not?

        • Craptacular,

          Hush – Answer this, which developed country right now looks at the USA and says they want to model their gun laws after ours?

          Answer: Ukraine.

          Next question?

        • “…it is still an international embarrassment, is it not?”

          No, Mr. Crap. That is saying that everything bad that happens in this country isn’t some national embarrassment. The MSM only tries to make it so when it’s politically convenient for them. Honor killings are a cultural thing. Mass killings are a psycho thing. It’s amazing we don’t have more with the amount of nutso people here. Despite what your MSM tells you, we aren’t the only country in the world with mass killings. Things could be done to bring our murder rate down, but your political party had done everything in their power to increase crime, with no end in sight.

        • The only embarrassment is you, PeeGeeTwo.

          Why don’t you kill yourself? The planet will thank you… 🙂

        • I am not interested in how the rest of the world views the US. What I am concerned about is the REALITY that we have a fraudulent sock-puppet that was installed to destroy the nation.
          Communists aren’t people and should be treated accordingly.

        • Reffereence trhe COPWNHAGEN shootings. ONe this is one of only four or five such shootings in the entire EUROPE in the last couple of dcecag des and is in all probability TERRORIST related . Terrorist incidents like this are the result busually of careful planning over an extended period of time and are almost impossible to guard against.
          In the USA ALONE in the first SIX MONTHS of 2022 there were 30 or so and as far as I know not a single one was TERRORIST related They were ALL the act of a peron with some kind of social chip onn their shoulkder and an easy access to, firearms. In Europe and the UK such incidents i usually result in a close assessment of current FIREARM CONTROL LEGISLATION and if found wanting Ministers have the nessessary authority to bring further control measures into action practically overnight . These measures can, of course, be challenged through the courts and rescinded, that’s how the Law works in the UK at least, but I cannot think of a single case where there ahave actually been any challenges at least not in the UK.
          Meanwhile I completely fail to see the connection between gun control measures and COMMIES., LEFTIES, DEMOCRATS or LIBERALS.
          If anything is, politically and socially speaking, LIBERAL or DEMOCRATIC it’s the ability to buy bloody firearms in WALMART for any mad bugger who wants to.

        • ability to buy bloody firearms in WALMART for any mad bugger who wants to.
          Sorry Al but Walmart no longer sells guns and even when they did every purchase (just like ALL gun dealers in the US) required a FEDERAL background check. OBTW: aren’t ALL mass shooting attacks a form of terrorism?

        • Hey Crap.
          Apples and oranges.

          Denmark is 16,000 square miles with 5.8 million citizens.

          USA is 3.8 million square miles with 332.6 million citizens.

          And the “daily shooting” are primarily in the democratic controlled/soft on crime war zones like Chicago.

        • MADDMAXX,
          My local Walmarts got rid of the “scary” rifles. They still have some bolt actions and shotguns. They got rid of 5.56 and handgun ammo, but a couple of weeks ago the only ammo they had was .308 Win. 5.56 was too scary, but .308 wasn’t. Idiots. While I was in one yesterday, I checked, and they only had 12 and 20 gauge target loads.

        • uncommon_sense – I’m talking about peacetime and when the nation isn’t fighting for its very survival. Name a country right now that says they want USA gun laws and are OK with the amount of mass shootings the USA has.

          Dude – Brazil isn’t a developed country is it, it is a developing country. So the answer to honor killing question is that yes they are an international embarrassment for them despite them making up a small number of the overall violent crime rates. I never said other countries don’t have mass killings, they just don’t have them at the rate of the USA. Name another developed country that is at peace that has mass homicides and mass shootings at the rate the USA does.

          James Campbell – And? Even if you adjust for population the amount of mass shootings in Denmark is significantly less than the USA. Japan has one third our population, mass shootings are basically a once in a life time event, so even if you adjust for population size.

        • “Name another developed country that is at peace that has mass homicides and mass shootings at the rate the USA does.”

          You have a point there, however that alone can’t discount the fact that Brazil reduced violent crime by allowing people to defend themselves. As long as you’re narrowing the scope, you will also find that no other developed country is like us, in many ways. Taking that into consideration means a direct comparison is difficult at best, and doesn’t necessarily tell the entire story. You’re trying to make a direct comparison with Japan and Denmark which are completely different from the US.

          I’m still not sure what you’re advocating for. Do we have too many mass killings/shootings? Yes. Does that mean gunz bad? No.

        • “….Even if you adjust for population the amount of mass shootings in Denmark is significantly less than the USA. Japan has one third our population, mass shootings are basically a once in a life time event, so even if you adjust for population size.”

