Image by Boch via Youtube courtesy Pittsburg, CA PD
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Pittsburg, California police responded to an admittedly drug-addled man’s call to 9-1-1 spouting all manner of nonsense including a report of an alleged kidnapping. It turns out that the man, 32-year-old Kerdell Lillard, made the call from the roof of a strip mall. When police arrived, he wanted no part of the officers he’d summoned.

In fact, he proved his willingness to use his pistol to shoot people to escape custody. It didn’t go well for him.

Now, if the authorities had sent a social worker instead of an armed police officer, perhaps this story would have had a different ending. After all, sometimes all a bad guy needs to straighten up is a good hug and a kind word.

In the real world, even without social workers and touchy-feely intervention, Mr. Lillard not only survived, but escaped relatively unscathed.

The police bodycam video of the incident begins with the aspiring rocket surgeon calling 911 to report “I want to report that uh, I’m being framed by the apartment building I live in.”

It goes downhill from there for Mr. Lillard.

“I found, uh, I left my family last night to uh go home and to uh and to take drugs to figure out that I was bein’ framed…  Even my bail.  Even my probation officer.  Like they’re… they’re… they’re all fake.”

Just imagine the call from the dispatcher’s perspective…  MUTES MIC:  “Hey Sally, I’ve got a live one here. He says he took drugs to figure out that he’s been framed.”

From there Mr. Lillard goes on to report a kidnapping.

In one of those, “you wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t see it” moments, bystander video captured the 32-year-old man making the call from the roof of a strip mall building.

When police roll up, Lillard slides off the roof and accesses a handgun from under the fender of a pickup truck.  Because that’s where we call keep our heaters, right?

Image via Youtube courtesy Pittsburg PD

He then ignored officers’ commands, telling one cop, “I’m not goin’ witchu!” before taking off running around some cars.  A moment later, a second officer encounters him and shoots him in the arm in a snap shot.

Fair warning: Video NSFW – mostly due to language.

Unlike the man in Montgomery County Maryland who took total of twelve rounds to his chest while wearing an evil grin on his face until the very end, Kerdell Lillard caught a round in the forearm and immediately collapsed.

That single shot completely changed his trajectory in life – for the moment. While he continued to run his mouth claiming that he was being framed (for what isn’t clear) and stealing his stuff, he nevertheless wisely ended his resistance.

Image via YouTube / Pittsburg, CA PD

There are lessons here for everyone. First off, avoid lunatics whenever and wherever possible. If you see some mope calling 9-1-1 while sitting on a rooftop — with or without a tin foil hat — it might be a good time to leave the area or at least find good cover.

Furthermore, crazy people do crazy things. You don’t want any part of that kind of drama. Just as happened here, the lunatic might produce a weapon. The crackpot might even take off running in your direction.

It’s a fair bet that Mr. Lillard could have shot someone if they had gotten in his way or somehow encroached on his psychosis. Fortunately for the residents of Pittsburg, California, the cop got there first.

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  1. As I said before. I have no problem if you legalize drugs. As long as I can shoot drug addicts dead on sight, when they rob, rape, murder, steal, break into or vandalize private property. Or make a public nuisance of themselves.

    This is exactly like the George Floyd case. A drug addict, supported by the legalization crowd, making a problem in public. Not at home getting stoned. And if the cops kill this person, the three L’s blame the cops!!!
    Not the drug addict who took drugs in the first place. That then caused him to do stupid sh!t in public.

    • George Floyd was being a nuisance in public? He was stopped for using a supposedly counterfeit $20 to buy cigs which turned out to be real. He was resisting arrest, but he wasn’t combative. Both autopsies revealed drugs in his system but it was confirmed asphyxiation was the cause of his death in both cases. Translation: that cop killed him by crushing his neck for so long and then ignoring his need for medical attention when he went limp and stopped breathing. What a surprise!

      So Chris T is on the side of LAW ENFORCEMENT but thinks you should be shot and killed on sight for petty crimes like vandalizing private property while high on some weed… nice. I sincerely hope you aren’t a cop, but it wouldn’t surprise me if you were. It’s common for losers and psychopaths to enter into career paths that let them wield power over others. It makes you feel more important even though you aren’t. Luckily the law doesn’t support your brand of justice so you get to go to jail with the drug addicted nuisances if you ever step out of line. The very same cops you love so much get to take you there, probably in a nicer manner than George Floyd got.

      • “Both autopsies revealed drugs in his system but it was confirmed asphyxiation was the cause of his death”

        This is false. The official autopsy said Floyd died from cardiopulmonary arrest (his heart stopped). He had nearly four times the level of fentanyl in his system that kills you. He ALSO had meth in his system. He ALSO tested positive for Covid-19. He ALSO had heart disease. He was complaining about not being able to breathe long before that cop put his knee on his neck. The cops TRIED to put Floyd in a cruiser but Floyd wasn’t having it. We were fed a propaganda video of Floyd’s death that removed all of that context. Ask yourself why the full video wasn’t released to begin with. When the full video came out, the media ignored it because they were down with the BLM movement that was based on a lie, just like the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. The Left will continue to lie because suckers like you continue to buy what they’re selling.

