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Finally…we’re seeing some real progress on civil rights now that President Biden is in the Oval Office. After passing both the Utah House and Senate by overwhelming margins, a constitutional carry bill is set to be signed into law by Governor Spencer Cox this week.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Robert Leider, a George Mason University professor who studies gun laws, said gun-rights groups rebutted [gun control advocates’] arguments by emphasizing self-defense.

“Gun-rights groups have been immensely successful at legalizing the carrying of firearms for self-defense,” Leider said. “Even many liberal states readily issue permits to carry firearms.”

The new law will go into effect on May 5. It passed the Utah Senate by a 22-6 vote and the House by a 51-20 vote. Utah residents will still be able to obtain a concealed carry permit, which some other states require for nonresidents within their borders.

Utah will become the 17th constitutional carry state (depending on who’s doing the counting). Shockingly, none of the gun control industry’s dire predictions of blood running ankle-deep in the streets under permitless carry have come true in any of the other constitutional carry states. Don’t expect to see it result in rampant carnage in Utah either.

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  1. I remain wary of the Biden Administration’s intentions regarding gun rights. And, I think I have good reason for that.

  2. Happy Utahn here! However, this changes nothing for me.
    I’ll continue to maintain my Utah permit so I can carry in states (I actually go to) that do require a permit and have reciprocity with Utah: Nevada and Washington.

    • The reciprocity deal associated with state permits is the primary reason I don’t readily fall on the Constitutional Carry issue. I have residence in IA 6 months or so and the same in MN. Oddly enough, IA honors MN’s permit but I had to get a MN permit to continue to carry after they began requiring an “enhanced qualification”. I’ll gladly pay the tag for the 4 state permits I presently carry since I’m good in 40+ states. I have little interest in traveling through the remainder of the US.

      Iowa has attempted Constitutional Carry several times but I take more stock in our present attempt for our state’s constitution to honor America’s 2nd Amendment in writing and if the locals can keep focused this time I believe it’ll be put to the voters in 2022, provided the US still exists. A question I’m always asked is if Constitutional Carry applies to illegals/“undocumented” peeps and felons who’ve served their time. Not certain how Utah handles this.

    • The exercise of a Right never requires a license or the permission of the government or the payment of any fee. However, a privilege is something granted to you by the government and is subject to rules and regulations and is also something that can be denied and/or revoked by the government. By filling out and signing that application you are being tricked into surrendering your Right to keep and bear arms for a government granted privilege that is subject to regulations and to the payment of fees.

      Understand that most of what is in the Constitution is prohibitive in nature and was intended by the Founding Fathers to restrict and to limit the authority and power of the newly created federal government. The words chosen by the Founding Fathers were in many cases words that clearly created a “command directive”. The use of the word “SHALL” or in the negative, “SHALL NOT” implies mandatory and compulsory and thereby removes and eliminates all discretion. It is not subject to negotiation or re-interpretation!!!

      The powers granted to the government by the Constitution are very specific and are clearly enumerated within the document. But in addition to that, the first ten amendments to the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights contain a Preamble which states the very reason for incorporating these first ten changes into the newly created Constitution. And the reason given by the Founding Fathers was in wanting to provide further limits to the power and to the authority of the government. The Bill of Rights Preamble written by the Founders states that they; “expressed a desire, that in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added…” This right here, (the words contained within the preamble) should make it very clear to anyone and to everyone that reads these founding documents what the exact reason was for the Founding Fathers to have immediately insisted on incorporating these first ten amendments into the newly created Constitution.

      The Constitution grants only 17 specific enumerated powers to the government. But the government has been usurping power and authority that it does not lawfully possess and that it was never granted under our founding documents…and that furthermore is specifically prohibited by the command directives contained within the Bill of Rights and as in one example contains a meaning that is so clearly stated by the words used in the Second Amendment that say; “Shall Not be infringed” and which to this very day continues to remain as the Supreme Law of the Land since only by the constitutional amendment process can this ever be changed. And this holds true because it must be understood that our U.S. Constitution is a covenant. And under the rules of contract law, an amendment to a document overrides and “supersedes” everything that came before it and therefore an amendment permanently alters what is in the original document, and nothing can change the provisions or the directives of an amendment other than another amendment which specifically addresses those issues. And that furthermore, under our system of law, in any area of dispute where there may exist or where a conflict arises between what is in the original document and what is in the amendment, it is always the provisions and the directives of the amendment that shall and must prevail.