          Remove a democratic run hellhole or two from the numbers and the US would be right there with the Denmark figures.
          Denmark doesn’t have a revolving door justice system or high profile politicians raising funds to bail out violent criminals, now do they. 🤔

        • Hey Crap, most “mass shootings” as reported by the neo-Marxist, Commie press are nothing of the kind. Btw, you are just a racist because you don’t care about all the black people dying…GANGS.

        • Dude – I haven’t advocated anything, I’m simply stating that Biden was right about one thing and that is these mass shootings are an international embarrassment, people here are trying to argue that these mass shootings are not an international embarrassment, which is tragically sad that they think it isn’t. Your opinion article doesn’t prove anything, it is merely stating Brazil made it easier for people to carry guns and thus the reduction of homicides is entirely due to that, there is no supporting evidence to back that up, by that argument the assault weapon ban from 1994 to 2004 was entirely responsible for the reduction of homicides in the USA during that time period. It is also like when Chicago was forced to allow Conceal Carry and a year later in 2013 Chicago saw its lowest homicide rate in 56 years and yet since then Chicago’s homicide rate has skyrocketed. Perhaps the concealed carry is responsible for Chicago’s skyrocketing homicide rate? It would be having it both ways to say the drop in homicides in 2013 in Chicago was entirely due to the concealed carry but then say the rising homicides beginning in 2015 had nothing to do with the loosening of concealed carry.

          If you can make direct comparisons between blue and red states that have different cultures and demographics and criminal laws then it is only fair to be able to make direct comparisons between countries. Plus, you are doing a direct comparison between the USA and Brazil, you can’t have it both ways.

          James Campbell – Well to be fair then you would also remove the 1 or two hell holes from Denmark.

    • Don’t forget there was a mass shooting event at a shopping center in Denmark. Shooter arrested by police. Shooter was using a “hunting rifle”. No other details known.

    • ‘Craptacular’ is PeeGeeTwo, a very stupid and angry little boy.

      (Very little, where it counts, if you know what I mean… 😉 )

    • ‘craptacular’ is just an angry little boy furious that his mommy dropped him on his head repeatedly when he was a baby.

      She told him it was an accident, but it was really the only way she could shut him up. 🙂

  1. Chicago needs to import some Koreans. They’ll put a stop to this rooftop nonsense right quick.

  2. Chicago had over 30 shot Friday through Sunday, pretty much a standard weekend, all this will be forgotten and city management will be shocked this could possibly happen in such a wonderful place like Chicago.

  3. working at the ravinia sub, certainly within earshot. chaotic.
    reports that he was atop the the uncle dan’s outfitter shop i used to read the meters at.
    my pal joey says his sister was driving in the parade and saw shots glancing off concrete. very shaken up, it’s the first year she hasn’t brought the kids.
    wifey has fambly that lives up there. i know some folks there too.

    • My wife worked at Ravinia one year. And I’ve been there on business-nice affluent place where they banned AR’s. It “appears” the shooter may have been a slight Spanglish boy ala Uvalde…we’ll see. Or not.

      • they rub elbows (share border) with deerfield, another rifle ban town. the ban was exactly where my brain went along with the recent ruling handed down.
        my wife says he was hunting choos. if any injured or worse are her relatives she’s gonna lose it.

        • “my wife says he was hunting choos.”

          Targeting specific races? 🙁

  4. as Gomer Pyle would say “SUPRISE! SUPRISE! SUPRISE!”…They didn’t get their way in congress or SCOTUS…and it is The 4th of JULY…they are gonna keep doing this in gun free cities and states, because they know an equalizer is not there to fight back….THE BIG BLUE STATE SACRIFICE..

  5. Obviously they need more gun control laws there. Because you know, everybody obeys them and that fixes everything.

  6. Highland Park’s congressman, Brad Schneider, a Democrat, said he and his campaign team were at the start of the parade when the shooting began. All are safe.

    The shooter must have missed.

    • And not one word about it during the press conference in Highland Park today by that fat fucking weasel DA.

  7. craphead…an embarrassed snowflake like you who cites Jim Crow Gun Control joe can pack up and fly away to any international eutopia you want. Don’t be embarrassed when you discover things are much, much worse in eutopia.

      • A national embarrassment, perhaps. Not international. Most of the rest of the “international community” would be happy at the demise of the US. It’d certainly lower the bar for appearing to be successful, even as hobbled as we currently are by our own government…

        This, too, shall pass.

      • The only embarrassment is what you feel when you see what little is hanging between your twig-like legs, little boy… 🤡

        • Travis – When shit hold countries think poorly of you then you really know you have done something wrong.