      • It’s easy to pick a side, demonize the opposing viewpoint, and gloss over the flaws of the victim/hero.

        What I have seen from political ideologies on both sides, is an unwillingness to rationally look at all aspects of a particular situation, and come to rational conclusions. George Floyd is a perfect example. A man who has a years long struggle with addiction, and a history of criminal activity to support said addiction, meets a power tripping cop with a history of excessive force and an “ends justify the means” attitude. The whole debacle ends….poorly.

        Watching the videos that surfaced shortly after George Floyd’s death made me sick to my stomach. The sickest part was the complacency of the other officers on the scene. The burning looting and murdering that followed made me just as sick. Gangs of people used a mans death as an excuse to steal, kill, and destroy.

        • Anyone who picks any side without proper context is a fool. Most normal people are on the side of fairness and justice. Sadly, most people are somehow unaware of the amount of manipulation that the media and government engage in. They push narratives that have one goal: more power and control for the elite.

          You can support law and order without blindly supporting every cop. The problem is, we aren’t allowed to have an honest, rational examination and discussion of what happened with the Floyd (or any similar) incident. I have never said that the cop was right for placing and keeping his knee on Floyd’s neck by the way. Anything less than, “that WHITE cop woke up in the morning looking for a BLACK man to hunt down and kill” just isn’t tolerated. How was racism ever proven in this situation again?

          The peaceful protestors were useful idiots for a fake movement that was a cover to push an extremist group that wants to dismantle the nuclear family. The young wannabe socialists that praise BLM never stopped to wonder why they were on the same side as those evil capitalist corporations that showered BLM with millions to promote the movement last year. They don’t call those protestors idiots for nothing…

  2. This is national crazy people week. You have a deceased crazy guy in Maryland and now a shot crazy guy in CA who did not even say ouch. Problem is there are tons more from where those two loons came from.
    To think you can negotiate your way out with such individuals is the kind of thinking that will get you killed.

  3. And tonight’s headlines will read, “aspiring rapper forced at gunpoint onto roof and had to defend himself from trigger happy cops who had no reason to detain him”!

  4. ” “I want to report that uh, I’m being framed by the apartment building I live in.”

    It goes downhill from there for Mr. Lillard.”

    For some reason, this came to mind –

  5. Framed, kidnapped and shot all in the same day? That hardly ever happens. I suspect aliens. Like from outer space. UFOs, y’all. And WTF kind of name is Kerdell?

  6. That’s just down the street from me. Pittsburg is a crazy little city, Oakland type crime in a city of around 40K. Some of the best officers in CCC who manage to get plenty of training from idiots like this.

  7. I would’ve arrested the idiot directly across from the officer that was shouting the most commands for felony stupid for not getting out of the line of fire so (s)he could video the event. If I had been anywhere near this fiasco I would have gotten out of there! Unless this dude had attacked me. Then it would have been a dgu.

  8. Pittsburg has always been the city your mother warns you about. My mother grew up nearby, in the 20s and 30s and it was rough then. When I worked up there on a job, everyone said “stay away from Pittsburg”.
    Rough town, even when it was small.

  9. “When police roll up, Lillard slides off the roof and accesses a handgun from under the fender of a pickup truck. Because that’s where we call keep our heaters, right?”

    That sounds like a straight up corner move there. Don’t have a gun on you if you get busted for dealing, etc. so they can’t hit you with a weapons charge, but have it in easy reach if the “competition” shows up or a customer tries to get rough.

    Of course, that logic kinda falls apart when you pull the gun out when the police *are* there, but I don’t think anyone has ever accused Mr. Lillard of being smarter than the average bear.

  10. Until social workers are utilized and embraced for situations such as this the true value of their non-violent intervention cannot be appreciated. We must give the opportunity to these trained “professionals” without the presence of armed police officers to show their capabilities.

  11. Meh, he just had Covid. Should have worn two masks.

    On a serious note though, Officer Elliott needs to work on giving commands with continuity.

    Screaming at someone to sprawl out and then immediately telling them not to and to put their hands in the air… dude, what do you actually want from this guy?

    Crazy, on drugs, whatever… sober and sane people would rightfully wonder WTAF you want when you switch gears like that. How the hell is a stoned lunatic going to figure this out while the voices in his head give him other instructions?

    Kudos to the other officers not yelling yet more confusing commands, which seems rather commonplace but cops need to work on not giving contradictory commands while pointing guns at people.

    Also, that AR doesn’t look Cali compliant.

  12. With all this talk of social workers and defunding the police, the humor of the movie “Robocop 2” has aged like a fine wine in the 2020s.

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