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Police in Las Vegas released video of the death of a would-be thief who tried to steal a handgun from a bag under a table in a concealed carry class. Marvin Payton then attacked a pair of responding officers with a screwdriver, stabbing a female cop. That’s when her partner and three of the class instructors opened fire, shooting Payton fourteen times.

Mr. Payton, 27, didn’t make it.

It all started with Payton wandering into a concealed carry classroom at Range 702 in Las Vegas. He sat down and started pawing through one of the students’ bag while most of the class had stepped out during a break.

Fortunately, the bag’s owner returned with other class members and confronted the thief.  The class instructors ejected Mr. Payton and notified police. The would-be thief lingered outside and the instructors waited outside with him to make sure he didn’t re-enter the building. That proved quite fortuitous.

Here’s the police briefing on the incident. The video of what happened in the classroom and the subsequent shooting outside starts at the 5:28 mark . . .

When officers arrived and tried to make contact, things quickly turned violent. Mr. Payton pulled a screwdriver and managed multiple overhead stabs, seriously injuring the female officer.

Her partner discharged his gun, hitting Payton nine times. At the same time, three of the class instructors fired also, striking Mr. Payton five more times.

The San Francisco Chronicle had details . . .

Police Officer Andrew Nguyen fired nine shots. It was not clear how many shots the employees fired, Zimmerman said.

The injured officer was treated at a hospital and is recovering from stab wounds and a broken facial bone. Her name wasn’t made public.

Nguyen, 34, a police officer since 2018, was put on paid leave pending departmental and district attorney reviews of the shooting.

Police praised the three good Samaritan instructors who intervened along with the second officer to stop the attack.

“Their involvement actually helped our officer and could have saved our officer’s life,” Zimmerman said.

Once more, the only thing that stops a bad person with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun. That’s not something the gun control industry likes to acknowledge, but they’ll just have to live with it.


  1. Marvin in 2017:
    The department said Payton charged at a police officer who arrived to investigate a car theft. Payton reportedly placed his hands on the officer’s gun holster and “began to manipulate the safety levers.”

    After the struggle ended, Payton was taken to the hospital where police say he told a surveying officer that he wanted the officer’s gun and that it was a “nice gun.”

    he was eventually sentenced to three to five years in prison on a charge of attempted grand larceny of a firearm.

    I wonder how much time he served?

      • This is Las Vegas. Metro don’t play dat.

        They tried to have a peaceful riot in front of the Circus Circus last Spring. The second night some dumbass shot a cop and killed him.

        There have been ZERO attempts to peacefully or otherwise riot since then.

  2. Many years ago I was talking to my friend and told him that something we were talking about is as stupid as trying to shoplift from a gun store. Here’s your sign…..

    • It’s more like don’t bring a screwdriver to a gun fight involving multiple shooters. If it had just been the officer & suspect then it would have been a case of bringing a gun to a stabbing

  3. Thanks…I needed a feel good story to start my day. One less scum bag in the gene pool. One more reason to defund and derail Criminal Justice Reform. The focus needs to be on Victim Justice Reform with emphasis on the Death Penalty for Habitual Offenders. Which is exactly what occurred in this case. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • It doesn’t look like the room was unattended. The student at the same table should have known that was not the owner (if they were in a “break” that implies they had been sitting next to the rightful owner before the break)

      So what do you think all the surrounding students were thinking as they watched this thug rifle through another students bag?
      Could it be….” Oh I can’t say anything because I might be called a racist for asking a POC what they are doing”

      We are petrified into inaction by the Left.

        • “Political correctness is neither political nor is it correct. It amounts to social censorship, and the sooner we spit it out, the better.” Jeff Cooper

        • Thank you for educating us all on your proper, divisive, racist terminology. It’s a lot of work to keep track of the categorization of people. It’s okay, though, I’m sure my accountant can explain how the category (s)he fits into best will illuminate how that makes more difference in figuring out my complex taxes than education and experience.

    • I’m sorry, it stops being funny when you find the POS has been pulling the same shit for many years, arrest didn’t cure him, 3-5 year sentence didn’t cure him, no telling how many people he has injured, but at least he’s cured now.

  4. I’m sure there are some folks that would be turned off by this enough to no longer want the license. It could bring home the basis for why it should be done for others. I say it is very important to be fully aware of the responsibility takin upon yourself when you carry a gun. It isn’t something to take lightly.

  5. Now, I’m told if there’s even a single good guy with a gun (much less multiple) that the cops won’t know who the bad guy is and will just randomly start shooting everyone.

    I wonder if there’s even been even a single incident where the cops have mistaken a good guy with a gun for a bad guy and shot them.

    • Or even if there’s been a single incident where one good guy with a gun mistook another good guy with a gun for the bad guy. I’ll check back tomorrow to see if anyone can link something, but I’m not holding my breath

      • Good guys with guns move and behave differently from bad guys. The look in the eyes, the way they hold their piece, the way the speak, and specifically what they say and don’t say will allow you to tell the difference. If your going to draw, make for certain you do so with open eyes and ears.

      • Here you go Tim, just the scenario you speak of, posted right here on TTAG:

        “Police in Idaho are investigating themselves after they shot a homeowner who was armed with a pistol in his own back yard while searching for a criminal suspect. As of now, the bodycam footage hasn’t yet been released. Meanwhile, not far away, the real suspect was arrested without incident.“

        You might also remember the young service man who was shot and killed by police officers at a mall.

        Happens all the time, and usually no one is held accountable.

        • I see the article posted after my comment here on TTAG.

          I do not believe it happens “all the time” though.

          Hopefully this cop is charged, convicted, and fired. Special exemptions for police is a travesty.

    • There have been instances where multiple undercover/plainclothes cops have traded fire with each other, not sure if that’s ever happened when a private citizen was involved though.

    • It’s certainly happened. It’s not common, and you should take precautions, like not having your gun when the police arrive. Aurora, CO PD killed Richard “Gary” Black in his home after he shot an intruder. Black was armed and visible from the exterior. I’ve heard different versions, but some say he was hard of hearing and didn’t hear the orders from the police who arrived.

      Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. drew his gun when shots were heard at an Alabama mall. An off-duty officer assumed he was the gunman and killed him.

  6. How big a moron does one have to be to try to jack a bunch of armed citizens and then try to fight it out with a bunch of equally well armed cops?

    That’s called felony stupid, and the penalty is that the offender is rendered kaput. DRT. Tot. Mort. All fu. . . . ok, you got it. The fool is dead. Finally made it, ma. Top of the world.

  7. Another problem involving firearms.
    Citizens would have no need to defend themselves against theft if they did not have private possessions. A government knows this, however many individuals still believe they have a need of ownership. A productive society is unsustainable with private ownership

    • You mean all we have to do is embrace communism? Folks, why didn’t we think of this before? All crime would cease to exist and we would all live in bliss! I’m sure if we just try again we can get it right this time without all that silly democide of millions. Who’s on board?

  8. I wonder how many bullets he would have been hit with if this was an AR-15 class???

    Keep shooting until the threat stops.


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