          Craig in IA – Why isn’t it an international embarrassment? If you were to ask people in other countries about the rate of mass shootings in the USA would they say it is embarrasing?

        • Hey Crap, most of the “mass shootings” trumpeted by the Commie left are not even mass shootings.

  8. this installment
    of false flag operation usa
    has been brought to you by
    democrat party inc
    a wholly owned subsidiary
    of deep state llc

  9. I noted the type of rifle was not mentioned, but the basic description of the shooter was. Angry white male, but, since the rifle used likely didn’t fit the narrative, it was not described as the super powerful and deadly ASSAULT WEAPON.
    More details may be released later, but it sounds like some dumb kid who wanted to get even with either those he thought have mistreated him, or those he believes have turned against his political beliefs. And, never mind just a few miles away in Chicago, this would have been just another day in the hood.
    Trigger the disarmament crowd in 3…2…1…

  10. The shooter was allowed access to the rooftop of Walker’s Pancake House?? Like someone left the door unlocked in Uvalde…Buffalo , Uvalde and now Highland Park are all 20-somethings on a vendetta.

    • “Buffalo , Uvalde and now Highland Park are all 20-somethings on a vendetta”

      “Yeah, something seemed amiss to me, too.”

      Yeah, when did a 18 or 20 year old young male ever go off before, who could expect that to happen?

      It’s almost as if their brain is not fully developed and they have impaired critical thinking, judgment and impulse control…

  11. Hopefully; it will turn out that the reports of a rifle are wrong and that it was a politically correct, President Biden recommended shotgun.

    • They are saying now, just a few minutes ago that it was a high powered rifle. They did not give the type.

      • It will then be a “sniper rifle”. Basically your standard Fudd Remchesterby hunting rifle with “illegal” soft point bullets.

  12. I wonder which is more likely to shoot into a 4th of July parade?
    a – The kind of people who say “I love America”
    b – The kind of people who say “Fuck America”

    • c – Someone who hates himself, and therefore hates to see others feeling safe and enjoying themselves.
      d – Both b and c.

      • I don’t think it would be the stereotypical ‘right-winger’ or ‘right-extremist’ as the media calls us, not on a 4th of July parade. No, it will be a leftist/progressive and TPTB will claim mental illness and not admitting that the leftist/progressive mentality is the illness.


  14. Illinois should just enact red flag laws and stop approving carry permits. I’ve been told that will solve this problem.

  15. “White male” shooter. Righto. Every shooter is a white male christian until they’re caught.

    Maybe. Anybody got pictures?

    • Police are saying the suspect is a white male about 18 to 20 years old, wearing a white or blue T-shirt.

  16. Would be interesting if at the hospital there were no gunshot wounds and people panicked because of fireworks.

  17. They are gathering intel on how to reveal it is an AR-15 with multiple high capacity mags, maybe even a bumpstock or binary trigger and no serial number shot by a white supremist. If not they need to drag the components and a body up that proves it is true.

  18. It is unforunate that these type of incidents happen, However keep voting democrat and this is the result. Every blue state or blue metro area have the same in common: Failing schools, Political corruption, High taxes, High crime and no real world plan for simple infrastructure. Spending money on social programs instead of fixing streets, water systems, etc. My sympathy meter is empty. I hope this keeps happening. You voted for it.

    Now they say there is a recession coming? Newsflash, it’s here and on the way to a depression. Better stock up or you will be like the idiots in hurricane Katrina, standing in the street shouting “Help Me”. However you will find most of us who are prepared saying “It sucks to be you”.

  19. Surprise, surprise, another mass shooting in a “gun free safe zone”. In any case we are told you only need to diel 911 when threatened.

    • the guy is a struggling rapper…this guy is far from a white supremacist.. I bet he is a BLM white apologist… and I do not believe that he had the ability to navigate a ladder with a rifle and shoot the way they are claiming…i bet He is a dead Patsy.. keep your eyes peeled because a bigger false flag will happen, before morning.. Bank on it

  20. Wow, they sure were fast to announce that it was a white shooter,
    When have you heard it was another color that does the dirty in Illinois? … NEVER…!
    How about, SHUT THE FUCK UP , & actually prosecute the real thugs.

    • Wait until they start with this….

      Lets see white, male, high powered rifle and he apparently liked Trump.

      Crimo didn’t frequently post about major political figures on his websites, except for two posts about former President Donald Trump.

      A video posted to Crimo’s YouTube page on Jan. 2, 2021, appears to show Crimo among a throng of protesters cheering for Trump’s presidential motorcade outside an airport. Crimo flips the phone’s orientation to reveal his face at the end of the video.