      Our history contains several examples, but one that can easily be seen and understood is the era of Prohibition which was brought about by the passage of the 18th Amendment and which made the sale, consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages illegal. Prohibition proved to be a big mistake but there was no way to undo this mistake via any act of the Congress or by presidential executive order. Prohibition had been made the “law of the land” with the 18th Amendment and so the only way to change that was with another amendment. And so not until the passage of the 21st Amendment did we see an end to Prohibition. The Second Amendment today remains unchanged and as originally written and it continues to be the supreme law of the land with a very clearly worded “command directive” to the government that; “the Right of the people to keep and bear arms Shall Not be infringed.” Government in truth lacks any constitutional authority to regulate the firearms industry or to in any way infringe on individual gun Rights.

  3. Kudos to Utah!

    Montana will be #18.

    HB102 has gone from House to Senate, amended, re-worked and scheduled for a final vote. Governor Gianforte should sign it soon.

    Section 4-6 is the confusing weak spot in the legislation…hopefully it can be amended after passage.

    I will continue renewing my Montana CWP and my Washington non-resident CWL for carry in less enlightened States.

  4. Conceal Carry needs to become United States Wide. People would be so much more safe from crime… Would make the criminals more afraid.

    • People would be so much more safe from Draconian laws in the tyrannical/“restrictive” states as well. Just sayin…

  5. Keep a eye on the biggest R I N O in Utah,
    He just might do what his Democrat buddy’s want him to…
    Other than voting Romney out of office, I say HOORAY for Utah…

  6. I lived in Utah when concealed carry was legalized, and man, were the tears and cries of blood in the streets a-flowing. None of it came to pass, of course, although the sudden profusion of fanny packs was a horrible outcome in its own right.

    I didn’t connect the new CCW permits with all those middle-aged/old dudes wearing fanny packs until decades later, when I got my own concealed carry permit.

  7. That is good news!! On another note here in California which is a May-issue state. CCW’s are issued based on the county where you live. For a long time, LA county has been an no issue county. Over the summer Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he would start issuing CCW permits. So far over 400 permits have issued since the summer and more are on the way. Never thought I would live the day to see that but so far so good.

    • johnnyL,

      You do realize that the Los Angeles County Sheriff almost certainly issued those 400 concealed carry licenses EXCLUSIVELY to extremely wealthy “important people”, right?

      • That used to be true under Sheriff Lee Baca but he was convicted of lying to the FBI and also did a lot of other shady stuff and was sentenced to prison. There was also a lot of other corruption going on in the Department as well and they decide to clean house. When they brought in the new Sherriff, he did not commit to issuing permits. But because of the riots over the summer there was a lot of political pressure on him and he said he would start issuing permits. I can confirm there are several Calguns members who have shared their experience have been issued permits. It is still not as easy as other counties in California and you have to show good cause. But it’s definitely a huge improvement where they only issued to the well connected.

    • 400 permits out of how many MILLIONS of people?
      Their issue rate/population is still abysmally low. When there’s at least 3 more zeros added to that number you can start to celebrate a little.

  8. As it stands right now, Utah is the only state in the United States which has no (as in ZERO) “pistol-free zones” when you carry concealed with a concealed carry license in Utah. Will their new “constitutional carry” also have no “pistol-free zones”?

  9. How does this sort of thing work in Utah? Mormons dominate the population and politics — and ban firearms in their religious buildings. So, how does a large group of people who ban firearms in their religious buildings support constitutional carry?

    Disclaimer: I am not disparaging Mormons — I am truly perplexed and curious.

    • I am perplexed and curious as well, and I grew up Mormon in Utah. For a religion that arguably owes its very existence to the Second Amendment and its early members’ ability to defend their places of worship, it’s an odd position to take.

    • As a former Utahn and Mormon, perhaps I can answer this.

      Utah state law allows private property owners and churches to forbid carry on church grounds “If notice has been given” and there’s a law that says how that notice has to be given. As far as the LDS church (Mormons) went, it used to be on a church by church basis, but that changed just over a year ago when the Church banned on all religious properties. The Church can change its mind at any point and allow carry again for any reason and in fact allows cops to carry whether on duty or off.

      The Church doesn’t demonize guns or gun owners. While there have been firearm related incidents at churches outside of Utah, there have been non to my knowledge inside the state in so long that the Church doesn’t feel the need to have it’s flock armed

      • “The Church doesn’t feel the need to have its flock armed…” Until it does…and then people are going to die. It still strikes me as a strangely short-sighted and anti-freedom choice from an organization that prides itself on preparedness and encourages its members to be self-sufficient.

