Image via Miami Dade Police Twitter.
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Miami Dade Police just love their Twitter page. They use it to keep the public up to speed on their activities. However, a recent post congratulating some of their officers on a drug bust has earned them lots of ridicule. They included a snapshot of some confiscated cash, drugs and guns.

Look closer.

Image via Twitter / Miami-Dade Police.

That single-action revolver looks like it might be a toy.

And the rifle? A single-shot rifle from the 1800s. I’ve taken better, non-firing specimens than this to Chicago gun buybacks.  If it weren’t for the modern currency and the old flip phone, you might think this was evidence from a stage coach robbery.

What sort of self-respecting criminals rely on those antiquated clunkers to protect their stash of dope and cash? With all those stacks of Benjamins, surely they could have acquired something manufactured after the Garfield administration.

Plenty of people reading the Miami-Dade PD’s Twitter account thought the same.

Screencap Twitter

This user thinks he’s identified one of the perps.

One would think police agency social media gurus would be able to avoid stepping on rakes when it comes to promoting their departments.

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  1. The new format again? You’d think TTAG would have learned that this new format is, by a wide margin, unpopular to say the least. My main complaints are that the front page is not very organized, not user friendly, not mobile friendly, and an overall eyesore. Not to mention the very annoying subscription tab at every page change. I realize TTAG needs to modernize, but a beta test should have been done on this.

    • A beta test already was done a few months ago, when the redesign was rolled out for a few days and then rolled back. Literally everything that was complained about then has been improved…except for the fact that something new exists, which seems to be the real problem for everyone who’s complaining.

      The constant reappearance of the subscription popup is definitely a problem — I’ll join everybody else in pointing that out — but not intrinsic to the new layout, and easy to fix.

      Now I’m going to go off on a rant that has less to do with this particular comment than the all-day bitchfest that’s been happening here…

      As for chronological order, the newest posts populate the four “hero” cards at the very top and rotate down into the “What’s New?” section, which is chronologically organized, with the date visible beneath each title. Simple. Took me about 15 seconds to grok it.

      You want to see EVERYTHING on TTAG in chronological order? Hit the “Load More” button at the bottom of the “What’s New” section. (You can do the same for every section on the home page, in fact.) You could ignore everything else and just do that if you wanted, and you’d never miss a thing.

      Plus, the gear reviews, guns for beginners, and gun control make it much easier for new visitors — and many old ones — to see the types of content that most people read TTAG for without hunting through a chronological feed or digging through messy search results. Theoretically, that should lead any new visitor into browsing more content and (you’d hope) coming back for more.

      And I have no idea what people are complaining about with the text size and readability; my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, but the whole thing is perfectly readable on desktop and mobile. One nit to pick: the horizontal scrolling in the second group of tiles on mobile isn’t intuitive; it’s only one or two tiles anyway, just string them vertically like everything else.

      This is the internet, people. Things change from time to time. If the articles and commentary here are worthwhile to you, then that’s the most important thing — and it hasn’t changed. Take a deep breath, reorient yourself, and carry on.

      • “something new exists, which seems to be the real problem”

        Nailed it. People will complain for a while but in 5 years when they change *this* format they’ll complain because they’ll be used to this. Happens *literally* every time a site changes anything about their format – lots of noise but nobody actually stops visiting.

      • I wish I could just give a thumb up or down, like or dislike. Just a statement of the obvious that doesn’t require comment for most intelligent readers. That cuts out about 2\3 of the comments.

      • “except for the fact that something new exists, which seems to be the real problem for everyone who’s complaining.”

        The problem I have with it is that it is more ‘busy’ and complicated. Simplicity is a mark of a good website, particularly as it comes to readability. This is less so or it seems as much.

        And even if it is just a matter of change, why the change? People liked the old one. What does this new format offer different?

        • More content to choose from on the front page, more like a regular news site. Townhall, Breitbart, just about every newspaper on earth has a similar sort of format because when new people and less frequent visitors hit the home page, there’s more for them to engage with. More pages opened, more advertising seen, more money that keeps TTAG going.

          Personally, I like the new layout a lot. I liked the old one too, as I’m one of those that reads chronologically, every article, every day…but I can still do that with the new version, and now it looks better, too. I also really like seeing the gun reviews spread out on the home page. It’s a nice touch.

  2. Basically sums up the WoD in a picture. You lost a ton of your rights for THIS.

    And the best part is that a huge percentage of the country celebrates this level of idiocy as bringing us a drug-free safetopia.

  3. I’m sure the Miami Dade police know what their doing for the betterment the citizens.
    Support your Local Law Enforcement
    God bless America

  4. the rifle is not a flintlock but a caplock both are black powder guns pistol also looks like a black powder gun cash and drugs are the only thing can be charged with the gun are classified by ATF as non-guns

  5. Ha HAaa, Funny Shiet,
    Whoever let them put this evidence on the internet is a dumb ASS.
    Make the cops look foolish.
    Ya gotta know they have to take all weapons from a crime scene. Ya , funny but if the perps are guilty of anything the po po takes every thing…

  6. This format is awful and doesn’t work properly on my Android phone. I guess I’ll be going somewhere else. This is a tired, old format that didn’t work years ago and still doesn’t now.

    • It does appear to be bent. Probably a drug pushers secret for shooting law enforcement officers from around a corner.
      Weapons of this design must be confiscated.

      Support Your Local Law Enforcement.

  7. Dan:
    If safety is a concern (and it always should be), then why tie this site to Cloudfare? We have seen what these people will do to the gun community. Surely it’s easy enough to understand that such things make it easy for them to yank this website away from ALL of us? Have we NOT seen enough of what the cancel culture will do?

    I know that we need HTTPS instead of HTTP as it will through errors in browsers, but information I put here is limited. No money is exchanged and nothing outside of an email address is given. Personally, if you guys want to change the theme, I don’t care. But one of the biggest problems we face is an unwillingness to see and deal with certain realities. The time for saying “I know nothing about computers” is gone. This is the attitude that gives China such a strangle hold on us and the rest of the world. I know this website is geared specifically towards guns. But the fact that is is based on and brought to us through the internet and computers in itself creates a very prescient need deal with them directly.

    Is it about corporate decision making?

  8. You guys are bagging on the cops for putting up two obviously useless guns on twitter. What you’re overlooking is the Uzis, MP5s, etc that wound up in the trunk of the officers car. Those 2 guns pictured are probably from a recent “buy back” haul they kept in the evidence locker “just in case”.

  9. Back to old format please. This setup is inferior both aesthetically and practically- because articles aren’t laid out in a simple linear manner.

  10. I’m fine with the new format. New stories display at the top of the page, after which they are sorted into relevant sections. Hopefully this will give the site more clicks and make it grow.

    If you’re just interested in the new stories, stick to watching the top of the page. Pretty simple.

    Mr. Zimmerman, don’t revert to the old format just because some people like to whine. They’ll get over it.

  11. Frankly, as far a ‘progressives’ are concerned, the “antiquated clunkers” featured in this story should be as ‘verboten’ as all ‘evil-featured,’ commonly-owned, semi-automatic firearms (sorry, I meant ‘assault weapons’) 🙄

  12. The mindless idiot that posted this picture knows absolutely nothing about firearms. The muzzle loader is not considered a firearm. The revolver has no firing pin and looks like a replica . The cops are not even saving themselves much less the general public. All the cops want is the cash and most likely is only a fraction that was found. The rest is in a boot used to stomp the guy they took it from.

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