      Crimo is also seen draped in a Trump flag in a June 27, 2021, post on Twitter.

  21. Just another piece of human debris looking to become famous the easy way. Like all the other worthless losers he’s imitating.

  22. The anti-gun logic…..

    Crimo was minding his own business, working on his rap career. Suddenly a gun appeared from no where, and at gun point made him carry it to the parade and climb the ladder onto a roof and start shooting people.

    • I should turn in my ARs and AK so my guns don’t do that to me. It’s like a Vulcan Mind Meld thing, having your guns take over your mind and force you do unthinkable things.
      Bad gun, bad bad icky poopy butt gun.

  23. The good ole USofA is becoming the world’s most dangerous liar…The US will stop a nothing to enslave us now…We the People are getting lied to on multiple fronts by our govt..We are having false flags rammed down our throats weekly… our borders are open…our food plants are getting torched… our livestock is getting Sabotaged daily… and our freedom of travel is being restricted by fuel shortage …but the most important thing to them is taking away our right to defend ourselves against it…We the People are being set up for extinction… you all better be worried…

  24. I’m embarrased no citizen shot back at the murderer.
    At my small town 4th of july parade today, there were lots of armed folks… like me. No mass shooters here.

    • Its Chiraq (suburb). All the “ethnic”/diversity crowd (armed) are that are shooting each other every weekend are in the downtown area. Not out in suburbia where the progs have disarmed the lawful populous (serfs).

    • Q was a fed. People like the “QAnon Shaman” were looking for attention. Why would someone walk around looking like that? He didn’t even wear a shirt in the winter. “Look at me everyone! Please!”

  25. Photos emerged that appear to show him in a Pepe the Frog shirt and at a Trump rally. Pepe the Frog is a symbol associated with the alt-right. There is also a picture of Pepe on one of his Twitter pages

    • Crimo,
      Are you familiar with the word context? Who’s more obsessed with Trump than Trump voters? Answer: deranged left wingers. This 100% Antifa fool was at a Trump rally taking a selfie while dressed up as Where’s Waldo. The Trump flag picture looks like he’s doubled over laughing, like it’s mocking. Sure there can be exceptions to the rule, but look at this guy. It looks like he has a big so_shall_list tattoo on his neck. There’s a picture of him with pink hair in pigtails, like a girl. Go watch his disturbing wannabe school shooter video. Does that look conservative? Then there’s the murder people in a parade for another holiday that you guys hate thing. Where’s the conservative angle there? That’s your thing. What do you get out of being a tool for the establishment? They don’t care about you.

      *spelled so_shall_list to avoid moderation

      • MADDMAXX July 5, 2022 At 08:47
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        They surely don’t moderate SOCIALIST do they?

        • You have GOT to be shitting me, I’ve seen fuck in half a dozen posts today and they moderate THAT? I am definitely on the wrong page. OBTW: THIS post? NOT moderated? WTF? Did the Dems or the Muzzies secretly slip in and buy this crap.

        • “The shooter’s father was a conservative Republican candidate”

          I’m reposting the comment I made below since you’re spamming the comment section with the same thing.

          My dad is a big Democrat who has worked on presidential, US rep, US senator, governor, and local campaigns. He was a delegate for Jimmy Carter. I remember a US Senator staying the night at our house when he was in town. My stepmom ended up working in the office for our other US Senator (when our state had Democrat senators). My mother was also a lifelong Democrat from a family of Democrats. Does that mean I have to be a Democrat? BTW, my dad’s dad was a Republican.

          You still failed to answer the question, Miner.

        • For me to truthfully answer the question dude, I would need to acknowledge that the shooter was a leftist like me.

          That the shooter held the same beliefs as me, Miner49er,

          That the shooter was antifa and anti-god, like me, Miner49er

          That the leftist dogma and tribe comes first before anything including others lives.

          I’m not admitting all that.

          No way, no how.

          I will just keep playing the “dad was a Republican card” as lame, weak, and pathetic as it is.

  26. A “white hispanic” with gang tats on his face. Allegedly had a bunch of anti-Republic nuttery on social media.

    • “Allegedly had a bunch of anti-Republic nuttery on social media.“

      Just can’t help yourself from spreading the right wing false narrative.

      Sorry boys, the evidence clearly shows this is one of your loyal Trump supporters, just following Trump’s orders.

      “You’ve got a fight like hell!”

      • Yes, of course. Trump and his voters hate Independence Day and patriotism. No wait, actually that’s your thing.