        The “ban” is probably a simple trespass-warning kind of thing, I’m guessing, where their legal recourse is mostly consists of telling you to leave the property if armed, and you’re in no jeopardy as long as you comply…unless it’s like Texas where the anti-gun notices have legal teeth?

        • I live in SLC, have a Permit for many things, and regularly attend local services at the afore-mentioned predominant religion. I sure ain’t the only one carrying a pistol on Sunday mornings, and that’s just the folks I know about.
          Utah law allows for a $750 fine if carrying a firearm at a posted, restricted place of worship such as the afore-mentioned predominant religion. Multiple fines may get your license revoked tho.
          Personally, I believe the lawyers running the afore-mentioned predominant religion require posting on the state notice simply because we’re all already armed anyway. Gotta establish a precedent against liability, right?

  10. Utah already has permit less open carry so this isn’t changing much. It still might be worth the renewal fee for anyone that has a permit though so you get through a little faster and sometimes cheaper when you buy a firearm through an ffl.

  11. South Carolina….Of course we have to be freakin different…because reasons. Don’t get me my people of the UpState, but those ‘low country’ folks are a odd lot.

    Open Carry if you have a CWP.

    So basically I won’t worry about my clothes anymore…concealed but if someone sees..I don’t care. Revenue is driving this…usually does.

  12. Meanwhile in the Soviet Socialist state of Virginia the communist legislature is getting ready to ban 80% frames/lowers. The bill will ban purchase, sale, offer to sell or transfer and simple possession. It also bans parts. We’re fighting like hell but it is probably a lost cause. This state is a hot bed of treason and sedition.

      • Two points, 1st, I have no idea who you are or why you choose to address me that way and 2nd I don’t deal with cowards who hide behind fake names. This is the only time I will address this. Good day to you.

        • This guy is like one of those little ankle-biter dogs that goes insane whenever it senses a bigger dog nearby. There’s no good reason for it…doesn’t even qualify as a troll. He just gets off on being a shit.

    • Virginia was the test bed for the election manipulation that went nationwide in 2020. The republicans and conservatives in government did not take it seriously when it happened in Virginia and now we are all paying the price. I hope you can reverse your state governments course, and we can do the same for the nation, but it may be too late to change anything politically any more.

      • The problem, as you put it, is that VA Republicans did not take it seriously. We failed to defend THIRTY seats. Didn’t even field candidates. Stupid. But the other aspect is that during the Obama regime the communists infiltrated the state in such numbers that they are now the majority. From the DC area down the eastern shore through the Tidewater, Norfolk, Va Beach, there are more registered communist voters than all the Republicans state wide. There will never be another Republican Governor or Senator from the state. Once the gerrymandering is done there will be a permanent communist majority in both houses of the lege.

  13. I detest adults who use kids to get things they want. Moms against this and that really grind my gears. Life for their kids must be hell like life is everywhere there is Gun Control. The history of Gun Control shows millions of people imprisoned, tortured and murdered in the name of Gun Control.
    Yet these busy body adults continue their march with catchy schemes and buzzwords like “Senisible Gun Control.” Like I said, “Life for their kids must be hell.”

    • Really confuses me when one of these “moms demand” groups are calling for limiting their kids’ future ability to defend themselves or to just take a new hobby.
      But it’s already been established that we’re living in clown world here.

  14. I’m sure ex M-assachusetts RepubliCON/ (Globalist RINO.) Mitt Romney most likely doesn’t approve…How the folks in Utah elected our ex RINO DemoCRAP .Gov just defies logic…He was NOT remotely Pro2a…Or Massachusetts still WOULDN’T rank no.! 48th worst state for daily 2nd amendment constitutional infringements according to G&A 2015- 2018.

  15. (as difficult as it may be)
    take a long hard look at her face
    (i know)
    and think about it for about 2 seconds…
    if given the right set of circumstances
    and the ability to get away with it
    she would absolutely support loading up masses of trump voters on buses and trains for transporting to detention centers for processing
    like it or not
    agree with it or not
    thats where all this is heading
    whats past is prologue
    ask anybody who was there or talked to somebody who was
    were in 1930s germany right now
    and to the extent we deny that reality we do so at our own peril

  16. If ONLY this article’s title read: “Utah Set to Become the Fiftieth Constitutional Carry State This Week.” 😔🤘

  17. Maybe we should all put out heads on a Chopping block for a election that was compromised by China. So Joe and his 1.5 billion dollars would have a better relationship with the Chinese Communist Dictator?

  18. Montana is now the 18th State to offer Constitutional Carry. Governor Gianforte (R) signed the legislation yesterday.

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