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By Dennis Petrocelli, MD

An embattled Governor

tried to revive his career

with a slate of “gun control” bills

that would do nothing to relieve

the atrocities they claim to address.

The Republican assembly

dismissed these in Special Session

after the Democrats

refused to consider crime or mental health.

Seeing an opportunity,

Billionaire Bloomberg bought the mid-term election

and the Democrats brought back all those bills, and more.

They changed the rules about guns

and falsely blamed the police.

But the NRA attracted 1000 gun owners

To lobby their legislators nonetheless;

and pieces of plastic

triggered the confiscationists.

Afraid that the VCDL rally

might dwarf the NRA event,

the Governor illegally deemed the Capitol grounds a “shelter”,

and used emergency powers he doesn’t have to ban guns.

He associated innocent rhetoric

with Charlottesville rhetoric,

and deemed a peaceful gathering,

not even a protest, but an “emergency”.

All the while he and his cronies

threatened confiscation, the National Guard, and the US Military.

He accused the VCDL of “unleashing”

something it could not control,

when in fact he unleashed

previously silent patriots

who put facts and rights

above emotions and tyranny.

– – – To Be Continued – – –

Virginia welcomes all who come in peace to show the Virginia General Assembly that there is no place for Bloomberg’s and the Democrats’ anti-Constitutional infringement and confiscation agenda in Virginia, nor will its spread to other states be tolerated.  Come if you can, donate as you can, and stay vigilant about the state of your inalienable rights wherever you live.


Dennis Petrocelli, MD is a clinical and forensic psychiatrist who has practiced for nearly 20 years in Virginia. He took up shooting in 2019 for mind-body training and self-defense, and is in the fight for Virginians’ gun rights.

This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Glad we’re all on the same page now! Coonman was never smart enough to come up with this agenda on his own, everyone knows Doomberg and company are pulling his strings. Dems are counting on violence so they can scream “we told you”, would not be at all surprised to find they paid some antifa types to start it!

  2. The sad part is they are commited to this agenda and can’t back down. If they give an inch they are done politically.
    This will end up in courts.

    • GS650G,

      The sad part is they are commited to this agenda and can’t back down. If they give an inch they are done politically.

      Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!!!! We have a winner.

      Democrats will not — cannot — back down. This has no voluntary/peaceful course of action for Democrats that will yield a positive outcome for firearm owners.

      • There were thousands of armed citizens there today. They outnumbered the police 10 to 1, or 50 to 1. They could have stormed the capital and done as they wished with Northam and his crew.

        Instead they practiced restraint. Will they do so again?

  3. Gun control laws worked really well in Hawaii this weekend with TWO dead cops…… While a security guard in Kansas City quickly puts an end to a wanna be mass killer after 15 wounded but only one dead (dead bad guy not included) after the asshole open fire on people lined up to enter a concert venue…..

  4. Virginia welcomes all who come in peace to show the Virginia General Assembly that there is no place for Bloomberg’s and the Democrats’ anti-Constitutional infringement and confiscation agenda in Virginia …

    Sadly, I do not believe peaceful methods will work.

    Virginia Democrats are determined to criminalize good people’s inalienable rights to effective self-defense and pursuit of happiness — making themselves (Virginia Democrats) accessories to violent criminals (for binding good people and preventing them from effectively defending themselves) and outright criminals for directly attacking good peoples’ right to collect and enjoy firearms for hobby and sporting purposes.

    When a determined criminal selects you as a victim, peaceful protest never works. The ONLY thing that stops a determined criminal is either the threat of violent force or the actual application of violent force. The fact that the criminals in this instance wear suits and dresses, openly discuss their plans, and won elections does not change anything.

    Or look at it this way: how do Virginia Democrats stand to gain if they give gun owners what they want? Answer: not only do Virginia Democrats gain nothing, they will actually lose campaign donations from the likes of Bloomberg. That alone should tell us that Democrats will NOT acquiesce to peaceful petitions from firearm ownership advocates.

    • I’m going to have to kinda disagree there. If Democrats gave up on the gun control issue, and stuck to historically important topics – environment, education, labor issues – they may actually depolarize some of the single-issue gun voters and win a few more votes, form those inclined to support their view on other issues. They may lose a few hard-core democrats (who will just swing even further left), but they don’t stand to lose many votes if they just dropped the gunz issue.

      • Defens,

        … [Democrats] don’t stand to lose many votes if they just dropped the gunz issue.

        Democrats stand to lose a metric $hit-ton of votes if they lose their massive campaign donations from Bloomberg and Company, which will happen if they fail to keep blowing the civilian disarmament trumpet.

        Never forget that politicians’ first allegiance is to their donors. Voters are a distant second priority.

        • The question that is always on my mind is, who are the nimrods that are convinced to vote a certain way by campaign spending? Is the country really that full of airheads? That thought is very depressing.

        • On the other hand, you can reach out and educate people. Be a good example of a responsible owner of firearms. Learn the antis’ talking points and how to argue against them. If everyone at the rally today could change a few folks’ minds each, we could make a huge difference. Most people who are rabidly anti-gun have none or very little experience with firearms (or negative experiences). How many stories have you heard of pro-gun people who were anti-gun until someone introduced them to, and educated them about firearms?

      • every person standing outside their windows represents a vote…something that usually offers them food for thought…

  5. The democrats definition of compromise is that we will settle for less than we really want this year. Next year we get some more and so forth. Until we get it all. After all, we are willing to compromise. We’re the reasonable ones.

    • Exactly. The left’s compromise is they only infringe half as much as they intended, for now. Gun owners, nay, Americans still lose a significant portion of their civil rights.


  6. I’d like to smack a few Dems around for their sheer hypocrisy for backing a constitutional amendment to outlaw Citizens United but have no problem with Mikey threatening to spend a couple of billion to unseat Trump. And they P&Med about Trump spending so much of his own money.

    • S P O I L E R: “Dr. Edgar Lee”

      SPOILER, you were warned.
      “The Virginid” title above, I take as a reference to “The Spooniad”, a narrative poem, part of Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River cycle of poems (Published as Spoon River Anthology, and The New Spoon River.) The style fits. The narration of medium-grain cultural n social events is right on point. The amalgam of real events and connections made in the poem is bang on.

      Masters, n Spoon River is one of the “American Classics.” There was little like it, before or since. Although, in a very “American” way, there are a few classical period anticedents and Spoon River is noted as an inspiration for later works like “Our Town”, although people argue about that, of course.

      Themes woven through Spoon River include citizenship, rights, opportunism, and the cost of maintaining a republic: many entries are about impacts of the Civil War in the town.

      Our Town

  7. They want all your rights restricted. You can’t carry your gun at the march is an infringement of the 1A, the gun grabbing is an infringement on the 2A. They have convinced a large portion of the electorate that your only rights are in the constitution, but those are only the ones the founders deemed most at risk. All other rights are retained by the state and individual.

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