        “F–k the Fourth,” the Pima County Democratic Party wrote in a now-deleted tweet to promote a July 4 event of the same name, sponsored by the Tucson Women’s March.

      • Nope; you’re lying miner. (Shock and surprise!) The sick kid was a leftist.

        Most of his social media postings have been scrubbed, but plenty of individuals photographed and recorded them before they were erased.

  27. The IL Governor and US Senators rushed to the microphone because it was a shooting in white, affluent Highland Park.

    7 “People Of Color” died from being gunned down in the poor parts of Chicago, not a word from those corrupt pols.

    • Make that eight dead and fifty-six wounded after another victim succumbed to his wounds last night. Over 300 young black males have been killed in Ciraq this year by OTHER young black males mostly using handguns with nothing more than an article in the local papers, THEN some “NUTJOB” with light skin AND an AR opens fire on a bunch of white people in an upper middle-class neighborhood and it is wall to wall national news…

      • “young black males have been killed in Ciraq”

        That’s been going on for how long now? And what has been done about it? That’s right, because they don’t care about that. That stuff happens on the other side of the tracks. When violence happens on their side, it’s a manhunt with federal agents until the perp is found. Will Democrat voters be able to put 2 and 2 together and get 4? I have my doubts.

        • That’s why they created “new math” it takes too long and involves too much bullshit to arrive at a conclusion and the populace of Chiraq are so busy dodging bullets they don’t have time for math.

  28. “Like a sleepwalker, I am unable to stop and think,” he says in the track. “My actions will be valiant and my thought is unnecessary. I know what I have to do, I know what’s in it, not only for me, but for everyone else.”

    This clown thought it was HIS destiny to start real gun confiscation talk. He set out on what in his deranged mind was his life’s mission. Sadly, this one might just do it.

  29. When I was young in the 50’s there were plenty of guns but most were not high capacity and people were not as insane as they are today. You almost never heard of mass shootings as they were very, very rare.

    Today we live in a country gone totally insane and the amount of high capacity assault style military weapons makes it easy for the insane to commit mass murder whenever they want to.

    Overpopulation means more of the mentally ill as well as less opportunities for decent paying jobs. When labor is scarce and when labor is protected by unions wages go up and so do benefits and crime goes down, way down.

    The Far Rights obsession with anti-abortion laws only brings into the world more unwanted and deraigned children who will become tomorrow’s thieves and mass murderers proving once again the ignorant Far Right are always their own worst enemies. I dare say if we would let them they would even start burning witches at the stake again. They are little removed from the superstitions of primitive man of long ago. They believe everyone should be forced to engage in their own flavor of bronze age mysticism complete with forced participation in prayer, ritual, incantations and dancing naked by the light of the moon

    When men made enough to care for their own families and women stayed home to raise the children as they had done since the great apes came out of the trees millions of years ago the children were properly cared for and we had less mentally ill people. Today marriages seldom last longer than 8 years and the chaos of life in a broken family and one that has low income takes its toll on society.

    Lets face facts when a nation becomes so dangerous to live in you are afraid to go to any public gathering or even afraid to go to the supermarket draconian steps will be necessary to prevent the complete collapse of your country into mass murder and chaos and that unfortunately will be to clamp down hard on gun ownership and who is permitted to own one.

    A big part of the problem is the sick paranoia of the Far Right who cannot understand that more crime and mas murder results in less gun rights. When the Far Right are so paranoid and mentally deranged they refuse to even consider Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws they only doom themselves to more and more draconian gun laws.

      • “jerry p. of canton ohio“

        And here’s an excellent example of the right wing extremists’ technique of ‘doxing’.

        By publicizing the poster’s name and location, the right wing extremist hopes other deranged individuals will attack the commentor for merely voicing his opinion.

        This is just more evidence of how the right wing extremists are working against the very foundation of America, suppressing a freely expressed opinion is one of the many tools employed by the authoritarian fascists in their attempt to gain control of America.

        • My level of hypocrisy, smugness and agitprop is truly god level.

          And the best part is.. I wrote that all with a straight face.


          I was laughing my ass-off the entire time!

    • “…when a nation becomes so dangerous to live in you are afraid to go to any public gathering or even afraid to go to the supermarket draconian steps will be necessary to prevent the complete collapse of your country …”

      Asshole is just Stalin in drag.

  30. I just watched an interview with an alleged doctor who allegedly was attending and allegedly treated the wounded. This alleged doctor claims that people were evisserated and “bodies were blown up” by the alleged “high powered rifle.”. Incresiable!

    • yeah, I saw that. He greatly exaggerated – there were not bodies blown up or apart and no bodies were eviscerated.